Sun Uranus Aspect: Freedom and Anxiety

Sun conjunct square opposition Uranus

The more original a human being is, the deeper is his anxiety.
 – Søren Kierkegaard

Natal Sun Conjunct Square Opposition Uranus


Uranus represents qualities such as independence, freedom and out-of-the-box thinking.  It’s the planet associated with outliers, geniuses and revolutionaries.

Sun represents your core energy and life purpose.  Just like how a plant grows toward Sun’s light, you tend to grow in the direction suggested by your natal Sun’s placement.

With natal Sun conjunct, square or opposite Uranus, the pathway of your growth points toward individuation.  It means you won’t be satisfied until you truly tasted the freedom to be yourself.


Intensity. Drive. Ingenuity.

With Uranus guiding your life direction, you tend to have a lot of energy – both physically and mentally – toward self expression and ego development.

While others may be bound by traditional cultural expectations thrust upon them by their family and friends, you are somehow freer to pursue your own path.  It could be said that you have nothing holding you back from doing what interests you, which can be exciting and scary at the same time.


Anxiety.  While others may complain about boredom of predictive routines, they at least have the security of “doing what they’re supposed to be doing” with their life.

You, on the other hand, somehow do not or cannot walk on the same path as everyone.  Maybe you chose to step off the rail, or something forced you to.  You may feel as if there is no guidebook to where you are going – and you’re probably right.


Focus and independent direction.  With so much energy vibrating within your system, you need to be able to direct your energy toward goals and activities that excite you, without being held back by worries over what others will think of you.

Failing to do so might mean a lot of nervous energy, expressed as erratic behaviors that disrupt (rather than energize) others.

Once you find your passionate interest and give yourself permission to pursue it, there is much potential for brilliance…Even genius.


Well Known Examples of Sun-Uranus Aspect

Here are some well known examples of Uranus-Sun people that followed their own paths:

  • Walt Disney (Film Producer & Entrepreneur) had Sun conjunct Uranus.
  • Rene Descartes (Philosopher & Scientist) had Sun conjunct Uranus.
  • Bill Gates (Entrepreneur & Philanthropist) has Sun square Uranus.
  • Jack Nicholson (Actor & Filmmaker) has Sun conjunct Uranus.
  • Donald Trump (Real Estate Developer, TV Personality & Politician) has Sun conjunct Uranus.
  • Nick Vujicic (Minister & Motivational Speaker) has Sun conjunct Uranus.
  • Jimi Hendrix (Musician)  had Sun opposition Uranus.
  • Michael Jordan (Athlete & Businessman) has Sun opposite Uranus.

Each person above is highly individuated with an extremely strong sense of self.


Transit Uranus Conjunct Square Opposite Sun


When transiting Uranus forms a conjunction, square or opposition with your natal Sun, it can be a call for further individuation.  The drive to be free is strong at this time.


During Uranus-Sun transit the temptation to break rules might be strong, so some degree of wisdom is necessary to decide which “rules” can be broken without loss of personal integrity or illegality.

Uranus aspect is often associated with separation, which is the flip side of freedom.  As you contemplate possible separation from existing relationships, a strong anxiety may emerge.


Not necessarily – if your current relationships (including marriage, partnership, work, etc) allow you enough room to grow and develop, then there is no need for the connection to end – again, some degree of wisdom is needed to discern when a separation is truly called for.

Uranus transit to Sun is more about claiming the freedom to choose your own path, to be yourself at last.  Good friends will support you in that.

Do you have a natal or transit Sun Uranus Aspect?

Were you able to find your unique passion?  Did you manage to overcome your anxiety and pursue your chosen path?  Did freedom come with separation, or were you able to grow within your existing relationships?  Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.



Photo: Nicholas Raymond

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I have Sun square Uranus, and for more than 5 years I have not been able to start a job: I tried various things, retrained, looked for different positions… Could it be that the reason is in this difficult aspect? The Sun is in Pisces, in the third house, there are also: Sun square Mars in the third house, Sun Conjunction Moon in the third house?

