Unaspected Planets in Your Birth Chart: Gifts and Challenges

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Unaspected planets in your birth chart are like wild, untamed animals within your psyche. They can “run away with your horoscope,” becoming a defining trait within your personality whether you approve or not.

Unaspected Planets: Definition

Unaspected planets, referred to as peregrine planets by Noel Tyl, are those planets in your natal chart that lack any Ptolemaic aspect (i.e. conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) with any other planet.

Guidelines for Interpreting Unaspected Planets

  1. Unaspected planets do not connect with the rest of the psyche – much like someone in a foreign land, it is disconnected from the surroundings, and integration becomes challenging.
  2. This can be mirrored as a feeling of disconnection in outer relationships, especially if a key body such as Sun or Moon is unaspected. With unaspected Sun or Moon, there may be a feeling that the world doesn’t quite understand you.  You may “march to a different drummer.”
  3. Unaspected planets can function either as strong talents or excessive, overcompensatory habits: For example unaspected Mercury could suggest someone whose emphasis on thoughts or speech is pronounced, like the writer Norman Vincent Peale, who wrote “The Power of Positive Thinking.”  However, it could also suggest someone that talks incessantly out of nervous habit.
  4. Unaspected planets may be interpreted as strong and dominant, or excessive and vulnerable to isolation.  Consider these multiple potentials when you interpret the unaspected planets within your own birthchart.

Unaspected Planets: Possible Meanings and Keywords

Here are some keywords you may want to consider when exploring the interpretation of unaspected planets in a horoscope.

Unaspected Sun: Intensified Ego Drive

A person with unaspected Sun tends to march to a different drumbeat.  There can be strong emphasis on self expression and leadership, as well as a strong need for ego recognition.

Unaspected Moon: Possible Emotional Disconnection

Natal Moon with no major aspects tends to magnify the needs represented by Moon’s sign.  A good example is Steve Jobs, who had unaspected Moon in Aries (“the need to be Number One”).  Unaspected Moon possibly suggests emotional disconnection from the parents, and later from other people.  There may also be a need to express a caring, nurturing or educational behavior in order to connect with the world.

Unaspected Mercury: Hyperactive Mind

Unaspected Mercury tends to emphasize an overactive mind, which could result in nonstop talking, thinking, or worrying.  If the wild mental energy can be harnessed toward a productive direction, unaspected Mercury can become a strong asset providing you with impressive mental faculty and communication skills.

Unaspected Venus: Intensified Emotions and Social Needs

Unaspected Venus magnifies the emotional and social needs represented by your Venus’ sign.

For example, unaspected Venus in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) emphasizes emotional expression in relationships – either as emotional drama, or an ability to care deeply for others.

In contrast, unaspected Venus in earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo) may emphasize the material aspect of Venus, perhaps generating more interest in becoming financially successful or secure.

In general there may be an emphasis on being attractive, flirtatious, charming or understanding in order to be liked and appreciated (the archetypal expressions of Venus).

Unaspected Mars: Untamed Energy

Unaspected Mars is like a wild horse – powerful and potentially dangerous. You may need a special focus for directing your energy, especially your anger.  With the right outlet for your energy, the fire of motivation will keep you going for a long time.

Unaspected Jupiter: Dominant Higher Mind

Unaspected Jupiter suggests emphasis on philosophy, education and international or spiritual dimension.  This tends to suggest a mind hungry for higher learning.

Unaspected Saturn: Disconnected Father, Intensified Ambition

Unaspected Saturn possibly suggests a lack of support from the father figure.  Emphasis on work accomplishment or self-discipline may compensate for initial insecurity.  Unaspected Saturn can also suggest intensified ambition, especially in terms of Saturn’s sign and house placement.

Unaspected Uranus: Heightened Individuality and Progress

Unaspected Uranus suggests intensified individuality, an eye for progress, and the need for achieving social significance.  Inventor Thomas Edison’s horoscope has unaspected Uranus (using a tighter, 4 degree orb for sextile), Uranus being the planet of invention and scientific progress.

Unaspected Neptune: Vision and Ideals

Though somewhat rare, unaspected Neptune may manifest as heightened aesthetic sensitivity and strong ideals.

Unaspected Pluto: Power and Influence

Unaspected Pluto can suggest prominence, power and influence.  John F. Kennedy’s horoscope has unaspected Pluto.

Summary: Integrating Unaspected Planets

Unaspected planets can be hard to tame.  Integrating the unaspected planet into our psyche may feel like trying to have a tall Westerner blend in with a crowd of Japanese people – it can’t help but stand out.

Rather than trying to make unaspected planet conform to a social norm, you may want to find a challenging outlet for its energy – be it writing a book, learning a foreign language, forming a nonprofit organization, or practicing martial arts.  With positive direction, unaspected planets can become your strongest asset.

Do you have an unaspected planet in your horoscope?  (Remember we’re only counting conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition here.)  How does it get expressed in your life?  Please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.


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About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki@hniizato.com or schedule a consultation.


  1. I have Uranus un-aspected in Libra in my 8th house by whole sign. Never been sure about my relationships. I always feel as if they could end at any moment. Pluto in my 7th may have a bit to do with that too. Interestingly, my husband has Mercury un-aspected in Leo in his 12th house at 12 degrees. Mars is there, but its at 1 degree, so out of orb for conjunction, but same sign. I feel your description of Mercury having no aspects fits him exactly. (He talks way too much and repeats himself as if he’s trying to convince himself about what he is saying). He also has Venus at 9 degrees Virgo in his 1st house making no aspects yet Pluto is there at 25 degrees and his ascendant is 26 degrees, so conjunct by sign, but not within orb. His Venus is how you describe, he works for and cares deeply about material security and is also obsessed with his image and body. (1st house)

  2. Thanks a lot for your explanation! I have Venus in Libra at 1 degree. Its only aspect is conjunction with Mercury in Virgo at 29 degrees. My question is, does it count as the planets are in different signs?

    • Hi there, yes, even across the sign border, that is still considered a conjunction.

      • Margaret Angelastro says

        My Saturn is unaspect to all plants. It conjuncts the Midheaven. Nothing else. An astrolger had said, many years ago, I’ve finished my lives. Meaning karma complete. My father left family at 2 years of age. Mother was only parent. Professional reached my highest order in nursing.

        • Hello Margaret,

          Thank you for sharing your experience with unaspected Saturn conjunct MC. The emphasis on the father situation is quite clear from this placement, as well as the professional accomplishment.

        • This is literally me. Unaspected Saturn, except a conjunction to the Midheaven. I also became an RN and my last job was a Hospice RN Case Manager. My dad was always gone when I was growing up.

  3. Hi Hiroki, thank you for this post. I don’t hear a lot of talk about unaspected planets so it is very helpful! I believe both my Sun and Moon are unaspected though I’m not certain what the orb requirements are. The closest aspects to my sun are an 8 deg square to Neptune (ugh!) and 9 deg conj. to Mercury. My moon has only a square to MC, no planetary aspects.

    What is your insight on how to handle this? (FYI: my dominant planet is Pluto which is also conjunct my Asc.)

    • Hi Diane,

      I would use around 7 1/2 degrees orb for the Sun or the Moon. With this orb, Steve Jobs had his Moon and (arguably) the Sun both unaspected – so you’re in good company there. Think in terms of marching to your own drummer, needing to find your special path in life.

  4. My daughter has Neptune in eight house and it is 10 degrees away from Venus. Is that too wide or should I consider her Neptune unaspected? I read Your article on mid points (another great article by you) and noticed that Neptune is on her MC/ Mercury midpoint, will that help her use that Neptune energy if Neptune is unaspected?

  5. Hi Hiroki,
    The only aspect my MC (sagittarius) receives is a 3,30 degree sextile from Mars (separating), it always looks curious to me, could it be considered peregrine, and what should I make out of it?

    • Hi Ellie, the definition of unaspected planet refers to aspects between planets (not Angles such as ASC or MC). So if your Mars does not make any major aspects with any other planets in the chart, then it is unaspected.

  6. Catarina says

    Hi Hiroki,
    I have an unaspected Venus in Saggitarius 12th house (north node conj)…only found it recently and while reflecting on it I realised that I really have no idea about it’s energy in my life…
    I suppose now that I know about this placement I’ll pay more attention to it’s influence…
    Thank you so much for your post, it’s very good and helpful*

  7. My Virgo Sun is unaspected, though it’s in mutual reception with my Mercury Leo. (My Mercury has lots of friends: Mars, Venus, and my Ascendant.) I am extremely detail-oriented/analytical. but otherwise have never felt very “stereotypically Virgo.” (To wit: I’m not a neat freak, but sure wish I were!)

  8. Hi! I have an unaspected North Node (except for conjunction with lilith bm) I know it’s not a planet but I could’t find any information about it. Does it mean anything?

  9. I actually have 3 unaspected planets in my chart… Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. Although I have known about my birth chart for some time, I only learned about these planets having no aspects very recently. I have no retrograde planets in my chart but I’m wondering if having unaspected planets kind of feels like that. I have an unaspected Mars 22 degrees in 3H libra opposite my mid heaven 29 degrees Aries; that’s the only aspect it makes. I have a completely unaspected Pluto 18 degrees intercepted in 4H Scorpio and Saturn is 0 degrees SD Aquarius 6H squaring my mid heaven but not aspecting any planets. I always felt a bit “off” tbh like I’m missing the get up and go that other people have. Like I’m moving at a completely different pace (slower, much slower) and in a completely different direction in life. Like I’m seeing everything in a different lens and I’m just not motivated in the same way or by the same things as most other people. You could argue that it’s pretty much difficult for me to find motivation at all sometimes. Reading this article explains a lot. I think I maybe haven’t been able to connect with the energy of my unaspected planets yet so I still feel like I’m not really “whole” like I can tell there is something missing. I feel disconnected a lot. The older I’m getting (I’m 29 now), the easier I find it to deal with though and the less it bothers me but the feeling never really goes away completely which is especially difficult being a libra sun, Virgo moon, Leo rising.

    Does Pluto being unaspected in my chart operate differently than it normally would since it’s also intercepted? It’s the only water planet I have in my chart so I’m curious. Also if there are other planets in the houses with intercepted planets does that affect the energy of the unaspected planet? Because my libra Mars in 3H is also the home of my sun 11 degrees and mercury 12 degrees. Saturn 6H Aquarius shares Neptune 14 degrees, North node 14 degrees and Uranus 9 degrees but they are all in Capricorn. I’m sorry if this comes across as being disorganized or if I have asked too many questions.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this article. It is helpful to clueless people like me wanting to know more about ourselves.

    • Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with having unaspected Mars, Saturn and Pluto. The feeling of disconnection you described is one of the possible ways unaspected planets can manifest. However, many people find the energies of unaspected planets to be all consumingly powerful once they make the connection. Interception may play a role (I have an article for interception in the archive) but I wouldn’t see it as a major obstacle. So there might be a psychological factor that contributes to the sense of disconnection. For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private session.

  10. Priscilla McBride says

    Hello, I have unaspected Uranus in my chart. From what I understand about Uranus it is in charge of electricity. I can not wear a watch. Every watch I have tried to wear will die, after a week may two weeks, if it’s lucky. They just start to go crazy then nothing, to never work again. Also people have told me that they can feel a buzzing or even a little bit of electricity come from me. The more emotional I am, in either direction, happy or sad, the stronger it is. That is my experience I have with Uranus unaspected, I almost forgot my father was a master electrician as well.

  11. Hi! I only have Pluto in a trine between my Jupiter. Does it count as unaspected?

  12. Abigail Masek says

    Hello! Thanks for the information. It rings true for me – I have Saturn retrograde un-aspected. I was wondering if we should interpret transits to our un-aspected planet and by our un-aspected planet differently? Recently, I got results I wasn’t expecting from transit Saturn.

    • Hi Abigail, the manifestation of a transit may depend on how well you’re expressing the planet’s energy, more than whether it is unaspected or not. If Saturn is powerfully activated in your life through work, for example, then transits to Saturn would be expressed as career activity.

