Solar Arc in Astrology: Guidelines for Interpretation

Interpreting Solar Arc Planets

Here are some general guidelines for interpreting the meaning of planets progressed through the Solar Arc method. Since each “arc” will last for approximately 9 months (6 months applying, 3 months separating), we can add the faster moving planets and points to the interpretation.

ASC or MC solar arcs tend to manifest as visible events in terms of the planet that they are aspecting. MC arc may suggest a vocationally significant development. For example, solar arc of MC making a hard aspect to Pluto (which is written as MC=Pluto) may suggest an empowerment in terms of career, or a status change within the family such as relocation, etc.

Sun solar arc 
suggests “illumination” of self in terms of the planet aspected by it. Solar Arc Sun=Venus may be a time where love relationship is especially highlighted, or when an artistic project receives rewarding recognition, etc.

Moon solar arc suggests the shift in emotional needs in terms of the aspected planets. Moon=Pluto may be a time when passion and zeal enters the heart; Moon=Jupiter may be when international interest opens up.

Mercury solar arc potentially suggests development of an idea, communication, or travels.

Venus solar arc may suggest development of love, relationship, arts, or pleasant dealing with the public.

Mars solar arc can suggest a time when you make a stand, or assume additional responsibility and meet it successfully. 

Jupiter solar arc often suggests rewards, opportunity, and education.

Saturn solar arc
suggests change of gears, ambition moving forward, or some inevitable hardship that leads to maturity.

Uranus solar arc 
suggests status change that may lead to greater individuation, freedom, or innovative change. Individuation may necessitate a separation from old relationship.

Neptune solar arc 
suggests inspiration or confusion. It tends to be beneficial for people in aesthetic professions such as artists, entertainers and fashion designers. In general, Neptune transit or Arc to the Angle suggests a time of “ego wipeout.”

Pluto solar arc suggests change that may lead to empowerment, rebirth, and necessary endings or death.

Nodal Axis solar arc may suggest important meetings, or connection with the public through work.

It’s helpful to remember that not all of the solar arcs manifest as an observable change. In the next post we’ll discuss some practical considerations that modify our expectation with regards to transits and solar arcs.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Hello Hiroki, I’ve just come across your interesting article and wonder about my Solar Arcs. I will be aged 49 on September 9th this year.

    I’ve got natal Pluto at 29 Virgo (2nd house), Jupiter at 29 Scorpio, Neptune 1 Sagittarius (both 4th house) and Mercury at 28 Leo (1st house with Ascendant at 25 degrees).

    My SA Mars is now opposing Pluto at 29 Pisces. My SA Uranus is now conjunct Jupiter. My Moon is now at 29 Gemini (MC 28) square Pluto. And my SA south node is conjunct my Prog Pluto with SA north node conjunct SA Mars opposing Prog Pluto.

    I’m a bit worried about some of these aspects. Am I worrying needlessly or is there something positive to be found here?

  2. Got at the moment solar arc Neptune conjunct IC/4th house. What could possibly that mean? a death of parent? confussion at home? kind of lost when solar arcs are about..

    • It really depends on your situation…I would not venture to guess your particular situation in this forum.

    • Hi! What happened if you don’t mind sharing? I have it soon and I want to move, wanted to for past 3 years and just can’t for Many reasons find a place. Will also have Solar arc MC Square my Saturn. Worried I will make a mistake with that Neptune on IC.

      • i bought my house the week jupiter left my sun sign. jupiter leaves a gift after its two year transit in sun signs. i knew this going into the transit so that’s when i started saving, looking for home, and raising credit. it was exactly two years of work but paid off. im obsessed with my house. right now, i am an out of work actress, with neptune arc on my IC, but it doesn’t affect perspective. i am learning how to work from home in the feng shui and astrological arts (neptune arc conjunct my IC and natal venus).