    • Hello Maria, one aspect such as this one can never be blamed for a recurring pattern like what you’re experiencing. There are plenty of people that are successfully employed and/or run their own business with natal Sun Uranus aspect. Most likely there are some practical factors that are at play, such as the economic condition of your environment.

      • мария says

        Thanks for the answer, yes the situation is difficult in Bulgaria, but still I have so many reasons to be employed…, that’s why I thought the planets were “in the way”

  2. Uranus on the ascendant square leo sun here. My parents are very religious but also very offstandish to me so I was able to forge my own way forward. I don’t think my trajectory was quite what I wanted but I landed somewhere suitable for my talents. I had a lot of anxiety for a long time but also fierce courage and independence that kept me going. I have a strong Saturn which I believe helped me balance out the energies.

    • Hi Tiffany, thank you for sharing your experience with Uranus square Sun. Uranus on the Ascendant (in addition to square Sun) makes yours a super Uranian horoscope! Congratulations for forging your own way forward.

  3. Hey, I just came across this article. It’s very interesting. I have uranus tightly conjunct uranus at 0 and 1 degree Sagittarius, 3rd house. Life has had many ‘random’ changes, unusual experiences and I can really identify with feeling independent, although struggle to feel confident sharing my ideas/thoughts with others. I feel as I have gotten older this has improved and set me free, to be me. I am anticipating my uranus opposite uranus conjunct sun next year, should be interesting. This energy is definately very present in my life. Thank you for the article.

  4. Dear Hiroki, I have one of the worst year ever, my transit Uranus conjunct my natal Sun in 6th house (5,40) degree ♉ which made exact opposition with my natal Uranus. My 4,5 years relationship end this September, my boyfriend couldn’t wait any more my decision to come to live with him on the other part of the World where he lives last two years and he left me this Sep. I was always split between him and my daughter (23 year) which didn’t accept him. Last year in Sep. company where I worked last 11 years closed office in my town. Then I spent 6 months with him far away from home. From April I get new job in my hometown and come back (now I want to change this job). After that everything goes down slowly, he sad that he start to believe that I will never come and stay forever. I have never ever feel such sorrow because I lost the best person in the World because of my “can’t decision” where to stay and live. Now I regret and I am sure that I made the biggest mistake of my life because I feel that he was the one. Thank you for your time and for your always interesting page.

    • Hi Kiki, sorry to hear about such an upsetting series of events. Transit Uranus conjunct Sun is a major period of new start, of forming new identity and fresh life goals. Despite this difficult separation, hope you will find a new direction…

  5. Hello everyone :)

    I have retrograde uranus in 1st house of Capricorn (conjunct my Asc and Retr.Neptun on it-all of it makes opposition to my Sun ) in opposition to my Sun in 6th house in Cancer. Of course in natal chart. All I can say is that this life is huuge roller coaster. I’m of course rebellious,don’t fit in the groups-always stands out whether is it my look or my thinking,travel and moving a lot (from cities and countries), painting (at least when I have inspiration). I move and travel a lot because I don’t see my birthplace and country as my home. I never felt good or that I belong there. I consider that planet Earth is my home. So I’m just trying to find that city or land where I can find myself and my potentials to fully expression.Since Uranus it’s in my capricorn sign I really sometimes that cold ice look and can snap in a moment (as I say: don’t make me hell gets out of me haha). Of course,I had and still having problems with people jugde me for my look and my behaviour but honestly I don’t care. That is who I am and how I feel my soul. And of course with Uranus opp Sun – I have that problems in relationships (althought not many of them,cuz I want my freedom :D) with being hot and cold in some times. But to be honest I’m not looking for a marriage or children,just don’t see and feel my self in that way. And yes,sometimes my emotions gets so intensive that people thought I’m weak-but that’s actually (in todays life) – yours and my advantage! :D Sometimes I can change more moods in one day or say something or do unexpected xD normally Uranus. But most of it all I can say: just follow your heart and soul,don’t listen to other people. Appreciate advice but think what does your soul wants. I got to lost a lot of opportunities in life by listening to wrong people. And of course,pray to God. That will help in all! :) And yes,ofc Uranus opp Sun – my father was a military face,we had a lot arguments,me leaving and slapping a doors from house a lot. Spend some time on street and basically raised myself on own. He promised always a lot but never did what he said. However after I left house our connection got much better. Hope it’s going to help someone understand better oneself :) Peace!

