Transformation of Neptunian Archetype: part 1 – Neptune and Wealth

As a culture, we’re remarkably committed to measurable results: through the massive development of science and global capitalism in the last century, we have learned to place great values on activities and personal/organizational traits that are conducive to increased productivity.

While the importance of tangible, measurable results is obvious in the business world, even religious and charitable organizations must pay attention to how much capital they are able to raise in order to effectively accomplish their goals. The focus on tangible results has permeated even the traditionally more abstract fields such as art and literature: We honor the best selling author, the most frequently quoted scholarly work, most expensive work of art, etc.

On a personal level we are encouraged to set tangible goals in dieting, exercising, time management and monthly sales figures. In short, we have come to honor measurable results over intangible values, and this has important implications for the parts of our psyche that has not much to do with measuring: enter Neptune.

The stereotype for Neptune dominated individual is that of an impractical dreamer who is artistic and/or “spiritual”, in a sense that he believes in the existence of intangible forces. He is portrayed as a gentle, poetic soul who is compassionate but tends to be victimized in a conflict.

While not denying these classic descriptions, I also believe the Archetype has evolved through the aforementioned cultural change, and necessitates further adjustment in our understanding of it; When looking at Warren Buffet’s chart* [August 30, 1930 at 4:35PM in Omaha, Nebraska], we see the dominance of Neptune quite clearly through its involvement with the Sun and Moon.

The biography states that, born around the beginning of Great Depression, he dreamed of becoming very, very rich since before he was 5. Neptune rules his 2nd house (money), and trines Saturn in Capricorn, the co-final dispositor of the chart. Here the dream was about money, and practical business orientation of the dominant Saturn has supported it and made it a reality.

When a vision or a dream becomes achievable, it just might cease to be impractical. The collective dream we have about being very rich is illustrated in the media coverage and TV shows about the wealthy. The bubbles that form and burst in myriad investment vehicles in the financial market is very dreamlike (Neptunian) in the collective euphoria it produces, which is always followed by the cold awakening (oil crash in 1980’s, tech boom in 1990’s, real estate/subprime bubble of 2000’s illustrate this dynamic well.)

Some of the people do realize their capitalistic vision, and nobody calls them “dreamy and impractical” after they succeed. But many people get destroyed in chasing the dream, through failed ventures or by being sold wholesale on one of the boom&bust cycle (they look amazingly smart on the way up, but look dazed and confused on the way down, just like your normal Neptunian.) Time seems to prove in the long run who has been the impractical one.

In short, the archetype of Neptune has evolved in the culture to encompass the dream about wealth – a very measurable, albeit relative, attribute.

*4:35PM is a rectified time. Biography states Buffet was born during a “hot Summer day”, which guarantees the Neptune’s square with the Moon.

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  1. Timothy Neilson says:

    Dear Hiroki,

    On a lark motivated by your observation of Oriental Mars in the Chart of Thomas Merton I wnet to the index of Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology by Noel Tyl. On page30 I read…”…this planet is the oriental planet, the planet immediately behind the Sun in longitude (rising just before the Sun in clockwise rotation), often a sense of searching for perfection in the pursuit of one’s work. Dreams and visionary planning become very important.” I love that Neptune rules the 2nd in Buffet’s chart and tenets the 8th. I’ve never looked into his bio, but I will now that you’ve share this gem. Great work.


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