Sun Saturn Aspect: Tap into Your Strength

sun saturn aspect conjunct square opposition




If Sun and Saturn form a hard aspect in your horoscope, Saturn (work, achievement) is inexorably tied to your life purpose (Sun). This means you’re here to develop Saturnian qualities such as self-discipline, integrity and focus in order to accomplish your goals.

Sun is Life Energy, and Saturn is Focus (which is a flip side of Saturn’s keyword ‘limitation’).  Your power comes from focusing your energy toward a goal, or purpose.

With those who have a natal Sun Saturn aspect, there seems to be an instinctive understanding that anything worth accomplishing in life takes focused effort. Even from a young age, you may see these people display serious ability to concentrate once they find something to fascinate them.

Unless they’ve grown up in a particularly difficult environment (more on that later), Sun-Saturn people will start discovering their own power of focus, and will quietly begin to direct them toward a goal of his/her choosing – knowing full well that they have the power to accomplish what they seek.


Alexander Graham Bell, who has Sun conjunct Saturn, created his first invention at age 12. He said (appropriately):

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” – Alexander Graham Bell

Here are some more people with natal Sun Saturn aspects that succeeded in their fields through powerful ability to focus:

  • Golf legend Arnold Palmer has Sun square Saturn.  He said “What do I mean by concentration? I mean focusing totally on the business at hand and commanding your body to do exactly what you want it to do.”
  • Paramhansa Yogananda, who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi had Sun square Saturn. He used his power of concentration to achieve his spiritual goals.
  • Math genius John Nash had Sun opposition Saturn, and so did the painter Pablo Picasso – both of them were masters of their field.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has Sun conjunct Saturn, and he’s known for his accomplishments in several fields from bodybuilding, filmmaking to politics.

Whether it’s science, business or artistic endeavor, someone who has mastered the power of their Sun Saturn aspect has inordinate amount of focus that enables them to achieve goals.



Saturn symbolizes your father, and this has been pointed out in articles on Saturn aspects with Moon, Venus and Mars.  Since Sun represents who you are becoming, a hard aspect between Sun and Saturn naturally suggests the importance of your father upon your ego development.

If your natal Sun conjuncts, squares or opposes Saturn, it’s likely there was a difficult relationship with your father when you were young.  You may have grown up with a remote, passive or tyrannical father – either way, a father’s love and support might have been rather scarce in your childhood.

There are exceptional cases where a father plays a central role in the Sun-Saturn person’s life development (after all, that is the higher expression of this aspect). This might have something to do with how well Saturn is placed in their horoscope (in Capricorn, for example).  If you are one of these rare cases, your father might have instilled in you the Saturnian virtues of self-discipline and hard work from a young age.

In most cases, the person with this aspect grows up without having the paternal support that they needed in order to develop a healthy sense of self (symbolized by the Sun).  An absent, passive or problematic father figure creates a sense of insecurity, because how a father treats you is, symbolically speaking, how the world treats you…At least until you manage to overwrite the original dysfunctional pattern.


If you struggle from a sense of inferiority or insecurity due to problematic family background, it’s important to know that you can overcome this pattern.

Each planetary archetype teaches us something we need to know, and Saturn teaches self-responsibility.  Among other things, this means learning the following lessons:

1) No one is coming to save you – Not your family, not your partner, and not your soulmate. Wanting someone else to save you is the residual effect of not having the father figure that protected you and made you feel safe as a child.

The truth is, only you have the power to make you feel safe.  Other people, no matter how much they care for you, cannot give you the self-assurance that comes from accepting complete responsibility for your own well-being.

2) You need to live your own life –  If you accept responsibility for your own happiness, then you no longer need to measure up to someone else’s expectation.  Instead of acting in order to please someone else (and seek their approval and protection), you act in order to fulfill your sense of purpose.

Your relationship gets better when you assume responsibility to make yourself happy (as opposed to expecting your partner to make you happy.)  When you accept ownership of your own life, you have more to give others.

The Saturnian concept of self-responsibility extends to all areas of your life – work, business, relationship, health, finance and even spirituality.  You tend to do better in the areas of your life where you accept self-responsibility (including being responsible enough to ask for help when you need it.)



The transit of Saturn to your natal Sun tends to bring up issues of work or other important responsibilities in your life.  There are several possible manifestations for this transit:


Saturn Sun transit (especially conjunction, square or opposition) could result in reduced energy level (Sun) due to all the responsibilities (Saturn) you have in life.  Sometimes there is no helping it – it’s normal to have periods where you are under pressure in multiple fronts (e.g. work and family), or you simply have a lot to do at work.

In such cases it’s important to review how well you’re handling the increased workload and stress.  If you do not have a balanced routine, you may not cope very well with the stress and it may take a toll on your physical health and vitality.

As mundane as this sounds, getting enough sleep and exercise could be the best practice during this transit, as they both contribute to reducing stress.


With Saturn, there is always a possibility of a serious development (Saturn) that challenges you and makes a mark on your character (Sun).