  13. Jeanne Davis says

    Thank you so much for this explanation! I just had an astrologer tell me in my reading this morning (expressing surprise—which can be a bit unsettling initially) that both my sun and moon were unaspected at birth. Sun in Libra, moon in Aries. He said I have probably felt alone much of my life—alone, not lonely. I affirmed that and said that yes—from the time I was a small child I always wondered about life and how it was “set up” and how it “worked”, and couldn’t understand why no one else seemed to share my deep curiosity. I truly have felt like an alien! Over the course of my lifetime, I have found a few kindred spirits, though, which has been a great comfort. Thank you again for explaining this.

    • Thank you Jeanne for sharing your experience with unaspected Sun and Moon. Once you embrace your unique passions, you’ll likely find people that appreciate them.

    • Hi jeanne :-) – we’re like astro sisters! I have moon unaspected, and im a cancer sun, so it feels like sun unaspected too due to the strong rulership. I too always curious about ‘what’s this life all about? This earth, what are we all doing here?!” Moreso needing to know WHY? – like the proverbial annoying kid. Now im mid 40’s ive realised life answers these deep questions, eventually. Dont give up! Let’s connect and exchange experiences on isolated luminaire life! Bek

  14. Unaspected Jupiter 9H Cancer here. Have been reading about astrology for over 20 years and only found the above out this past summer in a reading. Woops! In retrospect I can see it active as a child in many ways, propensity to exaggerate (lie even) to make things more exiting or grand, to get overly excited about things to the point of having certain mannerisms almost resembling autism (shaking and intense hand rubbing), wanting “more!” of everything before even getting one or knowing if I like it (sometimes wanting more after establishing I don’t really like it). Also a propensity for taking everything with a grain of salt (all on my own in direct opposition to how I was raised), in particular when it came to authority figures or the church—always was gnostic at heart. In adulthood this grew into obsession and addictions, wanting to escape as well as wanting more or more elevated or better, particularly when it came to experiences or emotions (Cancer). I also believe there was more than one time that I should have died and “something” intervened. Whether this was the protective energy of the universe, my ancestors, karma, Jupiter…I guess all these things link anyway. Always thirsty for knowledge. Lots of pull from other very strong energies in my chart but uncovering this loner in the last few months has been an aha experience itself. Thank you for your elucidating article and the care with which you’ve taken to reply to every comment over the course of a decade, you’re truly a public servant.

    • Hi Katherine, thank you for sharing your experience with unaspected Jupiter in the 9th house. Makes sense that this placement drives you to question traditional institutional wisdom and find out your own truth…

  15. Hi Hiroki,

    This has been very helpful. Virgo ASC, I have a yod with apex stellium Sun, Venus, Mars conjunction in 8th house Aries; Moon in Virgo conjunct Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra (all 1st house) sextile Uranus in Scorpio (3rd house). And Pluto in 2nd House Libra is opposed the 8th house stellium. And Neptune in 4th house Sagittarius conjunct GC is trine the 8th house stellium as well. But my chart ruler is unaspected, still in Aries, but in the 7th house and far enough away from the 8th house stellium. This is certainly a hyperactive mind that is challenging to control when projected onto DC/other interactions. Learning to embrace the “less is more” adage anathema to a peregrine Mercury!

  16. Hi Hiroki, many thanks for your many insights.
    A man came to me who had been homeless for 20 years after his family broke up at age ten. That makes these times a Saturn return event. He has unaspected Saturn in the fifth in Capricorn led by Uranus/Neptune cnj, Uranus in fourth.
    Heavily traumatized by this experience he is desperately looking to escape his fate and already using meditation and martial arts (Aries Sun in 8th, 12th house Moon ).
    His Aquarian Venus and Mars in the sixth now sees Astrology as a worthy study as he is open to discovery through this window.

  17. Hi!
    I have an unaspected Saturn in Scorpio in the 11th house. I look at society and want to transmute all this pain and suffering. I isolate a lot because I care and feel way too much about others. Pick up on everyones energy (also a stellium in Sag in the 12th house) It’s challenging but Im learning a lot through astrology and forgiving myself for always feeling like an outcast. Recognizing my innate gifts and honoring my heart.

  18. Hi Hiroki,

    Thank you for making your knowledge accessible for us.

    I have unaspected Gemini moon in the 8th house. My overall chart is pretty Scorpio dominated.
    -Pluto in 12th Scorpio
    -sun, moon, Chiron, Mars in 8th
    – Scorpio ascendant with Saturn and NN in 1st house

    When I met the world of astrology, it made sense for me with having unaspected moon. The fact that my mom was emotionally absent, dealing with her own challenges.

    By time, I wanted to know about my journey. Always have felt that there should be more than chores of this life. (Going to school, finding job, buying house and getting married etc) this curiosity led me into karmic perspective of astrology. In short, Several astrologists said that —with the chart that I have, the main reason being unaspected moon in the 8th house, —I better not have children. I am the last member of my ancestors.
    Several months ago, I got pregnant out of blue and lost the pregnancy. To be very honest, I always had a doubt about my fertility. I had some issues: having cysts etc. I cannot help but think: deep down my soul knew about it.

    all combined, I would like to have your opinion on this.

    Ps: I know, it’s very sensitive topic. Sorry if it is too much to share here.

  19. Hello! Hopefully I’m not too late to comment on this article. I have a peregrine sun and moon both in the 7th house. And those two planets are quite significant in a person’s chart.

    Does it mean something when both sun and Moon are peregrine? I don’t feel like an egomaniac like a peregrine sun would suggest. Not do I feel a desperate need for a partner to satisfy me emotionally.

    I do most definitely feel detached from deep emotional feelings though. I’m still trying to figure this unaspected combo out.

    • Hi Alexander, with unaspected Sun or Moon (in your case, both), there might be a sense that people do not understand you, and/or you don’t understand others. The symbolism suggests a bit of a disconnect with others. Steve Jobs had this in his horoscope, and he was infamous for not getting along with others especially when he was young. The other side of this is that there is a tremendous sense of individuality, and often it suggests a unique path in life that you need to follow.

  20. Hello,

    I have retrograde mercury (peregrine) in 5th house Capricorn.

    Any idea how this might manifest in my life or personality? The fact that Mercury is retrograde is really throwing me off.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Lauren, retrograde Mercury tends to suggest thoughts going inward first – so lots of inner conversations happening, taking you to interesting places and conclusions. Often, the key is to share your thoughts with others occasionally so that you can get on the same page.

  21. Hello Hiroki, thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge! I would like to know if two planets are in conjunction, would those still be considered unaspected? My venus is in conjunction with Uranus (28 degree/27 degree) in Scorpio on my sixth house… I have read several blogs and they usually mention peregrine planets but haven’t read about conjunctions before. (sorry for my english)… anyway, love your insights! Keep going! Cheers.

    • By the way, I usually get bored with people that doesn’t share any common interest with me but when i’m talking to other people that are usually very intelligent, I get very excited and talkative! Could this be the effect of this conjunction? Cheers!

    • Hi Anna, the “unaspected” definition won’t apply if two planets are in conjunction. However, if those two planets make no other aspects, the pair might function a bit similarly in that they could become a strong part of your psyche independent from other parts.

      • Hi Hiroki,

        Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it! Regarding the unaspected planets, I was wondering, if a biquintile aspect between the moon and Venus/Uranus, since this is considered a minor aspect (creative one), would be consider as an additional aspect so those planets (Venus/Uranus) won’t be consider unaspected? Also, venus conjunct uranus forms a semisextile with my sun :)

        Sorry for my bad english. Kind regards~

  22. Curiouser and curiouser says

    Hi Hiroki,

    I read all the comments again today. It seems like peregrine planets act like retrograde planets?

    Is your chart posted on your site somewhere? I’m very curious about your chart!

  23. Curiouser and curiouser says

    Thank you, Hiroki. I love this article.

    I got my chart on a site. Your answers seem to say to me that a planet is only peregrine if there are no aspects. I have some aspects and a few 0 orb conjunctions with assorted (supposedly) peregrine planets. I’m confused. Is the site that says 5 planets are peregrine wrong? If I have these aspects, not inc. MC, NN, Vertex, Chiron, Part of Fortune, does this mean the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are aspected as opposed to unaspected?

    The site says that 5 of 9 (45%) planets are peregrine:
    Mars (Sag) 2nd
    Moon (Pis) 5th
    Venus (Can 29:30 so Leo, or does it jump to the next sign or next sign and next house?) 10th
    Jupiter (Lib) 12th
    Saturn (Tau) 7th Rx

    Aspects to the (supposedly) peregrine planets:
    Moon Opposition Pluto (orb 1°47′)
    Moon Quincunx Ascendant (orb 1°32′)
    Venus Sextile Uranus (orb 3°3′)
    Venus Trine Neptune (orb 3°28′)
    Jupiter Conjunction Uranus (orb 4°58′)
    Jupiter Quincunx Saturn (orb 1°22′)

    • Hi there, the software you used may be calculating peregrine in a traditional sense (not having essential dignity or debility). Noel Tyl’s usage of the word peregrine means unaspected (lacking a ptolemaic aspect). The planets you list above aren’t unaspected so that is my best guess. (by the way, I had to edit your comment length for practical reasons).

  24. Christina Katz says

    I have been studying astrology for many years, but only recently came to notice that my sun is peregrine. That’s Sun in Sag in the 4th house, with Sag on the cusp of the fifth house and Jupiter in Leo in the 12th with only one major aspect (an approaching sextile to mars). Somewhere in the comments I saw that large challenges can be helpful, and I agree with that since I have written three books and the processes, though sometimes challenging, were satisfying. My question is this: Since my sun ruler is in the 12th and not highly aspected, does this add to the challenges of self-expression for my sun? Do I always need some gigantic goal to make any progress? I am hoping to develop a multiplicity of talents rather than only pursuing one large goal at a time (t-square with many planets, missing the gemini leg). Thanks for this wonderful work and any insights.

  25. Catherine Cole says

    Hi Hiroki,
    I have unexpected Saturn in Capricorn in the Sixth House.
    What you say about the disconnected father is spot on.
    Like Ruth above I have a long history of autoimmune problems.
    Overcoming physical restrictions has been a huge ‘theme’ in my life.
    I hadn’t found much explanation of unaspected planets but intuitively, I felt that this Saturn gave me a lot of resilience. To put it bluntly, I might even be too stupid to feel pain.
    Recently, I was treated for a broken neck. I never had any neck pain and the surgeon said that I had this injury for many decades without noticing. I can’t use my legs and have some loss of function in my arms. Mentally, I have always felt very ‘free’ and still do. This is a very ‘wild’ energy, as you describe. I have graduated in Maths and IT, later in life I did another humanities degree with anthropology. More recently I completed a Masters in Fine Arts. What connects these fields of study? Absolutely nothing! Lol!

    • Hi Catherine, thank you very much for sharing your experience with unaspected Saturn in the 6th house. Perhaps the thread connecting your experiences and accomplishments is an impressive level of resilience and self-discipline (i.e. strong Saturn statement).

  26. It might be a stupid question but can you consider a planet as unaspected if the only aspect it forms is generational? My Neptune makes no aspect to any of my personal planets and the only aspect I have is Neptune conjunct Uranus… Thank you for this very interesting article! And sorry for my English, it’s not my first language! But if it’s not the case, I will say that I feel Neptune’s effect quite strongly anyway (positive and negative) and I can observe a lot of Neptunian themes in my life.

    • Hi Lou, conjunction to an outer planet counts, so your Neptune is not considered to be unaspected. However, Uranus conjunct Neptune is the intensification of the creative or subtle energy of Neptune – so this still might be an important potential within you.

  27. Hi Hiroki,

    I have unaspected Sun in Scorpio in the 11th house. (Although you haven’t mentioned it, I guess aspects to north/south node also don’t count because they are not planets?)

    My Sun at 28 degrees 57 minutes Scorpio is also in exact opposition to the Pleiades constellation. Still not a planet, but interesting.

