Where is Astrology Going? / Developing Your Own Voice

This post is for professional/aspiring astrologers and anyone interested in our craft, and where it might be heading:

In his monthly essay Noel Tyl muses on how astrology adapted to the evolution of modern culture (e.g. how it was influenced by the development of scientific thinking, as well as developmental psychology.) In effect he’s asking the big question: where is astrology going? Where are astrologers going to be?

I’m pasting my response to it and additional thoughts on it below:

“With the advent of computer age, measurements have become 95% automatic, and reports compiling planetary positions and aspects can be assembled without any human involvement. A talented writer can then author an astrology report (darn sophisticated one at that) and sell it for $20 apiece to hundreds of people.

This means that the value of astrologer as an “astrological measuring device” has been diminished to just about zero – no one wants to come hear an astrologer describe her signs, houses and aspects – they can get all of that free or almost free.

If 20th century saw the adaptation of astrology into the power of automated computing, then in this century astrologers must add something that the generic reports cannot give – this entails studying about practical options in life, how to effectively help people become open to their inner potentials, and each of us developing our own unique voice that touches the right people in the right way. The bar has been raised.”

Developing Your Own Voice
There is something magical that happens when you’re with the people you’re meant to help (if you’re destined to help people, then you have your people – no questions about it.) Understanding who you’re meant to help probably has a lot to do with identifying your own unique voice.

I’d like to meditate on this some more, but please feel free to give me your input via email or comments: What is your unique voice? How do you uniquely help others? Do you feel you’re meant to help some special people, and who are they?

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. As an aspiring astrologer, I am eager to help others, feel deep down that I can and yet there are times when I think to myself.. "There is nothing that sets me apart AND I'm not a professional so what can I offer?" There's so many others out there who know more than I do and have been doing it longer… :(

    But then I dig deep in that confidence reserve, to summon up what it was back, twenty some years ago that called to me to further my studies enough to tinker with people's charts…

    I remember how even when I wasn't sure about much, I knew that I knew astrology was the way I'd be able to help many people.

    So now it's almost 25 years later and I'm still "in training" and the "urge" is stronger than ever. But how do I set myself apart in this day and age when yes, everything is at your fingertips (computer)?

    That's where I dig even deeper, employ my Mercury in Gemini, Venus in the first house, Pisces/Jupiter in the 9th and that unique Uranus in Leo in the 3rd and find a way! And I have to remember…"I do know more than the person who is doing the asking!" (aka, my friends.)

    Thanks for your post! Timely, as far as I am concerned!

    Michele :D

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hi Michele,

    Good for you! When you know that you know, then you have no choice but to honor the drive and start making a difference.

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