Transit Trigger – Connecting Heaven and Earth

The planetary patterns keep changing in the sky every day, but we don’t feel it unless something connects the heavenly picture with our own earthly life. In our personal life, that ‘something’ is our natal horoscope. For our collective life it may be our country’s horoscope, or our company’s horoscope.

Many times there are powerful patterns in the sky, such as Jupiter-Saturn conjunction or a Pluto-Saturn opposition* that suggests a lot of power potential brewing within “god’s realm,” and after a few months, ZZZZZZZP!!! The heavenly energy may connect with the earth like a lightning bolt, through contact with your (or your country’s) horoscope. Then history happens – collectively or personally.

With Pluto at the Aries Point for the rest of 2008, we’re watching history being made in all fronts – Mars will trigger the Pluto in August and December, just like it did last month; stay alert for the possibility of dramatic transformation!

*Pluto-Saturn opposition was active during the 9/11 attack, triggered by the transiting Mars on the Aries Point (1 Capricorn). The Pluto-Saturn opposition axis was conjunct the ASCDSC axis of Sibley US natal chart.

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