Working with Saturn, part 1: the Law of the Farm

Doomsayers often neglect the face of Saturn as the bringer of Golden Age – this is the reward for obeying the natural law, sometimes called the Law of the Farm (i.e. you reap what you sow), or simply the law of karma.

Law of the Farm is that in order to get an intended harvest, you must cultivate and prepare the land, plant the right seeds, fertilize the soil and water the seeds often, protect them from being eaten by animals, prune excessive growth in unwanted areas, and keep watching over them periodically to make sure they are growing okay. All of this is a conscious, controlled process that is relatively free from randomness.

Without taking all of the above actions, we have no right to expect any harvest. That’s just common sense in a farm – no sane farmer will complain about his farm not producing anything, if he neglected to sow any seeds, or forgot to give them enough water. So come Autumn (the harvest time), whoever obeyed the Law of the Farm gets rewarded by harvest, and those who didn’t get nothing, or worse, suffer starvation and loses control over his destiny.

So Saturn transit is a time of sowing and reaping, and while some of the events are just plain difficult (time brings death and old age – an inevitable component of Saturnian experience), other events are simply caused by our disobeying the law of the farm – if we don’t treat our spouses right and they end up leaving the marriage, is that Saturn’s fault or is that just common sense?

It takes time and conscious attention to create success in relationship and business, or cultivating an orderly, positive mindset, or acquiring any artistic skill. Anything that matters in life usually follows the Law of the Farm, and if we obey them, Saturn brings on the harvest.

One quick example: Steve Jobs basically got fired from Apple during his Saturn return, due to his personality problem. There was no denying that despite his talent and charisma, he had a problem in interpersonal relationships – Saturn return brought him down, in a sense giving him a reality check, a bitter harvest.

But that didn’t stop him from continuing to create great company and products – he went on to create a company called NEXT, which eventually ended up creating the basis for Mac OS X, and got bought by Apple. Jobs returned to Apple as a permanent CEO about 14 years later, when transiting Saturn was opposing his Saturn, effectively finishing what got started in the Saturn return, and receiving a massive harvest. Saturn gave him his just reward.

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