  6. Hi, thank you for your post. Im learning about Uranus since in my natal chart is conjunct my ASC and square my Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, MC and lilith. Im 40 years old and I can say that my life has been and still is a total roller coaster, every time I think I got a solid base everything changes, in every way, home, family, work, friends, believes. My life is exiting, at the same time exhausting, the anxiety is real, I learned faith and action to cope with it, since my natal Mars conjunct my IC and it touches my Sun, Mercury, Moon, Lilith, Uranus, MC and Pluto… I feel as an intense action/creation person. I love me as Im, astrology has give me some understanding and guidance of what I couldn’t explain or understand my self. Is a bit of a relieve to be able to blame it on the stars 😅 and learn to navigate them even if Uranus is usually giving me thunders and storms… I love thunders and storms too, at least is not boring.

  7. Tatiana Lecanov-Harlow says

    Hello Hiroki,
    Thank you for such a great interpretation of Sun-Uranus energies. In my Solar Return chart, I have Sun-Uranus conjunction in 7th house, Taurus for this 2019. I experience tough time within my family that may lead to a physical separation. And, yes, there is an urge for breaking up the rules, and I feel anxiety of the future.

  8. HI there,
    I have Jupiter conjunct Sun in the 4th house in Taurus . Uranus will be transiting my 4th house soon, just wondering how that might play out?


  9. Separation from my possessive and controlling boyfriend had to be done in order to find myself and grow as a person without strain on being judged by him or being held back in fear of his judgment.

  10. I’ ll be having soon Uranus square Moon (4th house ano lord of MC) and square Sun too ( in 10th lord of the 11th). Natal Uranus is in 1st. Transit Uranus in 7th. What kind of storm should I expect?

  11. Hi Hiroki and thank u for this article ! My sun in Capricorn has an exact Uranus conjunction, part of a stellium in house 2. I definitely was a weird kid, curious about everything, but I guess inspiring trust to my peers thanks to my earthy chart. I definitely am thankful for this conjunction as it makes the life of a capricorn more bearable, colorful and fun i’d say, but kinda confusing too… I am definitely not this workaholic/routine lover capricorn that most describe, I am actually having a really hard time finding out my true life purpose, I feel like my chart has many contradictions (cancer moon / scorpio rising/ virgo MC…). To sum it up, I feel like an artist on the inside, I feel a need to express my vision of the world, but I also feel so frustrated and hesitant in doing so… I don’t know what to do for a living and I am getting close to 30 yo.. (freaking out)

    All the best to all of you

  12. One of my best friends is Scorpio Asc, he has Uranus conjunct Asc (exact degree) and square Sun (the exact degree on his IC). Now transiting Uranus will oppose his natal Uranus and square natal Sun next June. He worried a lot about it. Moreover, his natal Saturn square progressed Venus and opposite progressed Moon. If any problems will arise? And would it be too worrisome or life threatening?

    • Hi May, transit Uranus will activate his natal Uranus Sun square, which will likely suggest a new development within his relationships and family. This is a clear cut interpretation, but how the transit expresses itself exactly will largely depend on your friend’s choices and circumstances.

  13. Uranus will oppose my Sun next month, and I am scared.

    I love my job, and my companion. I don’t want them to leave. My work is becoming more strict, and I’m worried that it will push me to fight with my bosses.

    How do you keep cool during this transition?

    • Hi Robert, don’t let it worry you so – it sounds like your work and relationship are in good condition. Uranus is meant to offer renewal where needed, not to destroy a perfectly working situation. Be prepared to explore a new facet of self-expression!

