Venus Pluto Aspect: Transformation through Relationships

Venus Pluto conjunct square opposition


In astrology Pluto symbolizes depth, transformation and empowerment.  Pluto’s location in your natal chart can represent an entrance into the unconscious, where repressed psychic materials (the Jungian shadow) are stored.

Venus represents relationships and aesthetic needs.  Its placement in your horoscope suggests how you need to relate to others in order to be socially effective.

An aspect between Venus and Pluto (especially conjunction, square or opposition) brings these two archetypes together. If you have a natal Venus Pluto aspect, or you’re experiencing a Pluto Venus transit, your relationship may unearth powerful emotions that have been buried inside you for a long, long time.

In what possible ways can Venus Pluto aspect manifest, and what are some constructive ways to utilize it?

Venus Conjunct Square Opposition Pluto – Possible Manifestations


Pluto empowers what it touches to an extreme degree.  In the case of a hard aspect between Pluto and Venus (conjunction, square or opposition), this may boost your emotional expression – as well as emotional needs – exponentially within close relationships.

This could manifest as the need to share profound depth of emotions with your partner – including your love, faith, passion or outrage.  Your partner needs to have sufficient depth in order to be able to appreciate and respond to your intense feelings.

Pluto Venus aspect suggests a capacity to love and connect on a deep level. It also suggests a potential for experiencing great deal of hurt because of loving so deeply.  This interconnection between great love and pain is probably at the heart of the Venus-Pluto experience, and can fuel profound personal transformation.  A poet said this better:

For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. – Khalil Gibran

There are, however, other expressions of Venus Pluto aspect that are not as emotionally oriented.


In a professional arena, Pluto can manifest as power, influence and even prominence.  Dynamic Venus Pluto aspects (conjunction / square / opposition) can suggest a potential to form powerful connections that bolster your social status.  For some, Pluto Venus aspect literally suggests a position of power and influence within their organization.

Here are some examples of well known people with a natal Venus Pluto aspect:

  • Gangster Al Capone had natal Venus opposite Pluto.  Mahatma Gandhi also had Venus Pluto opposition – these are 2 influential people who dealt with control and violence (Pluto) very differently.
  • Hillary Clinton, one of the most powerful politicians today, has Venus square Pluto.  Interestingly, her daughter Chelsea Clinton has Venus opposite Pluto.  Power and influence?  You bet.
  • Cult leader Jim Jones had natal Venus square Pluto – he exerted a powerful influence upon his followers, to the point they willingly ended their own lives.
  • Legendary reporter Mike Wallace had Venus square Pluto – he interviewed many of the most influential figures in the western world, sometimes causing a great deal of upset by confronting corruption or dishonesty head-on.

As the above examples suggest, the combination of Venus and Pluto may indicate relating (Venus) with powerful (Pluto) people, wielding power and control (Pluto) within relationships (Venus), or dealing with the misuse of power (Pluto’s shadow) in relationships and social settings (Venus).

The people listed above dealt with power and influence in a very public way.  In a private domain, a Pluto Venus aspect offers opportunities to attain empowerment within relationships.


Since Pluto rules all of the scary emotions associated with early emotional trauma, intimate relationships for a Venus-Pluto person (or relationships during transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Venus) always carry a threat (and opportunity) of revealing your worst memories of fear, shame and helplessness.

The initial response for a Venus Pluto person might be to avoid feeling uncomfortable emotions by refusing to acknowledge the existence of psychic wounds, perhaps projecting them onto their partner (as in “Why do I always attract partners with so many emotional issues?”).

A wiser, more courageous response is to embrace your painful feelings as they come up, trusting in your ability to choose the right partner to go through these kinds of healing crises with.  When you’re able to share what you’re feeling honestly without blaming yourself or your partner, you’re expressing the positive potential of the Venus-Pluto aspect.


Whether you have a natal or transit Pluto-Venus contact, the Plutonian process of healing and transformation within relationships may awaken intense fears, compulsion or rage.  If you’re indeed experiencing such healing crisis, there are several steps you can take that might make your journey a little easier:

  1. Recognize the existence of psychological trauma in your life.  In a child’s psyche, the standard response to trauma is repression – the mind isn’t equipped to handle the pain, so it puts a lid on the emotion until you’re strong enough to deal with it (i.e. adulthood.)
  2. Recognize that the intense emotion you’re feeling now probably has nothing to do with your present circumstance.  It’s far more likely that your current relationship triggered the buried emotions of fear, anger or abandonment that you’ve felt a long time ago.
  3. Recognize that the emotions are coming up now for a reason: You’re strong enough to feel them now.  If you have the courage to fully embrace the painful emotions and integrate them into your being, you’ll experience profound healing and transformation.

This is the domain of shadow work, of integrating the emotional energies that have been lost to repression.  The end result is that you become more whole, and have more energy since you stopped spending so much of it on pressing down emotions.


Do you have a natal Venus Pluto aspect?  Are you experiencing transit Pluto Venus aspect?  How have you experienced the combination of Pluto (depth, power and transformation) and Venus (relationship)?  Feel free to share your experiences and insights in the comment section.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Hello. I enjoyed this article. Thank you. I have Venus (9th) opposite my Pluto (3rd) and I definitely have attracted many people who struggle with addiction. I was raised by an alcoholic so what you said about repression is so accurate for my current situation. My husband is in active addiction and I realize I can look beyond the hurt he’s inflicted on me and himself because of his own childhood trauma. He was molested as a child (Chiron in the 8th). We are currently separated because drugs have taken over him, but he is soon facing jail time so hopefully he can find his saving grace and rebuild his life. It’s hard because as much as I hate him and have wanted to seriously hurt the druggies that use with him (I’m a double Aries 8th house) I’ve had to walk away several times from what I realize in hindsight were pretty dangerous situations. I am not a drug user, but I do know 8th house placements as well as Pluto / Venus contacts can pull the individual into the underworld. I’ve struggled with drinking / compulsive issues in the past, but when I’m done I’m done. With my Virgo rising I’m more addicted to compulsive behaviors than actual substances. To each their own. My point is I can see this aspect playing out for me. Can I truly forgive and is there love without forgiveness. I definitely am torn with this situation, but I do hope he can find his healing. Either way this relationship has helped me learn how to say HELL NO to addiction, even if I love them. Some people can recover and I really hope he is one of lucky ones some day.

  2. Thanks for this article! I have Pluto in Libra tightly conjunct IC (and Moon 8º away), and Venus conjunct MC in Aries (with Mercury/Mars just 6º away). This opposition also makes an “ambivalence figure” triangle with Neptune in Sagittarius. I think that Pluto on IC relates to childhood wounding from my family — especially my mother (moon?), who also has sun tightly conjunct Pluto. I currently do client healing work professionally that relates to embodiment, emotional process work, and kundalini (higher octaves of Eros).

  3. Great article. Does this also apply for Pluto opposite 7th house, instead of Pluto opposite Venus ?

    • Hi Jim, it would not apply. An aspect is only measured between planets, or between planets and significant points such as Angles. So if you say that Pluto is opposite 7th house, it just means Pluto is in the 1st house – but we don’t consider that an opposition.

  4. I can attest to the intensity of this transit. Natal Venus 24 Cap, Sun 26 Cap in my 11th house. Past 2 years have rocked my relationships. Natal Pluto is already in my 7th trine the sun and venus, so my whole life has been about transforming through relationships. Now that Pluto has made it to conjunction of these two, upheaval has been the theme. Menopause spun me into a crazy, delusional extreme where I almost divorced my husband. We had to take 2 months off from work to re-work our relationship. It’s been scary and intense to say the least. Still on the brink of transforming this 23 year marriage as Pluto will be all over my Sun this year and opposing his sun 27 degrees Cancer this and next year. Wish us luck!

  5. Thanks for the information. I have Pluto (9th) square venus (12th). I also have sun opposite moon (cancer, 7th). I become very attached and unable to let go and I tend to invest alot in the relationship. From time to time I get paranoid and feel insecure, It’s very painful.

    • Hello Ma, Thank you for sharing your experience with Pluto square Venus. Yes, deep attachment and the intense emotions that accompany it can be one expression of this aspect. This is usually old emotional wounds resurfacing from the unconscious, needing to be healed.

  6. Thank you for this information. How does it translate to a non romantic sphere though? I have Venus conj. Pluto in house 10!

  7. Hi and thankyou! I have Venus RX conjunct Pluto 4 h Leo. Is there anything else with this placement with the RX Venus? I’ve looked everywhere asked others to no avail. Thankyou again.

