Your Natal Mars: Keys to Passionate Creativity

Astrological Mars - Passionate Creativity

Mars represents the thrill of the hunt, or the aliveness you feel when you are exerting all you have in order to win.  In your birth chart, it is your passion in motion.

Mars Symbol: Keys to Creativity and Passion

Mars symbol represents male sexual penetration.  Thus the energy Mars symbolizes is intimately tied to your creative impulse (its pursuit of Venusian beauty and ideals results in the creation of something new.)

By reflecting on this symbol, we can appreciate a few components of creativity:

1) Penetration: Digging deeply into one’s chosen field of study is a masculine quality (regardless of your gender).  The idea of penetration suggests deep involvement with a subject or a person, not just on an intellectual (Mercurial) level.  In other words, creativity comes from deep involvement.

It’s very difficult to experience passionate creativity when you are just scratching the surface of things.  If you want to experience more creativity, try going deeper into your path (work, hobby, relationship, etc) instead of jumping from one thing to another.  [Note Mars’ classic rulership of Scorpio reflects this idea of masculine depth and fixedness of purpose.]

2) Being in the Moment: Although Mars symbol can suggest intellectual as well as physical activity, its energy can only be experienced in the moment.  In Western culture the increasing tendency is to cerebrate, be detached and generally live in one’s head (through the hyper-emphasis of Mercury and the Air element.)

Creativity comes from direct involvement in the experience, and cannot occur when you are detached from it through abstraction.  Just as thinking about love can never substitute for the act and experience of loving, your talent can only find expression when you’re fully engaged in the action, without over-analysis or self-criticism.

(Note that this has nothing to do with the kind of work you do – there are plenty of creative geniuses in the intellectual profession – but you’ll find that they have a more of a whole brain oriented approach to their work compared to others.)

3) Connection: Mars symbol connotes a state of deep relatedness.  When you’re fully engaged in your creative work, there is a kind of oneness between you and the things that you do.  If you’re reading a book with full concentration, there maybe a profound connection you feel toward the author and his ideas, and by entering into a relationship with his work, you will emerge from the experience transformed in some way.

No matter what area of life you want to feel more creative in, the requirement is for you to come in direct contact with something or someone, and form a profound relationship.  Without that level of involvement, you remain detached from experience, and neither creativity nor transformation can occur when you’re holding life at an arm’s length.

In Closing: Mars in Your Horoscope

The sign/house placement of your natal Mars can suggest where your creative energy needs to be directed.   Example: Air signs may suggest a social or intellectual sphere (i.e. people or ideas), whereas Earth signs may suggest concentration in the practical (i.e. things, business, etc) realms.

How does your own natal Mars reflect the way you apply your creative energy?  What can you do to experience more creativity in your chosen field?  Please feel free to share your thoughts through emails or comments.

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  1. I got pisces mars in 7th house and it trines my Saturn in Cancer. Do I have any tendencies to be creative in something?

  2. Sofia jimenez says

    My Mars is at 12 Scorpio in my 10th house and squares my Moon, Neptune, and Uranus (all in Aquarius in my 1st house). I’ve always been a creative but never found what felt true, until recently. I’ve come to discover writing poetry is the only thing that aligns with my soul, the only thing I can do with complete involvement and passion. I believe it is related to my constant struggle to find my true identity/persona.

  3. i have mars in 4th house virgo 1 degree with north node of moon 9 degree! should i drive my energy in analytical things.. businesses ! etc nd i admit i have fear of opinion of native people
    (distant family or friends living in my native place) with that comes fear of facing camera (tv).. i want to overcome it.. i am trying and i ll ! Can u throw some more light about this combination nd placement!

  4. Mars in 24 degrees Scorpio in 8th house. have always been drawn to psychology and spirituality.

  5. My Mars is in Pisces in the 6th house conjunct my north node at the end of my 5th house and also squaring Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus. Though I have a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, Pluto, and my midheaven. It is also inconjunct my moon. I have nervous energy from my 6th house mars square Uranus. I’m definitely a sensitive person and my energy is a constant ebb and flow along with my creativity. I don’t know much of the meaning of mars conjunt my north node but I’m sure it has some importance to my life lessons. Also I read recently that inconjuncts are very important in dealing with and can’t be ignored as easily as a square. That I need to study up on more.

  6. Does Mars in Cancer make guy more feminine or less masculine in relationship?

    • Hi Richard,

      In relationships, Mars in Cancer expresses its strength through caring and sensitivity. This is quite different from being effeminate (if that’s what you mean by being more feminine or less masculine). Since this isn’t a typical macho expression associated with Mars, you may feel a bit insecure about its expression until you realize how important emotions are in fully relating with others.

  7. Michelle says

    My Mars conjuncts Venus in a 6 degree orb, together in Pisces in the 7th house. Mars sextiles my Chiron which is in tight conjunction to MC line… And I have no idea what any of that means.. But I found your article on using Mars very insightful. Thanks

  8. Hi Hiroki,

    Thank you for this post on Mars and allowing me to share.

    I have Mars at 26 degrees Virgo in the 12th house. It rules my Aries Sun in the 6th and is in mutual reception with my Mercury in the 7th in Aries. Mars and Mercury are also quincunx; just to top it off Mars is in a Yod with Mercury and my Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Aquarius.

    I can’t do anything without contemplating my moves first. Also, I spend a lot of time in meditation, solitude and in nature.

    At this time transiting Mars is going over my Libra ascendant, conjunct Natal Neptune.–and of course that is all connected with the cardinal cross. .

    As so many people a lot going on for me.

    I could possibly use some insight. I know you do readings but do you do email consultations? I can’t use Skype as it gives me the shakes and the cell phones give me headaches. . .

    I love your insight. Keep up your blogs!

    Good Luck

    • Hi Hillary,

      Thank you for your comment. Mars in 12th gives a similar flavor to retrograde Mars in that direct expression isn’t instinctive in this position.

      If Mars is crossing your Ascendant now, you’re right in the thick of the huge planetary activity! Regarding consultations, if Skype or phone is difficult for you, we could explore other options offline. Please email me at and we can discuss this.

      All the best,
      Hiroki Niizato

  9. Mars in Scorpio- energy going toward plumbing the depths of the human psyche. As always, good stuff!! Please keep up the great work !!

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