Sun Neptune Aspect: Realizing Your Creative Vision

Sun Neptune conjunct square opposition


In astrology, Sun symbolizes your life direction – its placement suggests which way your journey toward self-actualization is likely to take you.

Neptune opens your awareness to creative vision and social/spiritual ideals.  A strong Neptune in a horoscope often suggests an ability to “see” goals or solutions with vivid clarity – it’s a bit like having a second sight.

If Sun and Neptune form an aspect in your chart, your self-expression and life goals must include creativity and vision for you to find fulfillment.  However, this is not to say it’ll happen naturally – like any solar journey, there will be challenges and pitfalls along the way before you reach your potential.



Having a natal Sun Neptune aspect (especially conjunction, square or opposition) usually suggests heightened awareness and sensitivity.  Increased sensitivity causes greater awareness of pain (your own, or the world’s).  The cliché about Neptunians being susceptible to drinking or other addictions is due to their tendency to want to numb the pain they feel inside, to decrease their sensitivity to the harshness of life.

Even though being “too sensitive” tends to be regarded as a handicap, for a Sun-Neptune person it’s an essential gift that allows them to realize their potential.

If you have Sun conjunct, square or opposite Neptune, your sensitivity might allow you to:

  1. Be more open and aware of creative inspiration – whether it’s music, science or business, you have an almost supernatural intuition that allows you to be receptive to great ideas, which you can bring into reality.
  2. Be more compassionate – being keenly aware of pain means you’re more likely to experience others’ suffering as your own.  This may motivate you to come up with creative plans to help those in need.
  3. Be a visionary – You see possibilities that aren’t limited by reality.  Bringing “what can be” into the realm of “what is” might be a big part of your life purpose.


Consider the following famous examples of people with Sun Neptune aspect:

  • Clara Barton, the founder of American Red Cross, had Sun conjunct Neptune.  Throughout her life, she showed remarkable ability to realize her humanitarian vision through organizing and leading groups of people (Sun-Neptune in Capricorn – administrative efficiency in realizing her visions).
  • Legendary investor Warren Buffett has Sun conjunct Neptune.  He is famous for his seemingly superhuman discernment (Sun-Neptune in Virgo) in investing, as well as his pledge to donate 99% of his wealth to philanthropic causes.
  • Joseph Campbell, celebrated for his research on world mythology, had Sun square Neptune.
  • Carl Jung, famous for his exploration into dreams and archetypes, also had Sun square Neptune.  Both Campbell and Jung made it their life’s work (the solar journey) to explore the realm of Neptune (which rules dreams, myths and collective consciousness).
  • Politician and environmentalist Al Gore has Sun opposite Neptune, and so does Mikhail Gorbachev – they both worked for the realization of their social/political ideals.
  • Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie has Sun opposite Neptune.  Note that Neptune symbolizes both films and social ideals.
  • Pope Francis has Neptune square Sun, and so does evangelist Billy Graham.  In their cases Neptune-Sun aspect is expressed as spiritual inspiration.
  • Inventor Alfred Nobel had Sun square Neptune, and Thomas Edison had Sun conjunct Neptune: As innovators, they were able to give forms to their creative visions.
  • Wolfgang Mozart had Sun opposite Neptune.  Many musicians have similar aspects between Sun and Neptune.

Note how these people had distinctly Neptunian life pursuits.  Expressions of creativity, inspiration and ideals guided their life direction.



During Neptune transit to the Sun (especially during hard aspect transit), your sensitivity is heightened, and your defenses tend to come down, making you more receptive and vulnerable at the same time.

If you’re not used to Neptunian energies (i.e. Neptune is not emphasized in your natal chart), your ego might judge this increased sensitivity as weakness.  Then you could try to avoid feeling “weak” by drowning yourself in work, or engage in addictive behaviors to escape the inner confusion.

A wiser approach might be to allow the vulnerability to exist, and let it form a bridge that connects your heart to others, either through compassion or sharing of your honest emotions.  Most of all, it is a time to learn to have compassion for yourself.


Neptune Sun transit is a visionary period – you might be inundated with ideas and visions for your creative work.  The challenge is to bring those ideas into the realm of concrete reality, so that it does not end as mere daydreams.

If you’re already in a creative field, then transit Neptune conjunct, square or opposite Sun could be one of the most productive and/or inspired periods in your career.  If you have trouble giving form to your ideas, you might want to consider getting help from someone that can give you structure, like a coach or a support group that makes you accountable (a grounding, Saturnian influence).



Neptune Sun aspect has amazing potential, but it requires you to bring down your walls.  Any attempt to maintain your ego’s defenses tend to manifest in less inspiring expressions of Neptune (confusion, bewilderment, escapism and aloneness).

Bringing down walls means you tend to be more vulnerable in a psychic sense – many Neptunian people report picking up other people’s feelings, and having difficulty establishing boundaries.