  8. Aquariusstar72 says

    Hi I have venus in Aries H9 opposite Pluto in Libra H3. Good to hear from somoeone with H3/9 axis. With pluto being in H3, i find it difficult to attract someone with my emotional depth AND mental depth as well. (I have Sun in 8th house also). With venus in 9th house i lobe to explore new ideas and all things spiritual. I also hv an interest in mixing spirituality and sexuality to transform in my relationships. Bc neptune Sag H5 and moon Cap DSC and NN Aqua H7 trines/sextile this aspect, and Jupiter squares from H6, (houses 5-7 aspects) i have a lot to work through and it can be overwhelming and confusing. I definitely experience a constant state of rebirth and death for each friendship/intimate relationship i go through.

  9. A close friend is passing through Pluto opposite his natal Venus in cancer in the 12h. He is Leo rising, was changing house with his family in a conventional but estranged marriage during lockdown, when some dark secrets came to surface, involving his crossdressing for many years (wife knew but never accepted) and S/M practices with a powerful mistress. At the same he is challenged with work/ financial problems which are affecting his mood. I wonder if it will end in a divorce. His wife is shocked by the revelations but she had an affair with a friend of him. He forgave her but she is humiliating/ abusing him – it seems that abuse happens often with this transit, which shows complicated power dynamics.

  10. melinda Beach says

    Thank you for your compassionate and thoughtful article. It is helping me today. Leo sun is the exact midpoint of my venus in Cancer and my Pluto/Ceres/Mercury conjunction in Virgo. I see how my mind has served to uncover and seek truth but with the current nodal axis forcing my Cancer need for connection into the light…I have realized all of the childhood needs I dealt with by avoiding intimacy are no longer working. Moon is Saturn is opposite my Venus. Because I am 62 , I know this old dog needs some new tricks! So I’m looking to my Pluto polarity point in Pisces as my new modus operandis: Trust and let go because I can’t figure it all out rationally, when it comes to relationships. Pluto is a firece Dragon who has been guarding my little Venus… but I think he’s a Magical beast if I can let go of fear and need to control. Thankyou, again – from whoever I am becoming as I integrate these two seemingly opposite energies !

  11. This theme dominates my chart. I have pluto in 11 opposite all Venus, Sun, and Mars All Conjunct and all in Aries in 5. Also with a Scorpio rising. Right now I am having these all opposite as all those personal planets are transiting on the other side of my chart and Conjunct pluto – plus pluto square pluto transits. I am having such trouble balancing and finding out how to navigate this so called power. I tend to do a lot of suppression for fear of getting so terribly hurt again, but I’ve also done my fair share of projection. I should also mention my sun venus and mars are also grand trines with both my moon leo9 and Neptune sag2 creating a kite at which pluto is the head of. So much struggle. So little peace, so much Plutonian influence.

  12. Thank you for this article! I have Venus at 29 degrees Libra conjunct Pluto in 3 degrees Scorpio (3rd House w/ Scorpio on 4th Cusp). I struggle with finding the depth I truly desire in my relationships. I transform a lot through my relationships. Each one takes me through a rebirth where I’ve re-emerged more clear about who I am, but then I still have other patterns I’ve often repeated. I’m also an artist and my work is very dark, ancestral, and other-worldly so I see how it plays in my creative expressions as well.

    I’ve been working hard to tame this intensity but with my north node in Aries I also feel I”m supposed to be moving with more openness about my feelings. I’m a Virgo Sun/Leo-Rising/Libra Moon so most times I’m always trying to be diplomatic so I withhold a lot of my passion and intensity.

    I’ve been researching Venus at 29 degrees. It’s like its at the door of Scorpio and she feels Pluto’s hand on the knob to welcome her just as she is about to step in. There’s a part of myself that feels afraid (which makes sense w/ that being Venus’s Fall). But I’m wondering if there is a way to continue elevating this energy in my chart.

    • Hi Courtney, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus conjunct Pluto. Interesting that this aspect reflects your artistic expression, too! 29 degrees of any sign seems to be a transformational point, where you sense the need to assimilate all of your experience and evolve into the next stage.

  13. I have venus conj pluto in 4th on I C in libra both square my moon and cancer asc in first house. I’m neither in a relationship, dating nor do I have any significant friendships in my life at the moment. I’m doing very non Venusian things including being celibate since age 26. My more sexual explorations were in my teens and some points when I was 24. I felt i entered these relationships to feel better about myself as prior to that i was pretty much rigid. I suddenly started doing a lot of things probably to escape strict controlling upbringing, but came out dissatisfied by men and relationships. My 5th house has a stellium too with neptune further causing confusion about my dating life. So dissatisfaction is a great way to put it when it comes to “💘 stuff”. However self healing happens a lot for me because chiron trines the IC and 11th house jupiter trines it too. So in spite of other squares impacting my 4th house i think there’s potential to find healing in whats happened

    • Sounds like you will :)
      Jupiter is a benefic planet good that it trines your venus pluto. In 11th could start off relationship with friend met while traveling, studying, part of a club/group.
      In 4th house, must be your relationships greatly impact your home life/ childhood/mother. Of course also your Career since automatically Opposite MC.
      Emotions in relationship run deep & may be marked with some form of emotional dependency. My interpretation:
      Your beautiful/charming (libra) partners (venus) could be there to teach you (jupiter) how to heal (chiron) from home/childhood experiences/feelings (4th house) in a way that is deeply transformative (pluto) and possibly feel fated (pluto).
      Also check the condition, house & aspects to your moon will say a lot as well.
      Best wishes :)
      – a fellow Venus/Pluto

      • -Hi LUCY
        -Thanks a lot for the response. You interpreted it much better than I could have and clearly a paid astrologer I had smh. I now understand how my relationships have impacted on my growth as a person. I don’t think they have impacted my home life though.

        -I feel like home life patterns and my relationship with my family have impacted how I behave in relationships/friendships. So in general, I haven’t had positive experiences in either love or friendships.

        -It is only this year that I have written down a list of things I want in a partner, and list of things I want in a friend. I’ve had entirely too many friendship groups, and even been in on-on-one friendships where I thought we could bond through working on our issues together,and support each other, but the other friend just didn’t seem to be at the same level, understood their own issues or seemed to want the same things I did.

        -Sometimes they would rely on me a lot, and like you said about emotional dependency in relationships, I would also rely on them a lot till I realized how much I was doing it but they tended to not be as self aware so would keep playing games with me or projecting on me. If I wasn’t always getting “messages” from Spirit or a guide maybe, I would have still been stuck with such people.

        -There have been times I wished I had better people to be with me on the journey but many times I seem to just miss the mark in finding such people.

        -I don’t have any soft aspects with my moon. It’s either in a square or opposition

        – I always struggled with being alone and at one point I struggled with looking lonely,as I’d been told being on your own is a bad thing, even though deep down I’m a lone wolf. Its very contradictory and damaging to a person and the first step was admitting my loner nature and learning to have a better relationship with it.
        It’s true that I do value the deeper connections that venus/pluto brings, but it seems that maybe I looked in the wrong places for them as these connections have been very unfulfilling ?

        Lastly, I have a t-square between jupiter in 11th gem, sun 2nd virgo and saturn 5th sag. Of course there are other planets involved as I have a stellium in 2nd (merc/sun/mars) and 5th (saturn/uranus/neptune.)

        Not sure if this will be posted, however if it is posted, and you could help me understand what this t-square says I would be grateful as I have tried to rack my head round it and even had astrology readings but still haven’t understood how exactly this t-square plays out for me? As an astro nerd, this would go great in my knowledge and research files!

    • I have natal Venus in Taurus (9th) opposite Pluto in Scorpio (3rd). Its always been a huge transformational experience giving and receiving love. Love doesn’t come in frequently, but when it does it’s like a comet passing through changing everything. I noticed the shadow sides of it quite young and watch now for red flags and warning signs as it DOES come with a lot of darker themes of human nature. (I also have sun and mercury opp Pluto as well) it’s knowing yourself, trusting yourself, healing wounds, expanding consciousness and breaking patterns, self sabotage, jealousy, anger, possessiveness. It has had many painful attachments and memories all serving purpose for a whole version of the self. I think it evolves when treated with acknowledgement and grace into something deep and nurturing.

      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with Venus opposite Pluto. Having the opposition through the 3rd-9th house axis suggests that each relationship deeply impacts the development of your thinking and worldview.

  14. Hi there everyone :)

    Scorpio Ascendant here :)
    Virgo Sun. Taurus Moon. :)
    Mars Leo conj. MC. :) Jup. Opp. Sun :(

    Along with the tightest aspect i have
    (mercury conj. venus in Virgo 10th house) square of 0.58°orb with pluto in Sag. 1st/2nd house, I also have a nice 1°orb trine to my Taurus Saturn 6th house. I also have my NN in 10th house tightly 1°orb conjunct my Venus/Mercury.