    How do you think this Sun would show up in a person’s life? I relate to the need to determine and express and live by my own values. I suppose I do “march to the beat of a different drummer”….yet I have always wanted to fit in because it hurts a lot not to!! (bullying, mocking, criticism, being seen as unsuccessful or inferior, loneliness)

    You suggested to another person with a peregrine moon in Gemini that study may help with integration. Does that hold generally, that the sign the planet is in gives clues to integration, i.e. I would look to Scorpio themes?

    Also, I have seen another definition of “peregrine” which has to do with planets in each sign (exalted, detriment, fall, etc.) and if a given planet doesn’t have dignity or debility, it’s peregrine. According to this definition, my Sun in Scorpio as well as ALL my other planets (although they have major aspects to other planets) are “peregrine”:
    Moon in Leo, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Virgo, Uranus in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius, Pluto in Libra.

    Thanks for reading!

    • Hi Emma,

      You’re correct – Nodes and Angles do not count for the purpose of identifying an unaspected planet. Also, yes, unaspected planet can emphasize the drives associated with the sign it occupies (Sun in Scorpio, in your case), in addition to the pure Solar expression (emphasis on the soloistic self).

      The peregrine definition you cite is the traditional definition (a planet that do not have any dignity). Noel Tyl used the word peregrine to indicate the unaspected state of a planet, but basically you’re safe thinking of it as “unaspected planet”.

  28. Hi Hiroki,
    I have an unaspected uranus in the 1st house in libra and unaspected jupiter in scorpio in the 2nd house can you tell me about this position?
    Thank you

    • Hi Kaisha, unaspected planets gain strengths in your personality. In this case both Uranus and Jupiter will energize the drives suggested by the signs and houses they occupy (in addition to their own energy, which is discussed in this article). For a full analysis of your horoscope, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  29. i have unaspected sun in the 5th house in Leo. i don’t fully understand this aspect in my chart and unfortunately there are very few people here with unaspected sun that have shared their experience. my desire to feel the center of attention usually kicks of when somebody else is in that place. otherwise i prefer to observe. i do feel cut off from the world from lack of interest, but give my all when i feel passionately about something. love is also something i understand as passion, but i feel the worldly experiences do not rise that high. i love music, dance and have fun at parties, although i am not a party girl.

  30. Hi Hiroki,

    I have Uranus in the 10th exalted in scorpio. But also intercepted by Scorpio. Im trying to define it but i need a frame work to know what im dealing with here. The only aspect is trine my North node and Trine Lilith. I have my Sun in the 8th House aswell as Mercury both in Leo. Neptune Retrograde in the 12th in Sagitarius and trine my sun and sextile my moon in the 11th libra. Pluto in the 11th in libra. And saturn and jupiter in the 11th libra. Mars is also intercepted by the 7th in cancer. And at this point in time i feel lost and my life is upside down. The only thing i can think of that may have been an effect was my heart condition as a child that affected the electrical impulse of my heart. I had dysfunctional AV nodes. Plus lights flicker alot and i know before it happens. Would that be a cause?

    • Hi Bob, I’ve removed your birth data, as this is a public forum. Heart condition can can be reflected by tensions to Leo planets and the Sun. Uranus may represent the nervous system – and through Aquarius, possibly, circulation. I’m sure there are more qualified medical astrologers out there that may be able comment on that part. Lights flickering is interesting, although I’m not sure how important that is.

      For a full analysis, please consider scheduling a private session.

  31. My Taurus Venus in the 8th house makes no major aspects to anything. It is, however, the ruler of my Libra Asc, and does connect, through minor aspects and midpoints galore, to pretty much every other planet and point in my chart.

    Do you think that a lack vs. a multitude of minor connections has an impact on how an unaspected planet is expressed?

    In any case, my Venus definitely makes itself felt, though perhaps not in a very conventional way. I am asexual and aromantic. I’ve never experienced sexual attraction, nor have I ever wanted a romantic relationship with anyone. And I’m 31 now, so I doubt it’s a phase or that I’m a late bloomer as people felt compelled to tell me when I was younger… So it seems like it is something built into my personality from birth. I’ve never felt like there was anything lacking in my life though, there was never any drama or pain connected to this part of my personality. Nor is it something I’ve ever felt the need to hide. It’s just who I am, and I’m perfectly happy with just platonic relationships (and a dog companion or two).

    I am uncertain where asexuality/aromanticism would show in a natal chart however. Might an unaspected Venus (though highly connected otherwise) have anything to do with it?

    There is an abundance of other Venus themes in my life however, even without romantic relationships! The materialistic leaning of Venus in Taurus certainly comes through. It’s not so much about money and financial security though, as it is a wish to live a life of ease and comfort. Indolence even! When I look at my life compared to others in my immediate surroundings, it is also immediately evident that I go looking for quality, luxury and a bit of decadence rather a lot more than is the norm. And sensual pleasure as well! I surround myself with things that are pleasing to the senses… I have a large collection of rare luxury perfumes. My favorite coat is fur lined. My fridge/pantry is always stocked with high quality tea, chocolate, cheese, beer… etc. you name it. Art and music are also very important to me. I am definitely an aesthete in every aspect of life. If it’s not beautiful it’s not worth experiencing. Though I do tend to have a rather twisted view of what is beautiful, 8th house themes showing up there I guess… Death, decay, rebirth, liminality, transformation and circle of life type stuff all feature heavily in my aesthetic.

    • That Taurus Venus of yours is very apparent with you love of beautiful things. I share it with my Taurus Mars.

      My mother has an unaspected Venus in Libra in the 9th house. I think for her it’s manifested as a more balanced perspective on religion. Her family was a regular church going one, but she shunned it later and married my Hindu dad. She doesn’t identify with any religion now. Instead she’s spiritual and believes in an amalgamation of Christian and Hindu tenants/philiosphies.

      Maybe part of unaspected planets involves rejection of aspects of the house it’s present in and redefining its expression with the sign it’s in.

      • StarInspired says

        Wow Indira, that makes so much sense!
        My unsuspected Venus is in Scorpio in 10th & I seem to have rejected all the conventional 10th house expressions & instead have more fully expressed the Scorpio tendencies of utilising depth perception/insight in all areas of my life especially in supporting/guiding others back to their authentic selves (soul readings etc). However much of this is undertaken often spontaneously, without career structure (Sun/Uranus conjunction in 10th also, so insights seem to fly in spontaneously).
        But the usual Venus in 10th expressions don’t seem to be therefore me (career & marriage/status relationship)

  32. Dragana Bass says

    Hi Hiroki,
    Thank you for this topic. I hope you can help with three unaspected planets I have in my chart:
    Ve in 4 (Ar) ,the ruler of three houses:
    5. and 6. (both Ta) und 10. (Li);
    Ma in 5 (Ta), ruler 4. (Ar);
    Pl in 9. (In intercepted Vi), ruler 11. and 12. (both Sc).
    I understand it as the half of my chart is unaspected, the rulers of six houses have no connections at all!
    All the other planets are the parts of two big Yods.
    There are many Qs I would ask, still here I would make only one:
    I married almost 10 years ago and left my homeland . Asc Sa, Ju in Sc in 11. Dc Tw, Me in 4. kon So ( and So exact opp Uran). My husband died suddenly three years ago. And I was looking for him almost 40 years of my life ( prog Ve was in konj with nat Dsc).
    Second marriage bring me ( now Uran as a ruler of 3) and the second husband (So, as a ruler of 9.) in opposition with both ruler which are unaspected. At the same time Ur went into 8 house (3 into 10) but the So as well (9 into 4) It is a challenge big enough to cope with the Yodes but together with these three unaspected Planets at the same time I need some help. Do you share my fears with the second marriage too?
    Thank you

  33. Hi,
    I wonder what would you say about Jimmy Carter’s quite isolated Saturn in the first house and really close to Asc? (would you take into account this trine with Mars?) Where would you look for its manifestation? Ambition? Father? Is this so simple? Those common topics fit as well for many people who’s got Saturn strongly connected with other planets.

    • Hi Marcin, good question! A strong, angular Saturn typically suggests business and administration (he was a businessman before entering politics). I would consider Carter’s Saturn to be unaspected, although you could make a case for the out-of-sign trine with Mars being active (the orb is a bit wide). Regardless of it being unaspected or not, Saturn’s contact with the ASC and MC axes makes it a dominant part of his horoscope.

  34. Unaspected moon. Exactly as you described ( moon is conjunct Chiron tho🙈) mother died when I was young. Totally disconnected from father and emotions at home. Desperate need to nurture and care for drawn to politics and parenting. The Chiron part was horror

  35. Hi I have unaspected uranus in my 2nd scorpio. My 5th is on the cusp of Aquarius which as I read is ruled by uranus. I am 37 and during my life have not found real love. Can I blame the lord of 5th for this? If so are there any remedies recommended?

  36. Has anyone had issues with lack of boundaries as a result of an unaspected Saturn? I’m approaching trSaturn square natal Saturn and this issue is finally coming up for healing. I have let people walk all over me most of my life and I’m now beginning to woman up! And they do not like it. All my relationships (natal Saturn in early 11th, tr Saturn in late 7th) are being challenged right now and life is interesting! Just wondered how others had strengthened their boundaries with an unaspected Saturn?

  37. Dear Hiroki,
    I have an unaspected Saturn in my natal chart. It sits on the 12th house cusp at 18 degrees Sag. I call it the Dweller on the Threshold. It is the ruler of my Cap rising. The 12th house also contains the Sun (29-30 Sag), Moon (4 Cap), and Mercury Rx (9 Cap) conjunct Asc (10 Cap).
    Saturn (12th) does make a semi-square to Neptune in the 10th conjunct the MC.

    A strong subjective theme in my life has been one of feeling like an outsider to the socially constructed hierarchies of power, status and authority. While in grad school in sociology, I came across the work of the anthropologist Victor Turner, specifically his concept of liminal space in ritual, or liminality. I was in my late-thirties at the time. It was a numinous experience; finally finding where I came from, the ground, the social space that shaped and defined the structures of my perceptual reality. I could go into more detail, both astrologically and experientially, but I think that this vignette conveys much. I was never able to finish my PhD because I contracted “Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.” In the words of a John Lennon, « Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,”

    Best wishes,

  38. Hello Hiroki,

    My Mercury is not unaspected but the only major aspect is an opposition to a tight Saturn/Neptune conjunction (22 minutes apart). The orb of the opposition is 7 1/2 to 8 degrees. Mercury is in Aries in the 3rd house and has definitely been a lifelong major influence for me. Venus is also in the 3rd house (15 degrees from Mercury). I’m a good writer and communicator, always did well in all school subjects, love to learn, LOVE reading and books, word games, learning languages, etc., and I still like writing by hand (the feel of a pen is important to me and if I were rich, I’m sure I’d own a few expensive pens/fountain pens!). I’ve never made a living from writing, but I did work in a library for many years. I find it hard to do much more than fantasize about writing short stories or novels. My genre of preference is fantasy/science fiction/magical realism and the like. My 5th house Mars in Gemini exchanges signs with the 3rd house Mercury in Aries and I guess this partially gives rise to my verbally “combative” nature; Moon square Mars doesn’t help with this.

    I’m just curious to hear what you think about my “nearly unaspected” Mercury. I know I have issues with being scattered – getting very interested in and fired-up about something and not following up, being a dilettante, flitting from one subject to another.

    • Hi David, probably the opposition is active – you can make it so through effort (orbs can expand through conscious effort), which will bring a kind of creative discipline (Saturn Neptune) into your mind, and help ground your mental energy in a productive direction.

      • I read that some astrologers see mutual receptions as being quite similar in nature to conjunctions. Would you consider the mutual reception between my Mercury and Mars in that light?, i.e., partially filling in the lack of close major aspects to Mercury.

        • Hi David, conjunction is the king of all aspects, so I wouldn’t consider it similar to a mutual reception. However, mutual reception definitely creates a connection between the two planets.

