Venus Uranus Aspects: Intensified Magnetism

venus conjunct square opposite uranus


Venus is the part of you that bonds with others through attraction and trust.  Uranus intensifies what it touches, and gives it your unique personality.

If Venus and Uranus form an aspect (especially conjunction, square or opposition) in your horoscope, your social and relationship needs become intensified in a unique way.

Here are some of the possible ways a Venus Uranus aspect can express its energy in your life:


Since Uranus supercharges Venus’ social needs, you may feel an intense need to connect with others.  As Uranus is the desire for experimentation, you may also feel hungry for excitement and novelty within your relationships.

This suggests that you may be eager to form new, interesting relationships, and might feel stagnant if there isn’t enough action taking place within your social spheres.


The kind of restless search for human connection mentioned above usually results in plenty of practice at breaking the ice with strangers and forming various relationships (this isn’t limited to romantic relationships, but includes all human connections.)

The intensity with which you seek to connect with others might help you acquire strong social skills and an ability to form emotional bonds easily (provided your environment allows for such development).  These will ultimately draw others’ love and support to you, and might even make you popular.

Here are some well known Venus Uranus individuals:

  • Angelina Jolie (Venus square Uranus)
  • Pope Francis (Venus square Uranus)
  • Michael Jackson (Venus conjunct Uranus)
  • Steve Jobs (Venus opposite Uranus)
  • Prince William (Venus opposite Uranus)

Each of them have been highly popular and magnetic in their own unique way.


In addition to your social functions, Venus also represents your aesthetic needs.  Thus the energy of a Venus Uranus aspect may be expressed through strongly developed tastes in what you wear and prefer.

If the rest of your horoscope tends toward introversion, you might forgo social activities in favor of developing your “arts.”  Arts in this context can include skills with words as much as traditional fine arts (actors and actresses need both their magnetism and acting skills.)

Venus also represents your values.  Venus Uranus individuals may develop unique social values that may attract peculiar friendships.  In this way, their friends reflect who they’re becoming.

Going Forward: From Infatuation to Genuine Relationships

Venus Uranus aspects suggest that you need to form emotional bonds with others in order to discover your true individuality.  During the journey of self-discovery, however, you may find yourself constantly restless to experience new, more exciting relationships.

The intense need for love as well as excitement might mean that boredom can set in quickly.  A static pattern of going from infatuation to boredom in your relationships could develop, if your values aren’t clear.

The key might be in developing your relationship with others to a deeper level of trust (another Venus expression), so that you have more than a series of interesting but ultimately shallow encounters.

Your values will become clearer with each relationship you form and dissolve.  After a while, you’ll start attracting friends and partners that will support who you are becoming.


Do you have a natal Venus Uranus aspect?  How does it express its energy in your life and relationships?  Please feel free to share your experience and insights in the comment section.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. marina de matteis says

    I just discovered your website. Its very insightful and comprehensive, I hope it is still active.
    I have Uranus Venus conjunct both at 29 degrees cancer in the forth house. I had a very alternative love life in my youth! Now that I am older I can’t stop moving furniture around the house hahaha!

  2. I have Venus in Aquarius on my ascendant directly opposite Uranus to both planet and Asc..I have found it incredibly difficult to keep love relationships going for longer than six months because the partner seems to turn off and finds a third party. I’m aware I have Pluto in the seventh so try not to be possessive or smothering but am always interested in involving my partner in interesting things. As I reach my sixties, my huge desire for independence can no longer be bothered with the illusion of partnership we’ve been sold and expect and, to be honest, I’ve always found my love through soul friendships.. This can be quite deep but the anxiety in them is apparent when we get too close as partners. The ones I want as a partner are indifferent, the ones I’m indifferent to (but still love) want more. The dilemma of the opposition.

    • Hi Raymond, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus opposite Uranus. This theme is emphasized even more due to the planets being on the Ascendant-Descendant axis in your horoscope. The love of independence and soul friendships that honor it reflect the need of this aspect.