We need to be sensitive to the fact that Saturn’s expression changes depending on what time of life you are in.  A serious family event during the formative years (e.g. parents’ divorce) could deeply impact the identity development (Sun) of a child.  A same event much later in life might not have as serious an impact.

The older you get, the more tolerance you tend to acquire for the ups and downs of life.  An event some people consider very stressful might be simply accepted as a fact of life for others – so how this transit affects you also depends on your maturity level and natural disposition.


Remember that Saturn also rules structure and ambition (a fact less relevant to small children, but significant for working adults).  Saturn transit to your Sun could signal realization (Saturn) of your goal and purpose (Sun).

Remember that success means accepting new responsibility (Saturn).  This applies to receiving a promotion or being assigned a new creative project.  Such new responsibility entails challenge (Saturn) that make you grow and develop your potential (Sun).


sun saturn aspect focused energy

Natal Sun Saturn aspects are growth inducing and suggests capacity for a strong, focused will.  There is much potential for achievement.

The three examples of Saturn-Sun transit suggested above are not mutually exclusive, so saying it will be either a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ time tends to miss an important point (this is true throughout astrology – when you call something ‘good’ or ‘bad’, you stop seeing what’s really happening.)

Perhaps the best use of Sun Saturn aspect, whether natal or transit, is to view it in terms of accepting full responsibility for your own fulfillment:  There is no one to blame, because you have the power to make yourself happy.  So what will you do about it?


Do you have a natal Sun Saturn aspect?  How do you experience it in your life?  If you’ve gone through transit Saturn conjunct, square or opposition Sun, what was it like for you?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Hi
    I have Sun squaring Saturn, which is in Aries (fall). It doesn’t help because my Saturn sits in my 4th house.

    Definitely felt the low self-esteem when I was young and it takes a lot of practice to develop it. I know what I have to do now: living my own life and make it a healthy one.

  2. Hi Hiroki!

    Wow, this article opened my eyes to what I need to be doing; thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! Now I just need to find out what I need to be focusing on!

    All the best!

  3. My natal sun squares Saturn and this is the only aspect my sun has. I’m living as a single mum in a foreign land (Germany), working as an engineer, completed PhD in engineering here, which was quite difficult. I just want to relax and have fun and do not want to have so much responsibility anymore but it just doesn’t end. Corona doesn’t help either. I’m sick of it.

  4. Yonela Nkosi says

    Hi☺. I’ve delayed reading such articles involving Saturn because I thought it didn’t really apply to my life in anyway and maybe due to my lack of understanding whilst reading through them. Then it subconsciously happened that I proved myself, to myself, that hard work pays off, on several occasions. I bumped into this article and gave myself a chance to just read through it, and it suddenly hit me – I’ve been “tapping into my strength” since 2015 and things have been working out in my favour since then, not because of luck but due to hard work, focus, and believing it can be done. I’ve had that kind of mentality upon realising such. And it’s funny how when transit Saturn started to square my natal Sun upon arriving in Aquarius when lockdown commenced, that I was propelled to be a self-taught currency trader (something that intimidated me for the past years), I decided to take the bull by the horns and I’m honestly having one exciting ride because I know I can pull through due to my laser focus. It can be challenging at times but I honestly thank God for this aspect. I have Sun in Scorpio 12th trine Saturn in Pisces 5th. Sun is also parallel Saturn. Thank you for such a great composition! I now have a better understanding of your articles, especially ones involving Saturn (which is better off described as a blessing other than a curse) 🤗.

  5. Stephanie says

    This is just what I needed to read!

    Focus, focus, focus :)

    I have sun in Virgo 7th house sextile Saturn in Scorpio 9th house.

    I oscillate back and forth with super productivity and then wanting to abandon all responsibilities. But the past couple of years I have been able to work with that restless energy and am seeing how I can channel it into my studies and work, rather than escapism.

    ❤️ I love your blog! I have been reading it for a couple of years but with the circumstances I have much more time right now to go deep (and leave comments lol)

    Thanks again!

  6. Hi thanks for these really nice articles. Some articles have very “mean” and discouraging explanations of hard aspects, especially when Saturn is involved so thanks.
    I have a t-square with :
    Sun in Virgo 2nd squaring Jupiter in 11th Gemini and Saturn 5th house Sagittarius. Jupiter and Saturn oppose each other.

    Could you help me understand how this would play out for me? I don’t understand the 5th and 11th houses very well so I’m not sure..thanks

    • Hi Abby, you might resonate with the article on Jupiter Saturn aspect.

      • Hi Hiroki. Ive seen it but how does it play out with 11th house gemini and 5th house Sagittarius? Thanks

    • Great article! A refreshingly unbiased perspective on Saturn, being neither good nor bad. I definitely related to this with Saturn opposite my Sun across my ascendant-descendant.

