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Amazingly clear insights into my complicated personal issues and a great combination of professionalism with intuitive approach. I felt guided with sympathy and genuine attention all through the session and was very content with the final advice. Thank you! 

A.D. Spain

Through my consultation with Hiroki I gained an increased level of self-awareness and a more accurate sense of direction.  He was very patient answering all my questions (I had many), and I was very satisfied with the sincerity and wisdom of each answer.  

S.F. Boston, MA

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This is the first time I’ve had a professional reading of my natal chart and found it a very liberating and enlightening experience. I thought I had a very strong sense of who I am, but the session really did highlight aspects of myself that need development, which I previously didn’t think were a problem. You are amazingly intuitive and very focused on the issues that are hampering my progress, and what actions I need to undertake in order to move forward in the right direction of my full potential and self-actualization. I appreciate that you have summarized what my strengths and abilities are in my chart. It’s very masterful the way you keep your message very simple and targeted…even though there’s a lot of hard work ahead, I feel more sure and excited about the path that’s unfolding.

R.F. Adelaide, Australia

Astrological Guidance for Important Life Moments

Need clarity before making a major life decision?  Get accurate and relevant answers to your current concerns.

I’ve been an amateur reader of astrology for over twenty years. I came upon Hiroki’s blog several months ago, and was struck by how wise and fresh he sounds. He uses none of the usual platitudes that general astrology articles can contain. His observations are keen, and sensitive.

Hiroki’s astrology readings are the same. Today, after an hour on the phone, I hung up…and said to myself,  “I don’t talk that closely with too many people!”  I felt known, and witnessed. He also knew several significant dates from my childhood—events that changed my life. He is a good ten years younger than I, and yet I thought I was talking to a deeply wise spiritual teacher or elder, the kind one rarely finds on this earth. I look forward to checking in with him again, as I grow.

M.R. Northampton, MA