Uranus and Neptune in Synastry – Celebrity Example (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie)

The previous post brings to mind two theses:

1) Someone whose horoscope shows strong Uranian emphasis and not so much emotional sensitivity component may have a difficulty maintaining a deep, lasting bond with others.

2) In synastry, strong Uranian tie without accompanying emotional (Moon, Venus, Neptune) ties may not last, due to lack of the dependence factor.

Looking at Brad Pitt’s chart (12/18/1963 6:31AM Shawnee, Oklahoma), we notice very little emotional/sensitive component that would enable the formation of emotional bond: No emphasis on Water elements, Capricorn stellium, unaspected Sun in Fire sign dominating the horoscope (“dissociation complex”); Mars ruling 5th is at the Sun/Moon midpoint, fortified by Jupiter, Uranus-Pluto (sexual drive, athleticism, empowered masculinity). And Uranus squares his Ascendant axis.

Indeed there is very little about Pitt that is “weak, helpless and in need of support,” (see the Jung quote in previous post) and this isn’t just about being put on a pedestal as a male sex symbol, but more to do with his internal makeup; Absence of Water emphasis necessitates a grand cause that would enable Pitt to feel emotionally connected to the world.

Pitt’s divorce with Jennifer Aniston in 2005 occurred during he was experiencing Uranus opposition and tr Neptune square Neptune: a very strong shift in life perspective having to do with further individuation and emotional ideals. The simultaneous intensification of Pitt’s relationship with Angelina Jolie (6/4/1975 9:09AM Los Angeles, CA) was much more than a sexual attraction, as we’ll see further.

The synastry chart between Pitt and Jolie provides interesting insights:

1) Jolie’s Neptune conjoins Pitt’s Ascendant axis – her vision affecting his identity core; also, Jolie’s humanitarian Jupiter (ruling 6th and conj her MC) impacts Pitt’s Mercury-mindset.
2) Jolie’s Saturn opposes Pitt’s Mercury-Moon-Venus stellium: though being much younger than Pitt, Jolie appears to be the one showing leadership in this relationship.

These two points corroborate what happened: after getting involved with Jolie, Pitt has transformed into an enthusiastic social activist, following her lead. Her humanitarian activities gave him the grand cause he was looking for, to feel the emotional connection to the world.

Another point of interest is that Jolie’s natal chart shows Uranus square Venus-Ascendant, making this also a strongly Uranian chart, albeit with more emotional emphasis (Cancer ASC-Venus).

The synastry shows strong Uranian conection between the two (his Uranus sq her Sun, her Uranus sq his Moon-Venus): it seems they strengthen each other to individuate further, meaning that as long as they’re looking in the same direction, they won’t get in each other’s way. Clearly this is not a relationship based on dependence, but an alliance based on shared vision (which includes children).

Being strongly individuated, extremely non-dependent people, their relationship may lack the deep emotional element to stabilize it; as long as their shared projects (including raising children) remain meaningful to both of them in their paths toward individuation, they’ll continue to benefit from the alliance. But after their fascination with each other wears off (say, after getting legally married), such projects may not be enough to hold them together.

Either way, Pitt has clearly found a new, meaningful dimension in his life from this relationship, and that transformation is significant enough, whether the relationship lasts or not.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I wondered what do people with highly Uranian charts do in terms of partnership/relationship. Do the stay single–especially if they say they want a relationship? This article answered my question. I suspected that they would have to find someone who is Uranian as well, but your insight on the shared vision (Uranus) makes so much sense! I am in this type of connection right now, and wondered if it could work. It has caused me to shift my perspective from “forever” to being content with being in the Now, and allowing the exciting evolution to unfold.

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