  14. My boyfriend is an Aquarius Ascendant, he has Cancer Sun conjunct Uranus.

    He is truly the most intuitive person I have ever known. He can look at a picture of someone he does not know and tell me so much about what is going on with them. He will contact me at precise moments with all that Cancer sensitivity and he just knows I may be speaking to someone he may be hesitant to have me speak with. It is absolutely uncanny and after 7 yrs. I am still surprised by what he knows. And he is the most sane, logical, kind, helpful and caring person so I just shake my head in amazement.

    He is somewhat famous in the world of sports. He invented a certain methodology that has revolutionized a particular sport. An article written about him refers to him as one of three “Whisperers” who have made such an impact due to their ingenuity.

  15. Hello!!
    I was wondering how the inconjunction may play into this. I have my sun quincux uranus/neptune (a conjunction between them. How does the quincux affects this pair as there ir lil information about it. Also, do you have a post on yods? As I have a yod btw my sun, uranus/neptune and my pluto… sun being my apex. I would greatly appreciate your help.
    You are very knowlegable. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Hi there, inconjuncts usually require “adjustment” before successful expression of both energies is achieved. Yod is a fancy name for a midpoint configuration, so I refer you to the midpoint article in the archive (it’s quite popular).

  16. libra rising says

    I’m a Scorpio sun, Capricorn moon, Mars ruling my 7th hours. Uranus exactly opposes my moon and trines my sun. I am married to a man with a stellium in Cancer (sun, moon and uranus in tight conjunction, with Venus in Cancer). His ascendant is 29 Leo exactly conjoint my Mars, with his Saturn at 1 degree Virgo. What makes him so hypocritical? And am I projecting my need for freedom on him; are we two peas in a pod or is he just selfish, doing just what he wants without discussion when he knows his actions would impact the marriage? Oh boy, I am afraid of the upcoming eclipse!

  17. Rocio Cudia says

    I have Sun conjunct Uranus. Thank you for this article. I am having a very difficult time deciding what I want to dedicate myself to. I went to school for journalism but never finished. I have studied, astrology, tarot, occult sciences, I love psychology. I own an online business but feel disenchanted by it. If I had all the money in the world, I would go back to school for fiction writing. However, I have noticed that I tend to abandon subjects which bring me any type of joy or fulfillment.

    I am currently learning how to read my own natal chart, it’s difficult but I feel like I’m looking into some ancient mirror that’s gradually sharing parts of myself I’ve never directly looked at.

    I’m a Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon and Gemini Rising. There is a fire trine in my natal chart as well.

    I’m part of the Pluto in Libra generation, generation X.

    I find myself ignoring the political upheaval of my time and finding comfort in astrology.

    Taking refuge in Alejandro Jodowrosky, Carl Gustav Jung, Joseph Campbell, etc… All men mostly and craving for more of the divine feminine in scholarly articles.

    • Hi Rocio, thank you for sharing your experience with Sun conjunct Uranus! Astrological studies can have a deepening effect on the psyche, and might help you find your path.

  18. Hi Hiroki, love your website!!
    i have capricorn Sun conjunct Uranus conjunct NN on my DSC, I feel the independence and freedom needs in my relationships. I always felt different as a kid, I was non-needy except for my parents’ affection but I was a loner, to this day if i can’t be alone I get agitated and nervous.
    It’s like my parents first and then I have provided with such stable structure and ground around me I can go any direction I want, I feel safe on my own so I don’t have to rely on anything else.
    However the more I grow the more I see the people around me make the decision of dependency and allowing others/situations to control them because it’s reassuring and gives them a solid path…something I don’t have. I know I wouldn’t last 2 minutes in their shoes but I get nervous thinking they all have a sense of stability.
    I have a high sense of purpose and destiny but sometimes I get mysteriously lonely because of the choices I have made

  19. I have libra sun conj Uranus 4 th house undergoing Uranus opposition transit now. Also cancer rising and 7 th house cap moon, so a big cross. My partner’s Saturn conjuncts my Uranus. At the moment I can’t stand any rules deadlines or demands! I’m a singer songwriter and if I don’t finally put out my album now it will be too late and I will not be fulfilled.