    • CHANTEL NOIR says

      Hi, I know I’m a few months late, but I’m turning 21 in a few weeks, and Saturn is Squaring my Natal Saturn conjunct Sun (1H) . I don’t handle stress very well, but I am more aware that I am stressed, and I feel it in my body. I have Saturn opposite my retrograde Mars, so I do have issues releasing stress. And the absent father, is definitely on point lol. I used to pray my parents would rescue me from my cold foster family, but the cold reality is I may need to save my parents from themselves.

  7. I have a stellium of Sun conjunct Saturn and Mercury in 9th house in Cancer and all oppose Moon and square Pluto in almost exact aspects. So T-square with Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn participants. Of course, about father and mother all is correct. Thanks, you put it very sweetly. Unfortunately, dysfunctional family patterns along with Saturn causing all kinds of delays. Life is relatively short and delays are major.
    Yes, I have an enormous ability to concentrate and strong will. But such configuration ultimately wore me out. All strength in the world sometimes is not enough. No one can’t fight battle indefinitely, but these aspects are permanent, for the rest of one’s life. Others can never understand that staying alive against all odds can be a huge achievement…for me. That’s what I was dealt. And as longer I survive the stronger I get…Fear me not. Ha! Another aspect of this configuration is one may find themselves completely alone. First lighting during a storm and they are running for their life. But the storm is my natural environment (not by choice). I have Scorpio rising, Pluto is the ruler of my chart.

  8. Hello Hiroki. Would you (or someone else here who is more knowledgable than me) kindly answer two questions:
    1. In my current chart I have two long term Saturn transits in opposition to Sun and Moon. I have no idea how I can figure out when they started and when will they end. Can you help me with that?
    2. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius soon. When I look at my chart, Jupiter is currently in the 11th house but I also have Ascendent in Sagittarius, does this mean that Jupiter will effect the 12th house or both 12th and 1st?
    Thank you! I’d truly appreciate some help

    • Hi Maggie, typically Saturn transit would happen 3 times (direct, retrograde, direct) so you might want to consider that to be your transit period for each planet receiving the transit. If Saturn would only touch the planet once (no retrograde), then I would consider a very tight orb of around 1-2 degrees approaching and no more than 1 degree separating.

      For your second question, there are different schools of thoughts. I would consider it one house at a time based on where Jupiter is in your chart right now. In other words, you only consider Jupiter’s impact on the 1st house as it crosses the Ascendant.

  9. Hi Hiizato, my mother was mom and dad for me so she is the representation of my Saturn in my chart. I have a very problematic mother and tyrannical like you said in your article. This led me to several psychological problems later on. Fortunately, I’m very aware of these problems and know how to solve them. Thank you for all the info you post, it’s very valuable.

    I have a question, I have Sun square Saturn and Sun opposite Pluto. So, I think Pluto was represented by my mother in my childhood, too because I suffered abuse. But the dynamic with Pluto is different thank with Saturn, I think. Do you have an article about sun-pluto aspects?

    Btw, I have a T square between Sun-Venus in Taurus Opposite Pluto in Scorpio and square(apex point) Saturn in Aquarius, haha. I don’t know exactly what this means, but thank god I have a spiritual master guiding me and lots of valuable information like yours. Thank you!

  10. Yazmine Kelly says

    This was such a well put article. Out of all the different astrological websites, your descriptiveness is the most creative. Short, sweet and informative. Appreciated this read.

    • HI Yazmine, Thank you for the kind words!

      • Than a million for this single article I found showing me a new way to look at it. I felt so hopeless and deprived after learning my sun satrun and mercury all conjuct in scorpio 10th house.
        Any more resources or info on this conjunction potential to develop into something good will be appreciated
        Thanks a million for this article

  11. Thank you so much Sor for sharing your insights. I really appreciate how you explain the reasons behind the planetary effects ie sun= energy, Saturn = goals etc. Also I like how you emphasize the importance of taking charge of your life. It is very helpful indeed.
    Much gratitude,

  12. Hi,
    I’m an 18 (cancerian) with a life path 8! I’ve been having very difficult time since 11yrs… choosy in making friends, had difficulty in concentrating on studies, difficulty in getting a job, not so supportive colleagues, company got shutdown due to loss, no proper salary paid, jobless isolated days, relationship didn’t work out, lots of days in isolation that I don’t like talking to people much. Thanks to my supportive family. It surprises me when I compare my old self with who I’m today…Gr8 article! Totally relatable!

  13. Very good article thanks for posting this :)

    I have sun opposite saturn/Neptune in 8th
    Sun also trines Pluto
    I also have Uranus in 8th house not conjunct

    My biological father was absent and distant
    I always grew up wondering why other people had fathers but I didn’t. I came to the conclusion very early that it was okay to not have a father as I just must not be good enough to deserve one. I looked at others with fathers as better people than me and was never jealous or hurt, I just accepted that I didn’t deserve one because I was not good enough. Very innocent belief that gave me acceptance for how life was.