    I have Mercury, Venus & Pluto as dominants, so I feel the effects very strongly my entire life, especially Venus square Pluto I have always felt very intensely about love, to the point that I even can hate. I am very cautious to whom I give my affections but sometimes my intense emotions can overpower my own logic, especially since I almost always feel fated to be attracted. I always have intense emotions about love, many times I feel I equally hate & love in relationship,
    Especially since Pluto represents subconscious fears, scars, traumas. I do not have a good relationship or image of my father and unfortunately has affected my image of all the males in my life, I can’t help but to measure them all up to whether they are better, the same, or worse than him.
    I always have to fight myself not to be too quick to judge because I know that just wouldn’t be right. But, I also know it wouldn’t be right to put a blindfold on acting like I don’t notice anything wrong and end up sabotaging myself in the end.
    That’s why I am thankful I have nice trine Venus to my Saturn. Gives me a really nice dose of Reality + Mutual Respect and ability to persist through the uncomfortable & painful and still give myself a pat on the back :) especially good for resisting any of my passionately intense desires that sometimes even scare & shock myself. You could say that I have the ability to “Take my broken heart and Turn it into Art” :)

    I never had any real partner prospects in school, I always felt much older than those of my same generation and I feel I express myself much better with those older than me. Although now that I have begun working more than a year ago, I am really beginning to see my Venus in 10th house square Pluto taking shape as I already have to begin using the phrase to overly intimately interested male coworkers “I prefer not to have relationships with coworkers”. Coupling that with my Manager watching me and one of these “overly?” interested coworkers like a hawk… I sometimes get the sense my schedule is also altered for us to be seperate. (I hope I’m the one who is just paranoid. hehehee)
    He is 12 yr. older than me ( Haha Got you, Venus 10th trine Saturn ! )
    I feel bad always having to shoo him off sounding so mean, twice I already felt I broke him completely, I cried horribly, didn’t eat that day, and ended up not sleeping the whole night, I felt like a really horrible person, even though I really know I am not at all.
    I don’t feel I can do so much, but with the least I can do I pray for him.
    It’s like Him vs. my Work. I need my work, no choice. sorry. No harsh feelings.

    I definitely feel my intimate relationships have a karmic undertone.

    Sooooo…. I really wonder.
    If this is just the beginning,
    and – already – like this, I wonder what experiences lie in the future. :)

    Let’s see (and pray for the best) shall we! :) :)

    • Priscilla says

      Hi Lucy,
      Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, & Scorpio Ascendant here as well! I share a lot of the same aspects as you as well (Mercury conj. Venus, Venus square Pluto, Venus trine Saturn) and I really resonated with what you’ve described when it comes to your life experiences.
      In romantic relationships I always feel so passionately, almost to the point of obsession and tend to play mind games when I was younger in order to control the outcome. The older I get, the more I realize that I need to release this control in order to experience love at its fullest.
      I’d be interested to discuss with you other aspects that we share if you’re open to it as it’s always nice to find someone who shares the same thought process as you!

  15. Hi, I have a Venus contra-parallel Pluto with my partner according to love compatibility. It is a very intense connect. He is much younger than I am, but he runs this relationship, though I think so. He can go so deep in my feelings even though he doesn´t know that. I have feeling that he is my soulmate and he is here to purge my feelings that I can enlight my self. Or that is what I want to think. Because intense is so deep that I thought sometimes to quit the whole thing. I would like to know your opinion on that aspect. Thank you.

    • Hi there, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus and Pluto in synastry. I would expect to find some other synastry aspects between the two horoscopes that confirm and echo the contra parallel connection. For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private consultation.

    • We have also my moon conj his pluto and his sun, venus, merc opposite my North node etc. One day I order a consultation when I´ve get money :)

  16. Hi. I have a question . idk if its the venus conjuct pluto or me just having alot of pluto in my chart but i seem to get very intense emotions of anger and jelousy from random strangers “mostly” women i dont even have to say a word just my presense will doit i will get death stares and women randomly curse me for no reason . My close friends have also witnessed this so i know im not crazy sometimes it makes me feel like im going crazy dealing with this …

    • Hi Chita, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus conjunct Pluto. That’s a bit unusual, and we probably need to look at other patterns in the horoscope that may suggest it.

    • @Chita, that “hatred” from women in general, is most likely Pluto opposing your Moon, so please check if you have this aspect. Even more likely, your Moon is in your twelve house…
      However, regardles of house placements, that projection women do upon you is something that involves Pluto and the Moon (harsh aspects).

  17. Hi Hiroki, thank you for the great article. I found it far more insightful and positive than much I’ve read about this aspect. I have Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo and my life has been passionate and fraught with emotional intensity. I am very creative and for me this has been the best way to work with Pluto which can feel overwhelming. However hard the Pluto contact, I feel it enriches and deepens and I would not be without it. I say that as one who has been through the fire.

  18. Having a natal Venus conjunct Pluto for better or worse, is tiring. Especially when both of these planets are in Sagittarius falling in my Scorpio 7th house; it gets tricky learning to understand the people I surround myself with. I have to constantly reestablish my comfort and learn not to give all of my attention to one certain person. This aspect definitely is a learning process that I both enjoy and wish I never had.

  19. “3. Recognize that the emotions are coming up now for a reason: You’re strong enough to feel them now. If you have the courage to fully embrace the painful emotions and integrate them into your being, you’ll experience profound healing and transformation.”

    Hello Hiroki! I was wondering what do you mean with “integrate” and how to do that? I always read that word and how important is to integrate past traumas, but honestly, not many articles explain what they refer when they say integrate and what do they mean with become whole and how to do that. I don’t know if you can illuminate me this situation because I’d really like to know how to “integrate”. Thank you very much.

    Btw, I have
    Venus in Taurus(5th house) opposite Pluto in Scorpio(11th house) and I experienced this aspect with childhood abuse and Ayahuasca trauma when I was 20 years old. I’m 26 years old right now and I’m in a process of healing like never before. Fast & furious, haha.

    “As the above examples suggest, the combination of Venus and Pluto may indicate relating (Venus) with powerful (Pluto) people, wielding power and control (Pluto) within relationships (Venus), or dealing with the misuse of power (Pluto’s shadow) in relationships and social settings (Venus).”

    I recognized I have experienced Pluto by dealing with the misuse of power. I really want to stop that pattern & embrace a more positive and healthy side of Pluto. “Pluto can manifest as power, influence and even prominence” I can’t imagine in what way I am going to manifest that in my life, haha. Power can have many meanings… I really don’t understand what you mean with power and what kind of power is a positive side of Pluto? Thank you very much and god bless you!

    • Hi Jennifer, integration for me means recognizing and accepting a hitherto disowned part of you. When something is not integrated, it gets suppressed within or projected out into the world (other people). This is a deep subject – the book I recommend is called “a little book of human shadow” by Robert Bly.

  20. Hi Hiroki,
    Thank you for your insightful articles. I have natal Venus opposite Pluto with Venus in 11th in Pisces and Pluto Rx in 5th in Virgo. Pluto is conjunct North Node.
    I really like to have a relationship feeling deep love, but I only had relationships in which I only liked the other half and got attached, but I can’t seem to feel love. I only felt love for my parents. When I was little my parents had a lot of rows (making me tense), but they loved each other dearly.
    When a planet by transit makes a square to these natal planets, I have a big chance that there is a dispute or that the relationship will end.
    I presume the conjunction with the North Node makes this an important factor in my life.

  21. My typically 8th house Pluto in Scorpio is currently sitting in my 11th house of Capricorn and is squaring my Venus (normally conj my asc which is either in Aries or Pisces depending on the report) and i HAVE been experiencing this transit all year. It’s been on and off for at least 6 months so far and knowing that it was coming I approached this period w/ lots of self love affirmations and meditation to prepare me so I would handle this transit with grace. While I don’t believe I’ve failed at this outwardly something interesting has happened instead. My husband has become completely unhinged, hurling constant accusations of unfaithfulness and deceit that are so untrue it’d be comical if it wasn’t causing such upheaval and discord at home. Yet the more I seek to exonerate myself the more seemingly impossible events occur to cast doubt on me. Just as an example, he’s been checking my phone’s location services (something he previously wouldn’t have dreamt of doing but is now just part of his severe paranoia like it’s a new normal) and the GPS constantly places me in residential neighborhoods while I’m at work or the grocery. So my reliable and comfortable marriage has become one where I’m criminilized and must dig up work emails or random receipts to prove I’m just doing the normal everyday boring things I do. My question is: in your opinion does this exchange of energies mean I’m ignoring something important? He completed the same transit in 2017 so I know there was some crossover but I’m unsure what the most effective way to inspire growth is. I’m not unfaithful nor do I find passion lacking in my marriage. I’m not sure how fighting false accusations is deepening my love or power and would like to know if this sounds like a constructive way for these energies to play out or what recommendations would make it so.

