Water Element in Astrology: Tips & Observations

Water element represents our capacity to feel.  Following the discussions on Fire, Earth and Air elements, I’ll share some tips and observations for working with the water element in your natal chart.  As before, note which houses in your horoscope have their cusps occupied by the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.)  If you have planets in water signs, pay attention to the houses they occupy as well.

Tips & Observations Regarding the Water Energy in Your Horoscope

1) Seek Inner Values: The water part of us is not motivated by outer rewards such as fame or material success.  Rather it’s moved by deeply personal values that fulfill your soul.  Without paying attention to your internal desires and motivations, you may end up with a lot of outer success but still feel empty inside.

Wherever water element is emphasized in your horoscope, you’ll do better if you focus less on external appearances and more on internal values of what something means to you, and how it makes you feel.  Identifying your own values will have a significant impact on the career and relationships you choose to build.  In all areas of your life, paying attention to your inner values will help shift your perspective.

It is for this reason that people with water Ascendant tend to see past the superficial in people, and look for what makes them tick instead (they can’t identify with people otherwise.)  If you have a water sign on the cusp of the 7th house, then you may attract people who identify less with your outer facade, and demand that you share more of your feelings with them in order to connect more fully.

If a water sign occupies your 2nd, 6th or 10th house (the houses naturally associated with the earth signs), then the way you spend money or what careers you choose may need to be motivated by how much you care about something or someone, rather than materialistic definition of wealth or success.

2) Your Battle is Within: This is particularly true for the Scorpio sector of your horoscope, but valid in general for all water signs:  The enemy you’re trying to win against is rarely those people who act in a negative way, but your own tendency toward destructive or dishonest thoughts & behaviors.

In the watery part of your natal chart, identifying and transforming self-destructive thought patterns (integrating your “shadow side”, if you prefer) can lead to greater self acceptance and poise.  Through winning the internal battle, you may find that others begin to trust you more (Robert Bly calls it the effect of “owning the Crow inside of you.”  He thought it was essential for a leader to be in touch with his/her own dark side, so that it is not projected outside.)

If a water sign occupies your 3rd, 7th or 11th house (the houses naturally associated with air signs), watch for toxic thought patterns within yourself rather than seeking them within people around you.  In 6th house, the same warning applies in order to avoid problems with your coworkers.

3) If You Want to Heal, Don’t Avoid Your Feelings: Too much air or fire dries up the water.  Over-analyzing your feelings or avoiding them altogether through hyperactive lifestyle does not nourish the water energy inside of us.  In the watery part of your horoscope, it’s better to work on feeling more deeply & fully in the moment.  This allows the psychological healing process to begin.

Avoiding difficult feelings is like depleting water from your well – the end result is that you have less access to good feelings like love and joy.  In order to fully feel life-sustaining emotions like love, you need to embrace other painful feelings as well.  In 4th, 8th or 12th house (the houses naturally associated with water signs), such courage may be especially needed in order to heal from your psychic wound.

4) Learn to Share & Express Your Feelings: The water part of us is naturally introverted.  Hence we may become quite reserved in the areas of life governed by the water signs.  While the introversion helps us to tune into our deeper values and feelings, you may become withdrawn from others around you unless you learn to share what you found within.

Especially (but not limited to) in 1st, 5th and 9th house (the houses naturally associated with the fire signs), it’s important that you come out of your shell and have the courage to share and express your emotions.  In the 1st house this pertains to your everyday interaction with others.  In the 5th house this may have to do with how you interact in a love relationship, or with your children.  In the 9th house this may be about sharing your beliefs and worldview with others.

Conclusion: Water Energy in Your Horoscope

Water element represents our capacity to feel our internal experiences.  Strengthening the water energy within us not only makes us more human, but also helps us to be more receptive to our intuition.  Ultimately it evolves into our capacity for compassion and love for all life.

Think of how water element is distributed and emphasized in your natal chart – please feel free to share your thoughts and experience through emails or comments.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Thank you for your post. Your explanations make senses about water and it was interesting for me to read especially what you had to say about 1st, 5th house in water.
    Also I personally work to go deeper inside and release more and it was a good reminder to read your perspective about water signs and how they’re related to our inner energy, emotions and intuitions and that’s only by going deep inside that we can be in touch with our true power. Thank you!

  2. mary beth says

    in my personal journey, i have recently had to study my fifth house (ruled by pisces, holding saturn and chiron & squared by moon in sag) in depth. one of the obvious conclusions was that i needed to learn how to build and maintain creativity by saturn’s standards in a water element. i began to think about structures that function quite well in the water: bridges, seaports, marinas. i am using these as metaphors for launching fresh ideas about who i am and thus, hopefully, find myself manifesting work and play that stays true to my moon. thats the general idea, anyway! if you see any flaws or have a comment, do let me know.

    it seems the universe brings you just the encouragements you need, when you need them. i simply clicked here aimlessly while thinking about the above. :)

  3. You know, before I started reading astrology I didn’t like to feel very much. I just used to stay strong and kill emotions by its roots.
    Later on… Studying… I found out my houses 1st/5th/9th are ruled by Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio. But, no planets going inside them, but an 8th scorpio pluto. And, furthermore I started paying attention to my feelings, and it felt so good. I felt so good with myself.
    Their rulers are the three planets that most have aspects in my chart, like, 4 each one. It was like, before doing this, I was blocking them all – thus, blocking myself!

    Loved it.

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