  20. Sparkations says

    Hey guys, guess what i have? Sun, moon, and mercury all square uranus. Interestingly enough, all of them are situated in my 7th house. My uranus is in the 10th. I can definitely relate to unconventionality, and it’s not something i even purposely planned. I have a very traditional chinese background with parents who can’t speak a fluent English sentence. My sisters in the meanwhile are immersed in assimilating into the standard white culture and used to make fun of me a lot for not being as cool and hip as them with their hipster ways.

    I grew up not knowing who i was, due to the push and pull to conform in so many ways. Mind you, i also have a brain tumor which stigmatizes my persona snd creates an unfair bias of my true intellectual capabilities(i def am in no way considered mentally handicapped).

    Anyhow, after traditional schooling and a conventional, standardized university degree, i still haven’t been abld to settle down on a typical 9 to 5 job after all these years. In fact, office environments give me panic attacks a lot, probably due to micromanagement.

    I ended up being on social assistance for s few years, and refused any financial support from my folks. I wanted to prove to them snd myself that i was capable and independent.

    Currently, i’m fostering my own autonomy through freelance work-tutoring, writing, and graphic design. Having an unstructured environment provides me with a lot more ease, despite what family and society would have me believe.

  21. Hi, I have my Sun in Taurus in seventh house opposite Uranus in Scorpio. I seem to be attracted to odd balls in general. But I’m always thinking about blowing up my relationships. I like the relief that comes with being alone. I wonder if relationships are ever going to be smooth sailing, or is this something I’ve chosen to be born into?!

  22. Thanks Hiroki, do you have examples of females with sun and uranus conjunct? In 10th? Is this why I feel like I repel boys sometimes?

    • Nothing comes off the top of my head – for a relationship concern you typically look to other factors. If you’re interested in a serious discussion involving your entire chart, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

    • I (female) have it, in scorpio. well… there is a tendency of “repelling” boys, but with venus in libra I am not really a wallflower either. I am also bisexual and one could tell I repel the girls. Or one can tell I repel a relationships (only 2,5 significant in my 40 years of life)
      good luck and all the best to all of you
      thanks Hiroki for your txt.

  23. Hi Hiroki,

    I have Uranus, Sun and Mercury retrograde in my 10th house of Scorpio.

    From here it’s either going to be 10000 words on alot, or keep it simple with one sentence….. but I have never consciously tried to be different, so it always came as a surprise and a little shock with how people responded to me, from a very young age, with what has felt like attempts to control and belittle, possibly because it is Uranus rejecting anything like this…even now I am very allergic to when people try to impose rank and hierarchy, mostly of the superficial social kind, but I have learnt to have fun with witty comebacks (well I hope they are) but in other ways I am very flexible and respectful of the ‘right way to do things’, even when I know of 20 other possibilities that could work.
    My ‘individuality’ has been understood from others’ response to me which is often negative because I was conditioned and brought up in fear-based environment like many. I am only now fully learning to give myself some credit in a healthy ego way.
    I am from a very traditional East Asian culture. But with my rather independent nature I find myself freer of a very emotionally toxic family having moved countries twice and changed research fields. I always identified with making my own way but not necessarily as an active rebel or pushing against something, but rather just going for it. but I also have a very girly moon and would love to create an fun life with someone of mutual understanding and support.

  24. Donna Stanford says

    I am currently experiencing transit Uranus opposite my sun at 23:44 of Libra. I have a ways to go before it will move on as the retrogrades will allow an exact opposition 3 times and a very close near miss finally in Dec of 2017. Because my moon is at 17 Cancer, I just completed Uranus square my moon and Saturn has been conjunct my Venus/Mars conjuction finally moving on but Neptune is still squaring it. Also Pluto is opposite my Moon currently. PHEW! Its been a rough ride BUT I have made tremendous progress in my personal health and well being. I quit smoking, lost 63 lbs and at 50 and doing Crossfit 6 days a week. Im more fit than I have been in 25 years. It has not been free of injury however. My home life is erratic. I am single but I have 2 teenage boys in the house. My son and a cousin I have custody of. My son’s sun is directly oppose my sun so he has Uranus conjunct his sun. THIS HOUSE IS HELL right now. We are both vying for our freedom from each other but it’s not time yet. He’s only 16. GOOD TIMES!