  22. Thalassa says

    I really don’t like the determinded things, like “if pluto square natal venus transit happens, you can almost be sure that divorce, divorce or partner death is certain”. I am sure is not true! Many people had this transit without these things happen at all! I think this transit is more about inner healing of fears and past experiences. And a real example: there is a couple with the deepest and strongest love and stable marriage, but the wife afraids of childbirth and childbearing, and the wife has pluto (transiting across the 6th house) square venus and mercury and she had to face to this worrying life-challenge of her and she has to coordinate the changes with the everyday life (6th house).

  23. Thank you for this article, I find it interesting and accurate.

    I have Pluto conjunct Venus, in Leo in 11th, with a 3 degree orb, also an inverted bucket shaped chart with Jupiter Rx as the handle in 4th. My father died when I was three as Pluto conjoined my Venus resulting in repressed deep grief.

    Throughout my life Pluto has made major transits to all of my planets apart from opposition to my Cancer Sun (this will happen in a couple of years), followed by conjunct Jupiter. I doubt I’ll be alive for the Pluto/Pluto, Pluto/Venus opposition!

    So it’s been a Plutonic life for me, with many emotional difficulties and hurdles. Sometimes it has been exhausting but following my recent Pluto square Moon, the most difficult of all the transits, I concluded that this is karmic. I found the interpretations of this so difficult transit to be accurate and did my best to delve and explore repressed emotions, feeling drained as it ended. It was exacerbated by Uranus conjunct Moon during some of the Pluto/Moon hits.

    I would like to ask if you agree that people like me, with such major Pluto transits are working through heavy karma? Many thanks.

    • Hi JJ, many Plutonian events certainly feel fated or karmic. Hopefully it’s all leading to your releasing the grief rather than adding to it…For Plutonian journey it’s very helpful to have therapeutic support from people you trust.

  24. Interestingly today a Venus in Aries /Pluto in Capricorn square is occurring ! I wanted to share my own experience with Venus in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra ( both T square to a Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn in the 5th) . I consider myself fortunate because a) having a twin sister with whom I can “workshop” my dark shadow aspects and those difficult relationship times and still feel loved unconditionally regardless b) the study of Astrology and the freedom to gain perspective over the last 25 years- these things have really helped me to accept and integrate sometimes unwarranted feelings of rage/powerlessness/resentment in relationships with the opposite sex. My sister( who had similar feelings/ different circumstances ) and I have wondered whether through the course of these relationships we’ve been bringing to light and transforming unresolved feelings from our maternal line. Our mum has a Venus Pluto conjunction in the 8th house . Relationship with the “mirror” of the other reflecting the self is an ongoing journey of transformation in my life experience ( Pluto 3rd opposite Venus 9th). Being creative and cultivating my relationship to the divine source through meditation and spiritual practices has helped me experience more peace and empowerment so that I don’t expect the other to give me that fulfillment or happiness. Interestingly my long term partner also has the same opposition and I have a dear friend with it too (all in the Aries/Libra axis) and I would say we all share a similar signature of balancing the desire to be independently driven -and be really honest about it – with the profound need to be in partnership with all it’s compromises/dance of give and take etc ! Thank you Hiroki for your articles and the way you invite comments about peoples’ personal experiences with certain astrological aspects, it’s of great value.

  25. It’s a love-hate for me with this aspect lol. Asc in Taurus, desc in scorpio. My dom planet is 1st house venus in gemini opposite 7th house pluto in sag. I have scorpio eyes although I don’t have any planets in scorpio. People drawn to me, whether it’s to love or to hate, they tend to be intimidated by my stare even if I don’t have any negative feelings about them. I observed, people with Taurus/scorpio in angular angles and venus/pluto aspect can switch the face expression easily, sensual to sexual or reverse. In earlier life, I met with many of older men that always told me I’ll be beautiful when I grow up and said they’ll be waiting for me. It’s creepy. I kinda have a mild trauma bc of that. Two of my ex bfs cheated on me, two ex bfs got obsessed with me, and I got obsessed with the recent ex bf. This is not healthy at all.

  26. Thank you. I’m wondering as someone with Venus conj Pluto (something I recently realized in my chart), is it necessary to be in relationship in order to really transform and grow?? Right now I’m taking a year off from dating or being involved with anyone romantically after a literal series of negative relationship experiences (including divorce)… Curious about what you think here in general with this placement. Thx

    • Hello, the idea with Pluto Venus aspect is to recognize the negative patterns within relationships so you can let go of them. There is a relationship you have with yourself, which is something we rarely take seriously, but it defines all of your other relationships. If you can use this year to improve how you care for yourself, that will positively transform your next relationships.

  27. Great article. Pluto will soon square my natal venus in Aries (@19 degrees) and sextile my Pisces sun (@19 degrees). Can this Pluto transit have an impact on one’s physical appearance like the reader mentioned earlier?

    • Hi Liz,

      Pluto square Venus could reflect a change in physical appearance, in that your physical appearance is often a reflection of how you see yourself. The reverse is also true in that, if you work on becoming healthier etc and improve your physical appearance, it may naturally bring up issues around self-image that you’re ready to release at this time.

  28. Interesting thread! I’m trying figure out what will happen when the great conjunction of 2020 occurs within 2 degrees of my natal Venus. If using the whole sign method, this will occur in my 8th house and sextile natal Pluto/Uranus in my 4th and natal mars in the 10th. If I survive and remember this thread I will report back.

    • Hi there,

      For best results, try to think in terms of improving the way you affect others, especially in your work or business. The Capricorn great conjunction near Venus encourages maturity and savvy in the way you deal with others.

  29. I have natal venus square pluto. Lots of other pluto aspects, but the only other venus aspects I have are venus opposite saturn (saturn in Aquarius) and venus in conjunction with chiron. I have venus and chiron in 11th house and pluto in 2nd house. Venus in Leo, chiron in Leo, and pluto in Scorpio. It seems like the more I want love the farther out of reach it is; it has brought a lot of pain into my life. I deeply appreciate any insight into how I can reconcile this matter for myself.

    • Hi Tiarra, thank you for sharing your experience. These aspects reflect a real life situation surrounding love and relationships – so the first step is to identify how the pattern started, and to heal from the painful repetition of the same dynamic in your life. A good therapist can help you navigate this territory successfully.

  30. Hello! Thank you for the interesting article and informative website. I am in the threshhold of transit Pluto conjunct natal Venus; in my natal chart, Venus (4th) trines Pluto (12th), so that aspect is triggered. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out… I’m always up for a challenge and have never really been allowed to be afraid of going deep. That 12th Pluto trines my stellium of Mars, Mercury, and Venus (in that order) so let me tell you the past 7 years or so, I’ve been turned inside out. I ended a long-term relationship and left a very comfortable lifestyle because I felt like I wasn’t living “real”. Since then I’ve faced myself through having everything else in life I’ve used to identify myself either die of its own accord or I pushed it away because it seemed those things blocked whoever it is that I am. TPluto joins nVenus next month and will be in effect for a long time. I really have realized how lonely I am, and I read with interest the predictions that I might indeed find “the love of my life”. Kind of funny how it’s come around a circle…

  31. Hi Hiroki,
    what could it mean having SR Venus in 8th conjunct Natal Pluto in 12th??? Natally I have them semisquare.

  32. Hi Hiroki,

    I have Natal Venus (pisc) 12th house opposite Pluto (Virgo) 6 th house. I am now in the stage of experiencing these strong emotions from the hurt child that I was. I was hoping whole my life that it was a bad joke and people that hurt me will come to me and say they sorry and they would never hurt me again. I was wrong off course that this would happen and now I am sober of childish fantasies, at least big part of them. I suffered the manipulation of this aspect. Why? It should be me being mean and make people cry, not the other way around?

    • Hi Nadia, thank you for sharing your experience with Pluto opposite Venus. Manipulation is a negative expression of Pluto, and seems like this is what you’ve experienced in relationships. With opposition aspects, it sometimes happens that you take one side of the opposition (Venus) and project the other side onto other people (in this case, Pluto’s manipulation).

      The theory goes that, if you can recognize the same energy (of manipulation) within you and accept it, you’ll stop unconsciously projecting and triggering the same patterns over and over in your relationships. I’m not sure if this is applicable in your case, but it’s a common defense pattern so I’ll share it.

  33. Again, I love reading your straightforward interpretations, so thank you! I have a solar return venus in 9th house aries squaring pluto in 6th house capricorn. You mentioned loving deeply that it hurts, it’s something I brought to my awareness & it’s just so interesting how duality works its magic. Venus in 9th house changed my perspective on love & partnerships. The planets’ energies are definitely effecting me, pluto & its great transformation is working through my routine & health & overall habits through the 9th house of beliefs & values.

