Working with Jupiter (3): Jupiter Aspects and the Sources of Reward

In the last post we explored the idea that Jupiter has to do with our ability to recognize and process the rewarding experience. We could then extend this idea to the aspects formed by Jupiter in a natal chart – perhaps the aspects to Jupiter can suggest how someone processes the experience of reward*.

  • Jupiter aspect to Sun can suggest that the reward is felt through self expression.
  • Jupiter-Moon aspect may suggest that the reward is felt through emotionally nurturing experience.
  • Jupiter aspect to Mercury suggests that the reward is mainly experienced through communication.
  • Jupiter aspect to Venus suggests that reward is processed more readily from social activity, or artistic/cultural appreciation.
  • Jupiter aspect to Mars suggests that someone feels rewarded by taking assertive, energetic action, including physical activity.
  • Jupiter aspect to Saturn could suggest that someone feels intensely rewarded for accomplishing serious, big goals – possibly with a great awareness of traditions and history.
  • Jupiter-Uranus aspect could suggest that the reward is experienced through being in touch with progressive ideas and products.
  • Jupiter-Neptune aspect may suggest that one feels rewarded by intoxicating, mind altering experience – whether through the world of spirit, dreams and creative visualization, or through the use of alcohol, drugs and other consciousness altering substance.
  • Jupiter aspect to Pluto could suggest that the reward is felt through dealing with power and knowledge that aren’t available to most people – the power could be internal or external.

The hard aspect to heavier planets (Saturn and onward) may result in a temporary suppression of the ability to process reward (as discussed in the previous post), especially if there are traumatic experiences in the early life. But generally these can be overcome by choosing a more positive expression of the same planetary energy – which is what people tend to do instinctively in their quest for a rewarding life.

*Note: here, either the hard (conjunction, square, opposition) or soft (sextile and trine) aspects can be considered for similar significance – hard aspects may offer more challenge along the way, but therefore could result in a stronger manifestation of the reward.

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  1. Hello, Mr. Niizato.
    I want to ask if i’ve got this correctly – i have this Sun-Mercury-Jupiter triple conjunction and from your article process reward through self expression in writing? Like writing something as book, article or just insightful post?

    • Hi Rich, that’s one of the many possible expressions of the conjunction you mentioned. Mercury is communication, so it’s not just limited to writing – you could also be a great salesperson, teacher or a storyteller, etc.

      • I was asking about writing on purpose because this Jupiter in Virgo in conjunction with Sun and Mercury also has trine to Jupiter (12th house) but square to Mars (5th house).

  2. Hi Hiroki,

    What if Jupiter is unaspected?


    • Hi Erin, I refer you to my other post on unaspected planets. In the sense of a reward, Jupiter itself is very much about learning, growth, expansion which are all rewarding in of themselves. The houses connected with Jupiter through rulership or tenancy may also factor into the reward that’s meaningful to you.

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