  25. Lisa Green says

    Hi, I have Sun in Virgo conjunct Uranus in the 3rd house and Mercury in Virgo in The 2nd house conjunct Uranus. These are part of a stellium in Virgo along with Moon and Pluto both also in the 3rd. I wasn’t aware of my eccentricities when younger but was always very willful. I’ve always been one to show my individuality through my communication style, and self expression. I questioned standards and ways of being a great deal, especially in my earlier years ( now 51). I recall having challenges in school from boredom, and found it difficult to learn in a step by step manner. Definitely have felt like an oddball and misunderstood but grew to appreciate myself more around late 30s early 40s after a series of major life lessons and found more of my inner truth. Redirected a great deal of my life to causes, activism, art and connecting people. I remain a non sequential thinker and my stellium has made certain I do not remain resistant change and grow in mind,body and spirit.

    • Hi Lisa, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience! Makes a lot of sense.

      • candace Isenberg says

        Thanks for the article and discussion. I am a fan your work. It feels intelligent, gentle and telling- it inspires one to more thought- not dread or overconfidence. Thank you for your work.

        I have sun at 20’37 conjunct Uranus at 21’16 in a 12th house Scorpio. Many times in my life I have been told I am weird/different but I do not feel that way. I feel shy, maybe eccentric, but I feel connected to most people (in some way or another) and so I feel like I am common/regular. I am intrigued with how people view themselves versus how people see themselves. Does my twelfth house make me less different and shy as the house dampens Uranus and Sun or is my difference hidden from me but not others? Is the Uranus combust since it is less than a degree from the sun? Some astrologers believe in combustion while others do not. I continue to read and think about these questions and appreciate anyone’s ideas.

        Best wishes to all on the journey.

        • Hi Candace, thank you for commenting. Sun Uranus conjunction in Scorpio in 12th house suggests investigative intellect delving into unseen realms. As both planets are active and expressive in nature, I’d think about this conjunction in terms of 12th house activities that make you feel fulfilled rather than something being hidden from you.

  26. Littlette says

    Hello Hiroki Niizato,

    Thank you for your great posts explaining ‘difficult aspects’ and how to deal with them!

    I have my Sun (Cancer in 11th House) opposing Uranus (Capricorn 5th House). In fact, I cannot feel more related with what you illustrated in this article. When I grew up, I always felt I am different from others and also tried to be different in terms of thinking, choosing a career, and in fact almost every aspect of life. So far, I have been very happy about this and I think I also made a lot of interesting friends because of my uniqueness. Perhaps I should thank my Mars -ASC conjunct both in Leo, I work hard to achieve my goals with an optimistic outlook on life :)

    Best wishes

  27. I have the Sun/Uranus conjunction but they are out-of-sign. Sun Libra w/ Uranus in Scorpio (10H). I never understood how Uranian I was until relatively recently. Talk about separation, when Uranus transited my 4th house, I lost both my parents! (I also lost my job and my long-time partner and many more things.) I do realize it has forced the change I’ve never wanted to face. The anxiety is heavy because while I’ve always managed to remain “free”, and just out of reach, while under the guise of placating others, I realized I’ve never been *really* true to ME. I know there is something else I’m meant to do, but I haven’t figured out what – yet. So far, dealing with the reeling changes has been keeping me busy!

    • Hi Susanne,

      Thank you for sharing your experience – that’s quite a shock to lose both of your parents as Uranus crossed into your 4th house. Being true to yourself, or learning profound self-acceptance, is a lifelong process of discovery.

  28. Hello Hiroki,

    I am going to have my progressed sun conjunct my natal uranus in scorpio for the coming two years! My natal sun is in libra. Would I interpret this similar to transit uranus conjunct natal sun? Scorpio is known to be deep and intense, I am nervous about how would it add to this conjunction? Unfortunately I am not sure about my time of birth so I have no house information,.

