Too Much Sun? Balancing Solar and Lunar Habits in a Hyperactive Culture

Our culture is hyper yang, which exhausts the Leo or Solar part of ourselves – we’re expected to remain upbeat and social at work in order to be successful, and at home we bombard our senses with TV programs that insist on fast, intense activities.

The problem is, most of us hardly spend any quality time with ourselves, due to all the responsibilities and the emphasis on speed and action. This can cause our inner creative well to dry up, which leads to unexplainable ‘down’ feelings periodically (uncontrollable mood swing is a complaint from the Lunar half of our psyche.)

We periodically need to disconnect from outer strivings and obligations in order to reconnect with ourselves. Astrologically, we know Leo (self expression) follows Cancer (emotional introspection), which is to say there needs to be a yin (Lunar) habit that supports the yang (Solar) expression…So it’s about balancing the culture’s emphasis on extroversion with our own introspective habit.

Some Lunar habits recommended by creative professionals
Julia Cameron suggests cultivating the following three habits:

1) Write 3 pages every day about anything that’s in your mind and heart (this is called Morning Pages, as she suggests doing it first thing in the morning.)

2) Take yourself to a walk several times a week.

3) Take yourself on an “Artist Date” once a week – take time for yourself, and do something that feels nourishing to the creative child within.

Another writer suggests going for a walk alone every day, for an hour. You can tell that creative people can be pretty hardcore about scheduling time to connect with themselves. They probably know that otherwise their inner creative wells start to dry up from too much Solar activity.

Lunar times
Astrologically, Mercury retrograde period seems to be especially well suited for reflection. So is a Neptune (and sometimes Pluto) transit period to any significant point in a natal chart. Neptune seems to represent a force in the psyche that acts to counterbalance the hyperactive Solar ego – to help it calm down, get in touch and renew one’s perspective.

So if you feel exhausted, you may be in one of these Lunar periods where the psyche is acting to rebalance the yin/yang scale. After you’ve cultivated some Lunar habits during this period, you’re bound to feel a lot more inspired and able to continue being creative. The Solar/Lunar cycle can thus begin anew.

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  1. Hi Hiroki, very interesting blogs. I think this topic is highlighted now with the recent series of eclipses, especially as the solar eclipse was a big one. I'm feeling very solar now I think because the solar eclipse sextiled my sun, and there were no aspects from the lunar eclipse. So this advice is good for me now, thanks.

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Interesting to connect this with the eclipse…Thank you.

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