  34. Hi Hiroki
    Im currently in a relationship filled with many hard pluto aspects. When checking our transits we have both had Venus opposite Pluto in our charts from December 2014 and it will continue until December of 2017.

    We have been through quite an intense time on and off over this past couple of years to say the least. On occasion even violence has erupted between us. There seems to be much manipulation, insecurity, jealousy and possessiveness between us.

    When the transit ends for us both in December 2017 will the relationship finally be over? Or will we have found peace? Or let eachother go?

    This may sound silly but we are almost addicted to eachother, the bond is so powerful and intense.

    Me Aspect Him Orb/Value
    Moon Square Pluto 0.18 -127
    Mercury Square Pluto 2.06 -80
    Venus Conjunction Venus 0.08 79
    Venus Opposition Saturn 3.37 -48
    Venus Opposition Neptune 3.55 -38
    Venus Trine Pluto 2.37 39
    Mars Square Pluto 1.07 -87
    Jupiter Square Pluto 2.07 -65
    Neptune Conjunction Uranus 2.35 70
    Pluto Square Mars 1.46 -75
    Pluto Sextile Uranus 1.23 35
    Ascendant Opposition Jupiter 2.23 -56
    223 -576 -353

    This is our synastry…. do you have any advice for navigating through the transit that seems to hold us? Or any advice regarding our synastry?

  35. I have a Venus square Pluto aspect, but a current Venus conjunct Pluto transit that has just begun. Pluto 5th house, venus 7th though some interpret as 8th.

    I have always noticed that people have either loved me or hated me, and generally speaking it had little to do with me, and more likely a projection of something they were feeling for better or worse. This had made any relationship, professional, peer or romantic difficult because it has always meant a rollercoaster of watching those people go through a process of discovery in learning who I really am over time vs what they perceived.

    The process generally has transformed them in some way, turning that love into hate or hate into love, if such a relationship would continue that far.

    Many other times it means immense rejection immediately and even the target of attacks unjustifiably. To some extent, the transit feels like more of the same and almost even worse so.

    For me personally, it wields a power to control responsibly when others project an unearned love and otherwise not taking it personally if unearned hatred has come my way. Not letting it go to my head or balancing feelings of rejection.

    The difficulty here is that I too am human, and folks wrecklessly targeting me has been exhausting and wears me down. Any admiration doesn’t make up for it because the two extremes are tiring and equally unearned.

    I haven’t learned get what purpose this serves for me yet.

    • Hi Tracy, thank you for sharing your experience with natal Venus square Pluto (Venus transit will be over in a few days, but if it’s a Pluto transit it’ll be active for a year or so.)

      Natal Venus Pluto aspect can reflect emotionally charged relationship dynamic like the ones you describe. It can also highlight issues of unequal power or control between partners, and learning where the balance is, either emotionally or financially.

  36. Hi, enjoyed the article and somewhat put me at ease about the transit, so thank you for that. Just wondered if you can tell me what my transit could mean -Pluto in 8th house Capricorn (retrograde) is square to natal Venus in 5th house Libra. Thanks again and keep on with your blog it is very interesting and always very helpful! Plus I really liked the quote of Khalil Gibran, if you have any more quotes could you please post them. Thanks!

  37. Hello! This article is awesome at explaining this transit. I have transiting Pluto in Capricorn in my 5th house squaring a Venus, Eris, and Ceres stellium in Aries in the 8th house.
    When this transit first started I got involved with a very narcissistic manipulative guy who was a Scorpio with Pluto conjunct his Sun….his paranoia and constant accusations made for a very volatile short lived partnership.
    But just recently I met a guy who was staying in my city for a business trip and we’ve been talking for 6 months now. He lives in Italy and I’ve never known a long distance scenario, but the fated feel to the relationship is to tempting to deny. I think the emotions triggered really awoke some abandonment issues that I didn’t understand until I read your article! I’ll try working through them now! It felt like meeting him for the 1000 time over again when we met. Thanks for the article!

  38. Hello Hiroki,
    and what do you think about Pluto sesquiquadrate Venus? Is it any similar to the square?

  39. Thanks for sharing guys. Currently, Pluto Squares my Natal Venus. I did experience some intense emotions with my family since my Natal Pluto is in the 4th house but I don’t understand because it should be my Venus needs a clean up and transformation which is in my 10th House. It did change me though, made me even more fair and able to see the reality or truth vs gossips and superficiality.

    Job related and public image challenges is not new to me but lately I was forced to face the stage. I’m a singer but mostly a back up one and never thought be at the center stage. I can easily embrace it, my 10th House Mars wouldn’t mind (I like attention sometimes). I’m Pisces, 3rd decan with Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Aries. I really don’t mind submerging myself to deepest and darkest of emotion or two, I’ll do it with much gusto. However, I was never intimate, yes I have intimacy issues. I fear that this might be purged/fried/changed and forced to confront what causes it and be in a relationship – I’m intense when in love but lack venusian skills to handle it. I can’t maintain it, I easily get bored and easily become demanding and jealous. My Natal Venus and Mars are in conjunction, so I don’t mind being single. I really don’t know what will happen to me in this transit. I haven’t experienced (relationship/intimacy) issues yet.

    I’ve read in a certain site that if Venus is in the 10 House, more likely I will experience sexual harassment from superiors and be stalked by a total stranger who has obsession about me. Can this happen? This is really scary, though I’m open minded about “kinky” stuff but definitely not with strangers. I like being chased but not stalked…what are your thoughts about this?

  40. Thanks, Hiroki. The progressed Venus opposition with Pluto is within the 0.5 degree orb, so I’m wondering if you could shed some light on this? Again, thank you!

    • Hi, that means the opposition will be active within the next 6 months. Venus symbol acting on Pluto has a sense of grace being added to personal power, perhaps reflected in how you relate to others in a more satisfying manner. This period could also suggest a relationship oriented toward Plutonian interest (psychology, astrology etc).

  41. Thanks for your insightful and easy to understand article about Pluto and Venus, Hiroki. I’m wondering how progressed Venus conjunct the sun in the 5th house opposite natal Pluto might play out.

    • Hi hMF, it depends on how close of an opposition it is. With progression or solar arc, the acceptable orb is extremely tight (usually within 0.5 degrees), so if the opposition is off by several degrees it might not register at the same time.

  42. Hi, I have Venus (Taurus, 9th) opposed Pluto. To be honest, I think in my case, there is a constant bipolarity in my emotions, and even though relationships have been transformational, I believe I have caused more pain than had it. I tend to “break up” in a very drastic way. This includes friendships and other relations. I feel the need to stabilize my sentiments but it seems impossible in many occasions. I feel that I change constantly (and this doesn’t change). I feel that Pluto is permanently showing me the truths beneath the surface (while Moon in Pisces clouds them), and I have tried to keep an open channel concerning my emotions with everyone close to me. They know how unstable I am, and how easily I can pass from love to hate. However, I try to not be too aggressive, aware of the damage that I can cause. But I remember being at school and deciding to stop talking to certain kids that seemed to like me. I keep a constant fear for abandonment, and relationships in general are something I escape from after a while of trying to get to a profound level of connection and being dissappointed from the lack of depth. I have now met someone with the same aspect but has Pluto in the 8th, and it looks like we understand this about both. There is an attraction that goes beyond imaginable. And we see in each other a certain air of power that becomes attractive mutually. Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing this

  43. I have Venus square Pluto (Venus Pisces – Pluto Sag) and I remember a painful heartbreak that symbolically killed me (2 yrs ago) . I was never the same again. I felt weak and drained but I still decided to keep going one day at a time. My eyes, they stung as I cried and my heart was heavy with pain mixed with deep sadness. I felt like I didn’t want to open my eyes or feel a thing anymore. I never got into another “real” relationship ever again. Like if someone said they like me I’d like them back but I’d make sure it doesn’t go into love.
    With time though I’ve learned that love is pain/ecstasy shaping me into who I am today (Aries sun – Saturn) and I can keep going on by myself just fine. The wound has healed but it’s on me like a tattoo.

    • Hi Lesley, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus square Pluto. Yes, this aspect seems to reflect a deep need to be healed of the pain you’ve experienced in relationships (probably not just from this past one, but also from long ago.)

  44. Hi! Thank you so much for your article! It was very insightful for me! I’ve been looking for an astrologer for many months, however I always find astrologers I like who speak English and I’d like an astrologer who I can communicate with in Spanish :( If you know please a good astrologer like you who can speak Spanish let me know please, I’d appreciate it so much! :))))

  45. Hi Hiroki! I’ve been checking out your website for a while now, and like your diffrent & unique interpretations. I will have transit Venus (which is in my 2nd house of Aries right now) opposing my natal Pluto in the 8th house of Libra until the end of May. I’m very curious (& at the same time nervous) about how this may play out.