    I like your articles, they are clear and precise :)


  29. Hello

    My Sun is in Taurus in the Eighth House square Uranus in Leo in the 11th. I have Venus and Mercury conjunct in 9th in Gemini, Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd, Midheaven in Cancer and Pisces on the cusp of the 6th house. Does this cocktail point to any career in particular? P.S. I find your writing most illuminating.

  30. Thank you!

  31. Hi there,

    I love your info. I have sun at 24 deg libra in my 12 house sextile Uranus in the 10th. I create electronic music for a living. I’m having solar arc Uranus conjunct my 12 house sun. My sun rules my 10th house. I’m also about to have transiting Uranus oppose my sun from the 6 th house. I’ve been trying really hard to advance my career to new levels. What’s your take on this?

    • Good for you…The measurement you cite can suggest strong career activity (Uranus=Sun ruling 10th). Make sure you’re using a very tight orb for solar arc (0.25 degree orb)…

  32. I have my Sun in Leo Conjunct Uranus in the 3rd house. My Moon and Rising sign are in Gemini. My husband of (28 years) is Sun, Moon, Mars, Neptune all in Scorpio and conjunct each other in the 6th house along with Mercury and Venus in Libra but also in the 6th house. Whew! He also has Gemini rising, sometimes I think this is the only thing we have in common. I’m a lot of Fire and Air and he is all practically ALL water! Am I doomed? For the most part it’s a very good marriage, but I have always harbored this fear and anxiety around it not working out or lasting. Is this my anxiety with Sun conjunct Uranus and need for Freedom?

    • Hi Fay, Scropio and Gemini have a very different relationship orientation, but the Ascendant-Moon connection helps. Your natal placement clearly emphasizes the development of your mental and communication skills (3rd house and Gemini), and aside from the obvious strengths it grants, it also intensifies anxiety (a mind continuously running at 100 miles per hour will do that.) So ideally, you get to learn more about the watery calm of emotions from your husband, and he could learn about the intellectual gift of curiosity and communication from you…

  33. My boyfriend has Sun conjunct Uranus, no idea of house with no birthtime.

    He is a well known authority in the sports world, he invented a method of gauging speed for a specific athlete component. He designs and markets specific athletic gear and travels to conferences to teach others about innovations. In his mid 60’s, he has no plans to retire.

    When he was a child, his older sister was a prodigy in the music world. His parents assumed he had learning disabilities, because he struggled with spelling and math. By the time he was 10, he had built his own transportation and had to beg his dad to secretly take him to the local racetrack to use it. His mother never approved, and his big disappointment came as a teenager when he won the coveted title champion and his parents refused to congratulate him.

    I tell him now that they just were so wrapped up assuming since his sister was a musical genius that somehow his gifts were not gifts in their eyes. He was and is in fact a prodogy on his own, it just never occurred to his parents that both of their children were mentally gifted and not just one.

  34. I have Uranus in Cancer at my Gemini Ascendant which is square a 29 degrees Pisces Sun in the 10th and 28 degrees Saturn in Virgo in my 4th house. Ouch. Talk about freedom and anxiety. I have stubbornly resisted employment with a “good, solid job” like my cousins who have all worked at traditional “good” government jobs. I chose–and still do–to study fine arts where there are few to no “good” paying jobs. Cousins are now all retired and traveling on their great pensions while I still barely manage to eke out a living working in the non-profit sector (do I have ‘community service’ stamped on my forehead or what?) and dreaming about getting outta here, some day finding success as an artist/writer. Have never felt I fit in anywhere (accept when I’m with artists, writers, astrologers, and other select “oddballs”), am seen as the weirdo in the family who grew up with a lot of teasing. I am cooperative in groups but I always honor my need to go my own way when I have to. I guess, even with Life’s sorrows and self-esteem issues, freedom and independence to be who you are are worth the price.