          • Hello, would you talk more about conjunctions? My chart is a big stelium and most of my planets only make conjunctions as aspects, Also, Pluto has been conjunctiing all my planets for my entire life, just finished Jupiter and Venus and the only planets still to conjunct is Mars (2023 starts)

          • Hi Marina, maybe I could discuss conjunction and stelliums in a future post.

  39. Hi Hiroki,

    My child’s sun is at 14 Aquarius in the 9th house. (I’m using the Placidius house system; he has an 11th/5th house interception in Aries/Libra ). It doesn’t aspect any planets, but it does trine his Gemini ascendant at 15.49 degrees.

    Since the ascendant is involved will the unaspected sun have the same impact? Will this strengthen his ability to integrate the psyche?

    • Hi Lisa, unaspected Sun is a very strong statement of individuality. The trine to Ascendant does seem to suggest that he may be able to express it well within his relationships.

  40. Wesley Parker says

    Hello Hiroki,

    Thank you so much for your article. I have an unaspected Mercury in 12th house Scorpio, conjunct my ascendant. So, to say it’s dominant in my chart is an understatement! I’m “Mercurial” above all things, for better and worse.

    Can you explain more about what happens to an unaspected planet in the *12th* house?

    My understanding is that 12th house unaspected planets are “buried” or lost. And yet my challenge seems to be the reverse – it’s as if Mercury completely dominates and is difficult to control. I often feel like I waste effort *restraining* this influence, and would love to learn how to work in harmony with it instead.

    My mind and ability to speak and write with ease have been gifts. But my mind is also hyperactive, as you describe. The anxiety is crippling, and my mind tends to skip about. Yoga helps. Still, I long for greater steadiness and peace and to use my gifts more productively.

    For context: My Sun is in Libra, 11th house, Moon in Gemini, in 7th. I have Venus in the first house, along with Neptune which takes the edge of the intensity of my Scorpio Mercury. I often feel like I am trying to hide my Scorpio Ascendant + Mercury because it’s just so…it’s too much intensity for many people and I don’t wish to bother them with this energy. At heart I’m a Libran and want everything to be *pleasant* for other people lol! I often feel the strain of trying to present a Libran calm, charming, and graceful exterior – when this other side of me is so dominant. At parties I have to remind myself to ask others about their vacations and talk of social niceties – rather than speaking about matters of life, death, religion, and so on. My mind is always on intense matters and yet I work hard to make lighter, pleasant conversation. It is generally best if, in my social circle, my close friends are people who enjoy or at least are amused by this intensity.

    This makes me feel, sometimes, like I am being inauthentic – or wasting energy being at war with myself when the task is actually to harness the energy and use it for good. I’d love it if I could feel that I was using this powerful placement to the best of my ability. It has a feeling of fate about it almost – but it’s so hard to manage!

    I’d love to hear if you have any general advice about integrating 12th house unaspected planets. I also understand that much of what I’m asking is better suited to a consultation – so I don’t mean to ask for too much! I just wanted to provide context.

    • Hi Wesley, thank you for sharing your experience with your unaspected Mercury in the 12th house. 12th house mostly reflects solitary dimensions within your character, so planets residing there need some alone time in order to develop. For you, it may be learning and writing in solitude that will develop your intellectual depth, which can then be shared with others.

    • I have the same issues as you: very Mercurial, lover of reading/books/learning, hyperactive mind, skipping about, etc. My Mercury is in the 3rd house in Aries and forms an opposition to a tight Saturn/Neptune conjunction, so I guess it’s not unaspected but the orb is 7 1/2 – 8 degrees. I posted about this below on July 20, if you want to read it.

  41. Hello Hiroki, I was enjoying reading your post and responses from people. The only major aspect my Moon forms is quite tight sextile to Chiron. I am not sure if that qualifies as a planet in astrology. What is your opinion?
    If it doesn’t provide enough outlet for personal planet, I might have unaspected Moon which I never thought of before, but what could explain problematic pattern of relating to others – I tend to be hypersensitive around other people and being unable to put healthy boundaries. In order to protect myself I need to shut myself off from others. Only then I can rest.
    I am sure that my early upbringing and experiences earlier in life contributed to having this condition. But even with rather high awareness of my situation I feel powerless to make a change on this condition. It seems I have no control over it apart of removing myself. But them it often feels isolated and lonely because I cannot participate in outside world as much as I would like to and somehow can not connect to others when others are around if I try to maintain boundries.
    My Moon is in Pisces, 10th house. Ambition was always very prominent in my life ( I have other supporting aspects for that in my chart) but hypersensitivity and need to withdraw for long periods of time was always a major hindrance. Currently I have embarked on a caring profession which I think might help me to express Moons energy. Previously I was in biological sciences which I guess supports disconnected function of uneaspected Moon, but in long term I started feeling like I was drying out from inside and quit that path.
    Just as you mentioned in your post, my parents were distant and unavailable.
    How do you think minor aspects would play out if at all?

    • I’ve just noticed that you already answered question about aspects to asteroids which in your opinion doesn’t count while determining unaspected planets.

    • Yes, I’d consider that an unaspected Moon. This position frequently manifests as a feeling of not being understood by others, and/or not understanding others. It’s not a permanent thing, but the Moon requires work to be integrated with the rest of your psyche (thus the rest of humanity).

  42. Anne Marie Logan says

    My son has unaspected Neptune and Mercury, he told me last night he had been planning his suicide over the past few months and intended to kill himself a couple of days ago, but decided not to because of his daughter. Are these unaspect planets part of the problem?

    • Hi Anne Marie, planets do not have such powers – the horoscope merely reflects the psychological reality of the individual. The cause for his difficulty is due to his experience in a real life environment.

  43. Hi Hiroki,
    I’m a cancer sun 8th house, with unaspected cap. moon 3rd house. The moon is also a singleton as it’s the only ‘personal planet’ in the bottom half of my chart – with all other planets in houses 8-12/AC/1st house.
    I’ve been wondering does my moon rule my chart? My AC is scorpio with Uranus conjunct. I know modern astrology would determine mars and pluto as co-rulers….but i am wondering if the moon is the strongest influence in my chart considering my sun sign also – as the transiting moon in a month renders many emotional ‘responses’ from me as it hits all other points in my chart..?
    I have been reading that the ‘strongest’ planet in the chart is really the true ruler of a chart and that may not necessarily be the planet ruling the AC sign.
    Thank you for your wonderful astrology site and your time!

    • Hi PB, the Moon exerts powerful influence in most horoscopes, but in your case it’s intensified due it being unaspected and disposits the Cancer Sun, etc. Rather than fixate on whether it is the “strongest” or “rules the chart”, however, it’s enough to simply acknowledge how powerful it is in your horoscope. Just from the little bit you shared, it’s clear there will be other strong influences operating in your horoscope.

  44. I have unaspected Venus (ruler of 12th and 5th houses) at 29 degree 40 minutes Scorpio in my 6th natal house.Relationships and more so lack of adequate finances have been a big issue throughout life.

  45. Hi Hiroki,

    What happens if both Sun & Mars are unaspected in a woman’s chart, considering both are male energy. What will that influence her relationship and other areas of life? I have them sextile each other but with an orb of 4.2 degree.


    • Hi Erin, sextile aspect counts, so the two planets are not “unaspected” by the definition of this article. It may make sense if you see them as a portion of your personality that likes to be assertive and independent. That might lead to an answer for the question you posed.

  46. Jelena Stripe says

    *Sorry I meant opposes the MC

  47. Jelena Stripe says

    You said that an unaspected planet is one that doesn’t make a major aspect to another planet, regardless of whether it makes an aspect to a comet such chiron, is that correct?

    How about if you have a planet that doesn’t aspect another planet, but does trine the ascendant and squares the MC? Can an angular planet with a conjunction to the IC also be an unaspected planet if it doesn’t form any aspects to any other planet? If this planet was also the chart ruler and co-rules the sign the moon is placed in, it would be a pretty dominant planet wouldn’t it?

    How about if there is another unaspected planet that’s also a singleton because it’s a lone planet in the universal planets, as well as the other co ruler of the sign the moon is in?

    • Hi Jelena, good questions.

      1) Aspects to Angles (ASC, MC) or asteroids (Chiron, Juno etc) don’t factor when calling a planet unaspected (peregrine).

      2) Unaspected planet can be strong enough to dominate the horoscope regardless of aspects or rulership to Angles. It is a strong planet that demands expression in your psyche!

      3) If you have more than one unaspected planets, both will demand strong expression – again, regardless of rulership etc.

  48. Bonjour, je découvre cet article qui confirme tout ce qu’on me dit depuis l’enfance. Indomptable, sauvage, orageuse, tempétueuse, agressive, guerrière…
    Je sens en effet tout ça, mais le plus c’est l’intensité dans toutes mes connexions, je ressens tout “trop” tout le temps même si je m’oblige à plus d’objectivité et de modération. Les gens aiment etre autour de moi mais le plus qu’ils disent c’est qu’ils sentent un courant eléctrique de haut voltage avec moi qui les déstabilisent. Aussi revient souvent qu’ils pensent que je vois tout à travers eux
    Comme aux XR. Je sais être très “sweetie” “soft” mais toujours reviens à un moment que je suis trop intense pour eux. Et ceux qui aiment le plus ça disent
    aussi à un moment : stop! on a besoin de se ressourcer loin de tout ça.
    J’ai mars scorpion unaspected en 3…

  49. Florencia says

    I’m wondering whether my case applies. I have a Uranus/Neptune 2′ orb conjunction, but they hardly aspect anything else…..there is a septile (…) between Neptune and Pallas, an 8′ orb conjunction between Uranus and Mars (does that even count), and they both square Lilith (an asteroid). I have a Rising, Saturn, Pallas and Vesta in Pisces, in the 12th. My Sun, Venus, Mars are in Aquarius and in the 11th. I have Mercury in Aquarius, in the 12th. Uranus/Neptune-y placements, I suppose. I bring that up because those themes are crucial in my life: individuality and art. I’m interested in ALL forms of art, and I spend endless time thinking about vague ideas and sensations I can never fully make sense of. Strange, intuitive beauty, innovation and the subsconscious are so important to me I find it odd that their signature planets are just barely hanging to the rest of the chart, even though there are other pointers. Neptune and Uranus (and Pluto, though that one is heavy on my chart) represent concepts I fundamentally identify with. I would’ve thought they’d be more prominent in my chart. Maybe it’s irrelevant. Any thoughts?

    Thank you Hiroki!

    • Florencia says

      (obviously that rising isn’t in the 12th oops)

    • Hi Florencia, there is an idea called “a peregrine island”: 2 planets in conjunction that do not form any major aspect with other major bodies (Sun-Pluto). The 2 planets tend to act together as if they’re unaspected. Maybe it fits your case, seeing how important the expression of creative individuality is in your life.

  50. chrissyz says

    I have unaspected Uranus. I really do feel like I am an outsider sometimes in his world.

  51. I have unaspected sun And unaspected Saturn. I definetly feel different from others bc I do not value many of the things others value. It seems that I am living in a very material world, yet possession mean nothing to me. Nor do other indicators of worldly success. I feel people find me strange bc of my lack of interest in these things. With unaspected Saturn, I can see that my relationship with my father has been affected. Thank you for all the information in your article, a lot of stuff makes much more sense now.

    • Hi Brandon, thank you for sharing your experience with unaspected Sun and Saturn. Having and pursuing your own unique set of values seems to be an important need for unaspected Sun.

  52. Hi Mr.Hiroki. I’m honestly at lost how to determine unaspected planets.
    I had trouble with directions generally. Can you give some guidance? Please bear with me.

    If I understand correctly, it means isolated planets without any aspect linking to other planets, right? Say, for example like in my chart, Leo Mars in 9th house is in trine with asc. Is that unaspected? I’m starting with basic (I think), since I’m not confident with my abilities anymore.

    Thank for your time and hearing me out. Sorry if I’m bothering you.