    Obviously now I see that belief was very damaging haha and I see that it wasn’t quite like that. Growing up I was told my father never thought I was his (I look like him so he can tell I am his child now) and I was also told he never wanted me and requested I was aborted before being born. I’m sure it was painful for him that my mum kept me.. they broke up just after I was born. Rejected before I was even alive haha. As you can tell the relationship is strained and quite painful but also very funny when looked at it with humor. I now have a much higher view on this and can find enough compassion to forgive and understand it wasn’t my fault.

    I also had a step dad during my childhood who was violent towards my Mom and siblings. He was a criminal drug user who had mental health issues and was very damaged inside. I assume this would be my sun/mercury trine Pluto and venus/mars square Pluto.

    I am not the best at following rules and I can be very undisciplined when it comes to what the world wants from me. I hate conforming. People can call my irresponsible but I just never learned how to have boundaries or a sense of self but luckily this is something I’m teaching myself. I’ve never had any help in this life, financially or emotionally and it has made me a very self reliant person. Very much self made. I am on a powerful journey to discover self empowerment and taking full responsibility for my thoughts feelings and actions is a huge part in this discovery of power.

    What once was my weakness will soon be my greatest strength.

    I’m learning to be my own authority figure and won’t stop until I have success in this. Good luck to Every one with this aspect.

    • Hello, thank you for sharing your experience with Sun opposing Saturn. You’ve went through much in this life, yet sound strong and empowered – you’re well on your way to mastering Saturn!

  14. I have Sun (in Cancer / 12th House) square Saturn ( in Aries / 9th House) at 3°50′. I’ve only recently gotten in astrology and I was curious about what this aspect meant — very enlightening, though, if I’m honest, I’m surprised that it’s primarily my father’s absence because both of my parent’s were kind of absent when I was raised. But, this write-up has been useful and rings true for me, especially regarding the advice: it was just what I needed to hear!

  15. Our daughter has Saturn (15deg) and Sun (16deg) in 10th house in Leo, with Venus and Mercury conjunction Mc. But she has so much difficulty concentrating on anything else except things she really wants to focus. Would this change? We are conscious that her dad is due to his work absent too much, so he is now working very hard to change it as best as he can and spend proper quality time with her as she is just 11 years old and every day is precious.

    • Hello Dav,

      Emotional difficulty (feeling left alone etc) at home can seriously impede a child’s capacity to focus, so increasing paternal support in this endeavor will probably do a lot to help your daughter.

  16. It’s a very nice article….. I hv always beenworried about this conjunction,and yes I do hv good relation with my dad in childhood, but he died when I was 10,so rather I was a self made person only, I hv sun saturn conjunction in capricorn in seventh house,with saturn dominance which I think house of marriage, and is it olways necessary that this aspect is bad for married life , and unhappiness,?

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with Sun conjunct Saturn. Saturn in 7th house isn’t bad for marriage, it just means much of your growth is expected to take place in the arena of marriage and relationships.

      • Sudipa paul says

        Thank u sir, I hv been scared off enough by other astrologers, about getting divorced n all, andDat I can’t hv a good life, thank u for your kind words.

  17. Aloha :)
    Truly grateful for this perspective!
    My Saturn is in a 0.02° square with my Sun in Leo, and I fully resonate with your take on this.
    I’m left wondering what your Sun-Saturn aspect is (if any)??
    Thank you again for sharing your view!

  18. Hi everyone & thank you Hiroki for your well informed website and wisdom.
    Sun opposite Saturn, and graced :) with Saturn precisely on my Ascendant here.
    At my best, I have taken risks aimed at a relatively ambitious goal and put my “shoulder to the boulder” and manifested successful results. At my worst, I can marinate in self-criticism and forget the number one tenet to a good life: LOVE THYSELF. My dad taught & encouraged me to be disciplined, scholarly and raised the bar quite high. He did not manage to protect me. Healing is an ongoing priority and your insight, Hiroki is the best I have yet to read on Sun-Saturn aspects. Thanks again- Ashkada

  19. Hi Hiroki-san,

    Thank you so much for sharing the article with the world. I have a Saturn conjunct sun conjunct Mercury at the same degree in 4th house Scorpio as per vedic astrology. They are all combust. They are influenced by Jupiter in Pisces in 8th house which always makes me very blessed. Mars is in libra in 3rd house. I stumbled at this article owing to my current transit.

    The transit has not been smooth exactly in terms of my stamina and overall health. My job has been a mess owing to my health and general focus issues. I feel very incapable of dealing with my situations most of the time. However, am working diligently on the solution. There is some dent in my confidence which is pretty unusual given that am a very optimistic person on the whole. I feel like a tortoise in my shell at this point – withdrawn and kind of lost. However, my family has been a real support to me.

    Any suggestions on how to face this transit better?

