Virgo – Pisces Axis: Complementary Perceptions

Virgo PiscesVirgo Pisces Axis: Workings of Your Mind

Mutable signs represent the workings of your mind.  If Gemini-Sagittarius axis defines contrasting approaches to learning and information sharing, Virgo-Pisces axis outlines complementary perceptions with which to experience life.


Virgo and Pisces: 2 Types of Intellect

Like the other mutable pair, Virgo and Pisces represent certain types of knowing and intellect:

  • Virgo’s knowing is grounded in details you can see and measure, whereas Pisces’ knowing is based on feelings and intuition.
  • Virgo uses facts and linear thinking (e.g. logic) to solve problems, while Pisces relies on parallel processing (e.g. visualization) and leaps of intuition.
  • Virgo excels in a field where correct answer is already available, while Pisces tends to do better in a field with no clear-cut definitions of right or wrong.
  • In terms of problem solving, Virgo is interested in improving the current situation – no improvement is too small.  Pisces is more interested in a universal solution that resolves big problems.
  • Left alone, Virgo’s focus tends to become too narrow and rigid, whereas Pisces’ focus tends to become too broad and impractical.


Virgo and Pisces in Your Horoscope

Like all opposing signs, Virgo and Pisces represent complementary energies that, through their contrast, challenge you to develop your potential.  Developing both Virgo & Pisces modes of perception will make you more creative and discerning.

Physics, engineering, business, psychology – regardless of the field they’re in, the geniuses that advance their field to a whole new level usually express both of these traits: Mastery of technical details (Virgo) and the ability to envision outside-the-box solutions to big problems (Pisces).

If your horoscope is strong in either of these signs, you can capitalize on its strength while trying out the complementary mode of thinking & perception represented by the opposing sign.

Do you have either Virgo or Pisces dominant in your horoscope?  If so, how does it color your thinking in your work and relationships?  Have you noticed that incorporating the opposing sign’s approach might be beneficial at times?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experience through emails or comments.


PS: Even if you don’t have any planet in Virgo or Pisces, for the purpose of our discussion, Neptune emphasis can substitute for Pisces and Mercury (even Gemini) can substitute for Virgo.  Be flexible, and have fun experimenting!


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  1. I am a Virgo Ascendant, Gemini midheaven with Mercury and Moon conjunct in the 7th house in Pisces. I also have Uranus in the 4th house adding spice to this combination. I am defenitely into a healthy lifestyle which would represent the Virgo rising. As for my worklife I do go back and forth between what is sensible and creative. I do have visions of what is possible, I first dream it, then imagine it and then do it step by step, even if it takes ages to accomplish. I also have a stellium in Aries which probably helps in the doing part. However, there is a fine line between imagening and dreaming. Reality and illusion. Procrastination and sensibleness. It’s the acting that makes the difference, yet there is still a lot of value in the imagination, because it is exactly there where reality is born and given life.

  2. Both Pisces (Jupiter in Pisces in House 3, Neptune in 12 conjunct Sagitarius ascendant) and Virgo (Mercury, Mars in house 9) are strong in my birth chart. My Mars opposes Jupiter and I can feel the polarity all the time. I cherish a good scientific book as much as I cherish a painting or a poem. I try to express everything with words and be as precise as possible, but on the other hand I feel that language is not enough (or too much). I love books and science and I am a very critical and pragmatic person. Yet, in the end, everything blends together and I find creative as well as unorthodox solutions. I start by dividing the world in to shades of white, grey and black. Having categorized and analyzed everything, I find a way to blend it all together and paint the whole picture. As my ascendant is Sagitarius and my descendent Gemini, the 4 mutable signs are so strong in my chart and the different ways to look at problems and the world form part of my everyday life (and dilemma).

  3. Hi Hiroki. I have a stellium in 12th house with Pluto in Virgo, Mercury Conj Uranus in Libra, Jupiter Libra conj ASC. They are all opposed to the moon-chiron conjunction in Aries, but Pisces rules the sixth house. Neptune in Scorpio sextiles Pluto
    I move between two trades: I am an Anatomical Pathologist and also a Past Life Regression Therapist, I use what little I know about astrology in my consultations.
    It has been difficult for me to understand these two facets, but more than me, other people who do not understand how I can see under the microscope and at the same time connect and clean childhood traumas, previous lives, intrauterine life of my patients.

  4. Hi Hiroki, i’m a Virgo Ascendant with Mars conjunt Pluto on the ASC (late degrees). No planets in Pisces but Neptun in the 3rd House. I am an architect and i am used to navigate Neptun realm at the beginning of my work and after i loose my self in working out all details which are needed to let things get real. My Nodes Axis ist South node 12th house (Leo late Degrees) – North node 6th. I’m still exploring how far i can go into the exploration of neptun realm, but i feel i always need to stay practical…to bring back something usefull from my meditations ;-) Thank you

  5. Hello, I have mars, saturn and jupiter in the 6th house in virgo, and mercury in pisces in the 12th, so I am 38 yrs old and still I struggle to find balance because I am too hard on myself for not being a “winner” but then I find myself surprised by my inspiration or intuition, so yes I need to study deeper and not listen to my negative thoughts and imagine cool things :) thank you!