    • Hi Zoey, to determine unaspected planets, we only consider the aspects to other planets. Aspects to Angles (ASC, MC) do not count. So your Mars would be unaspected if you do not have any other major aspect (0, 60, 90, 120, 180) with other planets.

      • Thank you for clearing my confusion, Mr.Hiroki. Using your information as guideline, my Mars is considered unaspected if I cross out it’s only aspect to ASC. Am I reading this right? What does this position mean, the unaspected Mars in Leo in 9th house?

        Okay, just to make sure I got clarification I need: my Scorpio Sun in 12nd house is in conjunction with Mercury at 9.55orb or 6 degree and in trine to Saturn at 3.29orb or 79 degree. Does that fits the bill of ‘unaspected planet’? As you can see, I don’t understand how people use orb/value to read. I know I’m missing something but couldn’t pinpoint what. Sorry, if that personal.

        I am so sorry for so many questions Mr.Hiroki. I’m in pursuit of my trueself and trying to navigate the world which are utterly kinda useless without sense of directions. Oh, I stumbled through your article when I goggled ‘natal chart job satisfaction’ if you’re wondering. I don’t really have any lifestory to share, so that’s why.

        I appreciate if you decided to answer some more of my question. I promise that’s the last one. If not, still, thank you for spending time on me. Have a good day :)

        • Hi Zoey, I’m not understanding your question – the orb and degree you listed don’t make sense…Please try to rephrase.

          • Sorry, my bad, Mr.Hiroki. My question(s):

            1) Is my Mars unaspected based on information I gave out? If yes, could you explain what does it mean in this position, Leo in 9th? If no, just state ‘no’.

            2) Is my sun unaspected? This is copied directly from cafeastrology.com table:

            Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value
            Sun Conjunction Mercury 9.55 6
            Sun Trine Saturn 3.29 79
            Sun Sextile Midheaven 1.55 104

            Does that make sense? If you wish for a natal chart diagram, I would include it next post. Is imgur alright? Please ignore me, if this troubles you. I am thankful for your assistance.

          • Hi Zoey, sorry but I’m not understanding what you mean by the “value” you posted. Trine is a 120 degree aspect (not 79) and Sextile is a 60 degree aspect (not 104). Hence it does not make sense.

            You might want to learn the basics of astrology using your birth chart, which will allow you to make sense of the information in this article (once you learn what each aspect is and figure out the distance between planets it will not be difficult).

  53. Hi,

    Its very difficult to find information on unaspected planets. I have an unaspected Saturn in the 1st in Scorpio and i have recently found that my son has an unaspected Venus in his 4th in Taurus. I wanted to know if there were any aspects in my chart that might support his unaspected Venus but the only aspect we share in a synastry chart is my Saturn opposed his Venus. Would you be able to shed some light on aspects that are helpful and supportive to an unaspected planets? I would be curious to know what would be useful to an unaspected Venus.

    • Hi Ju, you may want to look up the midpoints formed by the unaspected Venus, because that creates a relationship to two other planets or points that may support a successful expression of the untethered energy of the unaspected Venus.

  54. Hi Hiroki,

    I have an unaspected moon in gemini in the 12th house. What can you tell me about this position?

    • Hi Mare, Unaspected Moon is a highly individualistic placement that requires you to follow your unique path in life. 12th house placement emphasizes difficulty in connecting to your own (and probably with others’) emotions, so some study and learning (Gemini) may be needed to access your positive feelings.

  55. Hello Hiroki. As someone else commented above, I have a peregrine conjunction too. It’s Sun and Pluto in the 12th h in scorpio. This is, pherhaps, the only thing that caughts completely my eye when I see my chart. I haven’t looked for many other details, to be honest. I’m not too sure how to explain my experience. Death is a great issue in my life, I believe there’s been times when I could smell it before it happened or even dreamed about it. I have been extremely paranoid and fearful, but managed to pretend calmness. Sometimes I get the feeling I’m headed to complete chaos, it’s funny though, things in my life seem a little calmer than years ago. But the smell of death always follows me! I know it’s never going to stop. I also get the feeling, more and more, that I can’t concentrate on daily issues or common worries because I’m absorbed by death and my own inner thoughts. Sometimes I think I’m completely disconnected from the rest. I’m just trying to remain calm and live the best I can… till chaos comes. Thanks a lot for your article! would you have any comment on this peregrine conjunction? or any advice?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Lia, much of what you shared reflects the conjunction of Sun and Pluto in 12th house, which seems to point to unresolved trauma affecting the self-image (this is not the only possible expression of this placement, but seems like something is demanding your attention from the unconscious). If they’re truly “peregrine conjunction” then their strength will be even more pronounced.

      • Thank you so much for anwering. Pluto makes a trine to my chiron in the 8th house in cancer. My sun is only aspected by Pluto. Do you think it’s peregrine?

        The unresolved trauma makes sense…

        • You could interpret the conjunction as a kind of peregrine island (there isn’t a technically exact definition for a peregrine conjunction, since this article deals with unaspected planet), or you could consider the 8th house connection as a reinforcement to the Pluto theme. Either way, Pluto will most likely demand that you delve deeper into the hidden emotions for healing.

  56. Hi! I was blessed to come across your website today. I am curious about what an unaspected Lilith is all about. I have an unaspected Lilith in my 11th house in the sign of Leo. Any information you can give to me will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  57. Anna Lesniak says

    Hello Hiroki,

    I have been studying my chart for about a year, and I have 3 unaspected planets. The Sun in Leo in the 9th House; Jupiter in Virgo in the 9th House; and Mars in Libra in the 10th House. I often find my energy and sense of purpose cyclic and unpredictable. My Mars in often passive-aggressive when I feel hurt by others. I either have so much drive to succeed that I don’t stop until I burn out, or I feel like a wanderer through the cosmic world. I find that my Saturn in Virgo in the 9th House conjunct my MC is what gives me the most stability. I love to learn and explore different religions, cultures, and healing practices. I’m an occupational therapist and I help my clients discover their own inner power, and educate others on alternative healing practices.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with this article and with your other posts. Have a great day!
    Anna :)

  58. hello,
    I have unaspected Saturn in 9th in Aquarius. I grew in religious orthodox family. My father was religious. I wasn’t allowed to do much stuff, like go to bath on Sundays, I used to prayed and confess my sins, but always doubted this. My parents divorced when i was 12 years old. We grew up with mom. My father was fanatic about religion. Later he calmed down and became a priest. It was very hard to start to communicate again. It still is. We touched up through arts, he encouraged me to draw, teached me how to play and bought my guitars. It was much easier for my sister, they still are like glued together, she has strong influence and physically and mentally depends on him. I’m tuck with some of fundamental ortodox believes that i got and it’s hard to not to feel guilty about things i do in life, like life i had, intimacy and not going to church anymore. But i know i don’t do nothing wrong, i’m happily married and have 6 month baby girl, i love my family, but still there’s a lot of shame and loss… but it’s a different story
    Thank you for this article and the others too. My mission is to connect as much dots in the world i can to find the true path i should go

    • Hi Julija, thank you for sharing your experience – isn’t it interesting that your unaspected Saturn in 9th house (religion) reflects your early religious experience (orthodox, confession etc) tied to your father (Saturn) who became a priest.

  59. No one’s commented with an unaspected Moon? I was hoping for more of people’s experiences. I enjoyed the article and it’s a favorite among those I’ve found on the topic. My Moon in Taurus (6H) is unaspected except a loose inconjuct to the Sun (Libra) and of course opposite the North Node (duh). This is a very difficult thing to deal with at times. I’m the hermit, keeping my distance, but also over-emotional to almost out of control at times. Definitely a detachment to people (not able to trust). It is easier to connect with “things” (hoarding tendencies) and animals (6H) than any other person. Still working on the psychological impact my upbringing has on my psyche, but this helps point to the origins in my natal chart.

    • Hi Susanne, thank you for sharing your experience with the unaspected Moon. The challenge with a Taurus Moon is that you may decide it’s more comfortable to stick with the status quo, even if you know intellectually that change is preferable. Unaspected Moon may magnify this tendency.

  60. Hi Hiroki,
    My natal chart contains an unaspected sun in Virgo. Virgo is also ascending with Mercury conjunct my ascendant. Then, I have a packed 1st house stellium in Libra. I must say that my sun acts as a vacuum at times, and it tends to take over. Usually, I inly notice this after the fact. I have a tendency to grab ahold of something I enjoy and apply large amounts of attention to detail and analysis. From black and white photography, mysticism, to criminal psychology: if I become obsessed, it’s over. I must absorb ALL OF IT :-)
    (Kind of like astrology! Have studied since I was a child! I am now 7 years deep into psychological astrology and Jungian concepts)

    • Hi Amy, thank you for sharing your experience! If the Sun is in 12th house, it makes sense that your interests are directed toward arts and hidden areas of experience.

  61. Hello there,

    This is a really fascinating read about unaspected planets natally.
    I would be grateful if you tell me why I feel complete lethargy to the point where I don’t do anything about my life, nothing but lazing around. I should mention that my 7th-house Mars in Cap is Retrograde. As for anger, I rarely blow up in front of people; it just goes internally and fades out. I don’t have any difficulty dealing with anger. The worst about unaspected Mars Rx is that, for a fact, it makes me strongly inactive wasting time (yeaaaaars) and drivelessly lacking direction in my life. My question is: how should one with an unaspected Rx Mars deal with the issue of unassertiveness and drivlessness, and lethargy furthermost?

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Joseph,

      Sounds like something got short-circuited in the course of your development – retrograde Mars does not show a lack of motivation, and neither does unaspected Mars (it’s in ambitious Capricorn, which is a very strong placement.) Other factors in your horoscope most likely reflects the life circumstances that may have resulted in this way of expression, but I can’t really say much more without looking at the entire chart.

  62. Thanks for writing, this is a very interesting article.
    I’m wondering about my unaspected Venus in Sag in the 10th. It is exactly on midheaven in my chart. Is it still considered unaspected? and how would having those two elements manifest?

    Thank you!

  63. What it is considered unaspected? I have venus in capricorn 5th house semisquaring the sun at 0 degrees Applying and then my venus sextile mars and pluto by over 5 degrees seperating each , as well as venus in opposition to chiron by 6degrees seperating. I have a big problem with expressing love and finding love. I have been single for most of my life (26 year old) and soon venus is going to turn Rx by progression. I don’t feel any connection with my feminine side and that shows ..

    • Hi there, unaspected planet is usually defined as “lacking any ptolemaic aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) to another planet”. We don’t consider minor aspects or asteroids in this definition (otherwise most everything will have one aspect or another.) Your sextile aspect is a ‘maybe’ depending on how wide of an orb you use for sextiles (in my case it’s 4 degrees).

      So Venus can be considered unaspected in your chart, which intensifies your need for connection (and your concern if this need is not satisfied).

  64. I have unaspected Venus in Leo, in 9th house. Never been in any serious relationship (i’m 21 yrs old). My Venus is truly like wild horse. She acts really unpredictable and is often total attention wh*re…

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! 9th house Venus will most likely take you away from your roots through relationships that enlarge your worldview. Venus being unaspected emphasizes its potential to do so…

  65. Thank you for writing this page, Hiroki

    Many Mercuries un-aspected i found here, and Saturns’. People need to hear their thoughts, and work like clocks :P I guess.
    I prefer to think, myself, think and daydream… until i believe my thoughts have become. Alas, even though my thoughts are varied and sharp, openly painting a profoundly colourful future into existence, they lack, actual fruition. I believe this is because my Mars in 5th, in Cancer, is incapable of ushering in anything other than sex, fights & random explosive behaviour. My imaginations yearning to manifest the things it thinks up, sits without connection.

    That high sex-driven Virgo further up, and myself should meet up :P hehe
    we’ll put that virgoan energy to the test. Oh, but it’s not likely anyone alive appreciates me getting angry. I will literally (FUCK EVERYTHINGS SHIT UP) pardon, excusez mon français. Strangely, Mercury is my most well-aspected planet, aspecting all save for Venus & Sun.

