Client Testimonials

“I’ve been an amateur reader of astrology for over twenty years. I came upon Hiroki’s blog several months ago, and was struck by how wise and fresh he sounds. He uses none of the usual platitudes that general astrology articles can contain. His observations are keen, and sensitive.

Hiroki’s astrology readings are the same. Today, after an hour on the phone, I hung up…and said to myself,  “I don’t talk that closely with too many people!”  I felt known, and witnessed. He also knew several significant dates from my childhood—events that changed my life. He is a good ten years younger than I, and yet I thought I was talking to a deeply wise spiritual teacher or elder, the kind one rarely finds on this earth. I look forward to checking in with him again, as I grow.”

– M.R. Northampton, MA

“Thank you very much for the consultation.  Your understanding is very nuanced, and very respectful.  You hit my major areas quite accurately but sensitively. You also helped me to give myself permission to let the aesthetic side of myself come forward. I really couldn’t make sense of those aspects in my chart myself, but when you said it, I knew it was right.

I have found this to be valuable as a therapy because in a certain sense, it is no longer important to me how events in my life have brought me here, I need to know how to productively engage my energies in the now.  Thanks for helping me figure that out.”

-K.D. Newark, DE


“Thank you again for your services!

I cried last night, not out of sadness, but out of happiness to finally let go the the grief, stress, stubbornness, and pain. I am so happy to finally know that I am on the right path health and career wise. I may not know exactly how I am going to get there, but I believe and know I am on my way and the universe will make sure I get there.

I will be in touch!”

-S.S. Hollywood, FL


“Hiroki, thank you so much for your time today, and for the gift of sharing your knowledge and insight.

Your review of the times in my life, helped create a “connection” inside of me (and an understanding) of the various events, the recurring themes, which I had not ever connected before.

I appreciate your kindness and the gentle manner in which you shared your perspective.  You presented things in a way that I could easily receive them.  You gave me such good insight into sensitive things, and already I am processing our discussion: including being open to the possibility that I have gifts to share with others, and I appreciate the ideas/direction for exploring them; to see that my husband is a mirror, reflecting to me what I need/feel and what HE needs/feels.

You reminded me of things that I had forgotten or thought were lost.  You identified some very important items for me, in a way that I can now do something with/about.

Thank you so much.  You have touched my life.  I will listen to the recordings soon.”

-H.F. Denver, CO

“My consultation was, above all, amazingly accurate. There was a significant, life changing event in each of the time periods in my life highlighted in the reading. My physical health weaknesses were pinpointed down to the exact body part. My personality and life needs and interests were explained to me in a way that gave me a deeper understanding of myself and an empowering outlook on life. The forward-looking portion of the reading gave me information and dates with which to make important life decisions.”

-L.M. St.Petersburg, FL

“Hiroki is a calm and peaceful person who portrays the astrological chart in this peaceful way. My experience is kindness and giving of knowledge. This session was a two way street. I would speak just as much so he would know where I was coming from and so he could see why I created my life the way it is. My chart showed my spiritual rebirth which I have been seeking at this time in my life. He clarified what I have been feeling.”

– B.H. Tampa, FL


“I was a little apprehensive about working with a professional astrologer, but as soon as Hiroki started the session, I felt at ease.   He took great care in asking questions to ensure that his measurements were accurate and the consultation was on the correct path.   I was amazed to hear that from my birth information, Hiroki was able to accurately describe my upbringing, and parents as well as my potential future.   Through his measurements, he additionally saw that I was on the verge of something life changing happening, something positive.   I reached out to him because I had been feeling like something was about to change but did not know what it was.   It’s been more than a month since the reading and while Hiroki did not tell me exactly what would happen, he predicted that one of two major events would occur and one really major one has.   I finally decided to leave my current employer and start my own business, which I would not have felt comfortable doing had Hiroki not seen this as a strong and successful option for me in my chart.   I am relieved and amazed and would not hesitate to work with Hiroki again. ”

– C.H. Lutz, FL

“Amazingly clear insights into my complicated personal issues and a great combination of professionalism with intuitive approach. I felt guided with sympathy and genuine attention all through the session and was very content with the final advice. Thank you! Definitely a must if you want to set your life back on track in times of confusion and turmoil. Not to mention the impeccable customer service both before and following up the session”

-A.D. Spain

“The power of our astrology session lay in hearing you articulate my strengths and challenges, many of which I understood intuitively but had lacked the confidence to acknowledge or articulate myself. Hearing them presented so concisely from a virtual stranger affirmed for me where I am and where I need to focus.

The session was only a beginning. Breaking old habits and establishing new priorities, even beneficial ones, hasn’t happened overnight. My session with you, however, validated my desire to become more fully who I naturally am.

Thank you for providing another means of understanding myself.”

– J.D. Tampa, FL

“Through my consultation with Hiroki I gained an increased level of self-awareness and a more accurate sense of direction.  Hiroki has a great sense of a humor, I really enjoyed our session.  He was very patient answering all my questions (I had many), and I was very satisfied with the sincerity and wisdom of each answer.  This was my first astrological consultation and I am very happy with the quality of service.  I highly recommend Hiroki to anybody interested in pursuing this route of gaining self-knowledge.  He made a client out of me.”