  6. Makes me remember both of my parents: Virgo-father, Pisces-mother. They are both very complimentary in destroying me many times over. I wish I could educate them, but their ego are just bigger than universe. For the sake of discussion, I’m balanced in both but at the moment leaning towards vision. Thanks! Now, I need to work more if you don’t mind.

  7. I’m Virgo, my friend is Pieces. We are the best team when we work together. It took us some time to start understanding each other properly but once the understanding was there our different skills and outlooks work perfectly together. What one doesn’t like to do the other one enjoys, and vice versa. We have done several projects together by now, there is always a sense of magic present and results feel effortless (opposite skill sets combined, the power of 2 :) ).

  8. Wow!!! I feel like all of your articles speak to my natal chart.

    I am a Pisces sun and Mercury with Saturn in Virgo. I’m also a Cap rising so I like to show my *earthiness*. I can be incredibly detailed oriented and am very good with technical documentation and figuring things out from beginning to end. I’m a systems librian. However, office environments bore me after a while and I start day dreaming or doing like 3 or 4 jobs simultaneously….Gemini in my 6th. I’d say this is a good balance although I feel like Saturn in Virgo in the 9th suppresses me as far as writing and communication. I’m still learning to balance the two energies. I’m ruled heavily by Saturn.

    Also, like Nav posted, I can visualize the end result of a project or task especially big/intense projects that require a lot of effort… I work backwards to get it done. Honestly, nothing really seems too big or absurd to master or overcome or achieve. I have a lot of seemingly lofty ideas.

  9. I have Virgo/Pisces on the angles with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo on the MC opposite Pisces Venus and Chiron in the 4th. I’ve done a lot of analysing relating to my home life and self esteem issues and as Venus rules my 6th and 7th house, how it all affected my relationships. I struggled to balance my head with my heart. For many years I had reams of paper everywhere in deep thought and I journalled a lot. I didn’t enjoy digging deep but it was necessary. However my Venus and Chiron trine an 8th house Moon in Cancer and 12th house Neptune so my intuitive insights, dreams and visions have been my greatest gifts as guides. The rational mind, the left brain, can be too limited in perception; it keeps us safe but can also keep us in our comfort zones. I agree that it is all about balance. We need to cultivate the right brain which is intuitive, powerful and to trust in our inspirations and follow our dreams.

  10. Cameronnn says

    I have a virgo sun, pisces moon, and more and more the struggles I face become obvious. I go to work, have a very practical job, where answers are definitive, and learning the process leads to success. I can use my intuition in construction, but my emotional exploration is left un attended too. When I get home I get sucked out of reality and into the depths of my mind. Forgetting about reality and losing myself in fantasizing. When I write it makes me connect my fantasies, tbh ive never put my life into perspective until I just wrote it down in this forum. I feel very easily inspired by my dreams, but quickly ripped back down to earth, dreaming of where im going, and experiencing where im at, where ive been, all at once. Everyone does this though, it just putting it into your own perspective. I think having these opposing sun/moon signs is forcing me to synchronise intense logic with intense emotion, hard work with inconceivable dreams, intense criticism with intense compassion. I don’t know if anyone resonates with this but its just how I feel. You can see negativity in any situation and you’ll see the negative result. Im trying to understand the negativity in a situation and turn it positive. Don’t be blind to the darkness, know you are the light.

    • I fully resonate with ya! I have a pisces sun and virgo moon so it’s a funny dynamic to almost “think” with my heart but “feel” with my head. And ohhh do these placements conflict me ahahaha. I do however differ with you in the seeing of negativity as natural instinct. Instead my over the top optimism needs to be taken down a notch to match reality. But anyways, the article’s mention of blending the big idea creativity from pisces and technical skill from virgo is something i really look forward to when developing certain crafts/career.

  11. I have this polarity heavily emphasized in my chart, but also upside down;

    Moon conjunct MC in Virgo [2 degree orb] > exactly square 12th house Neptune

    12th house Neptune is square 3rd house Mercury in Pisces

    3rd house Pisces Mercury is opposite Virgo Moon/Midheaven [So a T-square]

    I also have Venus in Pisces 3rd house & Sun in Pisces 4th house

    Mercury [chart depositor along with Neptune] is closely trine Uranus /North Node in 11th house

    I can confirm that i have heavily relied on my intuition & ability to visualize, to create built environments / businesses – I can basically visualize a finished structure then i work backwards to analyze the detail & the steps needed to build it
    I flip between the two modes continuously – not always in balance……………….. but along with the Virgo / Pisces polarity i have the Mercury / Neptune / Moon and 3rd / 12th / 10th house T-square going on [So an almost triple emphasis?]

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