    • Hi Aelita, it would be interesting to track the relationship or social development as Venus goes back and forth through the retrograde and direct periods. Typically this is a lightweight transit, but with increased timeframe due to retrogradation, it may become a meaningful time period similar to Pluto transiting Venus.

  46. Swanmaiden says

    Hiroki, I appreciated your article.
    It is one of the most balanced and well expressed that I have seen.
    I have an exact Venus Pluto Square, 0 degrees, 3 seconds, with Venus on an aries point in my 5th house and Pluto in Libra on an aries point in my 8th house.

    I am a woman. From a very young age, I would invariably attract the attention of the “most powerful” or “wealthiest” man in the room. Before learning about astrology, “power” was usually of the “underworld” or criminal type, or entertainers and athletes, but in every case, they wielded some type of significant social power or wealth. Wealthy or not, all of my relationships were with intense men who had plutonian characteristics (secretive, at the top of their social structure, violent tendencies, controlling, emotionally intense.)

    I got older, developed professionally, and discovered astrology all around the same time. I realized that as my professional status rose, I still attracted “the most powerful” men in the room, but the men are more likely to be business moguls and politicians–although they are all still extremely plutonian.
    Men who are not plutonian, don’t appeal to me, and don’t approach me. I often feel that I would overwhelm them, or that it would be an unfair match because I would overpower them in terms of my own personal intensity.

    I had/have all of the textbook characteristics of a venus pluto square (possessiveness, triangles, emotional intensity, magnetism), but I was not connecting the dots to realize that I was attracting my repressed self–or in other words, I wasn’t owning my own plutonian power, so I was drawing it to myself and attracted to it in the men. I discovered this when I realized that I invariably developed characteristics that I admired in the plutonian men.

    The childhood trauma is also accurate. My father was very plutonian, extremely intelligent, and something of a community leader, but he also had a “dark side”, including an early history in criminality (sale of drugs). I was very close to him when I was young, and I am sure there is emotional trauma related to that and his alcoholism. My parents’ power dynamics were also traumatic, with domestic violence being a significant factor.

    AFTER, I came to understand my square, and deliberately do work to embrace my own, very venusian powers (which were completely hidden from me for most of my youth), I found that my venus was also on steroids with an exact triseptile to neptune, an exact tridecile to uranus, and with my sun/IC and Midheaven making an exact conjunction to the planetary nodes of Venus. These are all esoteric aspects that I don’t believe get unlocked until a person works through the more obvious aspects like the square to pluto.

    It has been quite a journey! But Astrology is a wonderful tool to help us understand our lives.

  47. Hi,
    I was wondering if Venus conjunct or square can also mean that the person experienced sexual abuse and from a female? I am talking about one of the worse side of Pluto with Venus. These two together, I always think of Medusa. The image just automatically pops up in my head.

    • Hi Regina, that’s an extreme manifestation and highly unlikely.

    • when i had transiting pluto conjunct my venus as a child, i was molested. (i don’t think it has to be by a female, though, wasn’t for me.) it is probably a more common manifestation than we might realize, since this isn’t really the kind of thing people talk about much. obviously this is is only one possible way the transit could play out among others, but i just wanted to mention it. these things should be looked at and acknowledged.

      • Hi, thank you for sharing your experience. Although I’m sorry to hear of this, it is as you say one possible way the Pluto energy could manifest as abuse of power.

  48. Thank you Hiroki for this post. It’s very enlightening… At the same time, AE’s experience makes me doubt the best approach to my situation. Should I walk away from yet another pluto-venus experience or should I have the courage to face my deepest fears and insecurities through this relationship?
    I have pluto in libra 1st house opposing Venus conjunct Mars in Aries in the 7th. Very intense feelings of love, passion, and jealousy in all my important relationships. After 5 years of a break in plutonian relationships (Uranus transiting the 7th?), I recently met a man who also has Pluto in Libra (3rd house) opp. Venus in Aries (9th house). His pluto opposes my venus, my pluto opposes his venus, our plutos are conjunct, in synastry. There are a lot of other aspects in synastry. The attraction is intense. But I’m stuck in indecision and mostly freaking out. One part of me wants to run away out of fear and trauma from previous relationships. Another part speaking is my intuition (or is it fear?) saying that he is a free spirit (sun and Venus in the 9th, Aquarius 7th house cusp, Sagittarius 5th house) that won’t be faithful. Another, huge part of me feels the pull towards him and is about to surrender passionately. Should I face this monster with awareness for the first time? (Only recently did I discover my Pluto- Venus and its influence). Or, should I walk away based on my intuition that he might not be a good relationship choice in the sense that he might not be able to deal with my intensity and need for exclusivity?

  49. Oh yeah, and we also have Pluto-venus conjunct in synastry! Im the pluto, he’s the venus. Its been crazy drama but we’re inseparable.

  50. Hi. I have natal pluto square venus in the 7th house and will be experiencing pluto opposite venus transit next year, along with progressed moon in 5th house. Im involved with a divorcing man (its been complete HELL waiting for his divorce to finalize) so im wondering if pluto opposite venus transit can “transform” our relationship (as in new commitment, pregnancy, etc.) or end things for us as well? He is extremely controlling as well (scorpio sun with natal moon square pluto)

    • Hi there, this transit Pluto opposing Venus sounds like an appropriate reflection of what you’re going through. The transit is mostly about transforming ‘you’, but certainly some change will occur in the relationship.

    • Hi Moonstone,
      I kindly ask you to tell me how you have experienced the transit pluto opposite venus, it is what I have now and I will appreciate to have more invo from you. Same as you, I have moon in 7th house. Thank you!

  51. I have natal Pluto square Venus and and currently going through transiting Pluto conjunct Venus. Am expirencing intense emotions and lost the woman I love (although it was unrequited) to another man. Am devasted. It’s the third time this has happend in my life.

    • Hi there, if your painful experiences look like a repeating pattern, then it’s best to recognize when it all begun so you can heal from the original wounds that these events are bringing up.

    • Hi, I enjoyed the interpretations of Venus /Pluto aspects, most tend to be over the top, whereas, you took a more reasonable approach. I have Venus (ruler of my asc) in the 8th house square Pluto and I usually end up more frustrated than enlightened when I read various interpretations. So, thanks.

  52. Thanks for this article, I have venus opposite pluto natal and have always had incredibly intense,transformative relationships. Thing is… I always thought there was something wrong with me! Now I’ve started studying astrology and it’s making a bit more sense. Am currently experiencing Pluto transit opposing my ascendant and have met a man who has natal sun opposite pluto…help! ;-)

  53. Informative article. Have been undergoing Pluto square Venus transit since April 2013 and thru December 2017. Pluto is now retrograding back toward Venus for its 2nd exact hit in September and at exact aspect will go direct.

    Whole Sign house system:
    3rd house Venus in Aries
    12th house Pluto in Capricorn (natal: 8th house)

    At the first exact square, fell obsessively in love with a man on our first date and did not want to break things off after our second date but red flags went up and as I’d swore to myself that if red flags presented with a new relationship I would not proceed with the relationship no matter what, I had to follow through and break it off. One of the most difficult things ive ever done and not a single day has passed that i havent thought about him several times. He is my ghost boyfriend and I really have appreciated the simplicity of such an arrangement altho it’s appeal is finally receding. Pluto requires acknowledgment of truth, and takes the thing we want the most, and Venus presses us to live by our values, so this square has presented opportunity to truly live by my values, which i could see were not in sync with his, so the hard reality of the situation was to choose values and walk away. Or from another perspective, maybe i overreacted to what seemed like red flags in order to control the situation (Pluto) and avoid facing my feelings, which again were either an obsessive flood of compulsion fueled simply by chemicals or a real connection worth exploring despite what seemed to be a lack of solid ground via a person of dubious trustworthiness. Regardless, the task of the Pluto/Venus square doesnt change: deeper understanding and relationship with one’s values, however you get there, and i wasn’t up for the possibility of another bloody war. That second date did make me aware of an unconscious fear i had no idea existed in connection with my father’s terminal illness and early death in my adolescence – and i am rarely surprised by such realizations, however since meeting this epic guy Ive had zero interest in dating and without the high stakes of a deep relationship, I can’t say whether or not I’ve gotten any further along with that. It’s all been quite weird and painful and i look forward to the day he is no longer in my thoughts; in the end though, i am satisfied for choosing values over an inevitable and uneccessary mess that only offered the same opportunity to arrive at the same place of consciousness i would have had to arrive at at this point in time anyway.

