Uranus Pluto Transit: Time for Necessary Changes

uranus pluto transit

Uranus Pluto Conjunction, Square, Opposition Transit: Overturning the Tables

Transit or solar arc between Uranus and Pluto can mark a dynamic period of empowerment and individuation. Uranus intensifies Pluto’s need for deep transformation, and Pluto empowers Uranus’ need to be true to one’s self without worrying about what other people may think.

Noel Tyl said Uranus Pluto transit is like Jesus walking into the temple and overturning the tables of moneychangers. There is a powerful sense of “this MUST change now!” that accompanies this transit. There may also be an upheaval that opens up hitherto unseen possibilities.

Whether you experience it on an external or internal level, Uranus-Pluto transit could present an opportunity to make life-altering changes.


Uranus Pluto Transit: Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are some questions that may be relevant during Uranus conjunct, square or opposition Pluto:

  • What must change in your life right now? What have you tolerated too long?
  • What change, if implemented now, would make you feel more alive and authentic?
  • What have you been neglecting that is essential for your joy? Is approval from others worth neglecting yourself?
  • Where does your passion lie? How can you bring it back into your work and relationships? 

Uranus-Pluto Implosion: Risk of Tolerating the Unacceptable

As Uranus-Pluto transit nears exact conjunction, square or opposition, you may feel a pressure building in the form of upsets or discontent in any area of your life. This could be a warning signal showing you that the time to make the necessary change is now.

But what if you don’t, and continue tolerating the intolerable situation? The tension and pressure might implode within the body, causing some health issues perhaps 1-2 years later.

Under the force of Uranus-Pluto transit, it may be easier to find the courage to take a step of faith in a brand new direction. Afterward, you will most likely feel stronger and more attuned to your authentic self.


Are you experiencing the Uranus-Pluto transit right now? How do you feel its pressure? Were you able to make the necessary changes? Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.



photo: Jeff Turner

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki@hniizato.com or schedule a consultation.


  1. Hello, I would also like to share my experience. I have been experiencing Uranus opposition to my Scorpio planets Mercury conjunct Pluto (5 degrees, 10 degrees respectively) in the fifth house and I also have Scorpio Sun at 23 degrees in the sixth house. I also have a Libra Mars in the fifth house at 25 degrees, so I guess the whole thing started then, but was more clear when it hit Scorpio. Basically, I felt a huge urge to address my attraction to women (being already married and a mother) which I`ve had ever since childhood. Awareness developed gradually over the years, I had crushes and deep friendships with women, but I was also attracted to men and I have been in a relationship for 14 years now. In very short, I started feeling the need to talk about my experiences and attractions, I also started therapy so I can discuss my bisexuality, I presented the situation to my husband and he was quite supportive, encouraging me to explore this side of myself I had neglected for various reasons. I actually started exploring and came to realize I became more at peace with myself and I think I may have avoided some health issues by speaking my mind, since I felt the need for physical closeness to women in my body very strongly (and feared I might get ill if I don`t let it express it). I also feel more authentic, I feel very creative (I am also pursuing my dream of being a writer), in more areas than I thought, in day to day life, but also in artistic projects and relationships. I guess I am closer now to creating a stronger link between sexuality and creativity and also, I am unblocking an energy that might have been blocked through my natal Venus-Saturn conjunction in my sixth house in Sagittarius (Venus ruling my fifth house starting in Libra).

    The transit is not over yet, so I will have to see what comes next, but the Uranian energy definitely came by storm and abruptly, with a high tension in my mind and my body, that needed to release itself.

  2. Debbie Peluso says

    I am experiencing a Pluto Uranus/Jupiter opposition squaring Neptune. So I guess in essence….a T square going from my third (Pluto) to my 9th (Jupiter/Uranus conjunct) to my 12th (Neptune). I feel like there is an implosion and I just don’t know what I want to do with myself, but know something has to change. As a result, spending a lot of time in isolation and finding it difficult to socialize.

    • i have the exact same aspects. i am in self imposed isolation as well. but, i do feel the need to make some drastic changes and to try and remain stress free. i also think that these aspects are bringing up a lot of fear. good luck!!!

      • Debbie Peluso says

        I just now saw your response. Thank you! Helps to know I am not alone nor going crazy! I am still in a self-imposed isolation yet feeling resentment/jelousy towards family and friends for their ability to be “living.” Transiting Pluto is now within two degrees of my I/C. So pretty intense.

  3. Hi Hiroki,

    excellent description. I am going through Uranus- Pluto/Sun opposition right now. I have Sun/Pluto conjunction in the 11th house in Scorpio and Uranus transiting my 5th house. I have been basically fired from my job, it was making me feel so insecure about myself for a long time. My boss was acting weird around me and I could never sense what he’s thinking of me. I was forced to leave but many months before I was already thinking about leaving. The situation with coronavirus made me stay until last month and in the end they fired me. It forced me to look for another job and I found new one, with better salary, within 10 days. I am very happy but also super scared because this transit will last for more less one more year. I am not sure how it will influence my new workplace, the atmosphere and my results at this new job. I hope everything will be fine but all the time I am feeling this weird kind of fear. Also I have combo of Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn transiting my 2nd house of income. I am really afraid of the nearby future and wondering about the results of this transit.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, and congratulations on finding a better position! This is an uncertain time to be sure, but your fear most likely comes from projecting bad things onto the planets rather than based on your actual experience – that is unnecessary suffering and you can release it.

      • My daughter (an Aquarius) is in the midst of this transit (Uranus oppose Pluto). She recently gave birth to her third son. Everytime I speak with her she sounds very stressed. I try not to interfere, but I wish she would let me help with her little ones.

    • I have the same exact chart and the same exact situation. I have Sun conj Pluto in Scorpio in the 11th. Transiting Uranus has been opposing this conjunction from my 5th house all year. I also have transiting Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in the 2nd house (I’m a Sagittarius rising, with Saturn and Uranus conjunct the AC…Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon…1986 :))

      It’s definitely been a challenging year, but I would say- I welcome the opposition. I’ve learned that Pluto/Uranus brings the changes we need that we’re too afraid to do ourselves. I see the upcoming partile aspect on 12/14 and while I’m nervous, Mars is conjunct my NN that day. I feel confident and positive that whatever change comes about is catapulting me into a brighter, better, more authentic future. Job or not. It’s all part of the evolution process…and I’ve seen the 2nd house transits as a blessing. I had difficulty discipling myself to tackle the financial matters I’ve been shrugging off for the last 10 years. This past year and the super conjunction in my 2nd has allowed me to slow down, focus in, and mature my approach to money and thinking about my self worth in such a way that I can transform it from the root…rather than making surface level, haphazard resolutions for change that never actually come to fruition. I guess my point is…with the Sun/Pluto..if our charts are truly the same…you got this <3

      Embrace the change and use the Uranus/Pluto energy to blossom into the you you want to be rather than letting the future be scripted for you.

  4. Hello everyone,

    Considering this transit affects persons at a particular time in their lives, I too would like to share my experience with Uranus transiting my 8th house (Taurus) and opposing my natal Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd house so others may know what may come.

