Professional Astrological Consultation

professional astrology consultation

A Sensitive, In-depth Discussion about Your Horoscope and Your Potential

Enjoy an in-depth, yet sensitive discussion about your horoscope (natal chart and current/future events) with a certified professional astrologer with over 20 years of consulting experience.  Discuss important issues in your life with absolute guarantee of confidentiality.  Learn about your strengths, challenges and major life themes.

“This is the first time I’ve had a professional reading of my natal chart and I found it a very liberating and enlightening experience…You were amazingly intuitive and very focused on the issues that were hampering my progress, and what actions I needed to undertake in order to move forward in the right direction of my full potential and self-actualization. I appreciate that you have summarized what my strengths and abilities are in my chart. It’s very masterful the way you keep your message very simple and targeted…even though there’s a lot of hard work ahead, I feel more sure and excited about the path that’s unfolding.”

-R.F. Adelaide, Australia


No Fear-Based Predictions

Unlike so many astrologers who plant fear in your mind by presenting worst case scenarios, I will share with you a broader and more sensible spectrum of possibilities based on practical understanding of modern astrology.

“I was a little apprehensive about working with a professional astrologer, but as soon as Hiroki started the session, I felt at ease.   He took great care in asking questions to ensure that his measurements were accurate and the consultation was on the correct path.   I was amazed to hear that from my birth information, Hiroki was able to accurately describe my upbringing, and parents as well as my potential future.   Through his measurements, he additionally saw that I was on the verge of something life changing happening, something positive.   I reached out to him because I had been feeling like something was about to change but did not know what it was.   It’s been more than a month since the reading and while Hiroki did not tell me exactly what would happen, he predicted that one of two major events would occur and one really major one has.   I finally decided to leave my current employer and start my own business, which I would not have felt comfortable doing had Hiroki not seen this as a strong and successful option for me in my chart.   I am relieved and amazed and would not hesitate to work with Hiroki again. ”

– C.H. Lutz, FL


No Gobbledygook

If your previous astrologer told you something similar to “Oooo, you have Uranus coming to your 12th house…And (gasp) it’s going to conjunct your Venus!”  That is the example of astrological gobbledygook, which is unclear and tends to create fear and confusion rather than clarity of understanding (which should be our main aim).

Our session will be done in plain English – no vague technical jargon will be used, so you will always be clear about what is being communicated.  This also eliminates the ‘fillers’ many astrologers tend to put in by using jargon, so that your valuable time can be used to discuss important issues rather than translating a jargon.

Note: This approach has worked every single time over hundreds of consultations, regardless of whether my client was a novice or a professional astrologer.  If you have a technical question you’d like to ask, we can certainly make time for that toward the end of the session – but the main focus of our session will be on you and your life rather than astrological techniques.

“As a seasoned astrologer myself, I’ve looked at my chart a thousand times; but you gave me a different perspective on the problem areas. You did this with great insight, sensitivity, and clarity. I came away with some of your words ringing in my head about the work that needs to be done . . . you have given me clear ways to develop, and a plan of how to move ahead to avoid further health problems. There were three or four things you said which will stay with me for a very long time.

I think you are a very wise man.

Thank you for the privilege of our time together. I will keep in touch.”

-P.G. United Kingdom


Topics Covered in the Session

Your horoscope is a map of the sky at the time of your birth.  The patterns in your birth chart reflects your potential, talents and strengths – as well as what challenges may come your way, and what lessons may need to be mastered in this lifetime.  Here are some of what we typically discuss in a standard session:

Your Talents and Strengths

Learn which areas you’re naturally good at, and how to take your potential further in your work and vocation.

Your Key Life Lessons

You came into this life with a unique set of challenges to overcome, and lessons to master.  Find out what could be getting in the way of your potential, and how to release negative patterns that may be holding you back.

Your Essential Needs in Life and Relationships

You’re beautifully different from anyone else, and your soul has a set of needs that yearn and demand to be satisfied – you can use our session to discover what your essential needs are in life and relationships, and learn how to nurture yourself more fully.

What’s Coming Next – a Constructive Look into Your Year Ahead

Most of our discussion will focus on your current concerns – so that your main questions get addressed.  We’ll look at the upcoming astrological signals for the year ahead to see if there are any major changes, or if there are things that you may want to be aware of – an opportunity for expansion, new meetings, or lessons to master.

“My consultation was, above all, amazingly accurate. There was a significant, life changing event in each of the time periods in my life highlighted in the reading. My physical health weaknesses were pinpointed down to the exact body part. My personality and life needs and interests were explained to me in a way that gave me a deeper understanding of myself and an empowering outlook on life. The forward-looking portion of the reading gave me information and dates with which to make important life decisions.”

-L.M. St.Petersburg, FL

To read other reviews of the astrology session, take a look at the testimonial page.


Fees for an Astrological Session:

Fees are payable via credit card or Paypal.  A complimentary MP3 recording of your session will be available upon request.

Standard Session (60-min): $185

Discuss your needs, talents and strengths, as well as potential challenges and lessons in this lifetime.  We can focus on specific topics or overall themes, and discuss potentials for the next 2 years.

Relationship Analysis (includes Standard Session) (60-min): $220

Understand your own horoscope, as well as gain insights into your relationship with your spouse, family member, or business partner.  The analysis will help you understand another person’s needs, as well as the strengths or potential challenges that exist in a relationship.

Relationship analysis session includes the topics covered in Standard Session (i.e. we’ll still discuss your strengths/challenges and themes, as well as upcoming planetary cycles).

Relocation Analysis (includes Standard Session) (60-min): $220

Find out the special characteristics and energies that are activated when you live in a new location.  Look at up to 3 locations of your choice, or receive 1 – 2 suggested locations that have a strong connection with your horoscope.

Relocation analysis session includes the topics covered in Standard Session (i.e. we’ll still discuss your strengths/challenges and themes, as well as upcoming planetary cycles).

Your Child’s Horoscope (includes Standard Session) (60-min):$220

Find out the unique needs and talents your child has so you can understand and support them better.

Your child’s horoscope analysis session includes the topics covered in Standard Session (i.e. we’ll still discuss your strengths/challenges and themes, as well as upcoming planetary cycles).


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