  3. Hi Hiroki, very interesting site.In my natal chart i have a very tight ( less than one degree) square between Uranus and Saturn.Their arcs hit my planets or angles with less than one year difference, first Uranus and then Saturn.The next hit will be on Mars in 7th ( ruler of fifth ana traditional ruler of 12th ) and after that on Sun-MC exact conjuction.What i m asking is about the combination of the two ( Uranus-Saturn ) , i think is quite critical in my chart and so are their arcs.What do you think about them hiting the one after the other? Saturn always the last one…

    • Hi Anastasia, in this case you can also consider what the natal Uranus Saturn square represents: It’s an energy of “old vs new”, of needing to honor existing structure but also bringing in fresh new ways in life. Mars in 7th represents how you behave in relationships, and Sun-MC represents your professional identity, so both of these are key solar arcs. For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private consultation.

      • Thank you so much for the answer!

        • Hi Hiroki, thank you for Great information. I am a creative writer and an astrologist myself. My sun/moon midpoint is Neptune. So next year I will have crazy Neptune transits. My solar arc Neptune will conjunct natal moon/Jupiter in Aquarius in 5th house. And at the same time solar arc sun will conjunct natal Neptune in 4th house. How would you see these aspects?

  4. Hello Hiroki Niizato, I am a novice astrologer and as such, I rely on paid for services of professional astrologists. Recently I had a forecast of a Sun Square Asc Solar Arc – supposedly lasting 3 years. I am assuming that this was a typo and should have read 3 months? Please advise as this forecast is a negative one impacting my ability to make decisions about my future. Thank you. Nova Dawn

  5. Tanja BLOCHING says

    in my arc next year Sun pisces (natal 11 ruler 5) square MC capricorn and Mars gemni (natal 2 near 3 Ruler 7 scorpio) square ac taurus.
    What can happen?

    • Hi Tanja, make sure to use an exact orb (less than 0.5 degree), as solar arc moves very slowly. If indeed the measurements you mention are exact, you might expect a big activity in your career.

  6. Hello Hiroki, could you, please, share your thoughts about what can be expected when the solar arc conjunction Uranus/MC conjuncts natal Mars.
    Thank you in advance!

  7. Hi Hiroki, I have most of my SA planets sextile my natal planets; which I understand occurs at the age of 60; of which I currently am. Are sextiles not significant and therefore not expected to be a time of yielding any particular results? Thank you.

  8. Hi Hiroki and All,

    Do Solar Arc oppositions count or just conjunctions. I have SA Jupiter opposite natal moon and just wondering if this would mean anything.


    • Hi Angie, you can count the hard aspects (conjunction, square and opposition) when considering solar arcs. You can even consider the 8th harmonic aspects (45 and 135 degrees).

      • I am currently one degree from Sun=Pluto. Sun in the 7th house squaring Pluto in the 10th what to expect? I didn’t see an article on this.

        • Hi Darren, with Pluto in the 10th being activated by Solar Arc Sun, definitely consider a possibility for a career empowerment potential. 7th house in this context could signal your relationship with the public (the clients, customers). For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private session. There is also a Sun Pluto article on the blog.

  9. Hi, I have solar arc sun conjunct pluto in the 10th house, my 10 house is ruled by the sun but mostly its lies in the sign of virgo so I have pluto in virgo natally however the midheaven is Leo. Add to this transiting pluto is opposite my natal sun, my natal sun lies in Cancer in the 8th house. So I seem to have a lot of Pluto sun action going on. The opposition is in the 2nd house in my case of Capricorn. Could you please let me know your thoughts. thanks

  10. Hi, interesting blog. The last year I’ve been “between jobs” and now solar arc pluto is approaching IC in scorpio which it rules (couple of weeks before it is full). So something to do with career or someone close will die. My 86 year old ma is still looking good. Should the role of pluto in the chart be important? That is my general question. It is conjunct sun (sun in 1) on the second house cusp in Virgo. Other than that only a faint sextile neptune, but pluto is the end point of a wide stellium which started in Leo with Uranus-Mercury (which is trine jupiter, mercury ruling pluto). So it could also have to do with money? Best regards.