    First, you should also look at any other aspects which are transiting simultaneously.

    My current situation is not dire, but it is a power struggle and the power struggle I’m facing is in our society structure. My three points of opposition will come in June 2020, November 2020 and then finally in May/June of 2021. What I mean by point of opposition is the exact time when uranus makes a perfect 180 degree opposition to my natal pluto. So far, I’m experiencing the need to create real stability in my life but not having the support I need to do so. I want to live in a better neighborhood but I don’t have enough money to do so. Even if I do make the sacrifice to buy a home in a better area (which would cost me 450k), the reality would be that in the event I lost my job, I may go bankrupt and lose the home. I live in a very high cost area where homes in good areas cost a lot of money and usually people who live in these areas either have parental support by their parents supplementing their down payment or they have better jobs which pay in the 150k range or more with a two couple household typically making 200k or more together. Therefore, I have to live with the reality that I cannot realistically move to a better neighborhood at the moment until I can easily afford it or else I run the risk of putting myself in financial risk.

    The second struggle is that with my career due to transiting Uranus trineing my Midheaven in Cancer at 12 degrees. While I’m extremely ambitious and have made serious strides in my career and surpassed the strides my parents made by getting a masters degree and from going to being an extremely poor immigrant child to middle class status, I’m faced with power struggles that because I come from nothing and I have no real connections or even come from a family who could give me a head start, it’s incredibly difficult to land a job that would pay me 150k which is needed to get me to where I want to go. People see in me a petite slave, someone to clean up the the mess in my company, someone to boss around, but not someone who is respected.

    I once managed to make my way into a director level role, but without the title and without the pay, only because the head of the company fired the person who was my boss and made me do the job for a year. At the end of that year when I had cleaned up all the mess the previous person left behind, I learned that the head of the company was hiring his friend to be the director and therefore that person would benefit from my hard work, my sleepless nights and my sweat and tears. All because I’m seen as a pushover because in our society, people like me only fit a certain category.

    Now, I’m at a new job, I had to take a step down from director back to manager and it hurts because I know how to do so much but am underutilized. When I apply to other positions, no one ever calls back. The hard reality of the Uranus/Pluto stressful transit is that we are no longer the wide-eyed 20 something year old who feels they can take on the whole world but rather we are older and are faced with the innate desire to change ourselves but often status quo and who society wants you to be challenges this need. We can try to fight it but the only way to find out if we can is to continue to try to strive for what we want/need. However, we need to be mindful that whatever change we want/need to make, will benefit us. This does not mean taking bad risks like buying a million dollar home when we only make 10% of that amount or less.

    • Wow, thank you for sharing. I am frantically trying to make sense of my personal path forward and I have a very similar story to your own. I am currently in between the second and third pass of my Uranus opposite Pluto transit dates. The third pass is set to hit at the end of April. Uranus is transiting my 3rd house in Taurus opposite my natal Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th.

      On July 26th I had a life altering experience that dramatically changed my outlook on.. well everything. It was relieving to gain a more optimistic and positive viewpoint, but at that point not much else changed.

      On September 4th however, much to the surprise of everyone I worked with (including myself), I submitted my 3 weeks notice at a job where I’d started at the bottom and quickly climbed my way to the top. Much like yourself, I was continuously paid far less than my coworkers and company new hires in similar roles. I felt wed to the companies success and personally effected by the companies losses. I helped in substantial growth and new income for my employers. My tireless work ethic and dedication were certainly taken for granted, but, up until September, I believed I was getting what I deserved. My choice to quit came from a strong intuitive understanding that I was not living in allignment with my highest purpose. I hadn’t understood, at that time, how much emotionally that job had impacted me.

      I quit my job with the understanding that I’d gift myself a month to celebrate 15 years of relentless work. 4 months later, I’m having a good time exploring astrology and reading and exercising, but I feel unable to move forward in any tangible way towards my next ‘career.’ I’m living off of savings, but cannot seem to create a resume or apply for jobs. As someone who grew up poor and as a Virgo sun and moon, I’m terrified to have no sense of direction and to have lost my identity as a ‘workaholic.’ I can’t find the discipline to get clear on what I need to do to move forward.

      I’m biting my nails to see what sort of events are going to take place in April. I hope it means me getting my work/life mojo back, but we’ll see. This experience has felt empowering and freeing up until this month.

      I hope you get the recognition you deserve. It sounds like your new company is quite lucky to have landed you.

      Hiroki, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your gift. I’ve found huge comfort through your work.

  5. Hi Hiroki,

    This is a fantastic article that cuts right to the bone of the transit.

    As of about a month and a half ago I have cleared the third and final exact transit of Uranus, currently in my 8th house. Over the period of about a year it was completing a t-square with my natal Sun-Pluto square (4th/2nd house). Progressed ASC has also been conjunct natal Pluto, and progressed Jupiter has been conjunct natal Sun. I wanted to offer a postmortem on the immediate aftermath.

    This transit has been all about standing my own ground and using my own voice, especially with the 2nd house/Sun references (and especially with Sun in Aquarius). Speaking to the long-term range of this transit, my circumstances were such that my confidence was already low as it drew towards the first exact contact about a year ago. While the first pass timed conflict with a controlling older man, there was ultimately a net positive that involved an improved housing situation where my solar expression is no longer stifled. Otherwise, the first contact was relatively uneventful and even benign.

    The retrograde opposition to Pluto/P ASC and the time period between that and the closing transit were a different ballgame. The retrograde was in perfect timing with a major and humiliating career setback which entailed both very large power structures and some matters that were simply outside of my control, and which I felt I needed to hide (Pluto, 8th) from colleagues. In the time after that, I struggled to find my voice again with many false starts. I also came face to face with very ugly abuses of power (Pluto, again). It was a very dark and bleak time (the other transits in Capricorn at this time are of course part of the picture too). As the final opposition closed in I got more and more in touch with white hot rage at it all and vowed to keep going so I can change it! This is familiar territory for me but it was like the pressure of the whole situation was pushing it even deeper into the ground to find bedrock. It is also about survival, absolutely no question.

    Having said all of this, even though the exact phase of the transit is over, there is no neat bow to tie on it. I still feel unsure and unstable in myself, I am not sure what my voice sounds like anymore or who I am, and I am exhausted. I feel like I have had to compromise parts of myself to reach a goal that meant a lot to me, and I’m not sure if it is worth it anymore. For anyone going through a transit like this, especially with ASC/Sun or 6th house connections, take extra good care of your body, mind, and spirit, as the body and soul react to stress like this. A silver lining for myself personally though is that I have faced major fears head-on and released significant psychological blockages. So while the transit’s main action is over now, we wait to see what kind of seeds were planted in the chasm blown open…

    • Hi Kaló, thank you for sharing your experience with Uranus Pluto transit. I especially like what you said about facing major fears and releasing psychological blockages – very fitting for this transit.

