Zachary Quinto a.k.a. the "New Spock" – a Geminian Hero

Zachary Quinto says “I was born to play the role of Spock” and I agree – I was impressed with his portrayal of the yet-to-mature Spock who carried a volcano of emotions underneath the studied calm.

As a rule, an actor brings something of himself into the role, and the character he plays brings out his inner qualities that are reflected in the horoscope.

Looking at Quinto’s horoscope (June 2, 1977 – birth time unknown) we can notice the following:

1) Quinto’s horoscope has very little Water element, with emphasis on Air and Fire: Intellect and principles seem to dominate over emotions. Yet, because of this very imbalance, he would be seeking to connect emotionally with something larger than himself.

2) Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Gemini, opposed by Neptune: this is a strongly intellectual placement that highlights idealism and possible confusion.

3) Mercury is in Taurus, and is unaspected: the calm, contained intellect. Unaspected planet tends to become the dominant voice within the psyche – in Quinto’s case, an intellect bent on calm, idealistic productivity runs the show.

4) Pluto is quindecile Mars & Venus in Aries: this is a powerful, almost brutal passion that refuses to be contained.

So the intellect that wishes for calm and peace (Taurus) is continuously having to battle with the fire that is underneath. Sounds like Spock, don’t you think?

Some interesting synastry facts for Kirk & Spock:

  • Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine (who plays Kirk) have each of their Mars exactly opposite the other’s. Chris said in an interview that he worked out in the same gym as Zachary, which helped him obtain the role of James T Kirk.
  • The original Star Trek Duo, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were born only a few days apart from each other (3/22/1931 and 3/26/1931, respectively.) Thus their planetary positions are almost exactly the same except that Shatner has his Moon in Taurus and Nimoy has his Moon in Gemini*.

*In Astro Databank there are conflicting birth times quoted for Leonard Nimoy, and it’s quite possible that his Moon is actually in Cancer.

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