  11. My natal Sun is at 02° 02′ 46″ cancer and my SA Venus is right now at 02° 04′ 16″cancer. When i wrote the previous post my SA Venus was at 02° 02′ 41″ cancer. So i think is exact, right? I’m in a relationship for 2 years. On July we moved in together and ever since (and 2-3 months before that) we always have fights for no reason. I consider very much to break up and around the exact date we had a conversation about that and agreed that we should try for the last time to make our relationship better. But i think that we are going to break up…
    On the other hand… When we moved in together on July 1st my SA Sun at 05° 27′ 32″ conjuct exactly my natal Moon at Leo 05° 29′ 16″ Leo. Natal Sun ruler of the 7th. Natal Moon ruler of 5th and 6th. Still I’m under the power of this aspect. We manage to move in together despite the difficulties (money mostly) and start to fight as i said before…
    According to those aspects i should be veeery happy and calm or even get married / having a baby…Is that right? But instead of that I always have fights and bad mood!!!
    Additionally my Solar Arc Asc is at 29° 08′ 11″ Pisces, and in one year I’ll have the Aries Point Bloom (as Kathy Rose write)…

    • Also i would like to add that my SA Pluto 28° 09′ 27″ Scorpio inconjucts Natal Venus 28° 03′ 41 Taurus…. Maybe this is all about fights!!!

    • Hello there, I’m not familiar with your notation system, but it sounds like you have SA Venus=Sun and Sun=Moon at around the same timeframe – that’s a major relationship emphasis for sure. Moving in together makes sense, but looks like you have issues to work through (hence the relationship emphasis). It doesn’t mean your relationship will be perfect (no relationships are), it just means this is the time to work on these issues.

  12. Hello Hiroki,
    I would like to ask something. My SA Venus conjuct exactly now my natal Sun in 5th house. My SA SUN conjuct my natal Moon in 6th house. Natal Sun is the ruler of the 7th house and Natal Moon is the ruler of 5th and 6th house. In 6 months SA Jupiter trine my Natal Moon. Natal Jupiter rules the 10th house. I see something’s going on here, but exactly what? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi ntina, when you say you have Venus = Sun exactly, do you mean to the degree and minute? 1 degree = 60 minute = 1 year, so that would give you an idea how close to exact this measurement is (typically you don’t consider anything over 1 degree).

      If it is in fact exact, please share how relationship is being emphasized in your life right now. If it isn’t, pay attention to whether the arc has already passed (in which case, what happened when it was exact?) or still to come in the future. They keyword in any case is the emphasis of social or romantic relationship in your life – this would cover 90 percent of the cases, the rest of which could be some kind of aesthetic expression.

  13. Just to share-when I had my uranus sol arc trine my MC i had Eye surgery, IT was a quick decision and all went Well and i do not need contact lenses any more. Uranus is in my 12th but close to my asc

  14. Hi! In solar arc progressions, I know the planets are moving, but I am curious if the house cusps are moving too or do they remain the same as the natal chart??
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Nino, you progress the Ascendant and Midheaven in Solar Arc. Intermediate house cusps aren’t considered, since they change depending on the house system (Ascendant and Midheaven are the same regardless of house system).

  15. Love all your articles!!
    Could Pluto square natal Sun be dangerous? I´ll be having also Solar Arc Mars conjunct natal Uranus/north node in 1st and SA Saturn square SA north node. This sound karmic and not to good, I think.

  16. Guidelines for interpretations here talk about SA Ascendant and SA MC making aspects to natal planets. What about SA planets making square family aspects to natal Ascendant and/or natal MC. Will the results be similar or different. And which ones will be stronger in power, SA Ascendant and MC to natal planets or vice versa.

    • Hi there, solar arc to the Angles are also quite significant – the interpretations will be similar in either case.

      Individual experience may vary with regard to which measurements are more powerful (arcs to the Angles, or arcs from the Angles). I’ve seen both types of solar arc manifesting powerfully numerous times.

  17. Ελενη Κοντογιαννη says

    Hi Hiroki,i would like to ask you if solar arc pluto,solar arc neptune and solar arc saturn bring something when they change signs and if solar arc pluto and solar arc saturn conjuctions to natal uranus are important.thank you for your time.

    • Hello there, typically, solar arc planets changing signs do not get considered. The only exception is when they pass an Aries Point (0 Cardinal), which tends to make the planet’s expression pronounced during that year.

      Pluto = Uranus and Saturn = Uranus can certainly be important change period – the former tends to suggest powerful upheavals, the latter tends to be more restrictive.

  18. maybe new relationship, maybe married? what could it be? please help. thanx you so much.

