Sun Pluto Aspect: The Power to Make a Difference

Sun Pluto conjunction square opposition



On Natal Sun Pluto hard aspect, Noel Tyl often said:

“There’s a blanket over your hand grenade.”

This image portrays explosive potential, hidden from view.

What does Sun Pluto aspect’s “explosive potential” look like and what is the “blanket” that’s hiding it?

Better yet, how do you “take off the blanket?” 

Pluto’s discovery paralleled the rise of nuclear power, so we’ll start with that image:


During World War II, nuclear physicists unlocked the potential hidden within the atom. Nuclear energy could power nations – or destroy the world.

Now that’s explosive potential – and a fitting metaphor for Sun Pluto aspect.

Sun Pluto aspect has to do with uncovering massive potential hidden within the core of a matter…

Or the core within yourself.

How can you apply this idea in your life? 

Here are a few thoughts that may help you understand and apply the energy of Sun Pluto aspect:

1) Uncover the core ideas that empower you. 


What is a core idea?  It’s central thought that makes a huge difference in life, business or relationships.

It’s not superficial.  A core idea will energize what you do and who you are.

On a personal level, it may be the key desire that promises fulfillment.

For a business, it could be a mission to build a company around.

For relationships, a core idea might be loving yourself so you can love others.

These are but simple examples.  You’ll have your own core ideas that empower you.

2) Find out what is blanketing your potential


Sun Pluto aspect implies hidden potential.  We need to find out what is hiding your power so you can harness it.

Here are a few questions that may help you explore this topic:

  • How did you experience power when growing up?
  • On what level did you witness it – emotional, physical, social or financial?
  • Was it ever used against you in an abusive way?

When you were born to parents who have power, the controls they exert could be crushing.

In a powerful family, much spontaneity can get suppressed.

Sometimes there is an energy of hatred or sickness that pollutes the entire family.

These are but a few thoughts. You had your unique circumstances that may have blanketed your self-expression.

Discovering what’s hiding your potential can help you get rid of it.  Sometimes it requires the support of therapy or coaching. 

3) You have the power to make a big difference


Your potential is not trivial.  Like nuclear energy, Sun Pluto aspect represents great power to influence the world.

Once the blanket is removed, that is.

You may already recognize the potential you have to influence others.

Your life purpose might be to find out how best to wield such powers.

Here are some examples of Sun Pluto people that made a big difference…


Sun Conjunct Pluto Examples

  • Martha Stewart expanded into TV, magazines and merchandising to create a business empire. Stewart has natal Sun conjunct Pluto.
  • Norman Vincent Peale wrote The Power of Positive Thinking. The book was translated into over 40 languages and is still popular today. Peale had natal Sun conjunct Pluto.
  • Elisabeth Kübler-Ross studied death and the stages of grief. Her thoughts changed how we view the process of dying. She had natal Sun conjunct Pluto.

Sun Opposite Pluto Examples

  • Tony Robbins became a renowned motivational coach through the principles he teaches. He teaches people how to harness their own powers within. Robbins has natal Sun opposite Pluto.
  • Walt Disney wanted to create an amusement park where entire family could go and have a good time. Walt Disney World now attracts over 50 million visitors every year. Disney had natal Sun opposite Pluto.

Sun Square Pluto Examples

  • Henry Ford implemented mass production of automobiles to make affordable cars. This revolutionized transportation. Ford had natal Sun square Pluto.
  • Maya Angelou won international recognition and acclaim through her autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. From victimhood to prominence, her life is filled with Plutonian themes. Angelou had natal Sun square Pluto.


We’ve so far focused on Sun Pluto hard aspects.  Sun Pluto trine or sextile aspect may also carry strong potential.  Everything we’ve discussed so far might still resonate.

Soft aspects tend to be milder in its expression.  The “blanket” effect could be present but less intense.  The “explosive potential” of hard aspects might be softened.

The idea of researching and finding out core solutions to problems can still be relevant.

Here are some notable examples with natal Sun Pluto soft aspects:

Sun Trine Pluto Examples

  • Mark Twain had Sun trine Pluto
  • Al Gore has Sun trine Pluto.  He used his influence to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Sun Sextile Pluto Examples

  • Inventor Thomas Edison had Sun sextile Pluto.  He, of course, made a huge impact in modern civilization.
  • Albert Einstein changed the way scientists think about time and space.  Einstein also had Sun sextile Pluto
  • Mother Teresa affected great many people through her charity and spirituality.  She had Sun sextile Pluto

CONCLUSION: Sun Pluto Aspects

Power.  Influence.  Deep thoughts and penetrating insights. 

These are all potential rewards of developing the natal Sun Pluto aspect. 

Pluto rules the riches that lie hidden underground.

Gold is the metal that symbolizes the Sun. 

Trying to realize the potential of Sun Pluto aspect is like digging for a vein of gold under a mountain.  It may take long years of digging, but the rewards are spectacular.

Do you have a natal Sun Pluto aspect?  What has been your experience with rediscovering your power?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I have conjunction Sun with Pluto in Scorpio in the 11th house. I’ve experienced already many changes in my life on different levels being only 32. Some people told me that they were kind of scared to approach me (especially men) before getting to know me better. I have also Venus on the ASC in the 12th house in Scorpio. Sometimes I think that all problems and changes that I have gone through made me even stronger and I realised that other people would be not able to handle it without loosing their sanity. I think my superpower is handling crisis and loosing my balance. Also I have to say that with this conjunction powerful men are more keen on helping or mentoring. Thank you Hiroki for excellent summary:)

  2. hiya, i have just recently came across your website while i was searching for sun conjunct pluto aspect. i have realised that i could have this placement too…what confuses me is the orb of 13 degrees between my sun in libra conjunct pluto in libra…is this orb too wide to have conjunction? on couple of websites for chart reading this is not mentioned while on other websites it is…hm…any thoughts…?