  3. Dale howeLl says

    Hello Hiroki, thank you for representing this aspect beyond the common misconceived “has lots of partners.” I have Venus in Taurus in the 10th opposite Uranus in Scorpio in the 4th. My childhood was painful and unstable; I look to my partner to bring me safety. Once I am safe I don’t have to be conventional! I am a 43 year old woman and spent 20 years with one man. Thank you.

    • Hi Dale, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus opposite Uranus. This is a good example of the security needs of the Venus in Taurus working with the Uranian need for excitement.

  4. Interesting. I have Venus Sesquiquadrates Uranus… could this explain “coup de foudre” style events in friendships and love relationships?
    This happens to me regularly.
    But I am now since 17 years engage to same person – and no side affairs… If I understand your article this is a limitation to experience and find my higher self :-)
    Or does it indicate a challenge to overcome? I would really like to get your opinion on this dear Hiroki,

    • Hi Estelle, Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus has the same flavor of needs and potentials discussed in this article. Note that the aspect itself does no suggest affairs or multiple relationships. It suggests the need to introduce excitements and newness in your relationships. For a serious discussion please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  5. All descriptions of Venus conjunct Uranus speak to me, very much like this description.

    Venus conjunct Uranus in the 4th house (in Capricorn). I have moved around excessively, the thought of any type of stability produces anxiety within me. Only the unconventional and eccentric works for me, I crave it. My freedom (and the other person’s) is of the upmost importance, I would describe it as an obsession. I am young, but I know that marriage and a conventional home life are not for me. My interests are all over the place, everything interests me until it doesn’t.

    I go through many infatuations which normally end as quickly as they began. I can’t understand how I can feel so infatuated with someone, then when it stops it’s as if it never happened. One day my feelings are there, the next [poof] they are gone.

  6. I have Venus in Gemini 90 Saturn, but Saturn is in Pisces, where Venus is exaltet. Ascedent is in Taurus, and 11th house in Aquarius.

    Saturn is in sextile with Uranus in Capricorn, so I started searhing for meaning of aspect between Venus and Uranus. As I see i have single recepcion.

    Now I understand from where my behavior comes from, and my open mindnes of relationships…

    Consider that I have Ve90Sa, at first I need to close myself, but as the time goes by that Saturn open me, And I feel free, adventiorus, full of life.

    I want to meet on nonconventional basis. I do not want to tie up. When I get that vibe!

  7. yanamarsxii says

    Hi Hiroki,
    Trust is the ointment for my Uranus shocks, indeed. Venus I Taurus square Uranus V Leo (3 orb). Fight between sweet dependable tradition and reckless flamboyant eccentricity. Always tend to take Venus side myself. My men just intractable, usually into technology, aloof, rebels, radical free spirits, a bit mad, compulsive hoarders, Asperger men, hystrionic, artists with a passion. Never normal. My Taurus alliegance shocked, being loyal, nurturing, trying to hold scattered bits together, trying to form a cozy relationship. Always shocks, electrical energy roaming the relationship, blackouts and spikes, fuses tripping and restarts. My Taurus nature exhausted. But I won’t settle for anything else than my brilliant & intensely shocking men, sometimes two at a time. At 58 just begun to thrive into feeling ‘I trust’ my (new) man. This trust feeling is becoming more intensely erotic (binding) than any experiment before. Never knew! Always took trust for granted, it was the foundation, just focussed somewhere else. But now I am watching trust between my man and I grow … O’ it’s like a lush biological Taurus flower with the colours of buzzy electricity enhancing it.
    Totally healing as you say. I focus on trust and it integrates Venus / Uranus needs. Taurus Venus loves deep relations with steady exchanges. Growing trust does this job. Leonine Uranus needs stimulus and risk. Trust-building is a bet, is a gamble, one affords trust here but not there, needs wise management. Stimulating to afford trust blindfolded. Each granting of trust is a jump across a chasm, vertigo, one can fall. And then the other one responds trustworthily: a beautiful bridge of relief, camaraderie, gratefulness, complicity and wellbeing ensues. Then, after responding as a trusted ally, he disappears for a good while, allowing me space and time to be free and yet bound to him by numerous & beautiful bridges of honoured trust we’ve built along five years of intense Eros-friendship. For now, sex is out of the equation. We’re too busy trust-building. And it’s fine that way. Thanks! Totally on spot for me!