    My Mars however, as the plot thickens makes a brave tight Square to Juno in Aries/2nd house. I am married, and Juno has managed (although very bravely herself) to bring all my dreams into fruition. She is like my personal angel, my saviour, with a tight trine to my Mercury & Trine to my Neptune, making everything i say and dream a reality.

    Now, how do you like them apples?

    When she appeared in my life 6 years ago.
    I released a rap EP
    I did boxing for 3 months, but then decided i wanted something with more finesse so
    1 year later i was a brown belt in Shotokan, but i believed i need something that tapped into the spiritual realm, so
    1 year later i was doing yoga regularly, and haven’t stopped since, i recently applied to take my qualification in Hatha yoga, in Rishikesh India, i’ve always imagined India would be a place where i become something special to myself, and am excited to finally go on such a beautiful journey.

    Now i am writing this, only for one reason, as my Sun exits the 12th house, and my Mercury Enters the 12th house i find myself looking back, thankful, and also fearful. That if my Juno disappears… I will become an animal again. :,(

    • Hi Lex, from what you wrote I wasn’t quite sure if you had any unaspected planet in the horoscope?

      • You mean after that emotional explosion and bad language, i finally didn’t say?! Oh my… why, it’s my Mars, Mars un-aspected 20 degrees in Cancer in the 5th house. That is the other problem, too much information, and no point-made, i would love to blame someone else for that, but unfortunately, it’s my own cross to bare. see the conundrum of my life. :P

  66. Hi Hiroki,

    Thank you for a great article :).

    I have an unaspected Mercury in Gemini in the 3rd house.

    Air is a big element in my chart. I have Sun-Jupiter conjoined in Gemini (4th), my Ascendant is in Aquarius and Pluto and the NN are both 8th house in Libra.

    When I was younger I felt isolated. A young unaspected Mercury had me talking to much; I was opinionated and an aggressive communicator and I was scatty with my thoughts.

    Being a wee bit more mature now I believe an unaspected Mercury allows for an unlimited perspective, and if perspectives are unlimited then no one person is right or wrong. I have always been devil’s advocate. When younger it came across as argumentative and most people directed anger at me for challenging their perspective (reflecting my Mars-Chiron conjunction). As I matured others felt I was weak for being agreeable / not having strong convictions of my own.

    I eventually learned to balance the objective side of Mercurial thinking with my own subjective take on life. An airy chart and unaspected Mercury have given me the gift of Change. Now I enjoy being adaptable, flexible, agreeable, cooperative and imaginative. Also having Neptune in the 10th allows me to move careers freely which ties in with my incessant studying / craving for new information (I have more qualifications than you could shake a stick at!). And I now express my Moon-Venus-Mars-Chiron conjunction (all in my 2nd house) in a caring, compassionate and practical way, while my Saturn in the 7th provides me with stability in my relationships.

    I think it’s safe to say we all experience the negative sides of ALL our placements when are our younger egotistical selves. But if we continually approach life with love and kindness in our hearts, then as we mature we learn life’s valuable lessons and (hopefully) become better people.

    I think, and feel, the single most important lesson to learn in life is that of crossing the line between victim-hood and self-responsibility; once self-responsible our natal and transit charts change unimaginably!

    All my love,

  67. Suzanne Pfitzner says

    Noel Tyl incorrectly calls unaspected planets ‘peregrine’. Peregrine is a traditional astrological concept and Tyl is not a traditional astrologer. ‘Peregrine’ refers to a planet that has no essential dignity: rulership, exaltation, triplicity, face or decan. Peregrine brings a separate set of issues to an unaspected planet.

    • Hi, I’ll leave your comment on for the benefit of others that may get the same impression…Just to give you a perspective, I’ve heard Noel Tyl talk about this point several times – he is fully aware of the traditional definitions along with the traditional rules of dignities. The deviation of the term is intentional, and he has thought it out. For every traditional astrologer that would call him incorrect, there are many more modern astrologers that welcomed his fresh ideas.

  68. Hi Mr Niizato,
    I have Saturn completely unaspected in the 5th with a sun in Libra (12th) and moon in Taurus (7th) and Scorpio Ascending. My life has been pretty difficult in these last 7-8 years. I also have Mars square Uranus. Mars (2 in sag) Uranus (MC in Virgo)
    What can I do to move my life positively with a work leisure balance?

    • Hi Libby,

      Unaspected Saturn does suggest importance of work, productivity and organization in one’s life. For accurate assessment you always need to look at the entire chart rather than try to connect a few select measurements. If you’d like me to take a closer look at your horoscope, please schedule a consultation

  69. Hi Hiroki. I have uranus unaspected in the 1st with Pluto and Mars conjiunct ac in virgo. Uranus is ruler of 6th house and north node 29 degrees aquarius. And i have juppiter unaspected in the 2nd house in scorpio. This hare very intense time for me. I have always been searching for my real self and searching joy in life. I have to break free … Reconnecting to my soul and my body… The only way to find my joy. Thank you for your interestimg work .

  70. Thank you for the article! This helped me a lot!
    I have unaspected Jupiter in the 12th house and I love to learn the deepness of philosophical, cosmic and psychological matters since I know me as a person.
    But I have an Saturn-Mercury aspect and I always think I’m stupid and I’m not prepared enough to talk about what I know (or think I know)
    This has slowed me down a lot.
    If you have any tips in how to deal with it, please, let me know.

  71. Thank you for the insightful article! Although various astrology sources have given me slightly different results (different orbs used, I think?), majority show that I have an unaspected Jupiter. The only ‘major’ aspect it has is a trine to my Midheaven. I’ve been a keen learner of all sorts of information since young, and have been especially interested in religion, philosophy and astrology since my early teens (I’m 19) despite a secular upbringing. Reading, understanding and thinking is a huge part of my identity, and it brings me much joy to be able to share my knowledge with others as well. I hope this anecdote helps you out with further understanding unsuspected Jupiter :)

    • Hello Wendy,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing about your unaspected Jupiter. I also have unaspected Jupiter and can relate to the need for learning and mental expansion.

  72. Hi Hiroki!

    Your response is very beautifully put! I am so happy that I asked that question, as I am yet to come across that perspective from another astrologer. So the answer is YES and NO!

    My mars is somewhat unaspected, and so there are times when my Martian energy is more “raw” and feels uncontrollable because there is no planetary contact being easily made, and then at other times, as I use this energy more consciously with awareness, I get the support of the Pluto conjunction or the square from Jupiter.. WOW!.. I have always felt torn mentally about which articles to read in respect to my mars, Mars conjunct Pluto, Mars square Jupiter OR Mars Unaspected…

    Actually, you have just literally sparked a flood of insights!… What if from another vantage point, the opposite is also true?.. What if in the evolution of the soul, each planet yearns for its own sovereign expression, and to ultimately act “unaspected”, but before that energy can be used constructively, the planetary aspects serve as cosmic “training” wheels, like training wheels on a kid’s bike? So what if my martian energy truly yearns to be expressed freely without restraint (unaspected), but still wanted the security of a “safety net” (Pluto and Jupiter) far enough away that it does not interfere with its expression, once the energy can be managed, yet Pluto and Jupiter are still present so it can be called upon in case the unaspected martian energy needs censoring?

    Ok so you have really got this Virgo’s mind ticking now.. It is the one aspect, pun intended, in my natal chart that I have a question mark about.. And additionally, my mistake, my Pluto in libra 15 degrees is in exact sextile to Neptune in Sagg !.. So Pluto is aspected, it is Mars which seems to be a wild card!.. Anyways, Thank YOU for sharing your wisdom and insights so generously!..

  73. Hi Hiroki !

    Awesome work! I have just come across your website, and I am excited to explore it further! I will greatly appreciate your perspective on this. The only aspect that Pluto makes in my natal chart is a conjunction with Mars, and that is with Mars separating from Pluto with an orb of 7.3 degrees. Then for Mars, apart from that loose conjunction with Pluto, Mars is approaching a square from Jupiter with a 7.5 orb away from exact square. Would you consider my Mars and Pluto unaspected?
    Thanks a keep up the Fantastic work!

    • Hi Roberto, thank you for commenting. 7 degree orb is a bit wide, but you can still “reach out” and use the aspects’ potential as you need them. Orb is a span of consciousness, so the more alive and active you become in life, the more the orbs tend to widen and connect everything within your being. Hopefully this makes sense.

  74. My Uranus in the 5th(libra) is unaspected. It’s the ruler of my 8th. I have not quite been able to understand / connect with my sexuality/preferences. It feels confusing. I don t seem to want mainstream relationship and feel very connected to my male side although I m female but I’m predominantly attracted to males although quite effeminate ones. Any comments?? Also 2 of my children were very unusual and have died

    • Hi Lilith, thank you for commenting and sharing about your unaspected Uranus in the 5th house. 5th and 8th house both represent your sexual profile, so the “unexpected” or surprising quality of Uranus could definitely flavor this area of your life. Perhaps there is a quality of “more than meets the eye” in how you express yourself sexually.

      I’m sorry to hear about your children – such extreme experiences are rare and difficult to wrap our heads around.

      • Thankyou! Yes I feel there has been a sense of detachment to the sexual side of my nature in that my desire to relate has been in a less mainstream way and I’ve needed the other to activate that but now as I have gotten older I feel more able to state more free contracts of relating right from the start and I do wonder whether I ll write about other forms of relationships out with monogamous traditional set ups

  75. Thanks Hiroki. You are right about unaspected Uranus. I have been studying various schools of thought on Astrology – Vedic, Western, Heliocentric, Uranian as well as Magi. This ties up really well :)

  76. I have an unaspected Saturn in 9th and an unaspected Uranus in the 12th. A day without work feels a day wasted even if it is a Sunday. Thats probably the peregrine Saturn.
    Unaspected Uranus in 12th I am wondering, how that would be playing out in my life….any ideas ?

    • Hello Viv,

      Thanks for sharing your experience regarding unaspected Saturn (which seems to be manifesting as a strong sense of responsibility, purpose and ambition.) Unaspected Uranus can have themes such as a strong need for independence, willingness to take risks and express your individuality. Sometimes it can also suggest astrological study itself.

  77. Hi Hiroki,

    Do you consider aspects that are within orb but out of sign when determining unaspected? For example is 29 virgo sun considered conjunct with a 2 libra mars?

    • Hi Mary, I consider out of sign aspect to be valid. So in your example, Mars conjunct Sun is active (although adjustment is needed because of the two planets’ signs not being in sync.)

  78. Hi, Mr. Niizato,
    I really appreciate this article. I just found your blog and I love it! Great work!

    I have a scattered type chart with Pisces Mercury unaspected in the 7th house. I also have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and I think this is important information for anyone else like me. Really pay attention to calming the nervous traits if you also have unaspected Mercury, particularly in Pisces because it can definitely affect your health. I read in the comments here that others have neurological issues with unaspected Mercury. I never connected this before.

    Have you found others with neurological issues with an unaspected Mercury, Mr. Niizato?

    • Hello, thank you for your comments. That’s an interesting thought, but I don’t think unaspected Mercury alone can account for the neurological issues (quite a lot of people have the configuration but have no neurological issues.)

  79. Wow oh wow! Dear Mr.Niizato, thank for posting this incredibly enlightening article. I now understand why this little light of mine, my peregrine Sun, hasn’t shined in years. You stressed the importance of maintaning a positive outlet for an unaspected planet & the proverbial lightbulb lit up every chamber of my psyche. You are absolutely, without a doubt, 100% correct!