  35. Hello Internet Buddies,
    Currently I am experiencing the Uranus square Pluto transit and it’s amazing ( I want it to stay forever). Approximately four years before this transit I experienced many negative experiences. After than and before now, I was stagnant. I become trapped in my negative thinking and couldn’t get out. I am in college right now and I kept repeating classes and I seemed to not progress. I tried so dilently to finish school but reached a point of extreme burn out and that was when Uranus hit. I took the quarter before summer break off and irresponsibly I left my apartment contract. I tried to sublet my lease but somehow odds were against me and my landlord was not coorperative. I moved back to my parents house. There I joined a yoga center in help to calm down the anxiety of all those years. With yoga I began to change my eating habits and became aware of healthy eating. I read lots of self help books and I grew a lot mentally, spiritually, and physically. I have finally allowed myself to let go off my ego and society image of what was expected of me. In my break I applied for scholarship and in one scholarship application I was required to read a book on a autobiography. The book changed my life and allowed me to finally surrender to God. I prayed to God if you exist please show me how to get closer to you. I hoped that a would join a religion but I didn’t. No religion stumbled into my path but I felt God stronger and I knew I would find him in any religion as long as I had him in my heart. I finally did a lot of growing up, I had delayed too long. Now I completely love myself and have a pot more peace. Natally I have Sun in Aries in the 12 house, 1 degree away from my Aries ascendant; practically sun and ascendant conjunct. I have Uranus in my 10 house, 2 degrees away from my midheaven. Right now Pluto is retrograde almost exactly on Uranus and Uranus is retrograde almost exact on my Sun.

    • Ciao Eunice*
      I’ve just came up to your comment and I was laughing as I recognized myself in your description in those last years of life-changing Uranus in Aries and Uranus square Pluto ride* I have Sun in Aries in 12th house, Aries Ascendent and Uranus – Sun in opposition* I am glad to meet you!

  36. my natal sun in capricorn in the 10th is square my moon conjuction /uranus in libra in the 7th house. I have always felt this inner push to break free from convention and just when I seem to get comfortable like a bolt of lightning along comes change. I am practical and open minded but my relationship and husband has taken me down unconventional paths.I was offered a chance to become a counselor that came right out of left field and I am now pursuing this path . however suddenly the NGO I work for has lost their contract juast when I feel secure wham along comes change. I have always felt an inner restlessness and and need times of change but it does cause me anxiety and I have alot of nervous energy it is getting easier to manage as I age. As a young woman I was extremely rebellious and choose a less societal path . I have learnt the need to conform however still root for the underdog in society.

    • Hello Julie,

      Thank you for sharing your experience of having Sun square Uranus AND Moon conjunct Uranus. Your writing and experience beautifully convey the unconventional quality of Uranus!

  37. My natal Sun does not aspect Uranus, which is probably just as well because I have Sun, Moon, Mercury (in the 12th house) and Ascendant all in Aquarius. Their ruler, Uranus, is conjunct Jupiter – my reward system. Astrology is the breath of fresh air through which I use these energies. And, yes, the anxiety has been there all along. It has manifested in the corporate world as feeling like a fraud, like I don’t belong. These days in manifests in freeing myself from what my corporate contacts think of me as an astrologer. Blessings to everyone on a Uranus journey x.

  38. I have natal 7th house Sun in Gemini opposite natal 1st house Uranus in Sagittarius (3 deg orb) and I *am* a housewife! Pray for my sanity! Lol

    • Hi Inanna,

      Perhaps I may have been unfair to all housewives with the Uranus-Sun aspect! So long as you have the freedom to pursue your unique passion, this aspect can still be expressed positively…But traditional stay at home mom isn’t its archetype.

  39. I have Sun Uranus square between 11th house and 3rd house.
    I’ve walking some road which everyone doesn’t walk, certainly.
    I’m sure the person who has this aspect cannot be an ordinary housewife.

    • Hello sjapan, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience about Sun square Uranus. Yes, being a housewife (as so often expected in Japan) would be particularly challenging for someone with so much energy toward individuation.

  40. I have natal Sun semisquare Uranus with an orb of 2 degrees I’m in a stifling relationship. From 2016 to 2018 Uranus will oppose my Libra sun. Will I finally get the courage to leave this relationship.

    • Hello LS, transiting Uranus opposing Sun could certainly intensify your drive for freedom and independence within relationships. It seems likely that you’ll have enough courage to overcome the anxiety of separation, if that is what you truly wish.

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