Working With Saturn: Internal Boundaries

Saturn rules necessary boundaries of all types. External world has boundaries such as laws, policies and regulations. Internally we carry boundaries in the form of psychological limitations. Some of these limitations (usually good common sense) are absolutely necessary; others need to be discarded as we mature and develop as a person.

Saturn Aspect to Inner Planets

Regardless of the type of aspect (square, trine etc.), Saturn’s touch is especially visible on inner (a.k.a. personal) planets:

Saturn – Sun aspect will define boundaries regarding self image and life direction. There may be perceived limitations with regard to what’s possible in career, relationship and overall well being. One’s life expectations might be based on the father’s life, or be influenced by problematic relationship with him.

The positive manifestation of this aspect includes integrity (knowing my values) and a sense of positive ambition (recognizing my potentials to grow & achieve more). The negative manifestation includes the loss of authenticity (not knowing who I am), and underachievement.

With Saturn – Moon aspect, the limitations are placed on emotions. Guilt or anxiety can be felt whenever one oversteps the perceived internal boundaries. How did the parents (especially the father) define what emotions were acceptable and what’s not? What was the acceptable behavior in the early home? What happened when you deviated from it?

The positive expression of this aspect includes emotional maturity and reliability. The negative expression includes chronic guilt and anxiety.

Saturn – Mercury aspect defines mental outlook. As intellect thrives on clearly defined boundaries, this aspect is thought to suggest capacity for a deep study of any subject. If not positively encouraged, however, a lack of confidence with regard to one’s mental capacity could be felt.

The positive expression here could be deep thinking and a dedicated pursuit of an intellectual subject, which can make you an expert in the chosen area. The negative expression can include a tendency for depression and difficulty in focusing attention.

Saturn – Venus aspect defines relationship orientation. The boundaries defined here could include: Whom to trust? How much to give/receive? How lovable am I? Like other aspects, the good/not-so-good modeling provided by the parents are influential (how did they express affection? Anger? Disagreement?)

When positively expressed, this aspect suggests capacity to build trusted friendships and partnerships. Negatively expressed, it could suggest wrong choice in friendships, and consequently building psychological walls around oneself.

Saturn – Mars aspect places boundaries on how we apply our energy. Paternal encouragement/discouragement tends to influence how one deals with failure and anger.

The positive manifestation of the combination includes resourcefulness and indomitable will to succeed, regardless of how many setbacks you experience. Negative manifestation includes resignation due to fear of failure. In the former, the energy of frustration is directed at solving the problem no matter what. In the latter, the anger is directed unto oneself, leading to implosion and depression.

Summary: Saturn & Internal Boundaries

Over time, Saturn creates numerous internal boundaries which generally serves to make us more mature, savvy and discerning with regard to many things. The downside often felt when Saturn contacts the emotional planets (especially Moon or Venus) is that it leads to shrinking and hardening of the heart, so that there is less room to let others in, or to experience enjoyable emotions.

The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) often work to destroy old boundaries that are no longer necessary, so that our hearts may learn to expand again, learning to hope & trust while still keeping the maturity and discernment you gained over the years.

If you have natal Saturn aspecting an inner planet, how did its boundaries serve you as you developed in the area represented by the inner planet? Are there old boundaries that seem to be outdated and no longer necessary? Feel free to share through emails or comments….

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  1. Saturn conjunct Mars in 10th
    Saturn opposite Moon in 4th
    Saturn square Venus in 7th

    No internal boundaries, like a sieve, naive and gullible, not advocating for myself, victim mentality, very little self care or internal sense of worth, at mercy of world. Through much inner work, coaching, therapy, reading, learning, self-love, integrating shadow material, I have come to move out of victim mentality more, be able to have more agency in the world and more resilience.
    The world is a reflection of my own self care and love and that has been transitioning. LOT more, but don’t want to make this post too long.

  2. Hi Hiroki,

    Is it possible to feel an 8 -9 degree aspect between Saturn and an inner planet?

    Someone I know has Pisces Mercury (8th house) opposite 3rd house Virgo Saturn (about 8 degrees opposition).

    She has an amazing capacity for focused, concentrated thinking, and has excelled in intellectual pursuits. The Piscean intuition (Mercury square 5th house Neptune) is an added bonus that she incorporates into her thinking and communicating with excellent results.

    Wondering if her 8 degree Mercury – Saturn opposition is responsible for this. Or is it the plutonian effect of the 8th house that is indicating her focus and concentration?


  3. shootingstar says

    Hello Hiroki,
    I’ve been wondering if Saturn in 1st house (conjuncting Asc) would be the same as Sun – Saturn aspect?

  4. I have natal Saturn square my moon and I have chronic guilt and anxiety. I find it very diffficult to “let my hair down” and relax. I limit my life with my pessimism and feel depressed a lot of the time. Find it hard to open up to others too, infact I never open up.

  5. well – very nice.. and bull's eye perfect concise interpretation.

    from my chart,

    *– Sun (4th) Opposition Saturn (10th)
    self doubt- self criticism- fear of presenting my true exuberant self to others (virgo rising does not help too) :)

    *– Moon (12th) Sextile Saturn (10th)
    need to control the needs, self sufficiency, dont know how to ask for help- have to help-myself and no whining (even if justified)

    *– Mars (8th) Sextile Saturn (10th)
    Cant give up- I am more determined than I let people see

    *– Venus (5th) Quincunx Saturn (10th)
    need to work to be loved, I have been trying to teach myself that '''love is a GIFT, not a Reward''' … hopefully one day I will learn it ;)

    *– Pluto (1st) Square Saturn (10th)
    determination- fear of change coupled with equally embedded strength to change. helps in Crisis-Management.

    *– Uranus (2nd) Trine Saturn (10th)
    ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE ASPECT of my whole chart :-)
    I need to think through and find an unconventional Path and then implelent the idea/plan by conventional means. it is greatly rewarding yet kinda KINKY pleasure (maybe a wrong word but it is kind of ''sinfully exquisite pleasure'' of thinking-planning and getting the result. (I call it my MAGICIAN aspect) :)


  6. Saturn does rules, there is no doubt about it.Thnx for this nice info.

  7. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Teri,

    Excellent example. Thank you very much for sharing your experience!


  8. Okay, Moon conjunct Saturn in Aries: Growing up, I had female relatives who could cry over just about anything, but not me. If I did cry, it was over something pretty awful and the tears would dry up as quickly as they came. Of course, this made me wonder about myself sometimes, the dry well.

    Four years ago, I broke down sobbing while on the phone with my Dad after my mother's recent, sudden passing. He was silent for a moment and then said in a really stern voice, "Theresa! Theresa, now stop that!" And he's the same way toward himself. He had pain written all over his face after my mother died, but he never cried, even when he was alone, which I know because he told me.

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