  19. Hi!
    After 1 month, my favorite guy will be joining the solar arc mars descendant and going to the 7th house. what could it be?

  20. Hi Hiroki,

    I have my SA Uranus sitting on my natal ASC as I type this out..I’m ready to leave it all behind and start freelancing online in a foreign country. Can you shed any more light on this transit?

  21. Hello

    I have Noel Tyl’s book.

    Do you feel I need a supporting software package?

    I like, incidentally, your simple and clear and open-minded approach to astrology.


    • Hi Paul, you mean the Solar Arc report from Matrix? That’s just a software version of the book’s appendix – it’s convenient but not essential if you have the book.

  22. Hi Hiroki,
    I am finding that the nodes are really rather important. What would manifest if the SA Ascendant conjuncts the natal north node? Is this significant.
    Thank you !

    • Hi Lilah, in adult’s horoscope Nodal axis will typically mean meetings and association with groups. ASC = Node can therefore suggest a period of making new connections and forming beneficial contacts.

  23. Hi Hiroki,
    What could solar arc Jupiter conjunct natal neptune mean. I think of Jupiter as good and Neptune as delusional. So to me, a mix of good and bad. Which wins?
    Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  24. Hi Hiroki,
    Could you kindly give me some information about SA jupiter conjunct natal DC and SA neptune conjunct natal IC . Thanks

    Best Regards,

    • Hi MT, you may want to check to see how close those two events are from each other (use a very tight orb, less than 0.5 degree).

      The first one seems promising, the second one may add complications. If they occur around the same time, things spiritual may be emphasized during the period.

  25. Hello Hiroki,
    Regarding Neptune, what does ‘ego wipeout’ actually mean? I see everyone online quoting Noel Tyl with the exact same ‘ego wipeout’ wording, but no one ever explains what that actually means. Thanks.

  26. Jennifer says

    Hello Hiroki
    I have been trying to work out what SA Mercury=Pluto exact in 6 months could mean, as well as SA Jupiter = Sun in 6 months also. My SA north node =ASC exact but I have no idea what it all means and can’t find anything using my much loved Google search.

    I also have Uranus at 29 Libra which I have read means a shift in energy in the house it’s in but I can’t figure out if that would be in my natal 3rd house or SA 2nd house (2 deg Scorpio).

    I have to admit I am struggling to find anything that gives me clarity or is the 29 deg Uranus in Libra which Kepler says ‘there is an ending and the person will experience a kind of darkest and confusion’

    Many thanks for any insight you can share with me.
    Best regards J

  27. Hello Hiroki,

    Can you let me know what Solar Arc AC conjunct natal Uranus could mean. My boyfriend/ex-boyfriend has this coming up in the next few months, will be exact soon and I am wondering if it means what I think it means. We have broken up but still communicate although we are not officially together at all, despite the fact that we talk several times a day and see eachother. I am wondering if this means he will break all contact once his AC hits Uranus, or if he will want to reconcile. Do you know what this traditionally means. Thanks !

    • Hi Claire, this solar arc could reflect his individual development which may have nothing to do with his former relationship with you. Question is, what’s the one important issue to him right now with regard to his life? The answer to that is what this solar arc will most likely intensify.

      • Thank you so much for the insight!

      • Hi Hiroki,
        I’m back ! I have a question regarding SA Neptune. I just noticed that at the same time Solar Arc ASC will conjunct natal Uranus (ruler of H-7) Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct natal Moon. I can’t find any info anywhere on Solar Arc Neptune conjunct natal moon – can you please let me know what does this usually turns out to be? I will keep searching for info.
        Thanks so much !

  28. Silvia E. Lopez says

    Hi! Very interesting article… Would you consider the conjunction of Solar Arc Saturn to the cusp of the 12th house important?

    • Hi Silvia,

      Not so much, as inner house cusps lines are a bit fuzzy to begin with, depending on house system. With solar arc you need to be super precise (0.5 orb max), so hard aspect to Angles or planet is what you’re looking for.

  29. Jennifer says

    Hi Hiroki

    I now have SA Sun conjunct natal Uranus by 4 degs and now Progressed Sun just changed signs to be 6 degs towards natal Uranus, all in Virgo.

