Writer’s Discipline – How Noel Tyl writes

In the Newark Seminar, Noel Tyl discussed the method of his writing. “The book Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology was written in 135 days” he said. For anyone that hasn’t read it, it is a monumental 1000 page manual for counseling astrologers. How did he do it? His answers may give us insights into book writing in general:

1) Have a daily quota: “My quota was to write 1500 finished (edited) words a day.”

2) Have a set time for writing: Noel would start writing at 5:45AM (“I am at my best in the morning”), and stop at 1PM, look over his work and think about what to write the next day. He said the normal consultation schedule was going on in the morning, but he scheduled it a bit lighter during weekdays, and more consultations on weekends (“you’ve got to eat, after all.”)

3) He mentioned having pieces of notes (presumably bits and pieces of ideas/information) around his room, and choosing and organizing them into words each day.

4) When determining the deadline for writing Synthesis and Counseling, he said “I calculated how many days it would take me to write 1000 pages with my daily quota, and added 3 months for horoscope illustration, final editing, etc.”

After several months of writing, he said one day he suddenly stopped, and “knew” that he was finished with the book. He had an internal knowledge that all was written that was supposed to be written for this book – no more, no less. Talk about working with the muse.

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