Working with Saturn, part 3: Inner and Outer Authority

Saturn rules inner and outer authority. When we’re young, our parents act as the authority in giving you a set of rules that must be obeyed, or else. Our teachers do the same. As we grow up, we internalize these rules that are given, and they become part of the parental complex within our psyche – call it superego, or conscience.

Although Saturn’s authority will be felt everywhere within the psyche, the sign, house or planet affected by Saturn might feel especially close to this towering figure. This can manifest in several ways:

1)The parental complex perpetuates the patterns from early home: if the father was very critical, and said things like “you’re stupid” or “you’ll never amount to anything” when you were young, chances are you may become very self critical as an adult. Abandonment by the father may produce abandonment of the self, which may lead to acting irresponsibly through self destructive behaviors.

In these cases, the inner authority is clearly wrong, and it is holding on to old rules that are no longer true or necessary.

2)You may carry a legacy of resentment toward the original authority figure, and this could lead to problems with all authority figures in adult life.

3)When the inner authority figure is absent, the archetype usually has to manifest as an external authority. If there is no inner voice that restrains you from stealing people‘s money, the outer authority – police – will have to punish you. If there is no sense of higher calling saying “this is what I MUST accomplish in my life”, then the lack of inner authority will call for an external boss that tells you what you must do.

4)Especially for people in a spiritual or religious path, Saturn becomes the voice of conscience – a moral authority. Acting against one’s spiritual beliefs will cause internal punishment through guilt and lack of success.

The last point is especially interesting – for instance, I have Saturn square Mars, and one negative manifestation of this combination is suppressed anger. But how I come to suppress anger is usually when I act in a way that I know is wrong – for instance, wasting too much time at work doing unrelated stuff. Then, even though I don’t think about it consciously, I start to feel bad, drained (energy is suppressed), and irritable. In this case, the anger is directed against myself.

If Saturn conjoins, squares or opposes Venus, it could mean that you start to feel unlovable whenever you act in dishonest or dishonorable way, thereby creating problems in relationships. This would call for high moral responsibility in relating – which isn’t a bad thing, as long as you make sure not to carry around the feeling of guilt or unworthiness.

If Saturn makes a hard aspect to Mercury, it could be that depression comes from thinking judgmental thoughts or saying something unkind to others (both of which feels wrong to your conscience.)

These are for people that have a strongly developed sense of moral right and wrong – after a while, it won’t take very long to find out what you did earlier in the day that’s making you less than happy.

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  1. How come there are no comments? I’m sure people are reading your blog since it’s linked up with Anyway, just wanted to say that I’ve been enjoying reading your posts, and this particular post gave me a couple important “a-ha’s” to mull over about my own Saturn-functioning. Thanks again for writing…

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hi L,

    Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated…


  3. Yes, I have Saturn in Aries 10th opposite Venus conjunct Mercury in Libra 4th. I do almost instantly feel unlovable if I think, say or do anything disrespectful. This then makes me depressed and miserable which somehow validates my belief that I am unlovable! It’s a vicious circle :)

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