The Answer to “When Will I Meet Someone?”

Often it happens that a person who is desperately looking for a relationship thinks that finding a partner will solve his/her problems (“If only I had a good relationship like so and so, I’ll be happy.”)  In terms of 12 houses, the person is looking at his/her 7th house as the problem area.

Upon closer investigation, however, it comes out that the problem lies elsewhere – maybe she feels stuck in a job that doesn’t utilize her potential, but is afraid to pursue a more challenging career, for fear of failure.  That would be a 10th house problem.

Perhaps her fear of failure originates from the pattern of vicious criticism within her early home life – where her parents would tell her that she was stupid or not good enough.  That would be a 4th house problem.

In some cases, such life of frustration could result in a pattern of overeating and being severely overweight, so that her body and self-image suffers.   In other cases, a person’s body looks fine, but she may suffer from internal self-rejection, or even self-hatred.   That would be a 1st house problem.

So when this person says “When will I meet someone?” She’s looking for someone that could rescue her from the pain of unrealized potential (10th house), developmental emotional wounds (4th house), and her negative self-image (1st house.)  That’s a lot of pressure to put on someone!

Instead of expecting 1 life area (the 7th house) to resolve the issues of 3 other areas, it would be better to work on solving one problem at a time.  The houses forming a grand cross (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) build upon each other’s problems or successes, so resolving issues in other life areas could actually improve your chances of attracting the right partner.

“First Things First”

Is what I usually tell my clients when they ask me the “When will I meet someone?” question.  Astrology can show a favorable period for romance for sure, but the client’s reality has to be conducive to a relationship: If you’re happy with yourself and your work, you’ll have that much more positive energy to give to your partner.  Otherwise, there is work to be done first.

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  1. Very Insightful Website, and information you have. Thank you for your work.

  2. Very insightful article! I’ve always keeping similar thoughts to myself and thank you for speaking them out with astrological explanation. Please keep sharing as your writings are very helpful to people who are having issues to deal with (like mine having transit pluto 12yh house lol)

  3. Thank you! That’s the most sensible astrological advice I’ve ever read.

    I’ll admit something – I’m not an overly romantic person (I’m Aquarian!), but the first time I learnt horary astrology, the first question I asked was “When will I meet The One?” just out of sheer curiosity…

    All the astrologers are predicting that 2015 is the most favorable year for Aquarians to find partnership because of Jupiter in Leo. Also, right now Uranus is in Aries conjunct my Descendant. I want to find a partner, but I have things to sort out in my life first – like finishing college (I’m in my final year of a Post-Graduate course) and getting a job. This is the first time an astrologer has given me such down to earth advice.

    Thank you once again, and I just bookmarked your article… :-D

  4. Could you comment on progressions moving across Venus in regards to it being the right time to meet-someone??
    I’ve both progressed-moon and progressed-sun moving across Venus soon

  5. Hi, nice write up !
    Would you look at the influence of the 5th house for new or short term relationships, and the 7th house for long term and marriage ?

    • I know some books try to make this distinction between 5th and 7th, but it’s more academic than practical. Your entire horoscope shows how you relate to people – 5th is about how you express & give love to others. 7th house represent other people you come into relationships with, but also what you tend to experience within those relationships.

    • Yanling Pinko♡ says

      Some people also say that 5th house focuses more on flings and romances that are child like or just physical in general. While 7th is where there is more commitment and long term goals. I’m not sure though 🤷‍♀️

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