Synthesis in Prediction: Stepping Stones to the Future

One of the key insights Noel Tyl shared in the Newark seminar was that life events tend to happen gradually, in stages. As an example he talked about divorce: “When does a divorce begin? Did it begin three weeks ago, or three years ago; Or did it start when you got married?”

I know a couple who got married and on the first day the husband said to his bride “I’m not sure if I want to be married.” For them, divorce was starting to occur from the moment of marriage! Separation doesn’t just “happen” because of a certain transit or Solar Arc measurement – it builds up over time.

Noel said if we see multiple major transits and Arcs over a multi-year period, we can see them as “stepping stones for the person to reach the other shore” rather than isolated events.

The “other shore” usually is the improved circumstance of life, such as major changes in career direction or relationships. To go from where we are to where we want to be, we make changes in steps – we may start to take courses related to the new professional direction, or seek out a group that has similar goals to our own, etc.

The gradualism of life development happens in many areas such as career, relationship and health; Success occurs when multiple steps are taken to prepare the ground for it – for example, job interview process takes some time, and astrology may reflect its development through multiple significant transits over the span of several months. Also, most professional qualifications require about two years of concentrated study and training before you can start practicing in the field.

Similarly, the breakdown of a system (e.g. business failure, divorces, or critical illness) occurs when multiple stresses are experienced over time that pushes it over the edge: How many betrayals and disappointments can a relationship withstand? How much loss can a person endure before her body begins to collapse under pressure? It all depends on the individuals involved, and part of the therapeutic process is to increase the client’s resistance to stress through the cultivation of positive, healthful habits.

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  1. I have endured many consistent hurts and pains. My naturally resilient/creative nature has been used to capacity on maintaining rather than producing-I don’t want to give up but I have exhausted myself to find something to help me regain my strength. I would like to look at my chart and understand it better so that I can find solutions for myself.

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for sharing. Seeking healing and restoration from past hurts is a worthy goal to have – this could be your “other shore” to aim for, for the next two years or so. Best of luck on your studies, and contact me if you want a professional consultation.

    Kind regards,

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