    Are orbs and what I am to expect significant?

    I would love to get a steer from you please.

    • Hi Jennifer, solar arc orbs must be super tight (0.5 degrees at most), as they move very slowly. Those measurements you listed will not become relevant for about 4-6 years.

  30. Hi Hiroki!

    Currently I have SA pluto conjunct natal sun in my 9th house. What does it mean?

    • Hi Pmmp, make sure to use a very tight orb for solar arc (not more than 0.25 degrees), and when the orb is closest, you’ll be able to see how it manifests for you in terms of empowerment or significant change in your mind or worldview. For a more detailed look into your horoscope, please consider scheduling a personal consultation.

      • Hiroki, thank you for your reply! I also have transit saturn conjunct SA saturn. Is this something significant?

        • In my view, progressed measurements are only relevant when compared to your natal chart, so you wouldn’t compare transits to a solar arc chart. There are others who think it means something (I think they call it shadow transits) but I feel it’s too meta and abstract…

  31. Thank you
    This is the arc that represents my Wedding day. The arc between Pluto to the natal Moon becomes exact on my Wedding day amongst many others.
    We’re also in the process of merging two homes into one.
    Once again I’m astounded by astrology.
    Julie 😮

  32. Hello Hiroki, great info!

    When I met my current 8 year partner, my SA Moon was exactly conjunct to my natal Jupiter and my SA DC was exactly conjunct my natal Venus. It’s pretty crazy how accurate Solar Arcs can be…

    However, my one confusion is this very year I have SA Uranus exactly conjunct my natal Venus (8th house), SA Descendant exactly conjunct my natal sun (8th house), SA Ascendant exactly conjunct my Natal Jupiter (2nd house) and SA Jupiter exactly conjunct my IC….it sounds like huge changes but I would like your quick take on it, if it’s not too much to ask…

    Also, how can I hire your services for more detailed opinion as far as other aspects go?

    Thank you!

  33. So sorry Hiroki,

    For my spelling mistake.

  34. Hello Niroki,
    I have SA Pluto (10th ruler) conjunct natal Moon (7th ruler) in house 9. I also have my SA midheaven conjunt natal asc. Any ideas as to how this will manifest for me.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Julie, with the Moon ruling the 7th, the solar arc may bring activities in your marriage or partnership (Moon naturally has an affinity with issues of home and family, so this adds to the relationship theme of the time period.) Make sure you’re using a very tight orb, however – at most 0.5 degrees (0.25 degree orb is better for solar arc.)

  35. Hi im about to have solar arc pluto conjunct my natal north node is that really bad??

    • Hi Tam, Pluto=Node is an important solar arc, sometimes suggesting significant meetings. I would not consider it “bad” (although if you read a few articles on this site you’ll notice I stay away from such categorizations altogether.)

  36. Hello Hiroki,
    Thanks for this post, I have been trying to find info on Solar Arc Moon and have not been able to find any information on this topic. So thrilled to find your page. May I please ask for your interpretation of the following transits I have coming up.
    SA Moon conjunct natal Saturn in H-5 exact
    Progressed Moon opposite SA Moon and Natal Saturn (2 degree orb)
    Progressed Moon conjunct Natal Neptune and Natal Jupiter in H-11 (3 degree orb)
    Uranus Conjunct Natal Moon in H-3 exact
    Moon is Ruler of the H-7 and in 3rd house
    Venus is Ruler of the H-5 and in the 8th house
    Progressed Vertex conjunct Natal Venus (1 degree orb)
    Progressed Sun conjunct MC (1 degree orb)

    I cant help but feel all these transits happening at the same time mean something big is happening. I know with Uranus conjunct my moon right now, my stress and anxiety is through the roof ! Do you think any of this means anything. Pregnancy, marriage. Ending up alone. I feel like anything can happen at this point.

    Thanks so much for your help !

  37. Hello Hiroki,
    Any good book on Dolar arc onterpretation you could suggest? Evolutionary asteology oriented, or i t works similar to transit?