  8. Yonela Nkosi says

    Hello – I have Venus parallel Uranus – but they are 7° apart in sextile aspect in my birth chart, but that doesn’t count. How would you interpret a parallel aspect? Thank you

  9. Wow. I’m a 41 year old woman and am just now learning about my Venus-Uranus conjunction in Scorpio! It explains so much about me that I never understood. All of my relationships start out very passionately and end within a year or so. I always start to feel depressed and almost feel desperate to be by myself again. There’s no grey area once I need out of the relationship. I bolt & it’s over and I don’t look back, the feelings dry up overnight which, sadly, has caused a lot of pain & confusion for my partners. I do grieve the loss but my freedom feels so good again that it overshadows any sadness. I wish I knew about my natal aspects 20 years ago!
    Also, I like to change jobs every two years on average, I’ve moved 23 times in 18 years mostly because I love change and I crave new environments, experiences and stimulation. I’m not flaky though. I’ve always been a money saver and responsible with my resources. I’ve been an ultra-devoted dog mom for 12 years. I’m an artist and usually dress somewhat unique, emphasis on being beautiful has always been a priority. The last real boyfriend I had was over 12 years ago because after that relationship ended, I swore I would never sever my connection to my freedom again.

    • Hi Gigi, thank you for sharing your experience with your Venus Uranus conjunction. The love of freedom is well reflected in what you say..

      • GIgi NadAl says

        Thank-you Hiroki-

        I really appreciated when you discussed moving from “infatuation to genuine relationships”. I always believed I wasn’t capable of sustaining anything long term with a partner, but now I understand how to communicate my needs in a relationship because I understand clearly what they are. I think those with Venus/Uranus in hard aspects can achieve a sustained relationship later in life.

    • Hi Gigi, Wow! Are we twins? I also have Venus conjunct Uranus in Scorpio as well and I am also 41 years old. I too am just now understanding astrology and for awhile I pegged alot of my issues to Venus in Scorpio but am now realizing Venus conjunct Uranus to be a big player as well. I am am ale and also have my Mars in Capricorn in the 12th and am a Rising Cap and Saturn my ruler is in the 8th. So one thing I have noticed (I have only been single for almost 3 years, I was in a 10+ year marriage) is that when single I am so lonely and crave “finding” someone and usually get head over heals for people but then once in the relationship I miss being single. It is a constant battle.

  10. Hi!
    I have Venus in the 9th house in Aries conjunct the MC, square Uranus in the 12th house in Cancer. I seem to be continuously searching for relationships and communications with people, actually more like ‘communing’, and being disappointed at the superficiality of what generally happens. As a result, I seem to have adopted a group of ‘immortals’ as friends…..communing every day with I Ching, with Lao Tse and with Chuang Tzu, and the ancient people who over the ages have developed Astrology. My ‘imaginary friends’!

  11. Does Venus contra-parallel Uranus count?

    • Hi Moira, parallel aspects might count. My feeling is that if planets are in regular aspect and connect with parallel aspect, it might suggest an even stronger connection.

      • I’m a Venus conjunct Uranus who avoids ‘social life’ instead involving myself with writing, painting and gardening all with an unusual approach. Alone but not lonely. Borderline Aspergers which I attribute to this aspect. Have two meaningful long distance pen pals. All up close relationships have been erratic, ending suddenly. Strong need for total freedom and a connection to the Divine. The groups I join are spiritual ones involving healing. Feel as though I can’t breathe and losing myself if too involved with people though I do like to help others. Better at loving All of Mankind from afar.

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH🙏🙏🙏💗💗💗😀

  13. Curiouser and curiouser says

    Venus 10th sextile Uranus 12th (3.03-degree orb)

    I crave meeting people in a work, learning (convention, listening to a speaker, class), or performance setting. I don’t want to see the same people every day. I don’t want to be texted constantly by the same people. I don’t want to be called constantly. I don’t want to be emailed constantly. I don’t want too much communication from the same person. I don’t want to be tied to a desk. I prefer spontaneous fun and meetings and meetups with friends and strangers. I prefer entertainment to revolve around ideas and thoughts.