  6. Transit Uranus in the 1st house/2nd house cusp has been transiting opposite my pluto in the 7th/8th house cusp. It has been inching closer to my north node in Taurus and natally pluto is conjunct my south node in scorpio. Although still a few degrees away I am feeling the need to overthrow everything I have started….to start fresh…again. Stability is something I seem to never quite grasp. I just purchased a house 2 years ago in an attempt to put down roots, but it isn’t seeming to work, and now I fear I will lose everything since I still can’t get rooted from lack of job to lack of satisfaction with the property we bought. Do I need to go through a complete bankruptcy in this lifetime again?

    • Hi Christy, this is a lot of Taurus-Scorpio, 2nd-8th house symbolism that your transiting Uranus opposite Pluto is activating. Especially with the Nodal axis being there too, the theme this tends to bring up is one of survival (both physical survival and psychological resilience) as well as the issue of dealing with issues of power and control (i.e. what you can control vs what you cannot). Financial problem (if that is what you’re facing or are afraid of) triggers this instinctive theme in a big way. How you choose to deal with it, both practically and psychologically, is the key to deep transformation.

    • Hi Christy. I feel you. I have the exact same thing: transiting Uranus opposite Pluto in Scorpio (8th house), and conjuct North Node. Going through a lot of soul-torture right now. At this point I plan on quiting my tech job and joining an fledgling agricultural co-op, an opportunity that just showed up out of the blue. I offer my sympathies and wish you well. Trust that you’re being lead to where you need to be, even if it’s hard. We all need a little nudge from time to time.

      • Christy becker says

        Thank you, Matt. I can see how you are leaning toward your Taurus north node by relinquishing previously thought securities that might have otherwise drained you on an emotional/energetic level and thereby joining that co-op. I believe our generation is being tested to recognize our strength through challenging outer circumstances being presented to us that show us how we did not have power/felt the loss of power. Best to you.

  7. I have transit Pluto Cap opposite my natal Uranus Cancer.
    At the same time I have Saturn Cap opposite my natal Uranus Cancer
    AND transit Uranus (Taurus 9) opposite my Saturn in Scorpio (3rd)
    All the structures of my life are failing. I have to sell my house (cancer) because the business has failed (Capricorn/Saturn) due to technology (Uranus)
    I am a printer and the books (3rd) I made are going digital (Uranus 9th)
    So I lost that account (Taurus). I will move from California to Kentucky because its cheaper and CA is bankrupting everyone who is working.
    My shop (Saturn) had to be retrofit for earthquakes (Uranus) and it is all torn up and I am still trying to work in there.
    They are trying to build a highrise next door to my shop (Uranus) and tear down the old factory which was Italian sausage. (Saturn)
    Im sitting in this meeting where they talk about tearing up the old place and show a slide of Italian women making the sausage in the 1920s and I am wow, here it is in pictures. I had to walk out, it was too emotional for me. Cancer/South Node
    Old structures in life are being changed, replaced.
    When you are wise enough you see all of this is fated, every single thing.
    My nodes are Cap/Cancer as well and being set off by Saturn too.
    Letting go
    New beginnings
    Cycles of life

    • PS
      I am going to leave here with money because I did the adult thing and bought a house at the bottom on the market and paid it off in 8 yrs.
      I have Mars in Capricorn and Sun Taurus.

    • Hi Kim, this is indeed a tempestuous transition. Best wishes in your new locations…

  8. andromeda - Where are you? says

    Currently Uranus is opposite my natal Pluto in Scorpio. Scorpio is also my south node and I also have Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. Lately my mind has been obsessed over security issues and the recent loss of my best friend most beloved feline Luna, whom I lost to absolute sudden diagnosis of lymphoma when Venus was retrograde in Scorpio back in October. Old injuries have resurfaced. I’m currently reading “The Convoluted Universe “ by Dolores Cannon and am trying to consciously be aware of my thoughts; picturing myself floating in a pyramid with pure white light beaming down onto me. I may sound like quackery- but it is what seems to be pulling me out of the destructive mind. Astrology to metaphysical aspects are indulgent at this time. Reaching out for something to reach out to me.

  9. I have transit uranus conjuncting my moon in 10th house and oposing my pluto/saturn conjunction in 4th. Oh boy . 2nd uranus opposition to pluto just happening very soon. During first one i have moved to another country and my aunt died due to unfortunate accident. All happened on same day and exact opposition. Uranus on moon almost killed due to anxiety and depression car accident and drained my all savings… My work is nightmare so trying to change it now close to opposition and my jupiter to jupiter conjunction. God plz help

  10. Hi! Next year Uranus will be transiting my 6th house and it will Oppose my Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th. At first I thought it would be work related, but now im concerned about my health?

  11. Hi Hiroki,

    Currently going through Uranus transiting my 5th house (in Taurus) and opposing natal Pluto in my 11th (in Scorpio). This is also where my North and South nodes are (N in Taurus and S in Scorpio) and Uranus is near to conjuncting my NN as well.

    I’ve recently had a situation at my school where due to people’s past absenteeism and laziness, there is a possibility of us not having our end of the year fashion show, due to how behind everyone is. It’s made me incredibly angry as I have maintained high attendance, come to course every day and have a no nonsense dedicated approach to my work and getting done the things I need to get done on time. To have my course and opportunity so affected by a groups’ laziness has really upset me and I find myself in a position of being the odd one out, but the angry odd one out. Put opposed to everyone, just due to my diligence and hard creative work.

    Yet I feel I can’t really do anything to help or motivate others without making them feel resentful (because I do feel like flipping tables since the absentee situation has gone on all year long and I’m sick of it) so I’ve had to sit on my hands lately, even though sitting on them has felt frustrating since I don’t want them messing up the thing I’ve worked 3 years for. I’ve been shamed and blamed for working hard and getting upset at everyone, and people 10 years my junior talk to me like I’m a child whenever I happen to speak out about it or try and create minor solutions. It’s like me suddenly against the group and anything I would do or say would be taken very badly or not seriously. Yet I feel something radical needs to happen.

    Anyway. I’ve had to really put it to myself to not care what others think of me, and to keep my self integrity (ie, not lowering my standards or caving to group-think just because it will make others feel better about their lack of effort, among other things), and trying not to care that people resent me right now for being my self and for standing up for my values and what I feel and know is the truth of the situation (that they’re letting everyone down by their non effort).

    Has definitely been a shock and disappointment, but astrology has helped me understand it a lot better.

    • Hi there, thank you for sharing your experience with transit Uranus opposing Pluto. Sounds like you’re willing to stand up (and stand out) for your values, in order to be true to yourself… I think that’s the energy reflected by this transit.

  12. Hi Hiroki!
    What do you mean by “individuation”. I have read it in jungian psychology but I didn’t quite understand it, yet. Can you explain a little bit more about its meaning and how to achieve it?

    Thank you so much!

  13. Patricia Carvalho says

    I just entered the Uranus-Pluto opposing transit.

