Why is Leonardo Da Vinci a Taurus? – A Reader Question

Just got back from Japan last night and am catching up on work and emails – as promised I’ll be posting replies to the questions I received. Here is the first one:

Q: “I have the same birthday as Leonardo DaVinci…My question is, recently another astrologer mentioned that DaVinci was a Taurus; however, I am an Aries. Is he a Taurus because of the progression of time, the centuries between us, or some other reason?”

(note: I’m presuming this person was born on April 15th.)

A: Da Vinci’s birth date is April 15th of 1452, but in Florentine Time (which started the ‘new day’ at sunset.) By our reckoning he was born on the evening of April 14th (‘three hours into the night’ according to the biography).

Then we need to account for the difference between Julian Calendar (which was used at that time) and Gregorian Calendar which we use now. At 1452 the difference is 9 days, so this finally gives us April 23, 1452 as the birth data of Da Vinci that astrologers use – which is Taurus.

Technical, but interesting!

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  1. some people are ignorant of this so they keep saying that Da Vinci is an Aries =.=
    *I already told them he’s a Taurus :|*

  2. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thanks Antonio! Sounds like everyone had a good time…I’m looking forward to the Newark seminar next January.

  3. cova-do-urso says

    Hi Hiroki,

    Welcome back.

    The seminar with Noel Nyl was a great time with an international group of devoted astrologers. His vocational profiling method is unique. I enjoyed the concept of it.

    Marga wrote about this seminar:



  4. Ana Cristina says

    No Hiroki I didn’t, I wrote everyone but privately, but I sent to you the photo Album :-) Have fun
    Ana Cristina

  5. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Ana Cristina!

    I trust you guys had a great time with Noel – let me know if you post something from the seminar in English…


  6. espelhodevida says

    welcome back Hiroki.
    Ana Cristina

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