  14. My progressed Uranus last August was waiting for my progressed Venus to exactly conjunct at 5.28 Leo. The nodes were 5.50 Leo. As Venus jumped over Uranus by 1 minute 5.29 Leo. My father died suddenly at 85. Mind you he spent the last 25 years having us all running after him. And, pluto opposing his pluto and my Sun. Only last week I looked up my dear sisters chart to see her Mars at 5.28 Leo natally and I’m afraid I told her was I’d been trying not to say for her entire life and mayhem ensued. Thank goodness for that! Free from them at last.

  15. Well now I know why I’ve never settled . I have Venus square Uranus! 🙁

  16. I am 30yr old woman with Venus in 4th house trine uranus in 8th house, since young i blend with guys naturally and quickly. My relationships started and ended like electric spark , all less than a year. I hope to improve to longer term in future.

    • Hi ShelDon, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus trine Uranus! With this placement, being alive in the moment might feel more important than the idea of lengthening a relationship. You might create longer term relationships through developing other energies in your horoscope (Saturn for example).

      • My Saturn is also in 8th house, i always confused whether Venus or 8th house are the direction to find my lover…i am a plutonian person. I like Leo (where my Venus is at) guys at the same time often meet scorpion people. However i am borne with airy personality, working hard on all relationships

  17. I have this aspect too.

    My Venus in early Gemini opposite my Uranus in Scorpio residing in my 2nd house Taurus. I express this aspect more in my career as a Designer (graphic, architectural, landscape and furniture) of course with the help of both my 2nd house and Taurus.

    In terms of what you mentioned, I would also probably fit under the “strong magnetism” despite being all out introverted though I’m not sure if it has to do with Venus-Uranus or my Sun-Pluto and Pluto-Ascendant (though I’m more Saturnian because I have a very tight Saturn parallel/conjunction to both my Sun and Ascendant).

    As for my relationship needs, I’m far from being the unconventional. In fact I’m very conservative when it comes to relationships. I want to be courted first. I dunno if its something to do with my 7th house Pluto or if my Venus in its early sign stages is still heavily influenced by its preceding sign because I can definitely relate more to Taurus than to Gemini (mine is at 2 deg). I need a lot of physical presence (as opposed to the airy Gemini and Uranus need for more freedom, space, variety, mental stimulation), body contact and I definitely hate casual relationships and am struggling to hold on to long distance relationships.

  18. Hi Hiroki
    I have Venus (12h) conjunct ASC, Mercury and Uranus (1h) in Scorpio
    And it’s really true!
    I need non-conventional relationships
    I usually get boring so fast if isn’t it

    I have friends that they are not at the same
    I love genuine and eccentric people
    In love relationships, I’m hot-cold, I need space and I love to be a lone wolf, but at the same time, I need a strong bond
    I’m jelous, possessive and controlling
    But I don’t want it in my partner
    Hahaha well… sometimes it’s ok!
    I love feel many kinds of love, it is so interesting, because I want to live all types of Love
    All types of ways of Love

    My Venus in 12 is so connected with everything and everyone
    She has no limits about my Scorpianic Love
    But my ASC, Mercury and Uranus get me a lot of clarity
    I love my chart!

    Thank you!
    I love your blog!


  19. Howdy there Hiroki, somewhat reassuring to read, your perspicacity of how this aspect plays out seems to be spot on the money in my lifes themes.
    8th house Uranus conjunct Venus in Scorpio. All three points resonate though the 3rd playing more of a staring role. Both conjunct my Vertex, Uranus is inconjunct Virgo northnode in the 6th, with Yod, finger of fate as such, Apex in The( U guessed It) 1st house Aries part of fortune, whether you would classify hypothetical points as a relevant aspect and if so how this may add to your interpretation I would love your opinion on??. My input would be though obviously bias, Every relationship from the barest, most fleeting of encounters to the life long family & cherished friendship connections, ALL seem to carry huge karmic energies & without exaggerating, EVERY SINGLE ONE requires huge levels of adjustment, integration, set off by totally explosive triggers that disrupt into a level of desolation & despair with no other option but to retract, reassess, reintegrate and rebuild. Guessing that 12th house Piscerian south node has its only story to tell, it pains me to think of what I did previously & try to take comfort that my future is still mutable!!