    Uranus is sitting in the 4th house,Pluto in the 10th.
    I’m 34,no stable home environment and no job.But I’ve been preparing for quite some time,taking workshops in different places/cities and I can feel the pressure to decide where to settle down and that i’ll have to take a jobopportunity when it arises.
    It certainly feels like a now or never…
    What pitfalls should I avoid,do you have advice for me?

    Kind regards


  14. Nice insights!

    I’m living a Pluto transit (3rd house) precisely square natal Uranus in Libra (12th House conjunct Ascendant). I have a YouRube channel where I make spiritual videos and the interesting thing is that this change really kind of snuck up on me really fast. Almost exactly when Uranus entered Taurus my whole spiritual message is being forced to change, toward astrology funnily enough. At the same time finances are in crisis mode.
    I understand I have three shots at righting the ship as Pluto will retrograde over this postotion in my chart. So, yes, it is effecting me at very very deep levels.

    Thanks for the keen wisdom.


  15. Hi Hiroki! Another interesting web site. I am currently experiencing transiting Uranus, 5th house trine my natal Pluto, Leo, 10th house. The literature says that people with a placement of Pluto in the 10th house experience the destruction of their first career in order to transform and regenerate into a different career? Is this aspect from transiting Uranus the spark, or the awakener of my true vocation in life? The urge to do something with my life and achieve success in the public eye is now very strong. Also transiting Uranus is squaring with my progressed Uranus, Cancer, 9th house. Scorpio rules my 12th house so is this an opportunity to clear out all the baggage from 12th house?

    • Hi Peter, that’s a nice inspiration to have when you consider invigorating your career. Trine tends to be less active compared to hard aspects, but perhaps you can still take advantage of the urge for renewal Uranus Pluto combination suggests.

  16. Hi.thank you so much for sharing this info. I was searching for information about this specific transit because ive been feeling im near a breakdown again. tr uranus 27 aries, is near my 8thcusp 2ºtaurus. And Uranus is also exact oppose my natal pluto at 27ºlibra my 1st house ( my 2nd house cups it 1 scorpio). at the same time Tr Saturn is square my asac and opose my MC. & tr uranus is oposing my saturn ( satur rules my IC). Would you please share what can i expect? Or what is Life trying to showme? Not only been having lots of pressure at work and with people trying to do me harm but also….my relationships with partner and also family been very hard to deal with. i suffered a depression in 2015 and i feel im falling again…thank u .

  17. Hi Hiroki. I always enjoy your posts and your thoughtful replies to everyone – thank you! I’m curious as to your thoughts about a friend of mine who is currently undergoing a major pluto uranus transit. The transit is triggering a cardinal T-square in his natal chart. He has Chiron at 19 deg Capricorn (on his IC), Moon at 22 deg Capricorn, and North Node at 24 deg Capricorn – ALL in the 4TH house – and ALL in opposition to natal Uranus at 22 deg Cancer in the 10TH – AND square natal Mars at 23 deg Libra and Neptune at 25 deg Libra in the 1st. Any thoughts on what he should expect?

  18. Hi hiroki,
    I have this transit right now,transiting pluto conjunct uranus.
    I am a virgo rising,natal pluto is in my 3rd house and natal uranus in 4th. Pluto is transiting the 4th house currently. What does it mean for me?

    • Hi Ankita, Pluto transit to Uranus represents an intense energy for change. You may see it in relation to your home or family (4th house), and in the house Uranus rules (if 3rd, then the way you think about your home and background, etc). This is a fairly powerful transit that could affect your entire life, not limited to the areas I listed.

  19. Hi Hiroki,

    I’m a Cap sun, Libra moon, Taurus rising. Looks like Uranus will be opposing my natal Pluto in the 6th house starting May. 12th/6th houses. I feel like there have been a lot of things I haven’t been quite content with but have accepted them till now, including my living situation (moved to LA 4 years ago from Texas) and job situation (grateful for it, but I’ve never felt passionate about it – yet after years of meditation, I have not been sure I’d enjoy anything else). I’d love to hear any insight you can provide.

  20. Moon Conjunct Uranus here (transit)
    Moon opposite Pluto (natally, 1orb)
    Moon in Aries, 4th house/IC
    Pluto in Libra (10th house)/MC
    I am an Aries Sun and partner is Libra ASC

    Oh boy am I for a bumpy ride. Home life is restructured, roles redefined, new rules, dropping old pehavioral patterns. Everything feels erratic, scary but hopefully. It’s like, I either accomplish this or die. Possibly even a divorce.

    Lots of digging in self, healing old emotional wounds (father-daughter issues). The relationship is irreparable but deep Jungian analysis and “getting over it” is happening.

    Career – actively seeking to move job or redefine career. Maybe move to a new self-employment model. Very scary but equally scary not to change anything.

    Health: emotions are intense and not as composed as usually. Self doubt of reasoning, but lots of unexpected insight from intuition. Intuition is getting an upgrade/ awakening.

    Redefining love towards self. Self assertion. Asking for what I need and speaking up. Saying no.

    Changing relationship with kids towards more empathy, letting go, listening to each other, cuddling and nurturing

    • Hi Jenny, thank you for sharing your experience with transit Uranus and Pluto! Best wishes with this major change period…Hopefully you’ll emerge feeling stronger, more healed and empowered (sounds like this is where you’re headed.)

  21. MoonInLeo says

    Uranus Pluto Transit: ‘Is approval from others worth neglecting yourself?’. Thanks for putting exactly what i’m feeling into words! My job while hectic is very enjoyable to me as an individual. but everyone above me requires so much hand holding that i feel i can no longer give to them because it goes against me and its bringing up all my repressed anger. its a very interesting time. very difficult to go against the group, but also very destined feeling as I’m meditating a lot and tending to my emotions thats are coming up. I’m a 12th house aries sun so its kind of like i have to shift the whole group subconsciously which is ex-hausting, and blocking out others egos. i have a meeting with my boss today and i’m told its a good meeting.. but i feel like i’m getting let go. either way i feel like i’m in sync with myself

  22. Hello Hiroki, Uranus edges towards my 4th house cusp opposing the MC and Pluto. The transit is waxing and natal Sol is in 4th house Taurus opposite Pluto but not MC. Troubles felt in 4th house matters are certainly addressed right now with an insane amount of repressed anger to those in so called power. The landlord, the boss and, father are the very architype I have been at war with for too long. I look forward to liberation for all who I associate and love, the poignant few. My soul stirs in this couldron.

  23. Hi, this is scary. How will this affect me with Pluto in 12th and Uranus in the 6th house and my health is already bad? (Cfs). Doctors can’t do anything but my diet should be better, I know it but have been to lazy. What if I make the right changes now before the transit hits me?

  24. The very questions I ‘ve been asking myself.
    I have pluto conjunct to uranus in m 2nd house: A lot of self-worth question.
    I am made to transform with Pluto conjunct my moon in Scorpio with an ascendant in Scorpio rising. I’m a huge advocate towards rebirth.
    This transit has hit me in finding my self worth ad taking a jump in my career and the path I WANT TO TAKE. Without the approval of my mother and family. So far since I’ve made this change I’ve had a lot of good karma come way and a lot of doors have opened for me.
    But I’ve ignored mindful eating for too long so now I’m seeing multiple doctors every week to ensure my health doesn’t take a toll. Taking care of yourself is a whole other career. Double edge sword: Uranus is conjunct my mars in my natal chart so my body can have unpredictable changes. But I’m built to run on empty fuel.

