Working with Jupiter (5) How and Where We Look For Rewards

Jupiter & How We Expect the Rewards
In astrology Jupiter represents our capacity to expect and believe in the future reward. Hence aspects to this planet, or its retrogradation, tend to affect the level and quality of our mental outlook. Here are some examples:

  • Mars – Jupiter aspect unites action with expectation for reward, resulting in motivated or aggressive pursuit of goal achievement. When out of balance, this could lead to overconfidence or overdoing for the sake of accomplishment.
  • Saturn – Jupiter aspect demands realistic expectation and long lasting rewards. Here the mature, practical expectation often leads to tangible achievements, as long as one does not succumb to cynicism.
  • Uranus – Jupiter aspect adds an element of intensity and individuality to the expectation of reward. There may be a passionate pursuit of unusual rewards, which could distinguish one from his/her peers.
  • Neptune – Jupiter aspect may raise the expectation for reward to an unrealistic degree, creating dangers of escapism or disillusionment. The challenge here is to seek the reward that would keep satisfying your highest ideals, while keeping your life in balance (and sobriety.)
  • Pluto – Jupiter aspect may suggest the power to expect and believe in large scale rewards, as well as seeking the reward while going into the underworld of hidden or forbidden matters.
  • Jupiter retrograde may have difficulty showing enthusiasm or positive expectation – in such cases we may need to ask ourselves where we’ve succumbed to chronic negative expectations.

As Jupiter represents our power to believe, if we find that we’re less than optimistic, chances are that our belief is dedicated to some kind of limitation (I can’t do this because it’s always been this way) or negative consequences (I’d hate to rock the boat, etc.) Rest of the horoscope may show where such limiting expectation has been learned.

Where We Seek the Rewards
Life coaches and therapists will attest that these beliefs can definitely be changed, and more positive outlook can be acquired. Astrology may be able to provide an additional resource, through giving us an insight where we may be seeking our reward.

For example my Jupiter is in 3rd house of communication while ruling the 10th of career, so we can say a lot of my expectation is tied to these two areas. In addition I have planets contacting the Jupiter with quindecile aspect from 8th and 9th house, which also suggest strong drive to seek the rewards through alternative healing, internationalism, writing and spirituality.

If you relate strongly to your natal Jupiter placement and how/where you seek your reward, please feel free to share through email or comments.

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  1. I have Jupiter in the 12th house, Cancer; Squaring Moon. Is that a lot of illusion? What’s your opinion?

    Really enjoy your blog.

    • In terms of how your level of expectation is affected, Jupiter in 12th could be similar to Jupiter retrograde, unless it’s very close to the Ascendant (in which case the enthusiasm becomes more outwardly expressive.) According to traditional description (“the guardian angel”) Jupiter in this placement suggests a sense of spiritual reward or grace.

      Delusion is believing in something that’s not healthy for you, which is possible but not necessarily the essence of this placement.

  2. Quicksilver says:

    I have Jupiter in the 12th (Scorpio), ruling my 2nd house and making a sextile to my 10th house Sun and Quintlie my 9th house Venus (Leo).

  3. Hmm interesting. I have gemini jupiter in 12th. Sag moon conj part of fortune in 5th. I have a liking for gambling + lotery. I was many times lucky in lotery (won only small prizes) and also lucky in gambling…well my luck ended where my greed began. After winning a big amount of money i thought i’d try one more time and guess what? I didn’t win. But i didn’t stopped, i tried again cause i was blind at the moment and i thought ‘I can’t be forever unlucky’ and kept trying saying that phrase. until i lost everything i won plus some more. Of course i ended up in big debt but somehow i always had a miraculous salvation, ‘divine’ protection, i don’t know how to put it, but it end out well and i learned my lesson. I will never push my luck again, overconfidence was my downside.

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