Vocational Astrology: Moon and Work Satisfaction

Vocational Astrology - Steve Jobs

Moon in Vocational Astrology

In vocational astrology, natal Moon’s placement in your horoscope has much to do with what you need for work satisfaction (for a basic introduction on Moon signs related to your career, read Moon’s emotional need in the workplace.)

Although you’ll always want to look at the entire horoscope for a full understanding of your vocational potential, you can nevertheless learn a lot from studying your natal Moon position.

Case Study: Steve Jobs’ Peregrine Moon in Aries

Vocational Astrology - Steve JobsIn Steve Jobs’ natal chart the Moon in Aries is peregrine, in 7th house, and quintile the Midheaven. Let’s break this down to understand what each point suggests:

1) Moon is in Aries: The driving need here is simply to be Numero Uno in his field.  Within one’s career, this Moon’s need tends to be satisfied through exercising leadership and independent decision making.

2) Moon is Peregrine (forms no major aspect): This pattern suggests extreme independence from others’ opinions (“Marching to one’s own drummer” – Noel Tyl) and a wild intensification of the Arian need to be Number One.

We can see how this would strongly suggest being an entrepreneur.  Even within a corporate world, whoever that has a similarly placed Moon will need to be given free rein in his/her area of responsibility.

3) Moon is in the 7th house: In terms of vocational astrology, 7th house represents the public and/or business partnership. Steve Jobs expressed both potentials of his Moon: His famous business partnership with Steve Wozniak, as well as his charismatic public persona that was key to Apple’s success.

4) Moon is quintile Midheaven: Quintile, “the aspect of creativity,” connects his public, “I’m Number One” Moon to his vocation.  This is a powerful pattern that suggests creative public expression in his career.

Here we’re reminded not only of Jobs’ dramatic stage presentation, but also of how his sense of aesthetics guided the evolution of Apple’s brand image as the “creative people’s computer of choice.”

Moon and Your Vocation

The purpose of the above case study is not to talk about the mythical Steve Jobs, but to illustrate how the Moon’s placement in your horoscope reflect what you need in order to be fulfilled in your career.

You might have a similarly placed Moon in your natal chart (peregrine, Aries, 7th house, etc.)  By understanding the essence of your Moon’s needs (in this case: To be Number One, with a great deal of freedom in decision making, working with the public, and/or a business partner, etc), you might be able to assess how close you’re to a genuinely satisfying career.

How is your Moon placed in your natal chart?  What is your career, and does the work you do reflect some of the potentials suggested by your natal Moon?  Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences through email or in the comment section below.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Tracy Willans says

    I have my Moon in the 10th House in Sagittarius, opposing Mars in Gemini in the 4th house, squaring Pluto, 7th house Virgo, squaring Jupiter in Pisces 1st house and trine Saturn in Aquarius in the twelfth house. Any thoughts?

  2. Moon in Libra in the 5th house ,though the cusp of the 5th is in Virgo . Moon. Is in trine to. MC in Aquarius . Moon is in trine to Venus iTaurus in the 12th and , squared to Neptune in the 8th in Capricorn . Is in Inconjuction to SUN in Taurus in the 12th . Opposition to Mercury inAries in the. 11th . Pretty much . I am at home iin the moment , struggling too get my Driving licence and I don’t think it will be easy at all to get a job outside m I work with mmy Husband . I started Drama group about a couple months ago ..I think I am a quite late bloomer . I have a 7th house Saturn . So that’s all . I can not find my way .

    • Moon is an important piece of vocational fulfillment, but actual vocational analysis takes in the whole chart, and requires lots of experience to discern correctly. Please feel free to schedule a consultation if you’d like me to take a closer look at your horoscope.

  3. Hello! Really enjoying reading through the archives on your website. Im fascinated by this article on Moon in Vocational Astrology, as I have alot of confusion and dissatisfaction in this area of life. I work in the Mental Health field as a Support Worker. And while is some sense I feel “called to serve” somehow ; I am far from satisfied or content, and in all truth, feel deeply unsuited to, and unrewarded by the work. I have Moon in Pisces in 12th. My Moon is heavily afflicted with sq to MC, sq mercury, opp uranus, opp pluto, conj asc and a trine to neptune. Most interpretations Ive read say this is a “serve or suffer” position ; or that I am destined to work in or with “12th House types”. Any insights?

    • I answered your other comment elsewhere, but often this kind of situation can be improved with a little career development, i.e. taking on additional skills or responsibility that utilizes your capability better.

  4. Hi there Mr. Niizato! Thank you for this post.

    My peregrine Moon is in Aries; but in the 8th and in semi-square aspect to both the Sun and the MC. I’m working as an admin while I write on the side. Writing does reflect my Moon’s potential, though my admin job doesn’t at all. I find small tasks that allow me to improve the office’s workflow, but my supervisors (yes, more than one! Gemini MC) go quickly from thankful to careless / inconsiderate. The writing is always satisfying, even in small doses like posting a comment :P

    That semi-square with the Sun and MC is tricky to suss out. I like to visualize it as a balsamic Moon invisible in the high-noon sky. This is reflected in my life since I’ve also pushed my Moon’s needs to the background. It’s only recently that I’ve begun to decipher its meaning (mostly with the help of generous astrologers and their excellent blogs <3). So I've taken on writing as a sustaining practice, kinda like the saying, "cut wood, carry water." I give time for rest and preparation, because (in my experience) the Arian expression of a waning Moon is spirit energy more than physical energy.

    I'm wondering now what kind of entrepreneurs emerge from peregrine Moon in different houses. I'll meditate on that for a bit.

    • 8th house brings some complexity, maybe a need for a bit of introspection before going back out, which is a bit counterintuitive for the Aries Moon. Writing seems to be working for you as a vehicle to make this process flow.

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