    Thanks for the post!

  25. Hello!I am a Gemini with cancer rising and sun-moon-venus-mercury sitting on the 12th house(so its been quite hard after all during all my life,and of course I am studying medicine!).For the past two years Pluto has been on the 6th and Uranus on the 10th.So I developed A LOT of health issues which had a big impact on my studies.Boy,these two planets are strong!

    • Hi there, most likely the peak of the stressful period will be when transit Pluto opposes your planets in the 12th house. The level of stress you’re going through tends to be reflected in the severity of health issues, so it’s important to be aware of your emotional state and seek ways to find internal balance.

  26. Thank you for sharing this insight. I am a cancer rising at 25 degrees, and I am experiencing this square in the 10th house (Uranus in Aries) and 6th house (Pluto in Cap). I have been having extreme pains in the tailbone, lower sacral pelvic area. My guess is that my job has become so intolerable that I am having these health problems. I had Jupiter transit through my 12th house a few years ago and had some mother issues to arise through my relationship with my boss. I recall in early 2014 there was some sort of major t-square to uranus, and I had a car accident. At the time, I was feeling great anger towards my boss. Since then, my back has been a problem more than ever. I have been able to deal with the emotional karmicc issues and integrate my shadow self around wanting to be valued and approved by my boss (and mother), and learning the ropes of abuse of power and dealing with emotional manipulation. It has been a painful process, but I am finally coming from under the dark waters to the light. I have a chance to push my part-time business into a full-time career, but I am terrified as it is very Saturn/Neptunian. Not sure if it is practical….so there lies the problem of “taking the leap of faith” to leave my current job and go full-blast into this dream career I am striving to creating. But your articles have been very helpful in helping me to move outside of myself and see how to this grand stage play is playing out and how I can make conscious choices for change.

    Thank you!!

  27. Something I am unfamiliar with however is vertex’s when being transited. Natally I have Neptune conj.Mars in5th house. Natal Mars conj.vertex which my vertex is at 20′ cap. Vertex sextiles natal Jupiter 22′ Pisces in 8th. My Mars & vertex trine both my natal venus20’virgo in 2nd house & midheaven 15′ Taurus, in what way could all this manifest considering my vertex will soon be activated? The Pluto transiting my natal Mars in cap in 5th pluto recently leaving conj. Had been very violent( an abusive relationship which I would have ended up dead if I did not leave.) I took up martial arts to utilize that negative energy for good instead of having it turned on me, it saved my life… So now what?

  28. I know someone who had a tragic 😞experience with a Pluto transit to natal Uranus. Now this is not something one should expect AT ALL w/the same or similar transits as other natal,progressed & transit factors did play a role in such a sad end. The girl had natal sun& ASC. In 1’leo an exact conjunction. Her natal Uranus in 2’cap. In 6th. Transiting Pluto had made several exact hits to all these points in her chart during the year already. Pluto kept hanging over these points in retrograde conj.the natal uranus& inconjunct natal sun& ASC. Her progressed Jupiter entered 2′ cancer 12th house;opposing natal uranus6th & became opp. By trans. pluto.Transitin mars at 0′ Leo leavin 12th house crossing over natal sun & asc. making inconjunct to trans. pluto…She went to a university concert arena, got an injury to the head, became disoriented, somehow ended up outside the arena. Rule was no re-entry. now separated from her friends, she decided to get a taxi back home, she ended up raped & murdered by the taxi driver (whom provided the public service6th house). Body found 3 months later. Her bones (cap.) were badly broken in her back(Leo)& a severely fractured skull perhaps the mars on asc(Aries; head)/ Pluto (cap./ Bones)?? Pluto made a explosion in her chart when it hit her sensitive points. USUALLY a Pluto death manifests metaphorically, but in this case it manifested literally & physically (ASC.) This is a very rare but intricate case study so I felt a need to post it. Do understand transits do not MAKE these things happen they DO reveal inclinations that may transpire if there is lack of foresight or heightened awareness.

  29. Here we go…

    I have been working 70+ hour work weeks for the last 7 years in a salaried position because I thought I was doing the right thing. Working for the greater good. I turned out that my efforts turned the people into millionaires while they compensated me very little. The constantly dangled the opportunity to own said business in front of me which led me to work harder for less. Fast forward… My wife moves out due to my bad habit and I come to a realization that what I’ve been working for is never going to come. Here we are 4 months into this transit. She and I are working on our relationship and I am working less hours. I’m about to start my own business hanging out my shingle. Many things are still up in the air. However, shake me up? This transit has been something with several months to come.

  30. Thank you for this post – I’m finding it very helpful (for the second time this year – as Uranus is currently retrograding over the ‘hot spot’ opposite my Libran Pluto…).

    During the first version of this transit I decided to completely change career. In the interim I’ve been accepted to a great postgraduate course, but job hunting has proved fruitless – I’m still stuck with my old ‘profile’. Now on the retrograde version I have a few weeks to get a new job, and feel frustrated to not be transforming fast enough! So I’m using your questions to see if I can break through this…

    Pluto is in my 1st house so that figures, and Uranus in the 7th makes me wonder if they key will be an out of the blue ‘partner’ like an agent or collaborator. Or a romantic partner, even…

    Intetestingly, partnership and Uranian vibes look like two big themes in the year ahead – esp. with Jupiter going into Libra. I’m a Sag sun with a stellium in Libra, which to me says partnerships are key. And due the third ‘hit’ of my Uranus-Pluto opposition, Uranus conjunct Moon at 21 Aries and 25 Sag Sun trine Uranus coming up – which says ‘buckle up for an eventful ride!’.

  31. Thresholdgaurdian says

    Pluto transited my natal Uranus in 2013 while the grand sextilenwas forming as well as my nodal square(transit north node square natal north node). A lot of tension of course. Ended a 2 year relationship that was going nowhere, moved into my on place and purchased my dream car. Ended up purchasing my 1st home within the next 6 months, wrecked my dream car, and purchased another. A lot of karmic situations took place as well.

  32. Hello Hiroki, thank you for your post; very insightful. I have a stellium of Saturn 16, Mercury 22, Pluto 24 and Jupiter 25 all in Libra in the 8th house (placidus). Transiting Unranus is opposing my stellium (Natal Pluto exact) and Tranisiting Pluto is squaring my stellium (Natal Saturn almost exact). I feel a tremendous inner shift occurring in a way that I can’t describe. Almost like a pressure to break free from an invisible barrier I can’t see. Any thoughts on how to cope better, considering my stellium is a huge part of my chart because of the magnitude of planets that are there which is one of the main focal points in the chart. Obviously with this stellium I’m supposed to learn something and no better time than a double transit but it is so hard at times.