    * My Scorpio Sun has a 5th house placement. While there are grand water trines, kites, etc. zinging around her, she is firmly peregrine and not even close to being aspected.
    * Throughout childhood, adolescence & my teen years; art, music, animals & children were my passion, my therapy, my shelter & my release.
    * I was a mother figure to, protector of, story teller & comic relief for my five younger siblings & several younger cousins. Oh, and neighborhood rescuer of any stray, injured, homeless creature I could hide until healthy, put food out for or just give hugs to.
    * I loved using my hands to create anything & when a violin was passed down to me in 6th grade, I joined my school orchestra (thank goodness I had a patient teacher.)
    * I’m not naturally gifted in art, nor music, but I loved it! Only sheer determination helped me to hone my limited skills & knowledge into forms that eventually shined. Which made me shine & persevere through a mighty unshiny childhood.
    * Many of the Scorpion’s challenging traits I did not identify with. Although I’m definitely the odd bug in my family. My folks often wondered (out loud!) what planet I came from when my questions were too profound, my heart too tender & I collected rocks instead of Barbie dolls ;)
    * Academic scholarships & grants offered an opportunity in a fully immersed, left-brain field. I didn’t have/make time for the passions that had sustained me for so many years and off I went into…..accounting (seriously.)
    * My Sun’s rays shone in fleeting, beautiful moments raising my children & sharing my love of creativity, gardening & storytelling. Life was full of too many directions (some my choice, some not) & the directions I loved the most were too few, too brief, too squeeeeezed in.

    The children are grown now, the gardens now tended by another family, my violin is collecting dust elephants & I can’t find an HB pencil in our down-sized, cizy abode.

    It is a truism that when you ignore the gifts & passions you were born with; (manifested by each planet and expressed through each house) the shadows of imbalance slowly creep up & pull the rug from beneath you. Those are the gentle reminders.

    I suspect that I ignored those gentle reminders many times. So before another tsunami hits I’m pulling out my Guarneri reproduction, gathering up the kids’ old sketch books from school & running with scissors.

  80. JoHn Casas says

    Hey, I’m a Capricorn with three planets in my chart unaspected. I have a mercury in Capricorn in the 4th, Jupiter in Aquarius in 6th, and Neptune in Capricorn in the 5th all unaspected. I’m not really the social butterfly even though I have my moments of confidence cause of my moon in Leo in the 12th. I can not stop thinking and when I’m with someone I’m comfortable with a can speak for hours. I tend to be quiet most of the time though. I like to think of music and movie ideas all the time which I believe has to do with my mercury thinking all the time and my Neptune increasing my creativity. I’m also facinated with occult studies like astrology lol. Anything unknown and spiritual Is interesting.
    I feel like I understand many things but i am unable to to express to others how I feel. I’m not good at getting my point accross. I’m a better listener. I could have picture perfect idea in my head but am unable to tell someone because I doesn’t come out right unless I get an intuitive flow of confidence.

    Here’s the rest of my chart if you want to know more about me. I don’t feel like typing too much lol.

  81. I have Capricorn Uranus in the 10th completely unaspected (not even minor aspects). I do feel different and I’m having na hard time choosing a career or even getting some simple job to start a professional life.

    • With a peregrine Uranus in the 10th, you might need a greater amount of freedom while at work compared to most people. Creating your own hours, having your own space, work processes, etc. The rest of your horoscope will need to provide you with the resources to achieve this.

  82. Matthew LaMere says

    I was born 3/7/70 5:44 am. Portland OR There was a full solar eclipse 3 hours after my birth.

    I am an Aquarius rising so Uranus is the ruler.

    You explained that you are using no Ptolemy aspects as the criteria of being Unaspected.

    My natal Uranus fits that criteria. Natal Uranus is Libra- the only air sign placement in my chart. It is also the only cardinal sign planet placement.

  83. Unaspected Saturn in Cancer | 8th House

    What you said is true about my father. I was conceived during an extramarital affair and so I’ve had no interaction with my biological father.

  84. Hello, I’m an unaspected sun and have always felt that I didn’t belong in my family. I therefore missed out on all relationships and made coping without resilience very difficult. I always felt that I was adrift, without a direction or anchor. Still do. I have found friendships difficult and relationships impossible. Can you offer any guidance on how to overcome this? I’m nearly 62 and want to enjoy the rest of my life in a relationship! If that is at all possible..

    • You’re asking a very important question, but I can’t give you a satisfactory answer here just based on one measurement. Please schedule a consultation for a serious discussion, as we need to take the entire birth chart into account before any guidance can be given.

  85. I have an unaspected Venus in Taurus, House XI. Romantic is the one thing I wish for the most and the one thing I lack any control over. As a Sun Gemini in House XII, it feels doubly intensive that my public persona is desynced from my private love life and I have been terrible in handing relationships because people get a shock when they see the differences.

    Still troubles me till today, but hopefully I have the emotional maturity to see it through.

  86. Veronika says

    Hi there everyone, sorry if this has already been discussed but anyone can tell me a bit more abount unaspected mars in saggitarius in 2nd house? My son has it, his not even 2 and I already notice his anger and tantrums! Thanks

    • Hi Hiroki!
      Insightful information! I’m an Aquarius ascendant, and I have an unaspected Mercury 3°21′ degrees in 11th house in Capricorn. I’m not that much talkative with people in general as I always feel bored and uninterested about their topics. However, only certain people who I feel comfortable with I become too talkative, including my siblings. I can talk with them about anything in my mind for hours! I’m also non- stop thinker. I’m naturally so curious and I love analyzing every small detail about everything. In my free time I spend the most of the day only reading. My Mercury also quintiles my moon orb +0°08′.
      Can you please explain to me more about my Mercury’s position and aspects? What are my strengths?

      Thank you so much :)

  87. unaspected Sun in Sagittarius/ 2nd house

    *in childhood I was viewed as a little boss, was really bossy and dominating but at the same time till this day I remember feeling restricted to fully express myself, because my behaviour had to be “appropriate”
    *the most important area in my life is education and career, there is a strong strive to be ANYTHING BUT mediocre
    *I have a strong belief that I want to be recognized for the skills that I posses, which are not just any skills, but those who can help the society and bring more awareness
    *I want to be irreplaceable
    *At the same time I have no idea what in particular sets me apart from other people, although this is a constant question for me
    *I am holding back at expressing my power, because as from my experience, people do not appreciate it and in my teens a lot of the time I have suffered by getting neglected
    *I always question traditions and ways of doing things, which authorities do not appreciate much, I also love to challenge authorities and am not afraid to go against them, but I am not a rebel without a cause, just want to find the truth

    I guess that sometimes it is difficult to tell where is my Sun playing out and where my Pluto in 1st house trine Mars.

    However I can feel that the Sun and 2nd house theme is a major one for me. Actually it is something that accompanies me everyday, a feeling which knows that it has to be expressed, however how and where is not answered. I am 21 so I am still in the beginning of the process

    • Well said! Thank you for sharing.

      • Unaspected sun in taurus in the 7th, cusp of 8th house.

        Wow – could not have said it better. Almost identical experiences. Have spent most of my life trying to hold back, often received as “too intense”, too powerful, too much. I also have pluto conjunct my ascendant (libra) and have often blamed this intensity on that aspect. But perhaps it’s the peregrine sun after all…or both :) To this day I really have no idea how to control this effect…

        Great article Hiroki. I recently became aware of this feature of my chart and your article helps clarify. Still learning how to manage it at 32…

  88. Unaspected Mercury in Leo / 7th house / ruler of 8th house here. I feel a strong pull to express and communicate to others my inner world through writing and music and in the last decade an urge for writing about occult subjects came to surface. I somehow make sure my close relationships feature a lot of these. When I’m active in this field my life seems ok. I have enough energy, I’m optimistic and my health is better. On the contrary, when I’m unable to be active in the above for one reason or another, my health suffers as I get all sorts of neurological disorders in the body, I get depressed, anxious, irritable, I loose focus and have trouble to get out of this state. When Mercury goes retrograde I usually find myself in an existential crisis. Otherwise I have also Venus, Jupiter (both combust) and Sun in Leo / 7th house. I’m very much interested in chromotherapy and I wonder for some time now if using Mercury colors would be beneficial in such case.

    • Hi, Rok,
      I also have neurological issues and an unaspected Mercury in the 7th house in Pisces. I think I can relate to what you wrote.

  89. Unaspected Mercury in Leo / 7th house / ruler of the 8th here. I’m thinking and analyzing to the point of exhaustion. I feel a great urge to write an comunicate mystical and occul

  90. Darn, sorry Hiroki… Autocorrect on my iPhone keeps changing
    ‘unaspected’ to ‘unsuspected’.
    There’s something ironically Venus in Scorp about that.
    (Although Merc is retro in Scorp at present, perhaps that’s it).

  91. Thanks for posting this topic Hiroki!… I’ve long wondered about the impact of my unsuspected Venus in Scorpio, but even just contemplating it now is helping me become more conscious of how it has manifested at various times.

    I guess what I’d really like to know is:
    How can I make the most of my unsuspected Venus?… Will it ever result in me manifesting something meaningful in the world?… Will it help to focus more on the houses it rules (10th, 5th) ?… & Does the mutual reception between Venus & Pluto assist?

    I am a Libran with Sun, Merc, Uranus & MC all in Libra (& in the 10th House). Pluto is also in Libra conj MC but is on 9th H side.
    My ‘unaspected Venus in Scorp’ is in the 10th H also & is in mutual reception with Pluto in Libra.

    I’ve always had either very deep & intense relationships, or nothing at all… & the former began at an early age. I have been critized for my choice in partner, as its not always obvious to others why I would choose to be with them, but I’m very spiritual & tend to see the essence of someone rather than the packaging.
    Despite always attracting many admirers/partners & always being told I’m beautiful, I have intense & irrational issues around my value/worth, often lacking confidence, causing me to withdraw into isolation.
    I began practising Heart Centered meditation at a young age which led to the development of profound healing/regeneration & perceptive capacities, but although I was constantly sought after & encouraged to do soul readings, astro consults & do/teach healing, I’ve never felt comfortable or good enough.
    This has also been the case with regard to expressing my creativity.
    I’ve been very blocked in this regard, but love many areas of design especially interiors, homewares, jewellery & textiles… & although I’ve had EXTREME difficulty in ever completing anything, I am exploring short courses in interior design, jewellery design & textiles at present, with the view to designing all of the above in natural, eco, non-violent materials & methods.
    The unaspected Venus in Scorp may also be linked to my other experiences/idiosyncrasies(?):
    ~ Irrational fear of banks, in particular cheque/deposit books, as a child ( from as early as 5yrs).
    ~ From age 7, Strong early attraction to reincarnation (collecting books on the topic) & to visiting different churches/religions each wkend, everything from Hari’s to Lutherans. My mother would indulge this by arranging for me to ‘sit in’ alone or with a friend & collect me afterwards.
    ~ Obsession with the ‘Murder Casebook’ series of magazines (& various horror novels) between ages 12-15yrs.
    ~ Always inspired by & enamoured with the creativity of others (oftentimes being an unofficial agent for their work).
    ~ Survival issues around creating a sustainable/maintainable income.
    ~ Complications arising from feeling pressured to align with an inequitable & unethical economic system.
    ~ Feelings of not fitting in or belonging.
    Sorry it’s alot of info… But I’m only just beginning to understand where & how it may have been manifesting… after feeling for so long that i was’nt able to do anything with it.

  92. runningwater says

    My husband, has unaspected mars in Aries in the first house, and unaspected saturn in virgo in the 6th house. I have been with him for almost 18 years, and all I can say is my gosh, I am still getting to know his deep dark bad self. His mars in Aries in the first house is I think our biggest problem, we never fight, and I don’t see him angry but he has his demons he is very good at hiding maybe because his rising sign is conjunct his venus at 28 degrees pisces ( he is very good at putting on a pretty, pleasing face) He is a very caring person, yet there is so much more to him, is there any advice you can give me?

    • He is better off using all that energy to work for himself (or as close to that as he can make it.) Venus and Pisces rising ameliorate the Mars expression, but also frustrate it.

  93. Hello, I have Mars in Virgo (2nd house) unaspected and retrograde. I tend to overreact to situations (anger especially). Sexually, I’m pretty open with a high sex drive. I don’t feel a lot of Virgoan like energy though, I’m not sure what to make of it.

