Venus in Your Horoscope

One key meaning of Venus is our socialization need: how we need to relate to others in order to be effective; what we need in a relationship in order to be satisfied.

Noel Tyl has a steller article about Venus through the signs, as well as Venus retrograde phenomenon (key points summarized below):

  • Venus in Gemini, Virgo (i.e. Mercury ruled signs) can often talk about the emotions better than feel them. Cerebral processes could take over the relationship unless sufficient emotional depth is reached within oneself.
  • Venus in Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) – especially Aries, there may be a flirtatiousness to “test one’s effectiveness,” for self confirmation of attractiveness. Adoration, acknowledgment, respect are all very important.
  • Venus in Capricorn seems to suggest a delay in the maturation of emotional expression in relationships. Expression somehow becomes challenging – perhaps as a result of past hurt.
  • Venus in Aquarius may suggest the love for the world, and the need to care for others (humanitarian.)
  • Venus in Cancer can relate through sharing emotions (“let me cry on your shoulder and we can relate.”)
  • Venus retrograde suggests a peculiar difficulty in relating to others – perhaps some form of indirectness, lack of clarity, or challenge in reaching one’s own emotional center.

Other thoughts regarding Venus in signs:
In Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) pragmatic concerns may enter the socialization need – how responsible will the other person be, etc. Relationship may often take place in the performing of practical tasks or everyday chores. This is in contrast to Venus in Fire signs, who may want more magic and pizzaz.

In Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) socialization happens on the intellectual level rather than on an emotional level. This usually gives good objectivity while relating, which leads to superior social skills. If there are too much Air and too little Water in the chart, emotional depth may be very difficult to reach. In contrast, for Venus in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) relationship needs the sharing of emotions, whether passionate (Scorpio), or sensitive (Pisces).

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Can a relationship between a virgo and pisces venus work? if they have following combinations: Moon in pisces/venus in virgo/mars in pisces with moon in leo/venus in pisces/ mars in virgo….

    • Compatibility analysis needs to be made by looking at the whole chart of two people, so you won’t be able to tell by just looking at the Moon or Venus positions etc.

  2. Thanks for the interesting answers you provided for my google search. Especially about relating 11th house and venus.

  3. Dear Hiroki,

    Thank you for being so generous of yourself.
    Many posts I have read that have brought me insights into understanding those around me, thus myself.
    There is a specific point, I am trying to understand in interpreting my natal chart.
    How would you read a natal Venus conjuncting a south node in cancer, this planet being in the 10th house?
    Should I be thinking that relating with a man, earning money, all that Venus represents, is not what I have come for, that it should not be stimulated?
    Further more, that it should be renunciated in this lifetime?
    From what I have learned, the south node is a placement to walk away from, as it is more linked to past life habits, as the north node points out what ought to be learned with skills, effort and endurance in this life.
    May I have your feed back upon this viewpoint?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks for commenting.

      Your interpretation of the South Node seems a bit too extreme – I recommend seeing it with a softer eye. From a karmic point of view South Node is what you’re comfortable with, so it could be a resource you already possess. Unless you were born in a wealthy family, most likely you still need to work (even if you don’t have to, you’d most likely want to do something). Similarly you need to relate and love others. Just because Venus in 10th house is conjunct South Node does not mean you should walk away from all that.

  4. As a student of astrology,i just want to say a word of gratitude:
    Thank you so much – every time i need (in my search),there it
    is a article from you just about what i have been looking for !
    You are Great…God bless u

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