    • Hi Roopa, sometimes Saturn transit will bring up situations which force you to face some uncomfortable truths. Health problems might reflect underlying emotional burdens that are no longer tolerable. One key is to note that Saturn isn’t causing this problem – it is merely reflecting your personal reality, and pointing a way to see what the cause might be. For a full analysis of your current planetary patterns, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  20. Aries Sun/Aquarius rising. Saturn/Uranus in Capricorn in XII. Saturn squares Sun.
    Both of my parents were/are very loving (Moon Taurus in IV),but Father(Leo) was much more strict than my mother,and more distant,he also had some issues of he’s own. I know now that my Father has/had best intentions with his behavior back then,and I see that actually we have lots of things in common. Over the years we got more closer and now he is one of my biggest support. Also I believe that this aspect brought lots of shyness and insecurities(which are not typical traits for Aries) but I overgrown them. Also I believe it brought lots of issues with bones and teeth that I’ve had back then. I am now 28 years of age,and looking forward to my first Saturn return. I know that Saturn is great in Capricorn and Sun in Aries is also great,so I believe that a lot of good things can come out of that aspect.
    This is a very well written article on Saturn – Sun aspects,so congratulations! :)

  21. Thank you for writing this article!
    It gave me much insight to my challenges. I have a tight Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aries in my 8th House, and this conjunction is also the apex of four overlapping Yod patterns.
    Growing up, my father was strict and stern, and often critical of me, and I related to what you said about dealing with issues of inferiority. Thankfully, we have a good relationship now, but it was pretty tough growing up. And I was quite the rebel growing up. My Aries Sun dominated, but I totally recognize that self-discipline is something that has been a challenge for me my whole life. I also resonated to what you said about how this aspect lends to great focus if the subject is fascinating. I find that to be true. I am goal oriented and do best when I have some sense of purpose and something to work towards. This is probably magnified by this conjunction being the Yod apex. The times in my life where I’ve found myself directionless are hell. Lots of energy with nowhere to focus it. I’ve also struggled with depression my whole life, suicidal at times. It wasn’t until my Uranus opposition that I finally started to overcome that through much self work.
    I’m glad I found your article. Transiting Sun just conjuncted my Saturn today and will conjunct my Sun tomorrow. Your article gave me a boost and good things to reflect on as I begin another round in the wheel. Thank you!

  22. Lightfly says

    Hi, I have a specific question about Sun/Saturn/Ascendant together natally.

    I have Sun/Saturn conjunct at 4 degrees, which is just like you describe…but I also have Ascendant conjunctions either side (both in Aquarius, Saturn Rising at 1 degree in the 1st house and Sun Rising at 4 degrees in the 12th).

    I write poems & lyrics in my little black notebook that I keep secret. I want to have them performed, which makes sense for an Aquarius Sun Rising, but since I have Saturn Rising and Sun/Saturn (as well as a 12th house stellium) I find I’m very reluctant to leave my house and go up onstage. Even going out to watch others playing music or talking to people in that setting is uncomfortable for me, as I feel like a fraud or as if I don’t belong. It seems that I have an aloof, avoidant personality which is totally at odds with my sunny desires to be ‘seen’ and noticed. How can I work around my feelings of discomfort and avoidance, and how can I release my words into the world?

    Thank you for taking all our questions!

    • Hi Lightfly, it’s not so much that Saturn is preventing you from doing something (remember that symbols in your horoscope are just reflection of your life, not causal forces.) The placement of Saturn or its midpoint merely suggest the presence of fear around personal expression that needs to be overcome. Now it’s entirely up to you to face that fear and grow into a stronger, more mature version of yourself (see the Saturnian necessity?) Enjoy sharing your gift with others!

  23. Donnie Houssen says

    I was born with Saturn tightly conjunct Sun and Mercury in Capricorn. On the cusp of the 12th house. My father has always been around. My mother is more distant. My father is actually very present…. He has the highest ideals and many people really look up to him. He says what he means and means what he says. He is an eternal optimist and a philosopher. Very spiritual. Vegetarian with a high moral code. I do have father issues but it has more to do with not being able to live up to his perfect way of living.

    • Hi Donnie, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct Sun in Capricorn. It sounds like you also had a relatively positive role model from your father. Saturn in Capricorn is its strongest placement, so this makes sense.

  24. Wendy J. Fluga says

    I can’t thank you enough for putting my mind at ease. I am the ‘Rare Exception’ you mention here …Natal Sun Square Saturn 6* in Capricorn in my 6th house. My father played a central role in supporting and cheering on my professional singing career since age 12. Absolutely instilling in me discipline and hard work at an early age. He passed seventeen years ago, and my mother passed four years ago. I miss them both so much. I am an Aries Sun, Cancer ASC, Sagittarius Moon. Thank you!

    • Hi Wendy, thank you for sharing your experience with Sun square Saturn – glad to hear that your father played a central role in your career – this is the positive expression of Saturn!

  25. I have Saturn conjunct sun and square moon. Saturn just transited natal Saturn several days ago exact. The last several years I’ve been very depressed and not really wanting to live, thinking that death seemed like it would be better for me. The result of this attitude has been a decline in health due to not taking care of myself. This transit has pushed me to a place where I felt forced to make a decision between focusing of death and decay and focusing on life and living. I’m having to break out of my tendency to focus on my limitations and fears and move in a more positive direction.