  33. Hi Hiroki, Uranus is now opposing my natal Pluto at 23 degrees Libra in my 7th house and will transit over it 2 more times due to retrograde motion. At the same time Tmars is conjunct my natal Uranus in Scorpio and TSaturn in my sign of Sagittarius (9th house) squaring Neptune which has been sitting on my ascendant for quite some time. My life seems to be at a standstill. In the past couple of years I’ve lost everything I’ve worked for all my life. Changes need happening but they are out of my control. With Pluto in my 7th house I’m scared to lose my relationship as well which is what means the most to me. (My husband has been living in a different country for 4 years for work). Are the Uranus-uto changes ever positive? And by that I mean constructive rather then destructive?

    • Hi Silvia,

      Changes can be constructive for sure, and this is the view I hold and share with clients. Nature has a process we might call creative destruction, where outworn structures has to be torn down or burned away in order for a new, better life to begin. A good, empowering question to ask yourself during this period is “What am I no longer willing to put up with?”

  34. Hi Hiroki. As of today, I have transiting Uranus in Aries 9th opposite natal Pluto in Libra 3rd. An aside, transiting Pluto is re-entering my 5th house. I understand that the 3rd and 9th houses represent philosophy, etc. What I’m wondering, however, is if these transits can mark an external event that could “solidify” a long-held philosophy or theory, therefore making it a personal truth. For instance, I have been using the Law of Attraction to manifest a particularly large “wish” I’ve had for many years now. Before I was even aware of this transit, I had a feeling that ‘something’s gotta give’ this year in regards to it. Could a Uranus opposite Pluto transit bring tangibility to something like that? In other words, could this be the year my “wish” comes true? Hopefully so, and not a big slap in the face. ;)

    • Hi Heidi, it’s important to remember that planets do not make anything happen but you do. Planets are not wish fulfilling powers, they merely reflect the development potential within your life. Transit Uranus opposite Pluto often suggests a time when you are tired of waiting around and take definite action to bring changes about – the power to act is within you.

  35. Dear Hiroki Thank you for your interesting post on transits. I have just turned 60 and am Gemini with Capricorn rising. I have recently been studying my chart and my natal Pluto in Leo is conjunct Jupiter in the 8th house and it forms one arm of a grand cross so predictably my life has been a series of loss and letting go experiences on all levels, health, career, money and relationships. Interestingly the two major crises in my life correlated with Pluto transits to my natal Neptune and a few years later, Saturn in the 10th house so these experiences have been quite public. As a result my career ended due to a breakdown in health. I now see that Pluto has been trundling through my 12th house heading towards the ascendant. Opposite is Uranus in the 7th conjunct the Moon in the 6th house on the descendant. Should I feel nervous or excited?

  36. Dear Hiroki,

    I have transit Uranus in 2nd house opposite my natal Pluto in 8th house. I feel I have to change my life. I have to move to another Apartment because I get health problems from the noise and the area becomes dangerous more and more. But I’m poor and disabled (cannot work) and I cannot afford another Apartment. I loose money or I have to fight for it. I cannot make the necessary changes. I feel stressfull, angry and aggressive because I cannot make the changes.

    • Hi Silke, I removed your birth data since this is a public forum. That is a difficult situation you’re in, to be sure – a volatile transit like Uranus Pluto may stir up the feeling of indignation to an extreme point. If no action is possible, something internal must change.

  37. Hi there!

    The past 8 years sure have brought immense changes for this Cardinal Gal. The changes continue daily, who I was yesterday is only a memory today. Each lesson a small piece of my evolution. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned, is to change my vocabulary. I use to say “I’ve lost so much..” I now say, “I’ve grown so much, gained so much, learned do much…”
    Cap sun 15′ 12th h
    Cap moon 6′ 12 h
    Cap Mercury 18′ 12 h
    Aquarius Mars 4′ conjunct ac
    libra Pluto 24′ 8 h
    Libra Jupiter 9′ 8 h
    Libra Saturn 9′ 8h
    Scorpio Uranus 28′ 9 h conjunct MC 1′ sag
    Uranus transit Aries 2 h

    All you can do is keep moving and remember how far you’ve come.

  38. Hiroki,
    No coincidences here. Not even sure the Internet rabbit hole I fell down that delivered me to your doorstep. I’m actually working w a reputable astrologer in a sort of counseling capacity. We’ve been working through my minor progressed return chart since Feb. I’ve got a lot of aspects going on…and I’m glad to know its in my chart and not my imagination!
    The Pluto/Uranus conjunction is also in my natal chart., but Pluto is in 5th house & Uranus in 8th. To add excitement, this conjunction is in opposition with Saturn in my 11th house. And Saturn is way higher friction and is predicted to “win.”
    Sorry to go on and on. But my natal moon is very high altitude and in the minor progessed chart it’s extremely low latitude w Mercury out of bounds. And I’m in this prog. moon chart I’m floundering in an almost perfect water Grand Trine.

    Truly there have been many days, weeks since January when I don’t have a clue as to who I am or who I’m being “guided” to become. I’ve never related to being the deer frozen in the headlights who also has blankets pulled over its head.
    So, perhaps I wrote this because there’s no one in my day to day life that understands. Not looking for sympathy but I’d gladly take a few words of wisdom/encouragement to help me through this.

    • Hi Linda, I don’t work with minor progressions so cannot comment on it, but hopefully your astrologer can help you make sense of it! My approach is to always relate any techniques I use (transits, progressions and solar arc) to the natal chart – so I don’t consider return charts separately like others do.

  39. Hi… I have Pluto in Libra in the 6th house. I have a Uranus opposition to Pluto due any day now and lasting through the end of July. Since 6th house is work and health I’m worried. More about health. I’m 35 and in fine health but for some reason I have this foreboding sense like I’m gonna get sick or even die. Am I misunderstanding?

    • Hi Chris, critical illnesses are suggested more by 12th house than the 6th house. But remember that “planets don’t do anything, people do.” No transit will make you suddenly ill if you have a healthy constitution.

      • Well I think I do… but you know how it is. Certain things sneak up on you. I think in reading various descriptions of Uranus opposes Pluto transits the word ‘sudden’ kinda triggered the thought. Just anxiety I guess! Thanks for responding – I do feel better.

  40. Aries Uranus 10th house will make an opposition to my Libra Pluto 4th house in 2 weeks. Also, Aries Uranus is in my solar return 4th house as well. It makes a square to both my Sun and Mercury in the 1st house. Am I moving from home this year? Or is something bad going to happen to my home? :/

    • Hi Kim, you’re creating your own pain from these worrisome (and incorrect, if I may say so) thoughts…There is an old adage in astrology that says “planets don’t do things, people do”. Try asking “What are the necessary changes I wish to make in my life?” Questions like that will help to focus your energy, so that you can utilize the transit’s potential as an owner rather than victim in your life.

  41. I misspoke there. I meant that Uranus will eventually oppose each of those planets in the first.

    • I think you wrote correctly – my response was for the Uranian transit to Pluto and Ascendant.

