Uranus in Astrology: Breaking Free from Old Patterns

Uranus in Astrology

Emphasized Uranus, either in natal chart or through transit & solar arc, seems to grant us the capacity to ignore rules and traditions that keep us stuck in a rut.  Uranus represents our ability to think outside of the box, as well as deviate from the unspoken code of conduct imposed on us by others or (more often) ourselves.

If some people with strong Uranus emphasis choose illegal means to get what they want, it’s not because they lack conscience – they’re merely more able to ignore rules of morality imposed upon them by society (all revolutionaries, by definition, break rules.)

Uranus Aspect in Natal Chart or Transit & Solar Arc

Uranus involved with 7th house or its ruler suggests an involvement with alternative thinkers or individualists that break rules in various ways.  The suggestion here is that such influence may be necessary in order for you to break out of your limiting patterns.

Uranus – Sun aspect suggests a drive to break free from the mold, by becoming someone different from your former self.  Reinventing the self does not always work out positively, however – some become more withdrawn and reclusive under this placement, moving into a fringe of law and society.

Uranus – Moon aspect represents emotional shock or turmoil, and the drive to escape it.  Some people shut down in order to distance themselves from the pain.  Other people renew themselves with intensity, investing all to fulfill their needs.

Uranus – Mercury aspect suggests the need to know or think of something new, as well as intense fear of boredom.  There may be nervous drive and anxiety, and an escape into the world of abstract ideas.

Uranus – Venus aspect suggests the need to extricate oneself from stifling relationships.  In both love and friendship, there tends to be a drive to seek excitement through people.

Uranus – Mars aspect may manifest as a burst of anger at any obstacles.  The feel is that of a sudden attack in order to win.  This aspect intensifies the Uranian drive for freedom and the need to extricate oneself from confining circumstance.

Uranus – Jupiter aspect suggests the drive to broaden one’s worldview.  There may be a tendency to feel constrained by one’s own culture or religion, which leads one to seek out new knowledge.  There is also a strong drive toward optimism.

Uranus – Saturn aspect represents a clash between the old and new: Valuing the old, yet seeing the need for change.  This could manifest as frustration with the world, or a patient resolve to effect change.

Uranus – Neptune aspect could lead one to reach out for new inspiration, or escape into fantasy and intoxication.  Neptune lures us with the promise of freedom from difficulty – but the easy way out tends to be costly.

Uranus – Pluto aspect suggests a deep desire to right a wrong.  There may be a need to extricate the self from negative or malicious circumstance – and perhaps a drive to help others do the same.

In Closing: When Your Old Pattern No Longer Works

Living under Saturn’s inertia, which could be thought of as “repeating what worked for us over the years,” our thinking and behavioral patterns tend to solidify and stiffen.   We stay out of trouble that way, but in exchange we may also feel stuck in the same disempowering pattern year after year.

Observing the natal or transiting Uranus’ placement could help us recognize the opportunities we have to reinvent ourselves in a certain area.  Just like a butterfly extricating itself from the cocoon of its old life, doing so could help us form a brand new identity with much more inner & outer freedom.

Share Your Experiences & Insights

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Thank you for this brilliant article, I am a big fan of this planet! It’s great to see him getting the spotlight and some of your profound consideration, which is, as ever, deeper than the approach most take! (i.e. ‘keywords–electricity, humanitarianism, crowdfunding, something about rebellion and peace signs’).

    I wonder, could you share a little advice on my Uranus placement (Cap/12th?)

    I have a bit of an unrequited love-affair with Uranus. I am Aquarius Rising/Sun, so I have an affinity with the planet, and I have always wanted to espouse it’s values and gifts. I have Jupiter trining Uranus at 1Deg and Mars conjuncting Uranus at 3Deg, so I proudly call myself Uranian…the problem is, I am not accessing Uranus energy properly, as I have my Cap Uranus in the 12th house, squaring Libra Moon, with Saturn on my Ascendant blocking his path!

    It’s frustrated me for as long as I can remember that I ‘people-please’ (I have Unaspected Venus in Capricorn at 0 Degrees in the 11th!!), and hide my ‘weirdness’, my unique, electric qualities and skills, and what I truly what I want and think and feel, out of fear of retribution and scorn from society or eventual shunning (even though I often end up by myself with my deviancy, anyway, with Moon/Chiron aspecting in the 5th and a 12thH 6 planet Capricorn stellium). I am seen as scruffy, shy, reclusive and ‘agreeable’ (Sun in 12th/Moon in Libra) which I really can’t stand–I’d give a lot to be viewed as a person who is outgoing, outlandish and outwardly attracts attention, and as someone who pursues who they are and what they love fearlessly. I admire performance artists, actors, audacious writers and stuntmen and rockstars and rappers, anyone with the courage to do and say what they strongly believe, and I’d love to be one among their number. But some hateful instinct shuts my mouth, stays my hand, and I am sucked back into the 12th quicksand!

    I appeal to your expansive knowledge, Hiroki–could you give me any kernel of advice on unlocking all the energy of my Uranus placement, that I know is there under the sea of my 12th/Saturn? Meditation, journals, long walks and changes of hairstyle aren’t enough to make it happen for me, it seems….


    loyal reader Lightfly!

    • Hi Lightfly,

      From what you wrote, most likely the answer to unlocking Uranus lies in the realm of Saturn: Practical action. I can’t begin to guess how and what from just these symbols, but please feel free to schedule a consultation if you’d like to discuss it further.

  2. I recently had a relationship that I call my ‘Uranus trip’. Abruptly started a relationship with someone completely ‘not my usual type’ just as Uranus conjunct my Venus, it lasted 18 months and ended fairly suddenly on pretty much the day of the last hit. Good times :)

  3. Hello, I am new to this realm of astrology, have been more focused in other paths such as archetypes, which I -as well as many others…- feel are totally connected to astrology.

    Astrology is becoming a path I trust more and more, I want to go deeper.

    I feel strong resonance to everything you have written about Uranus. Even though I sort of understand aspects must be seen in relationship to the rest of the chart, just as a starting point -and maybe something that could help many others here…-
    How do you relate Uranus Chiron opossition? or any insight about Uranus-Chiron aspect?

    Thanks for your work, I trust it a lot. Very down to earth and coherent.

    • Iratxe,

      Uranus-Chiron aspect could be thought of as wanting to free ourselves from old pain. Exploring alternative healing methods, as well as helping others heal.


  4. tatiana.larina says

    Long time, no see :-)

    i am currently going through Uranus and Pluto simultaneously activating two arms of my Cardinal Grand Cross. I guess I would have to get back to you in a few years to give you a full report. So far, on everyday level, Uranus squaring my Moon gave me a whole crop of minor home accidents (damaged or lost objects, especially within last few days, when Uranus was joined by Mars). But I am ready for change and I feel sick of being stuck in a rut – I guess Uranus started to stir things up. Uranus also features prominently in my solar return for this year, due in a few days – in a stellium with Sun, Venus and Mars.

    I wish I were better at horaries, as I cannot figure out how I could lose a silicone coaster – I didn’t take it out of my apartment and it’s too large to be swallowed by a vacuum cleaner…

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