  26. Thank you for writing this article, it has shaken me to the core of my being. I have Saturn in Scorpio (7th house) opposite my Sun (1st house) in Taurus by 1 degree, Pluto (7th) conjunct Saturn by 3 degrees, also Pluto opposite Sun. I recently had my first Saturn return.
    I have always had a very difficult relationship with my father, luckily my parents divorced when I was 9 but the hard time I was getting from my father didn’t stop there. What you said by “how a father treats you is how the world treats you” very spot on in my case, I have difficulties relating to men and authority figures, I feel nervous, inhibited and scared around them (even when these people are making a real effort to make me feel safe). I’m 33 now and after I few tough relationships with men I decided to stop trying and focus on something else. Even my friendships tend to be a hard work. The people I trust most and open myself to, turned out to bully me or betray me. My social status is also very low because I’m not able to get through interviews and get a proper job and I tend to be everyone’s door mat.
    At the beginning of my Saturn’s return I have been offered the chance to work on a creative project, my hobby is video editing. When I first met this person I decided to start a collaboration with, it didn’t even cross my mind that I would end up making a film, it just happened. I cannot describe what sort of force has driven me to take this film thorough all the stages, and the challenges I had to go through to make it happen, bare in mind that whiles working on the film I was also working as a cleaner, doing care work, dog walking anything that came across so I can pay my rent and live from one day to another. I couldn’t even say to people that I was working on a film because everyone would just laugh of me! This film just happened to be accepted at a few international festivals across the world and nominated for the best editor award! … one of the reasons I kept working on this film was to get away from my reality, it was the only thing that kept me sane.
    At least now I know I can do whatever I set my mind onto, I also know I will never get anything without a hard price to pay or very hard work, but this is my life path…I’m still struggling with my inhibitions and fears, although I had a lot of help coming to me in the last 6 months through different sources…
    Thank you for reading my story.

    • Hi Aenima, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn opposite Sun. The intensity increases because Pluto is also involved in the complex. Glad to hear how you found your strength through the creative film project – keep that fire burning!

  27. -Sigh-. Sometimes the truth is painful, ‘though the advice is very wise. Thank you for this very insightful and clearly written piece!

  28. Again, I am grateful for your transformational/transcendental point of view in your writings on the challenging aspects in astrology. I have quite a few, and reading the works of other astrologers have made me feel terrible for so many years. However, I must admit that my ego was a bit out of control and I didn’t realize it, so they served a purpose. But aaaah, to be set free and to know that these are power points in the chart that must be utilized for good of all concerned is so liberating. I have struggle with the “issue of power” for so long…our current Western images of power have been very negative, and I had to work through the programming to get to a place of realizing that power can be used positively too–especially in noting that Ghandi had squares, Paramahansa had them, and Oprah Winfrey has sun square saturn. That is when the light clicked on. This is my third challenging aspect article, written by you, I’ve read today. The more I read, the better I feel. Much much thanks!

    • Glad you enjoyed them! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience.

      • Hi, Hiroki,
        I came back here to read some of the other comments, and I would like to share my experience with Saturn (Taurus-11th) square Sun (Aquarius-8th). Interestingly, I have had mother issues in my life more than anything. While my father was not a strong figure, he was the one I was most comfortable with (Leo/Aquarius planets). My mother, however, was very strict–almost OCD–and forced me to stick to the earthly plane. Needless to say I got into a lot of trouble because my Aquarian mind was very dreamy/curious/creative and being grounded was not a natural tendency. Through a lot of physical enforcement (if you know what I mean), I learned to be more focused on the physical plane, but my self-expression and confidence in decision-making has been an uphill battle as a result…..I guess you can say I am an artist with energetic limitations (it doesn’t flow without a lot of hard work while I watch others flow easily). Meanwhile, my organization abilities and structure help me to take my creative ideas into some creative but practical outlets and gives me the ability to organize large long-term artistic projects/groups…something that I notice many artists cannot do. I also struggle with creating money. Note that my moon is square Uranus and also trine Saturn and there a lots of karmic-like planetary ties between me and my mom. My father still continues to be my go-to-parent in my adulthood.

        • Hi Kisha, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn square Sun. It’s a little hard for me to convey this fully in such a small space, and this is by no means a criticism of your relationship with your father, but it may be meaningful to consider how much of your earthly struggles could’ve been remedied by a strong father figure that led instead of comforted you. That’s what the Sun square Saturn aspect is expressing – it’s a need to develop and assimilate that positive masculine trait.

  29. Niizato-sensei
    Thank you for teaching us in the astrology on-line seminar “Noel Tyl Master Course Japan”. Now, I enjoy the course and make my best effort.

    As I read this article, I remember a ski jumper, who is named “Legend Kasai”. He holds the world record for the longest jump for athletes over 35 and 40 years old, is the oldest ski jumping Olympic medalist, and also the oldest individual World Cup winner. He has Sun conjunct Saturn. As for father issues, he was raised only by his mother to whom he was very attached. He has no other hobbies, so ski jumping is his whole life. I think he is a typical Saturnian person.