  3. Sorry Hiroki,
    My error – I meant to write venus sextile to neptune exact (not venus sextile pluto).
    Thank you

  4. Thanks Hiroki,
    I found this article extraordinarily meaningful and very easy to read. I have sun and venus semi square pluto with pluto and venus inconjunct my ascendant. From your descriptions I find the themes between each of these to be similar in many ways. Would you say that the addition of neptune also inconjunct the ascendant makes this inner power even more obscure? I also have venus conjunct pluto and venus sextile pluto both exact. Curious as to how you might interpret these additions. Thank you for this article and all your many other wonderful writings.

    • Hi Mary, for clarity, I recommend focusing on hard aspects, as that is where most growth and change will be experienced. For a detailed analysis of your horoscope, please consider scheduling a private session.

      • Thanks Hiroki,
        Interesting – I have many semi squares and inconjunctions in close aspect. I think i’ll step back from these minor aspects and focus on any major hard aspects as you suggested as it can get confusing. Thanks

  5. I have sun conjunct pluto, moon square pluto, pluto sextile ascendant, mercury conjunct pluto, pluto conjunct midheaven in Sagittarius, 9th house. I had someone tell me recently that i ”just have this strong effect on him”. So despite pluto not being one of my dominant planets, i have always resonated deeply with plutonic thematics.

    With that in mind, does natal sun conj pluto ’colour’ the rest of the chart despite pluto not being one of the dominant planets? because i feel like it does, it creates an underlying, insidious and kind of ruthless vibe in people it seems, I can ’sense’ and see through other people so well and i often attribute that to sun/pluto among others.

  6. Libran butterfly says

    Hello.. and thank you for this article. I have sun conjunct pluto (20-21 degree in libra) and i can feel this a lot. In my self as an individ and my life has transformed alot all the way. Sometimes people get afraid of me (without me doing nothing) or they just see my potential power without me seeing it or feeling it, i have been reminded that trough out my life and since i was a child. I can also see it as a family theme from generations before me.

  7. Hello Hiroki.
    Could I use transiting pluto in aspect to my Sun like pluto sun natal aspect?
    Pluto would soon trine my natal sun in taurus,but the fact is that my sun is unaspected planet in my natal chart(ruler of 1st and 2nd house in my chart).
    As pluto is very slow moving object could I see that transit as aspect in my chart?

    Thanks for answer.

    • I feel some strange sort of power and the fact is that my self-transformation(1 st house ruler)is represented in some way of charisma(strong power of presence).
      I never have a charisma and never been charismatic until now…many people sayed to me that when I act they feel charisma.
      Is that pluto transit to sun representating?

    • Hello there, Pluto transit to your Sun can help touch on the potential, yes. Trine is a smooth aspect, and you may not feel a whole lot of intensity from this particular period, unless you actively develop the Plutonian side of your being through psychological self-analysis.

  8. Hi Hiroki,

    How does the quintile apply in this case?

    • Hi Kelly, Sun quintile Pluto can also suggest a similar dynamic – although in a more creative manner. Quintiles don’t have the sense of tension squares do, so this could be more of an innate potential that could be tapped at need.

  9. Hello Hiroki, I have Leo Sun semi-square Libra Pluto at a 1 degree orb, does what you’ve written apply to me?

  10. My progressed sun is now opposing natal Pluto. Would a progression transit have similar energy? I’m trying to find information on this transit? Thank you.

  11. Danielle L says

    Thank you for this article, your insights are valuable. We spoke a couple of years ago when you did my chart regarding the effects I was dealing with since Pluto started to transit my 10th house conjunction my natal sun. I’d like to share with other my experience with this one. When Pluto first began entering my 10th my work life and personal life started to experience intense circumstances of painful events. During those first few years I lost my father, a man from work began to stalk me, my boss was arrested in a political scandal and I seemed to be attracting men in my life that wanted to take my personal power. This was the worst time in my life all that I was before was starting to destruct. Like a house you build slowly starting to crumble was my own image I created of who I thought I was. At work I felt I lost my power the atmosphere in which I work having a man stalk me I was treated as if I was to blame for this, my feminine power was gone or used against me if that makes sense. The universe seemed to keep presenting me with paths to choose like a test. Each time a path was presented I would choose the one that seemed the hardest. I did massive soul searching these past few years and many time felt I was ready to quit. The strong need to find purpose and meaningfulness in my life was what kept me going , a knowing that this destruction would bring a new beginning. Years past and when Pluto was conjunct my Capricorn sun new beginning presented itself. I got a new boss who promoted me at work and put me in a position that has giving me purpose and an opportunity to help the collective specifically women who have been abused. It has been an amazing journey my advice to anyone going through a Pluto transit is be patient and know that Pluto’s power is for the greater good always find your path to be of service to the collective. Thank you Hiroki for your service on our paths.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Wow! Thank you very much for sharing this inspiring story with transit Pluto conjunct Sun that came after transit Pluto conjunct MC…That’s an amazing transformation. Good for you!

  12. My 14 year old daughter has sun opposite pluto aspect. along with uranus trine mc and sextile ac. And a moon opposite neptun. in addition mars on aries point almost exact to a square mercury on 1 deg cancer. she is a force of nature and brought me a few challenges. (needless to say, that me and her dad “supported” her with a few “themes” so that she can make use of this bunch of gifts…)

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