  38. Hello Hiroki,
    Thanks so much for this information! I was wondering how to see Solar Arcs coming up (months/years ahead)? Do you use an ephemeris or a program? I have solar fire, but haven’t quite figured out the best way to look ahead without entering specific dates.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Alyssa, you definitely need a program to calculate solar arcs accurately. Solar Fire is fully equipped to give you the solar arc measurements for the specified period. I use a different software so cannot say how, but I’m sure there are instructions on how to set it up online or through support. Noel Tyl’s book “Solar Arcs” is highly recommended.

  39. Hello Hiroki your site is marvelous!I have a question if you could answer it !
    The solar arc venus is changing sign from virgo to Libra. Can you give me any info about that?I red that this is very important .Venus is ruler of my ascedant in natal chart and ruler of the descedant in solar arc chart.

    Any info it would be appreciated thanks in advance!

    • This is a popular theory for those that use secondary progressions (I personally don’t follow this view). The theory goes that by progressed Venus changing to a next sign, somehow the way you experience relationship will change as well to reflect the quality of that next sign (in the case of Libra, it’s thought that you’ll be incorporating more Libran qualities within your relationship such as fairness and diplomacy). To be consistent the people that use this theory, I recommend that you look at your secondary progressed Venus instead of solar arc Venus.

  40. Hello Hiroki, might you be able to say what would take place with a SA Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter in the fourth ? This is happening for me right now with one degree approaching. Last year when SA Saturn conjuncted my natal Venus was when my mother disowned and disinherited me for the third and last time. I hope the upcoming Jupiter visit will be better…

    • sorry for the question

      • Hi Brian, it’s difficult to answer these questions without looking at the entire horoscope and also knowing your history a little bit, which is what happens in a consultation. In a very broad sense, Saturn=Jupiter is considered to be a positive time of work related development, but family issues like what you mentioned might change the expression of this symbolism, since it’s in the 4th.

  41. Hello Hiroki!
    Thank you for every info and responce.
    As we speak i have my solar arc Venus=Sun(Natal) but well nothing happened!
    I believe that my example is very different from Acqagal.
    My natal sun (ruler of 9-12) is on the 29.07′ degree of Virgo …Solar Arc venus already passed by and is on the 29.49′ degree…In 2 months will change sign and move to libra.We use the rulerships in solar arc too?Because Venus in virgo is in fall.I wonder what would be happened. When my progressed venus(virgo) changed sign and moved to libra , 5 years ago the exact day i met my ex girl friend. Would the story repeat again in solar arc too..? (My venus is ruler of my ascedant)

    • Hello, there are many possible reasons where Venus=Sun might not manifest as one would expect (a highlight of a relationship or increased social activity), but most of all it’s important to be in the environment where positive changes you want can happen in your life…

  42. my solar arc venus has just conjunct my sun exact, and my solar arc moon changes signs to 0 sag on Nov 8th 2015, where it will conjunct my natal Uranus at 1 sag (it is currently conjunct transit Saturn which just moved into Sag). Could this be a marriage year, or a year where a relationship is made official? maybe unexpectedly?

    • Hello acquagal,

      Usually Venus=Sun solar arc is a powerful indicator of relationship and social success (or at least a strong emphasis in that department during this time of your life). As long as you’re taking reasonable steps in that direction, you could expect a relationship development for sure.

  43. Hi, Hiroki.

    I have a question, how would you interpret Solar Arc Mars conjunct Natal Asc? I have this and so far I have told about half a dozen people where to stick it, my patience is running really low, accident prone and I’m bickering and complaining more than usual. I’m not usually like this, I’m a 12th houser I keep to myself.

    • Hi Fiore,

      Thanks for commenting. Solar Arc Mars = ASC would give Mars the opportunity to be integrated into your personality (Ascendant). This is especially true if your natal Mars is located in 12th house, where Mars tends to go into hiding.

      You could take this time period as an opportunity to learn healthy self-assertion, as well as get in touch with the anger you might have been carrying or even suppressing (especially if natal Mars is located in the 12th house.)

  44. chad walsberg says

    Dearest Hiroki Niizato:

    At the end of July 2015, I have Neptune solar arcing conjunction to nJupiter.
    nJupiter is in the 1st house 5 degrees applying 2nd house cusp.
    I cannot find any information on this. Could you please help me?
    nNeptune is in my 11th.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Chad,

      Solar Arc Neptune = Jupiter is a particularly spiritually oriented period. Note that both Jupiter and Neptune tend to expand the mind in a loftier direction. This is the simplest observation I can make without looking at the rest of your horoscope.