    Finally, in other manifestations of Pluto/Venus transits, my physical appearance has changed due to the experience of correcting a deep-seated illness caused by a pharmaceutical, an illness which affects the vast majority of the population but which remains largely unacknowleged by mainstream medicine. This is changing though as Functional Medicine increasingly makes its foray via extensive published research and burgeoning public advocacy (Pluto 12th house transit: exposing truths of established institutions, via the communication of new directions published research of a 3rd house Venus). BTW and on a final note, i only became aware of what my illness actually was thru meeting epic man above: he has the same thing. :)

  54. I have Pluto square Venus and my relationships have never gone well. Although I also have Saturn in the 7th square my Venus and Venus is conjuct Mars exact in my 4th house. Pluto and Uranus are conjunct exact in my 1st house. TALK ABOUT A ROLLER COASTER. So it would be hard for me to comment on just how one of these aspects affected my life. I can tell you I have climbed to the top of my career with little effort but my personal relationships are another story. Currently I am seeing a man who has Venus conjunct Pluto natally and transiting Pluto is trining his Venus. My Pluto/Uranus conjunction is exactly conjunct his Venus and his Pluto squares my Venus. I keep wondering how it will manifest since we both have the same aspects natally…is it even an issue? We have not been intimately involved after 7 months. I think we both understand the power these aspects have and there is a level of fear in both of us but we haven’t walked away. Considering we are 50, we are both mature enough (maybe) to deal with all of these pluto energies but we shall see. Great article!

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s significant that you both have natal Pluto Venus aspect – might suggest similar relationship themes to work through. Transit Pluto trine Venus can be an opportunity to integrate some of the deeper issues that affect relationships.

  55. I have natal venus square pluto in one of the tightest orbs in my chart, and yes I can say that you do go through trauma in your close relationships as they can be just too intense than can be handled all at once, especially when we feel like our current situation does not support the growth of the relationship and we have to keep hold of the relationship so we don’t feel threatened that anything else will separate them. We don’t want to accept the conditional aspects of a relationship, of the things that tear them apart, and that is where pluto comes into play, working out our worst nightmares of seperation and humiliation and showing us what is at the real core of an unconditional relationship or self value, or anything that is important at all, whatsoever that may be.
    It is important that I point out that as well as my tight orb of Venus square Pluto, I also have a tight orb of Venus trine Saturn which makes my journey with Pluto’s destruction and transformation a little bit smoother, as saturn gives me the ability to accept and live out the core realities that Pluto reveals to me (leaves me with) and remain steady in them as well. I have the patience to work it out. :)
    I guess I could say that is my blessing. :)

  56. Hi. Thank you for the article. I truly like it. Your explanation is clear, practical and very positive for me.

    I have the aspect, transit and experiences them. It might be very long but I will try to share as brief and best as I can.

    My Venus is in Scorpio (9 degree) conjunct pluto; they are in the 10th house. No planet in the 5th (Taurus) and 7th house (Gemini).

    As mentioned above, I’ve been experiencing all-consuming passion through a 5-year unrequited love. It was with a guy I have venus conjunct his pluto in 0 orb, saturn conjunct his venus and perhaps moon conjunct his northnode. The experience was the reason I was interested in astroloy.

    Normally, if I fell for someone and it didn’t look promising (it never did so I’ve been single) I would cut him off my life or at least stopped talking to him until the feeling faded away.

    But this time, it was different; very dramatic; swang between feeling of love and hate from intense jealousy, bliss from just one message and suffer from longing. There were several days, I literally could not stop thinking of him. At one point, I wondered how I could live if he hated me. I started to write poems, diary, novel; study astrology; read tarot; see fortunetellers; read relationship advices; join meditation classes and see expressive therapist: anything which can explain what had happened and how to deal with it.

    During the time, there were also several transits of venus: venus-chiron, venus-saturn and venus-pluto-uranus. Interestingly, the time I could feel better with this experience was during the venus-pluto-uranus, while during venus-saturn I felt strangely lonely.

    Now when I become sober enough, I started to notice some slight feelings in my own psyche: the feeling of unlovable and the fear of being unloved. The more low self-love or anxious I am in general, the more I suffer from his reaction and the fact that he doesn’t love me. It felt as if I had nothing left.

    So I’m reconstructing myself, building more self-love and confident, finding lost hobbies as well as concrete goals in career and life.
    I feel as if I realize my significant problems and life challenge from love…

    Once, I thought that my feeling for him was like accidentally pressing a switch. I had known him for a long time before, then I fell for him. Also, I used to wake up and felt like my obsession with him had just gone…

    But human heart isn’t a switch. In the end, after all these years, they’re still there: attraction, care, love and little jealousy. I just love myself more and enough to not let the fear and other things influence my wellbeing that much.

    Luckily, I experienced all these through unrequited love so it was rather obvious that I had gone crazy on my own. My friend said I’m a phoenix, a bird which died from heartbroken, then rebirthed, then fell for the very same person, then died again and again. So it’s my own responsibility. I’m quite glad he didn’t come involve and didn’t take any advantage of me during such vulnerable time.

    As Venus and Pluto are in the 10th house, I still haven’t figured out what it indicates. The most likely explanation I can come up is that I have never had a career, only several jobs in different fields. I still haven’t figured out what my career goal is so I don’t want to commit myself fulltime. I usually know or work directly for the head/owner of the organizations. Do you have any thoughts?

    My apology for very long comment. I just want to share…and with little hope that some part of the experiences or details would be helpful, even a little.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Hong, thank you for sharing your experience – probably many others with this configuration can relate. As for your vocation, it’s something that has to take in your entire horoscope before a valid analysis can be made. Please consider scheduling a personal consultation if you’re interested in discussing your chart in more depth.

  57. Hello, thank you for the article. It’s quite true. I had an experience of “all-consuming passion”, that was awful and awesome at the same time. I just wanted to knowm your opinion, does square of Venus and Pluto always mean transformation through the death of a partner or a child? And if so, how can this be avoided? I have Venis in Leo 2nd house and Pluto in Scorpio 5th house.

    • Hi Xeniya, thank you for your comment. No, Pluto Venus aspect does not imply a death of a child or a partner – I’m sorry that you had to hear such nonsense from so-called astrologers (they do more harm than good with astrology). Know that literal manifestation of “death” in Pluto symbol is an exception rather than a rule, and a few sensational examples do not make it a rule…

  58. Hello, thank you for your great article. I will try to share my experience but my english isnt that good. I agree on suffering from relationships, that’s usual for me, I’m a libra AS and aries sun on seventh house, my venus is on eight house and my pluto in second both in domicile. I must say I also have that blessed (irony) 12th house ruler on 7th. I cannot indentify my trauma :( I can try to guess but I dont see it as something that would transform me if I face it openly. I have problems with my appearence and my voice, I have fear of betrayal and abandon I guess there are some of my traumas. I feel I have transformed but I dont feel real change, I feel I have change in a bad way, getting more afraid and protecting me a lot more. I’ve had a traumatic relationship in which I was betrayed in every way possible, and I could had got a revenge (i still think about it sometimes) but I feel even if I killed him it would be not enough. I’m very neptunian also, I put others above me always, and I think Im more of the passive plutonian behaviour you said. I’d like to know more about myself, do u have any tip? Thank you, again.

    • Hi Susan, thank you for sharing your experience – a difficult situation with intense emotional energy. Pluto is a planet that requires “deep work”, so sometimes the best Plutonian work is done with a counselor, coach or a therapist – it helps to have an expert that can help you let go of the heavy energy of anger and resentment, because what lies underneath that hard emotion is usually a terrible pain – and pain is difficult to go through alone. So getting support is recommended.

  59. Great post i have the venus inconjunct pluto aspect in my natal chart, im currently going through a pluto square venus transit, pluto transit the 5th house square venus in th 9th house along with uranus conjuncting venus from the 9th house, all i can say it feels like i’ve been to hell and back my question is would the above aspects activate my inconjunct venus? could it be a clue to finally resolve why i pick partners who are so wrong for me?

    • Hi Patricia, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience – yes, natal Venus inconjunct Pluto could be activated via another Pluto Venus transit, since they both deal with the same relationship theme in your life.

  60. Hi Hiroki…..what about transit pluto conj the descendant? I am just going through this and it literally feels like goibg through hell. I experience very intense emotions….God what a dark dance!

  61. Wow beautiful article thank you soooooooo much for sharing your amazing knowledge.

    I have my Venus and Mars in Leo, both squaring my Pluto in Scorpio.

    My Venus/Mars are in my 3rd house and my Pluto is in my 7th house.

    I have been doing lots of shadow work lately after 4 relationships that’s have been the catalyst for my personal growth.