      • Curios Kat says

        Hi Hiroki,
        I will soon have Uranus Opposite Pluto Transit (natal Pluto is 21° Libra in 9th house). Can you please tell me how this can manifest? Can it mean relationship breakup? I thought its transits to the angular houses like ascendant, 4th, 7th, or 10th house have significant impact.

        • Hi CK, Uranus Pluto opposition does not by itself suggest a relationship breakup – 9th house isn’t Angular, but you could consider that this transit has to do with strong changes within your mindset, education, philosophy or worldview (3rd-9th house axis). Please consider scheduling a private consultation for a deeper look into the time period.

  42. How does this affect Pluto conjunct asc individuals? I’m not able to find much on this important distinction, as Pluto trends to represent my body. Leading up to my Uranus opposite Pluto rising aspect, there’s also Uranus opposite asc, off course. After, it conjunctmy moon in the 7th. This looks like it’s going to be really difficult. I also have Saturn conjunct Mars in the first (and my Pluto manifests in the first also, not twelfth) So eventually Pluto will oppose these as well. Insight here is seriously appreciated.

    • Hello Joshua, Having Pluto on the Ascendant definitely magnifies the potential impact of this Uranian transit. For many people this is a time of making necessary changes, and there usually is an inner knowing of what needs to be done. The transit seems to give people the necessary courage (either voluntarily or by force of circumstance) to do what’s necessary – and that’s the way I’d recommend you to consider this period. Please schedule a private consultation for a more in-depth discussion of your horoscope.

  43. tom Russell says

    I have pluto conjunct sun in the 4th house, squared by Uranus in 7th. During this event , my father died , our natal home was sold . My current living status in an apt is challenged by foreclosure and I have attempted to relocate in july , dec and very soon. Persons in the living arrangement, as warned by other readings are at times malicious and troublesome, including criminal violence bye my “friends”. Thus what is the duration of Uranus in aries to its 8th degree. I am using sites such as this, hindu texts, to give direction and background to outcomes. INtelligence is knowing what will happen, thus I am deeply expanding my astrological outlook. I am not meeting Buddhist and yoga direction.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, and sorry to hear about your losses. If I understand correctly, you were experiencing transit Uranus square Pluto-Sun in the 4th. Uranus has been well past the 8th degree of Aries for some time, so it technically wouldn’t be in effect if that’s the degree your natal Pluto-Sun conjunction is in (08 Capricorn?) If that’s the case, probably the experience you had reflects another transit or solar arc.

  44. Hi Hiroki, My name is Tony and I have Moon in 20 Cancer 28’50”
    Uranus will go stationary direct in Aries making a square close to those seconds next month. Already, my 15 year relationship is in an upheaval with her anger and demeaning attitude. She’s asked me to move out and even notified the landlord. She now finds that she has a pretty good deal where I paid 75% of bills and wants a housemate situation from me now with possibility of working things through. There are good sides to her and it can be advantageous to reside in an unconventional relationship where she would take care of the cooking/house while I can work more freely. I feel guilty that she doesn’t have what she needs and thinking of my freedom and leaving her because of the stress. She could get another roommate but still may have to work a day a week to supplement her social security.

    Also, a big question is that this station is a long one and would it better to deal with everything on the first pass? Will issues go on and come back on me on the other four passes just as much? I also have a Sun 16/Mars 12 in Gemini, Mercury in 26 Taurus, Venus Leo at 0 and 39′, Rising Virgo at 19. Thanks Hiroki.

    • Hi Tony, sounds like there is a big change coming in the home front. For a detailed consultation please schedule an appointment. Just looking at transiting Uranus square Moon, there are many that believe the final pass to be the most powerful.

  45. hi Hiroki, I am Helen and my venus is in libra 13 degrees and is also my MC ruler. Now i am having a uranus transit in my sun 18 degrees libra (ascedant ruler)and my saturn is next (24 libra) as well as my pluto (26 libra)! North node also in 9 degrees in cancer.I am so tired…a lot of unstability and unpredictability in my life…my career plans ruined within a day … health problems…i can’t make any plans…every day is a surprise…hope someday land somewhere “safe”..although i took my lesson, safety simply doesn’t exist!

    • Hello Helen,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your story. Sounds like you’ve been going through a period of upheaval as your cardinal planets are experiencing the pressure from Uranus Pluto transit. The health issues can hopefully be addressed as best as possible at this time – this looks to me a number one priority for you before Pluto squares your Sun. I encourage you to schedule a consultation if you’d like to discuss this period in depth, as I might be able to offer you additional perspective.

  46. Hi Hiroki, I am a student of Noel’s. I won a scholarship 5 years ago. Only on Lesson 14, but getting there! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your insights. Thank you so much, Carole :)

  47. I am a gemini, libra rising. My pluto is in Libra 14°, Sun/Moon Cancer 15,5°. Last year I quit my job and set up my own business. This year, my relationship with all my close friends ended, totally, one by one. It is quite a surprising effect for me as I was expecting this transit to be more in the marriage/partnership section, which I don’t have any at the moment.

    • Hello Mercure,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. With Uranus Pluto transit impacting your Sun/Moon midpoint plus natal Pluto, this has been an once-in-a-lifetime change of perspective and identity for you. The relationship factor in your case was expressed through separation from your close friends – you’re probably moving into a different circle now, ready to create new friends.

  48. Hi Ben! This article is very reassuring, and makes me feel much braver.

    If I’m being honest, I haven’t been coping well at all with my Physical or Spiritual Being, or my Place in the Cosmos, since 2012.

    It’s weird. Five or six years ago, I was outgoing, physically fit, high-achieving, hard-working, and I had a good artistic rhythm starting in my life (I began writing a lot of songs). I thought I would keep climbing. But then, three years ago, there were some deaths and near deaths in my family, as well as a lot of local unemployment and family tension and fighting. I moved away from home to a new city to study and start over in a new independent life, but I couldn’t—I fell into a deep depression spell, with acute anxiety and agoraphobia, and developing disordered eating and extreme shyness. I stopped writing and working altogether, and I nearly spent the entire three years just sleeping and crying and walking around in a panicked state. I almost got sent back home, and in the very end I left and returned to my childhood home by choice.

    I have healed somewhat since then, but even after three long years, I still struggle to work hard like I used to, and I prefer to keep quiet and not do very much, and stay home alone in my room with headphones on than go out and meet people. I have a low-status, low-income job and I keep very solitary.

    Do you think this year will bring some changes for my creative and social life? Will I work and play and be with others with the passion and energy I had once? Or is this year going to be very different and give me a new battle?
    I hope you can give me some thoughts about what to expect. It hurt so much flying blind, last time!

    Thanks so much for all your insight.

    Here’s my chart..