    • Hi Deahne, thank you for sharing your experience with Uranus conjunct Venus in 8th house. The 8th house placement further emphasizes the strong need for emotional bonding. Emotional healing journey is almost implied with an 8th house emphasis, especially if Pluto is strong elsewhere. Relationships play a key part in that journey…

  20. Katherine Hanlon says

    How Venus in Capricorn opposite Uranus in Cancer manifests in my life:

    When my daughter was about 15
    she referred to the song by Foreigner: “I Want To Know What Love Is”
    when she characterized me with: “that’s my mother.”

    I look back 30 years later and can say: “Yes, she saw me.”
    The sentiment in that song has colored my relationships throughout my life
    And has brought to where I am today. All my peregrinations have led me to
    what is rarely met with, even in a million years. No regrets.

  21. Hello

    I have Venus conjunct Uranus and Pluto (all in Virgo as Virgo rising) in the 12th house. Mercury also in 12th house (in Leo).

    I find I am always attracted to ‘odd’ people often outsiders in some ways…both in intimate relationships but also close friendships.

    I am quite shy despite being a Leo. I do get bored with people once I have got close to them. Not so I’ll discard them but more that I need ‘time’ in between of they seek frequent meeting up. I find it hard to be with someone intimately if they want to spend all spare time together too. I thought that might be more to do with my Sagittarius Moon?

    Your articles really resonate, one of the most accurate astrologists I follow. Thank you so much,

  22. Interesting perspective on Venus/Uranus combo energy manifestations. Thank you for sharing :-)
    I have venus as the apex of a T-square. Venus conjunt MC square Uranus conjunct AC, Venus square chiron conjunct DC! I also now live on my Venus MC astrocartography line, for 9yrs. It’s been a horrible journey living that T-square to be honest! relationships and friendships have completely dissolved! Values have certainly been re-defined. I’m looking for reciprocal bonds with people, instead of toxic, draining bonds. Since living in this location my contact with absolutely anyone is a ‘trying’ experience. Thankfully astrology helps to realise why this is and to not expect too much in this location re making friends. Isolation is my muse here now – and i’m thankful! Venus isn’t all shiny and loving ;-)

    • Hi BPip, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus square Uranus, with an added relocation insight! Hopefully things will shift for you to where you’ll start meeting people that reflect your new values.

  23. julie nelmes says

    I have venus in Aauriius in the 11th house it is trining my natal uranus which is conjunct my moon inlibra the 7th house. I have an beeen ninspired by the unuasual and ecrentic peoplefor as long as i can first remember. I am drawn to the arts and write poetry I am also a counselor and go into bat for the underdog my social concious is strong. I have been down many a windy road and have flashes of insight that have saved me an many occasion. One third of my body is tattooed with magic symbols fairies dragons pentacles with my families astrology glyphs etc so do look unusaual I starteded counseling as people have always confided in me because I am non judgemental. I can be erratic at times and need to detach from society retreat I have not felt like I fit in but now that I’m in my 40’s im so compfortable with this energy as I have friendships with other like minded souls who embrace being an individualbut who are part of a good collective energy. I have been married for 20 years now my husband and I have not been traditional in the sense that the society deems but he is my best friend and affords me the fredom I crave. I now recognise that I need to conform to a to be part of society that was a struggle when I was young!! the greatest gift I have passed on to my children is to be themselves to be inspired and to cheerish there own unique qualities . I love my venus uranus energy it keps my connected with universe and humble but at times can be irrational so I am learning to stream this into other talents such as writing.I do feel that magnetism and sometime it has been overwhelming again it has been easier to manage as I’ve agedas I have a better understanding of how it attracts others and how others can be totoattly blindsided when my erractic nature shocks .

    • Hi Julie, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus trine Uranus! Your comment about your husband being your best friend is key, especially for a Venus in Aquarius. Good for you!

    • jo Maria says

      Julie’s Venus-Uranus expression is very similar to mine. The only difference may be, I don’t look unusual. I have Venus-Mercury conjuction in 7th house sextiling Uranus in 5th.

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