– S.F. Boston, MA

“I have studied astrology for many years and analyzed my own chart often, but it is a difficult, if not impossible task to see oneself clearly. Hiroki’s astrological reading gave me tremendous awareness, healing and inspiration. Through his reading I understood not only current situations in my life but also understandings on the level of soul.

Hiroki’s approach to astrology is an art expressed with refreshing originality, sensitivity, and gentle precision. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking astrological counseling”

-M.H. Clearwater, FL


“As in the consultations before over the years, I found this (consultation) to be supportive of my intention to dig deeper into the underlying energies that influence my life path. I find the reading confirm directions that I was taking in my life and added new perspectives that were helpful and encouraging. In some ways, the consultations remind me of aspects of my nature and life goals that I sometimes forget about. It’s a nice reminder to stay true to myself and to stay on my right path.”

-S.S. Tampa, FL

“This is the first time I’ve had a professional reading of my natal chart and found it a very liberating and enlightening experience. I thought I had a very strong sense of who I am, but the session really did highlight aspects of myself that need development, which I previously didn’t think were a problem. You are amazingly intuitive and very focussed on the issues that are hampering my progress, and what actions I need to undertake in order to move forward in the right direction of my full potential and self-actualisation. I appreciate that you have summarised what my strengths and abilities are in my chart. It’s very masterful the way you keep your message very simple and targeted…even though there’s a lot of hard work ahead, I feel more sure and excited about the path that’s unfolding.”

-R.F. Adelaide, Australia

“As a seasoned astrologer myself, I’ve looked at my chart a thousand times; but you gave me a different perspective on the problem areas. You did this with great insight, sensitivity, and clarity. I came away with some of your words ringing in my head about the work that needs to be done . . . you have given me clear ways to develop, and a plan of how to move ahead to avoid further health problems. There were three or four things you said which will stay with me for a very long time.

I think you are a very wise man.

Thank you for the privilege of our time together. I will keep in touch.”

-P.G. United Kingdom

“Thank you for your compassionate and empowering lesson on self discovery.

I much appreciate the fact that you talked about ME not about planets and aspects in my chart.  I will keep you posted.”

-C.F. Frankfurt, Germany

“The consultation was wonderful. You were an absolute pleasure. I was amazed by the accuracy and insight you were able realize. I will absolutely be getting together with you again soon, and I will be bringing friends!”

-D.F. Valrico, FL



“Hiroki’s expertise is coupled with an innate discernment and inner perception. He provided me with the understanding and acceptance that enabled me to unlock 50+ years of self-doubt and self-denial.”

-B.B. Bradenton, FL



“Thank you for your keen insights and skill.  I found your consultation to be a fresh and a surprisingly bright light shining the way for me to see.

I was easily able to understand your simple and clear observations about my early patterns of development.  You revealed to me a pattern of interference of my innate talents & abilities.  I had a kind of “Ah HA” moment of recognition.  You also provided an invaluable view of this moment in time, and how it was ripe for a needed transformation into a more fully blossomed being.  I sensed something very important was occurring which was the reason I contacted you.  My concerns and confusion were greatly pivoted into a position of being proactive in this transformation.  Excellent, professional, clear, practical, consultation Hiroki!”

-T.W. San Diego, CA



“I thoroughly enjoyed our session and am deeply grateful for having someone like you to turn to for this kind of clarity and reaffirmation of my life’s calling!  I have never had such meaningful astrological consultations that truly applied the right words to describe my inner knowing. And you have a great way of communicating and listening.  All of this makes it easy to trust you and the amazing work you do. You know what you’re doing… I know you’ll keep helping people and I wish you much success.  THANK YOU.”

-C.F.  Wellington, FL


“Thank you so much for an amazing and insightful consult, I got so much out of the experience, most importantly a greater acceptance of myself.  I loved your intuitive feel that came through, they way you could pin point the areas in my life that needed to be released.  The reading helped me to see the bigger picture, this has made it easier to see the things in life that move me towards growth and accepting them.  With this new knowledge of positive growth that is coming through I can embrace it and move forward and let go of the old patterns.  I send you much gratitude and many blessings!”

-D.L. Dade City, FL


“My experience of an astrological analysis by Hiroki was quite insightful. We can’t always be certain of the most optimal choices regarding our life’s direction but a professional assessment of our horoscope goes a long way to provide us with general context and the primary themes implied in our individual constitution. Hiroki’s  interpretation of my astrological information proved to be accurate and conducive to my personal growth. Especially helpful were Hiroki’s follow-up summary notes (given via email) as well as the option of having the entire session audio recorded for later review. I highly recommend Hiroki’s services for anyone who desires an honest mapping-out of their current life journey.”

– J.D. Freeport, ME


“I’ve been very interested in astrology and loved Hiroki’s articles in my studies, so I decided to treat myself with a reading. It was well worth it! He did a wonderful job of explaining everything including chart analysis, future predictions and accurately pinpointed previous major life changes and relationships. I wanted extra insight particularly on career and moving abroad, so he helped me analyze specific locations combined with long-term forecasting for timing. Very thorough and understandable. I highly recommend his services. Thank you so much!”
– K.L. Boulder, CO


“Mr. Hiroki is highly skilled at what he does, it’s almost as if he has been peeking in on my thoughts.  He has confirmed so much of I was already thinking and then some, he definitely gave me the information I needed to move forward with my pursuits in life and much needed clarity. I left the session feeling more self assured on what needs to be done.”
– J.S. Birmingham, AL