      • chad walsberg says

        Hiroki Niizato,
        Thank you for your response. Jupiter is my chart ruler. Neptune rules my 4th. Thank you for your attention and expedience.

  45. Bonnie Sayers says

    I have Solar Arc progressed Moon in Virgo 12H forming a conjunction to natal Pluto and my Asc. Currently at 2’35″17. Natal Pluto is in 12H at 3’59″R and ASC is at 4’17. It looks like this will be happening at the same time as Transiting Jupiter moves into Virgo late this summer.

    • Hello Bonnie,

      The full intensity of solar arc Moon conjunct Pluto – Ascendant will be felt next year around October 2016, since Moon is 1 degree and 20+ minutes away, and solar arc moves the Moon about 5 minutes per month. Moon=Pluto suggests deep emotional convictions that may prompt some action.

      • I have noticed that my Solar Arc Progressed ASC is at 29 degrees. I was playing around at astro and found the date that my Solar Arc Progressed Asc will hit 0’00 – Sept 6, 2017. My question is that my natal ASC is 4’17 Virgo so with my Solar Arc Progressed Asc coming into Virgo is that significant? Also it looks like on Feb 12, 2022 my Solar Arc Pr ASC will meet my natal ASC. I did the chart of Natal, PR and Solar Arc at astro and it looks very cool. In the Solar Arc chart everything is in the same degree as my natal chart, some the same signs others different.

        • Hi Bonnie, something seems to be off with that statement…Anyhow, Solar Arc Ascendant changing sign isn’t considered significant.

          SA Ascendant will not meet natal Ascendant unless you’re counting semisquare (which will happen around age 46), or you’re age 90 (square).

  46. Hello. What is the guideline for solar arc progression of Mars?

    • Hi Silvia,

      Thanks for pointing that out – just added the guideline for Solar Arc Mars. Consider it in terms of taking a stand, meeting responsibility, taking action successfully.

      • zcorpionica says

        Hi! What about Mars opposite ASC solar arc? I bought this transit report from Astrology Cafe and this is what it says for March 25th:

        Mars Opposite Asc *****
        Solar Arc (Cancer-Capricorn 7th-1st) (Enter: Begin Date Exact: 03/25/17 Leave: End Date)

        Hard feelings can arise in close relationships now if you’re not careful. Don’t make enemies if you can help it; get a grip on yourself and your temper. There’s a feeling that you’re not as much in control of things as you’d like to be, or that you’re working harder and getting less in return for your effort. Vitality could be lower than usual; energy levels may be depressed.

        Can this transit manifest as relationship breakups or more with anger issues? I’m pretty calm and even tempered.

        • Hi there, anger is just one possibility with a Mars solar arc. Think in terms of action, taking a stand, and hunting for your goals – all these are valid ways to express the intense energy of Mars solar arc. Good question!

  47. Hi Hiroki,

    Thank you for this informative post. Do you by any chance know/have any experience with what Solar Arc DC conjunct natal Sun and/or Jupiter may mean? I have this aspect coming up really soon (Sun and Jupiter are exactly conjunct in Cancer on the 7th/8th house cusp) and have not been able to find much information about Solar Arc angles on the internet. What I did find seems to point at possible new relationships, however, I do not really see this happening for me. (Perhaps it is important to note that I also have a tight Venus-Saturn conjunction in my natal chart, so I do not enter relationships lightly.) Could it also have to do with career, for example, despite the MC/IC axis not being involved?

    Kind regards,

    • Hello Kerstin,

      Thank you for commenting. You will note that Descendant is always opposite Ascendant, so what you’re expecting is Solar Arc ASC=Sun-Jupiter. This is a very positive time period of being recognized, where your self-image will improve and your approach to relationship will likely become more positive and expansive. It’s not necessarily an indication of a new romance, but through feeling/being more generous toward yourself and others, you can expect your overall relationships to improve. It could certainly suggest a positive expression of your talent and personality within your work!

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