    One question: You indicate there are “rare cases where a father plays a central role in the Sun-Saturn person’s life development”. Please give some examples that “Saturn is well placed” in the chart other than “Saturn in Capricorn.”

    We are looking forward to seeing you again in September (Tyl-sensei’s seminar in Japan)!! Thank you for reading my poor English…

    • Hello there, thank you for sharing a good example!

      There is no simple answer to your question, as most Saturn-Sun cases suggest father issues. Exceptions need to be studied on a case by case basis – there isn’t a placement that guarantees a good father-child relationship.

      • Niizato-sensei:
        Thank you for answering my question. I understood it. I will try to find how is the each Saturn-Sun aspect in the horoscope expressed in the reality.

  30. Yes, along with “Focus Point” have been my favorite aliases for many years :) I would recommend to anyone dealing with this aspect to read on the philosopher Jiddu krishnamurti. He had great incisiveness and dealt with reality elegantly. Although, he will make you question yourself to the core, in the end may help you find your own inner truth and conviction.

  31. This is one of the best descriptions I’ve ever read on the sun saturn aspect.
    I have the conjunction at a near exact orb in Cancer 3rd. The third relates to your environment, communication, siblings, and early education. I am one that had the passive somewhat remote father. He was a good man but had psychological problems that limited his expression. Therefore, expressing myself has also been very difficult. I was raised by my mother and was the oldest of two. I became the father figure for my brother at a very early age. My fathers side of the family is very distant to me. I feel this subconscious need to distance myself from them, always have and it’s like they feel the same towards me. Mothers side is entirely different. I can really relate with them on so many levels. I have a wonderful relationship with my brother but he lives in Japan, is married to a Japanese woman (who’s name is Hiroko by the way) and a well loved teacher so it is still a limited relationship. Although I do have a college degree, learning for me has almost entirely been self-taught. I have an innate distaste for authority figures (academic, political, whatever) and it is very hard for me to follow someone else. I am on a passionate trek to seek truth for myself without the conditioning of others to limit my perspective. I’ve had others tell me they can see the focused concentration on my face. Seriousness is in my disposition. When I think of this aspect I think of Abraham Lincoln. He was entirely a self taught man and was able to overcome many obstacles in life with a side of depression along the way. He became a beacon of light to many and a crusader for liberation. Instinctively, I also think of Conan the Barbarian (Movie) (Arnold S.). Conan had a passionate single mindedness to seek revenge for the killing of his family. He went through hell on the way but conquered a demigod in the end. Additionally, I have Mercury square Pluto at a near exact orb so I’m sure you can imagine the shear intensity of my mind. Sometimes obsessed, sometimes negative, but pierces right through steel for the truth.

    Thanks Hiroki, you have a gift with words.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience! Isn’t it interesting that you chose your alias “Focus” and you have the Sun Saturn conjunction in the 3rd house! Much appreciated.

  32. Thanks for your offer. I’m broke of course. I like people who have their own business. I needed to become my own astrologer by myself to know myself and help myself. I don’t trust people who talk to me. I think planets can translate into causes in my life as I can say because I struggle much with myself (Sun-Mars opposition) I don’t get much done or achieved. Or that because my parents weren’t available I have an unstable identity. And can re-translate these influences into planetary aspects and symbolism. And so on. If I get what they mean I understand my life struggles as I become aware of the causes. I need to find and understand causes to overcome obstacles, don’t I? Being able to recognize causes gives me self-confidence and satisfaction. Without the symbolism of the planets I might not become aware of causes.

    If you read this you might want to know that I have Saturn square MC. So this is really the reason why I’m a loser! Haha

    • Thank you Sandro,
      I have similar aspects (Sun in 1st house Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp(?) square Saturn 4th house Aries, Mars in Libra 10th House Opposition Saturn, Sun square Mars) and your poignant comment, though five years old now, resonated deeply with me tonight. Wishing you all the drive and success beyond your most memorable dreams.

  33. Hi Hiroki :) Coming to this article by chance from reading about the Pluto-Venus opposition. Your article gives this aspect another interesting meaning that resonates with me. Now being 32 I see developing self-responsibility/discipline as my path to go. (feeling more forced into this direction actually). I have a Sun-Saturn oppostion in my chart. My Sun is in the 12th house as well (so Saturn is in the 6th in scorpio). My sense of self/self-expression is even more weakened and inhibited by this 12th house position I suppose. Or what difference do you think it makes?
    Yeah, of course my father was absent. ;) However, I wanted to add that I think that my mother epitomized the Saturnian principle as well. So it can be both parents is what I think. My mother was always a single mother so she was my only parent. I have Moon in Cancer in my 1st house. She was Saturnian though, distant, rejecting, cold, and “hard-working”, very materialistic. I had no other relatives close to me. I also felt unprotected in the world and still do because my mother wasn’t nurturing and supporting me psychologically but instead putting me down and rejected her duty as a protector.
    I think it’s true that I have a strong will but I haven’t been disciplined and focused. Probably because I’ve never felt real in the world. I’m too rational and serious to enjoy life. I never had real goals. I have had very low self-esteem. I’ve always been on my own emotionally since I had no close bond with anybody ever. I never felt like wanting to achieve anything in the outside world. It feels I will develop towards much more discipline in all aspects of life but my life is already very unbearable from restrictions, more like a prison sentence. I tend to be formal, inhibited and strict and serious around people. I haven’t had a relationship or true friendship. I’d love to be John Nash (and able to be self-sufficient/independent) but I’m not brilliant. I lack focus because it seems almost impossible to get a grasp of myself, to feel real. I’m scared I will disappear completely. So that’s why I need astrology to know I am somebody and to make sense of being nobody. Thanks.