    Sun Aquarius 4°36’35 in house 12 direct
    Moon Libra 18°47’14 in house 8 direct
    Mercury Capricorn 22°46’17 in house 12 direct
    Venus Capricorn 0°03’19 in house 11 direct
    Mars Capricorn 11°54’13 end of house 11 direct
    Jupiter Virgo 13°35’58 in house 7 retrograde
    Saturn Aquarius 8°41’28 end of house 12 direct
    Uranus Capricorn 15°07’02 in house 12 direct
    Neptune Capricorn 17°07’52 in house 12 direct
    Pluto Scorpio 22°40’47 in house 9 direct
    True Node Capricorn 9°35’16 in house 11 retrograde

    • Hello Lightfly,

      Hiroki here. The key transit for you now is transiting Pluto conjunct Uranus, plus transiting Uranus square Uranus. The potential is there for you to decide you’ve had enough, and begin taking action to improve your life. If you want some support in this direction, you can schedule a private consultation appointment.

    • aLwayslate says

      Dear Lightfly, are you feeling better now?
      Your story moved me on some deep level and made me so sad. But reading it I thought that you must be asking if things will get better because intuitively you felt the time for them to change was close.
      I hope they did.
      Wishing you all the best.

  49. kATERINA says

    Dear Niizato,
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply. It is indeed the thoughts that I did, but you make me feel more secure. I am an amateur astrologer and I only see horoscopes of my friends. The quality of a professional experience can not be compared (not always of course, but for you I am convinced by your writing way).
    I agree about the group of people that you are talking about, because I’m an artist and now I create a new project. This is confirmed by my solar MC = natal Venus (11th house). I think the very nature of artistic work can function therapeutically. I stayed for several years outside of my work aria and this new perspective gives me wings. Among other things of conditions, will bring me into contact with many people.
    I wish the best for all of us and according to an ancient Greek proverb: ‘there is no evil without a good within”. In my language: «Ουδέν κακόν αμιγές καλού»

    PS: Sorry for my bad English but is a language that I am using very rarely.

  50. I am cancer rising, 23 June 1983 with natal pluto in 7th house. Since the first Uranus / Pluto square of June 2012, an older professor of mine started expressing his interest in me. We started dating in January of 2013. It has been a roller coaster. it has been a relationship that I have never ever dreamt I would tolerate, but for some reason though we break up often, we always get back together. it is a very different relationship where we are both very strong headed. He is a Leo rising. Will it get better after the final square? although a very difficult relationship, it has taught me a lot, not to care much about what people think of me, to not be dependent on a partner so much, but the battle has been my desire to continue with my studies in a foreign country which for some reason makes him lose faith in our relationship.

    • Hello tJIMI, the energy of the Uranus Pluto transit is to follow your own path of growth, and hopefully your partner will be open to you becoming a different person. (As an aside, your natal Pluto would not be in your 7th house if you were born in 1983 and have a Cancer rising.)

  51. kATERINA says

    hello sir,
    I reading your articles from Greece and here we are living deep this square.
    My Chiron is at 14 degrees of Aries (1st house) and my moon nodes 15 Capricorn/Cancer (10th / 4th house).
    Nobody writes something about those. You may have noticed something …

    Personally, I’ve been through a lot the last few years. I’ve changed at all levels. (My ascendant 8th of Aries and Moon 7th Libra). So you can imagine!

    Thank you very much for everything I have learned from you.

    • Hello Katerina,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Your Cardinal cluster definitely has been busy in the past several years! Chiron and Lunar Nodes (Nodal Axis) being aspected by Uranus and Pluto now bring to mind the thoughts of a significant meeting that has a deep healing impact. Perhaps this can come about through an association with a group that deals with healing matters. If you haven’t thought along these lines, it may be worth exploring – it’s an important time for you!

  52. I have natal sun in Libra at 14 degrees, 39 in 12th house. 3 degree Scorpio ASC. Lots of changes since 2011, lost job, moved from NY to Florida. Lot’s of change, mostly very positive after 7 years of Saturn hitting my natal moon, sun and ASC respectively.
    Now what? I am not feeling any tension/anxiety as I had over the previous 7 years. It’s been very quiet. Is this the lull before the storm?

    • Hi Ron, You have transit Pluto square Sun with transit Uranus opposing Sun at the same time. This is a time where your self-image and life direction could shift powerfully. Watch and see how things develop this month.

  53. ı have my uranus at 14th degree capricorn in the 7th house. i have pluto conjunct uranus and uranus square uranus transits at the same time. yesterday i attempted to end a 10 years old friendship (i think a friendship of such a long time is in the control of the 7th house). i just can’t take her mind games anymore! and that sentence in your note applies very much:

    “What must change in your life right now? What have you tolerated too long?”

  54. Thank you for this perspective on the on-going Uranus-Pluto squares…

    I hadn’t related this to my natal chart until I read your article and realized my natal Venus is 15 degrees Cancer. I will look deeper into the ‘Questions to ask Yourself”.

  55. Hi

    I am a capricorn leo rising.
    How do you think it will effect me?

    Moon in capricorn 13,07 degree
    Jupiter in libra 12,49 degree
    Uranus in capricorn 17,50 degree
    Neptune in capricorn 18,05

    Thank you for your insights, i appreciate it!
    Greetings from Belgium

    • Ps: All of these planets are in my natal 5th house.

    • Hi Ben,

      Both Uranus and Pluto have been transiting your Moon and Jupiter for some time now (over a year). What kind of changes have you been noticing in your emotions and in relationships?

      • HI

        To be honest over the past years I saw alot of people come and go. For me the hardst thing to deal with was my emotions because normally its like I don’t have them. But now I more sensible than I ever was.

        Ps: I wanted to add except for Jupiter my jupiter is in Libra.

        • Hi Ben,

          Thank you for sharing your experience. That partly answers your question about transiting Pluto contacting your Moon. Uranus and Pluto will continue on to contact the rest of your stellium in the 5th house, so this evolution will continue to affect the way you view relationships. Note that 5th house mainly has to do with giving of love (here is a post about the 5th house).

          • Hi
            Thank you for your insights, I think Indeed that my realationships are changing a lot. Somehow I am learning to focus more on myself instead of giving all my energy away to others like in the past.

            In my previous comments I told you that my Jupiter was in the fifth house but I was wrong my Jupiter is in the 2nd house in libra. I am Leo rising.
            But however I have a selleum in the 5th because of my true node in sag in the 5th house and sun in Capricorn in the 5th house, moon, neptune and Uranus in the 5th.

            You talked about pluto going over Jupiter then this might have affected my 2nd house because 2014 was a bad year financially.

            Thank your for your time!

          • You’re very welcome.

        • A major transformation is taking place within you regarding relationships of pleasure 5th
          (The 7 the rules marriages or open enemies co workers etc.) Since Pluto is on its way to conj. Your natal uranus, this process is not yet done & maybe in for a major fanally not nesesarily a bad thing as you may be shocked into an awakwnin.

      • moonstone says

        What could this be like if transiting pluto is conjunct my natal uranus in the 10th house?

        • Hi Moonstone, I would ask questions like “how would I like to express myself more through my work?” Questions along these lines will help you reinvigorate your career expression during the transit.

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