  94. My daughters ascendant is Leo and the ruler the sun is peregrine in the third house. (Scorpio)

    If mercury becomes chatty when peregrine how would the sun be in the third house? As she’s only 6 months old its hard for me to know how it might work out.

    Would teaching be a good way to shine through her sun and third house?

    • It’s possible that the peregrine Sun in 3rd could manifest as over-communication in order to make herself be heard. This is not enough of an indication for one career over another, though.

  95. Hi there,

    I have an unaspected Neptune in the 4th house. It is in Capricorn, also the only Cardinal sign in my chart.

    My Mercury also only has a semi-square to my North Node – My rising sign is Virgo thus he is my ruler. The older I become the more communication is paramount in my life – but my 3rd house is rather busy.

    What is your interpretation of my Neptune? I know I am a dreamer, but not an idealist for sure. Lose Saturn conjunct Sun got ride of that.

    • Peregrine Neptune is a bit unusual. The Neptune symbolism (within all its spectrum) probably overpowers everything else in your personality. Often the key is found in how to manifest the intangible ideals into physical expression.

  96. A Sun Gemini with Asc Cancer, Moon Leo. I consider myself rational, calm and knowledgable, until it comes to love. My Venus is unaspected in Taurus.

    I have a lot of difficulty in love. It almost defines my life, as someone who has a lot of fixtation on love. I love to read about love stories that ended happily ever after and hate the idea of Romeo and Juliet. In fact, I find myself having difficulty in communicating with the person I genuinely like now. I can’t help doing things for her, but psychoanalyzing every action of hers, and feel very possessive over that person. Other times I feel distant, as I feel that even without me, she can still have a happy life.

    It’s a dilemma for me. Mostly as a rational person, only love trips me up. That’s frustrating to deal with, yet I feel as if I can’t help myself.

  97. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this article Mr. Niizato.

    Being aware of this makes me appreciate myself more.

    I’m a Gemini with an unaspected Mercury in Taurus in the 8th house. I am forever wondering about this part of my natal chart. I’m not sure, but my mind instinctively focused on my Mercury and its impact on me. What does this mean?

    I’m not the talkative type. I don’t talk nonstop. In fact, I don’t know what to say when I’m with people. Awkward moments with people and very reserved. So not the social butterfly Geminis are famous of.

    With friends, I’m more of a listener than the one who regales them with my stories/adventures…

    I guess what is true with my unaspected Mercury is the nonstop thinking. I can’t seem to stop doing it. In fact I love it… I cherish the time when I can be alone and be free to bring my thoughts to different heights or dimensions, depending on my mood. I can be very rational and at the same time can stay in never never land for hours…

    One of my problems is that I can’t seem to control my thoughts, as they tend to scatter in different directions. One moment, I’m thinking of ways to solve my current problem, then a moment later, I’d catch myself thinking of another thing… maybe my to do’s for tomorrow.

    Another thing is that I tend to worry a lot. Whenever I have a problem, I can’t seem to stop thinking about it, over and over, thinking of the same thing. My friend says I could have done more with the level of energy I waste worrying and over analyzing things that are really not that important. And she’s right… It’s just that I can’t seem to stop… Worrying to death is very me.

    I have a very short attention span, though I when I exert effort to focus, I can work for hours (at times at the expense of my health).

    I am restless, weak and even sickly when I have nothing to do or things are boring yet a powerhouse when I have lots to think about.

    Is this what an unaspected Mercury is supposed to be like? Or is this just me as a Gemini?



    • Thank you for sharing your experience. What you share and the way you share it is illustrative of peregrine Mercury. Your being a Gemini just emphasizes it that much more.

    • Thanks for writing your experience with unaspected Mercury, Alvin. I also have a Peregrine Mercury and I couldn’t identify with the non-stop talking part because I am mostly quiet, too. However, the non-stop thinking is exactly right. Without meditation, I would be dead! And it ain’t easy!

  98. Thank you very much for your reply.

    Yes, it is not even sextile with Neptune at all, which I find is too strange, since I learned that many people of my age should at least have this trait. Deep down I am really a private person who keep thoughts within myself.

    I would also like to know if this planet is really my ruling planet, as I have ASC Scorpio. If yes, what sort of influence will it have on my character aside from being private/secretive? I also consider it also affects my life tremendously. Sorry for inputing so much here. It is alright to answer the parts you are comfortable with. Thank you very much.

  99. I am interested in this issue, so I would like to ask the following, which I wish you may take the time to reply:

    I have an unaspected Pluto Scorpio in the 12 house, while the ASC is Scorpio. Venus Scorpio is also in the same house. However, Pluto does not have any linkage with them, or with any planets. Would there be any significance? Thanks a lot.

    • If it’s true (i.e. Pluto is not sextile Neptune) you’d consider it as Pluto peregrine, which could be thought of as strong, often extreme, perspective that is not easily understood by others (12th house). Venus’ position adds to the sense of private values that you keep within yourself.

  100. Hello Mr. Niizato,

    What happens as the unaspected planet (e.g. Venus in Taurus) progresses and becomes aspected? Is it likely the person will be able to stabilize the Venusian energy or will it still be prominent/energy of its own?

    • I wouldn’t think along those lines – if that were the case everyone’s peregrine Venus or Mercury will calm down before they reach 20 years old or so, and that simply doesn’t happen.

  101. I found this extremely interesting – thank you for writing this entry
    I’ve 2 questions…
    (1) I’m hoping you could clarify something for me… do aspects to angles mean a planet is unaspected?? e.g. if someone has a planet conjunct one of the angles, with no other aspects to planets etc – does this mean the planet is unaspected??
    (2) to start with an observation and to agree with what you wrote above about unaspected Mercury… Both my children have Mercury unaspected in the 11th House. My daughter’s in Gemini, my son’s in Leo. My daughter never stops talking, especially when out socialising, but also at home. My son on the other hand is quite shy, but if he’s somewhere familiar with people who are familiar then he’s also quite chatty.
    My question is that I want to clarify if having an aspect to the Moon’s North Node (&/or MSN) still counts as unaspected… I’m asking because my daughter’s Mercury has an aspect to the Moon’s Nodes – does that still qualify as an unaspected planet?

    • Hi Lea,

      Yes, the planets are considered unaspected (peregrine) even if they have aspects with the Angles or the Nodal axis. Thank you for sharing the examples of your children!


  102. Hello Mr. Niizato,

    I have a peregrine Venus in Cancer in the 8th house and I can see in a way how it expresses itself in my life. (or doesn’t) The runaway factor is very true. Sometimes my Venus has a magic all of it’s own that amazes me w/ it’s intensity when it shows up and then leaves me feeling inept.
    I can honestly say I have never has a solid single romantic relationship in my life. I’m 25 and I don’t know how to feel about that. In general I’m friendly, shy, and pleasant enough, but when it comes to romance or even the thought of it I run away.

    It seems I chronically avoid anything that requires me to open up past friendship w/ a person. Too me it seems to be too mortifying for words, but I like the idea of love. In my hearts of hearts I want an all encompassing type of love, something that’s not flaky and full of bs. I can’t stand bs. lol
    During the years I’ve had fleeting crushes and I’m fickle. Men (women) have tried to hook up w/ me, but once it gets past playful flirting, chatting, or I get bored, I snap at them and just shut them down. I get really uncomfortable and blurt out the most random things. lol
    I’m go from hot to cold quickly like a wave crashing through; I’m intensely attracted one minute (almost obsessively so) than I’m disgusted the next…it’s weird. I also have Moon and Mercury in the 8th as well.

    I like to write and illustrate so I create a lot of stories based off of love and relationships. Even if their not the main focus and I can somehow write and express all of these intricacies and complexities on paper as if I’ve experienced them, but in real life I’m completely inept in dealing with love. I notice that I can be really charming, beguiling, and perceptive in attracting people, but then it switches off and I feel odd. Kinda like a fish out of water. My Venus is Oriental as well can that also cause problems?

    Thank You.

    • Venus is very frequently oriental in majority of charts, so that won’t be a factor here. The defensiveness described in your story seems to be one possible expression of Venus in Cancer in 8th, but I’m sure there are a lot more going on in your horoscope that contributes to the pattern.

  103. Hi,

    I have unaspected sun (cap./12th) and mars (aquarius) in the 1st. Yeesh. I don’t have anger problems–although I’m a ferocious and ruthless opponent coming to my own or others’ defense if I feel someone is being bigoted or cruel. On the other hand, I can have a really hard time expressing or even feeling anger in my personal relationships–until I completely lose it and never speak to the person again (I also have mercury conj venus in the 12th). Though I will say this has improved massively with repeated failure, learning and age. (It has been a steep curve.) Sex has always been a challenge and a major interest. I’m terrible at maintaining an exercise routine, though I have too much energy not to. anxiety and insomnia have also at times been debilitating, though thankfully this also improves with healthy habits.

    As for the sun (or maybe this is sun + mars?), I can have a really hard getting myself moving and staying focused. Once I’m into something, be it healthy or not, my focus is unparalleled. I forget to eat, can’t bear to sleep, etc. My “purpose” in life is both of deep importance to me and a source of pain when I feel myself to be off the mark. Also, it’s true that I can be pretty self-absorbed/preoccupied like most unaspected sun people supposedly are, but I am also very invested in, kind and attentive to the others in my life. Also, the more I accept my (literal) self-interest, the more it fades into something superficial, taking up much less space in my life than it did when I was a kid and in my early twenties.

    I find I’m at my healthiest–and only happy–if I’m both exercising and writing creatively and/or painting on daily basis. If I neglect these, then I can develop serious mental health problems. Anyway, this is long. Hope it’s interesting and of use to your inquiries.

    One question for you:
    What is the impact of two unaspected planets in a chart–particularly the two most concerned with manifesting will? Is it reasonable to hope that through sheer effort I can get these planets to work with me over the long haul?


  104. I have a conjunction of saturn and mercury in the 12th house. This conjunction has no major aspects to other planets. Does this count as peregrine? Sometimes I feel the isolation/darkness energy of this aspect runs away with my chart.

  105. I’ve got Mercury in the tenth.

    Guess what. I don’t stop talking at work, just because I need to, as a teacher. And I feel that sometimes I speak too much not letting time for others to speak – but, this just in class.
    While with friends and any other activity that is similar, I just stay quiet, thinking a lot, making some fun, but never, stop thinking!

    I think more than I speak or my silence inverted, would reflect.

    I noticed that sometimes even while I’m dreaming, inside the dream I am able to think. Sometimes not so clearly, sometimes very clearly. Even now I can’t stop thinking, I just think and write what I think is corect, but this is not even half of what I wanted or should be writing.

    But, should I consider a mercury exiled in sagittarius conjunct to the MC as peregrine?
    I don’t think so.

    Well, I guess I didn’t pay attention.

  106. Hi, I found this post when searching for some help on unaspected planets. I have known my sun (10th Scorpio) is unaspected for a while now but it is only recently it is starting to become real. I have always felt misunderstood but have managed to integrate with the world (or look like I am integrating!) Right now things feel they are coming to a head and I am having to show myself but I the reaction of others makes me feel vulnerable – the fact that people treat me as if I am naive and need to learn their ways. Maybe I will go back into my shell again soon.

    • Thank you for sharing. It’s challenging to be yourself when there seems to be little outer support – but hopefully you’ll be able to find a good outlet to express yourself in a genuine, positive way.

  107. Irish reader says

    Apparently my Mercury (Leo, 8th hse) is peregrine. I have been working in the writing & translation industry for nearly 10 years and even studied foreign languages at university. Always been known as a bookworm amongst my family & friends. :) Is that a typical peregrine situation?

    Is a planet still regarded as peregrine if it has aspects to an asteroid (in my case, Mercury trines Pallas)

    Recently discovered your blog and it is fascinating reading, thank you! :-)

    • Hi, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. This is definitely typical of peregrine Mercury, and it seems like you’re making a great use of it :)

      Yes, for the purpose of peregrine discussion, you only count the major 10 bodies (Sun through Pluto). Thanks for enjoying the blog!

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