    I wanted to say that the most helpful thing for me has been allowing myself to feel my feelings. It has been the transformation of pain into just feeling the pain as just a sensation. It has helped me feel comfortable enough to face the shame, guilt and heaviness.

    Your article helped me feel like I headed in the right direction, so thank you so much!

    You have great insight. Thanks for sharing your work :)

  62. Hi. My Venus is square Pluto. – Venus in Aquarius at the end of the 11 the house square Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house. This is my most exact aspect in my natal chart. I’m not exactly sure if my Venus functions as an 11th house or 12th house Venus.

    I’m a pretty self aware person and I will say I have been attending therapy and group therapy for almost two years. And it had been a very positive experience. I wonder if that’s is a reflection of this aspect.

  63. Thks for yr wonderful article.Does the list of aspects include th inconjunct?My son’s father has H4 Venus/Vesta conj Pluto in Virgo trines H1 Saturn/Taurus opp H7 Neptune in Scorpio.His entire chart has a”Venus/Pluto/Saturn/Neptune” theme thru it.Our son has Venus/Sun conj being th apex of a YOD in his H6 Leo.H11 Cappy Pluto sextiles H1 Chiron in Pisces to form th base of th YOD.My son also has 18deg Scorpio MC which speaks of his father rejecting both myself and his son when he learnt of our pregnancy..he didn’t want th pregnancy and left us in dire straits at the time.My son is now 4 and altho its been a hard road for us I feel as tho th worst is yet t come fm his Dad.His Leo Dad has a prog Sun conj his natal Venus/Pluto conj happening ryt nw..Im hopeful its not as bad as it has been already these last few years.

    • Inconjunct is not as strong a statement compared to the 4th harmonic aspects (conjunction, square and opposition). My view is that it necessitates the ego to serve something other than the self…So the expression of the aspect won’t be as straightforward.

  64. Over these past several months, every post of yours has been personally relevant – if I didn’t know better, I’d say there’s something to this astrology biz. In that light, I just completed a Pluto transit opposite Venus (within two degrees of ascendant on the 12th house side). And true to form, I have learned a great deal about myself (more to come – Saturn return begins this week, which is quincunx that lovely Venus). Anywho, life is as a Plutonian transit would have it – complete with a tempestuous partnership with a man with Scorpio moon (fun!) and a depth psychologist to boot, gained and lost jobs, money, marriage, the whole enchilada. But, I’m very much alive to tell the tale. Many aspects of transformation are fun and funny, when you look back on it. I think my biggest lesson is to take it lightly. I am so fortunate to be living so fully at my age! Your insight, and clear, elegant writing, has been affirming, comforting, thought provoking in creative ways and has helped me to consider things a little less Eeyore, more Pooh. Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with transit Pluto opposite Venus – interesting to hear about the relationship with a Plutonian figure (psychologist, Scorpio Moon) during this time in your life.

    • So tell us more! Lol. You dumped the psychologist for the scorpio moon man? You lost your marriage or you got married? I have natal venus square pluto in the 7th house and Im fixing to have Pluto opposite venus transit next year. Im involved with a divorcing man (its been hell) and im wondering if our relationship will move on to the next level or end once his divorce is finalized. Im not quite happy with my job so im hoping that does change (im still in college).

  65. Years ago Pluto transiting through Sage went opposite natal Venus rising. I was in a relationship with a man from an affluent family and it introduced me into the world of high society, rich and powerful people in politics. Although his family was very rich, emotionally I had the upper hand in the relationship.

    Since 2012 I have Pluto transiting opposite a progressed Venus. This aspect will continue for a while, but since this year they started transiting through the axis of the second and eight houses. I got confronted with psychological traumas from years ago that I have suppressed as a child. The path of healing is a long one, but it’s worth it because this way I feel that I’m creating a better future for myself.

  66. Hiroki,

    Thank you so much for this clear and clean perspective on power, pain and related tensions that the Pluto-Venus archetype stirs in the souls of men and women. So very impressive… Somehow, no matter where Pluto resides it always seems to affect identity… how could it not with its arc of perspective influencing how we see the world and ourselves. Fascinating! A dear one has Pluto opposed Venus… Pluto in the 2nd house in Scorpio opposed Venus in Taurus in 8… Your post reminds me to consider power, empowerment, and passion. my previous obsession with this pair was decidedly negative. Happy Holidays Hiroki. Congratulations on a marvelous site… and thank you for the clarion voice of clarity in the otherwise crowded and noisy streets along this super highway.

  67. Hi !
    Well, it’s my first comment here, but I wanted you to know I follow your work since few month and I really appreciate your style !
    I’m a french astrology student since 2009 and I’m quite happy to have find your work. I’m keen on psycho-astrology and humanist-astrology. The traditionnal one is not my taste.

    Then why am I writting now and not before ? Simply because my natal Venus (conjunct Mars 2degrees orb, the two conjunct to the MC, Leo) is squaring my Pluto (in scoprio 1st house, but ascendant in late libra). This is the most potent important aspect in my natal chart. So I deeply confirm what you say in this article.
    In addition, Pluto is my dominant planet with co-dominant Venus.
    I’ve always been searching and reaching deep relationship. Not only in the love domain, but also in the friendship zone, and I’ve experienced passion in a “pure” way. Always. I’m not a fatalist, but all my relations are “karmic”-like. I’ve been noticing anf accepting it since long long time ago, in childhood. I can say, there is a violent approch to sexuality too.

    Have a nice day.

  68. Corinna von Buettner says

    thank you for your always interesting and easy to understand approach to Astrology, which I am a passionate student since several years! I am brazilian, living in São Paulo, with a sister in Orlando a a very close friend in Tampa. Possibly I will visit Florida next year and then would appreciate to know and have a consultation with you personally.

    Best regards,

    I am a Capricorn 5th house with a Venus/Mars conjunction in Aquarius (house 7) opposite Pluto in AC Leo

  69. Stephen Ambrosich says

    Thank you for your article and thank you for the asking about shared experiences. I am a Venus/Pluto conjunction type of person. The processes you describe so well just seemed to have been natural curiosities about peeling back the layers of the onion. I certainly have noticed, over a chronology of decades, that while this placement does not necessarily trigger events within the dimensional compositions of my empirical self, there is though a contagion affect/effect on and within others. For example, just providing natal charts and thematic conversation to others within a close social proximity elicits those self-same triggers in others. I certainly accept and realize that any one aspect does not always drive the vehicle. I do note though that my Chiron placement in Capricorn in the 7th house in a t-square to a Saturn/Virgo, Gemini Sun/Asc does complicate my own experiences of personal `discomforts’. Actually though, I do find the Venus/Pluto conjunct as very comforting for transpersonal considerations relating to that process of social connectiveness.

  70. maria harding says

    what about the trine of pluto to venus. sagg 5th house pluto and aries 9th house venus 1 deg. aries. how would this effect the person.

    • Hi Maria, trines generally suggest a stable state, so you may need to work a bit harder if you want to get at the possibility for transformation (otherwise, status quo tends to win.)

      • Hiroki,

        What do you mean why ‘to work harder’? I dont quite understand how to make the most of trine aspects ? What should one do to make the most of a trine aspect?


        • Working harder, for example, might mean to consciously explore the shadow side mentioned in the article – studying psychology, etc. Seeking other people that are exploring the Plutonian depth and learning from them might also be a good way since you get support (additional motivation) to go further that you might on your own.

          • Does that mean that trine aspect is not as strong or influential as the conjunction square or opposition?

          • That’s correct. Tension brings change and growth. Trine tends to stabilize the status quo.

          • Hello! I really enjoy your post, question: in a relationship with two people, one with trine between moon pluto and the other with a square, who will have the most influence?…any small advice for a person with pluto square moon/venus and conjunct mars/AC? ☺

          • Hi Betzaida, repeated synastry contacts are significant (in this case Venus Pluto interaspect), and can be representative of the theme of your relationship. It’s not so much who will have the most influence, but rather you’ll both undergo deep psychological change through each other.

    • Polly Tran says

      Hi Dr. Hiroki,
      I appreciate and value your clear interpretations on the energies, also, that you include solutions to them, they’re highly helpful. I am currently going through a Venus (7th, Taurus) opposite Pluto (Scorpio, Asc) transit. Though it may be a bit difficult to interpret, is this a healing aspect, in a sense that my relationship is mirroring me? Because that’s how I feel, my Pluto/shadow is showing me something about my pain, I know if I dig deeper, I will understand the pain and will be able to heal it. Thank you again for your incredible work!

      • Hi Polly, thank you for sharing your experience. Venus transit only lasts for a few days, but if you pay attention there could be interesting relationship dynamics you might observe..

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