  34. Hi Hiroki! Read your article with great fascination; I have a close friend who is the absolute epitome of sun square saturn – a tireless worker, disciplined in everything he does and his own greatest critic! Saturn is in capricorn too, and exactly conjunct his MC: his father was not a particularly great influence though, as he was absent during most of my friend’s childhood. And when he wasn’t, he was busy being an alcoholic. So yeah!

    Myself, I have a sun quincunx saturn almost exact. I’m not 100% certain what it says about my father? But structure, routine and responsibility are VERY big words in my life, and I’ve struggled for years to balance these energies – to be myself and true to who I am, while also meeting my own perception/standard of what responsibility is. As you can imagine, they’ve turned out to be almost completely incompatible and I sometimes feel like I’ll never bring the two of them together. To structure myself within the walls of what I want to achieve in life has been very difficult for me.

    I consider myself a very saturnian person in many ways, but at the same time I’m almost pre-disposed to be bad at it! So my question is: how would your interpretation of my aspect differ from those you’ve offered in this article? How do I handle the incompatible-ness of it all? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi ivs, thanks for your comment. Sun quincunx Saturn suggests a need for “adjustments” in your self development to incorporate Saturnian qualities such as integrity, and perhaps with an element of service to others. It’s a minor aspect that calls to attention where your ego expression might be hurting you and needs tweaking.

  35. Hello Hiroki,
    I have Saturn opposing my natal Sun in Cancer, and yes, I had to become responsible and disciplined child. My father had wounds to heal and was struggling with issues of self-love. I believe that being born during his Saturn Return added to the tension that has always existed between us. At a certain point in my life, I gave up the idea of having a father and began to carve my own path without asking for any emotional and/or financial help from him, and I’m happy to say that [that] was a great decision on my part. I learned how to access the “father within” and am grateful for the strength I gained through the experience. It wonderful to know that I can stand on my own.

  36. Kathryn M says

    Do I have Saturn Sun pattern you are addressing in this issue?

    Sometimes I am very focused and accomplish a lot. Other times I run off the rails or the goal needs readjustment. Until I find a new focus or direction I feel lost.

  37. Hi Hiroki, Thank you for this post. I have Sun square Saturn (and Saturn is also conjunct Mars and Pluto). I have incredible powers of focus. I did very well in school growing up because I was very focused on my studies, and I’ve always been considered more of a serious person. It is easy for me to describe the feeling of the “focus zone”, the singling in on something to the exclusion of all else. After some difficult emotional experiences with a relationship in early adulthood, I lost my focus, probably because I lost my sense of responsibility to myself—I didn’t know what to do or what to focus on, where I was going, or what I wanted. That lasted for many years, but now I am regaining my focus, in large part because I have been working on a PhD which requires it. What you say above is so true for me, “anything worth accomplishing in life takes focused effort.” However, I do not want to be a workaholic. My relationship with my father has always been very good, he is a very warm, loving, and supportive parent, but he always worked nonstop and still is trying to hustle even though he is 70. If we went on vacation he would always spend some time on business calls. So I am actively looking for the balance in which I focus when I need to, and focus on building the life I want, but then relax when it is time to relax. Thank you for mentioning Yogananda. I have had Autobiography of a Yogi on my bookshelf for a while now but hadn’t read it yet. Now I will, I suspect I will find much to relate to in his words and story.

    • Hi Court, thank you for sharing your experience with Sun square Saturn! I can see this is extra powerful for you due to the added conjunction from Mars and Pluto. Sounds like you’re utilizing the potential for focus very productively – good for you!

  38. Barbara Ybarra says

    Hiroki: That’s a wonderful little article on Sun-Saturn hard aspect. I love the way you present it first as strength and resolve of character, because that is what it’s for, that is the promise in it, if only we would treat it accordingly. You use the word “overcome” which is what we all need to do with our hard aspects – not eliminate them, not hide them, but transform them, and use the energy to bring forward the amazing positive expression of them. I look forward to the day when a client will come in for a consultation, and with eagerness in their eyes say “Please tell me I have a square in my chart”!

  39. Robin Shelton says

    This is excellent and so timely for me as I continue a life-long struggle to overcome the lack of focus and discipline that prevents me from achieving those accomplishments that are so important to me.
    Thank You !

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