Many of these symptoms will lessen as you learn to be grounded through focusing on concrete goals and meeting daily responsibilities (i.e. the balancing influence of Saturn.)  Solid structures in the form of work and responsibility are not boring or mundane – they are essential for building your psychic foundation, so that you can be a solid vessel for receiving – and realizing – the creative vision of Neptune.


Do you have a natal Sun Neptune aspect, or are you experiencing a Neptune transit to your Sun?  How have you experienced it – inspiration or confusion?  Feel free to share your insight and experience in the comment section.


About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: or schedule a consultation.


  1. Angie Jennings says

    This is the best ever reading!you explained what I have been asking in my own mind. Thank you!Thank You! Thank you!I have Neptune conjunct Fortuna in Sagittarius opposite sun. I is now on my asendent.I have gave up alcohol and now I realize when Covid first started I had a mental breakdown I do feel the collective energy end it happened again after Afghanistan incident I must leave alcohol alone because I feel the energies and I have more control when I do not drink I also love vision boards

  2. Hiroki,

    Sun conj. Nep, +3°,
    in Scorpio, 11H Plac., 12H Whl Sn.

    Still haven’t become adept at applying the benefits. And I still succumb to the pitfalls.

    Using Placidus, i then have a 12H Mercury and Venus (semisextile Neptune, and square Pluto. Ugh)
    The Mercury is retro. and the focal point of a fixed T-square w/Uranus and Moon-Chiron. Ugh.
    The Moon-Chiron (+3°) is exactly tredecile (108°) the Sun-Nep. Ugh.

    Knotted up. Stuck in. Caught under.
    (1H Saturn opposite 7H Cancer Mars)

    I’ve just GOT start walking every day, and get back into Chi Gong, or Yoga.
    Probably some kind of expressive or creative “art” would help.
    I used to play music.

  3. Very greatly written, please give some remedies.

    • Hi there, I don’t prescribe jewelry and remedies the way they do in Vedic tradition. My training has been in Western humanistic astrology, so the remedy in this case is conscious awareness and constructive action.

  4. I have Sun (Virgo) square Neptune in 2nd house (which also represents the senses which most astrologers don’t write about). I expressed my Sun/Neptune aspect by dissociating from my body and emotions my entire childhood. When Neptune opposed my Sun it began a journey of finding that sensitivity and learning to take down my walls. I’m learning energetic healing to pair with my Masters in Counseling to use the gifts of Neptune.

  5. Hiroki- I’m grateful for you and your ability to clearly articulate the insightful language of astrology. I’ve studied it for years. I’m writing to tell you about an experience that coincides with transiting Neptune forming a trine to my Sun in the first house. I also have been blessed with natal Neptune Sun conjunction in Scorpio. My intuition led me to the ER a month ago as I felt something was out of sync in my body. After scans and ultrasound, a complex ovarian cyst (Scorpio) was discovered which is most likely benign. As I believe the body’s imbalance reflects the mind/spirit’s imbalance, I immediately recognized that my creative center (female organs) was essentially speaking to me. What have I currently created in my life?? I have felt stagnation in that area in the past 5 years while caregiving to my elderly parents and putting my dreams on hold. Now that transiting Neptune is trining my Sun in Scorpio , two things have occurred. I have been cultivating my spiritual life and allowing my creative visions space to unfold. I have recently been challenged by identifying that which makes my heart sing. I also deal with Sun square Saturn (4th house) in Aquarius exact at 16 (truly karmic in terms of parental responsibility). With Saturn, my focus is remarkable once I have a vision in mind! I would love to hear your thoughts.✨✨Domo Arigato😊

    • Hi Beth, thank you for sharing your experience with Sun conjunct Neptune. Your story is a great testament to the importance of trusting your intuition! Cultivating spiritual life and developing creative vision are both excellent way to make use of the Neptunian transit. For a discussion involving the full analysis of your current cycles, please consider scheduling a private session.

  6. Hi Hiroki,
    I really like your website and thank you for this positive view of neptune/sun aspect. I have my sun in cancer opposite neptune in the 5th house, ascendant in pisces-also sextiled to neptune and neptune in capricorn in 10th house. Alot of neptune going on:) I know that I need to “channel” my creativity and would also love to work with something creative, but I am not sure in what way yet.

  7. My natal chart is so confusing to me that it stirs me up several times. Neptune seems to be really strong to me since I often stay inside the dream world and pushes myself to accomplish my passion and career to fulfill those same dreams. I am a romantic, a bad one at that. Since my Sun is in Capricorn along with Venus and Neptune, my Virgo moon comes up to have a quarrel along with it’s Cancer ascendant buddy. The influence of love is really strong within my chart but numerology and certain aspects in my chart says that I am supposed to be a leader and has to be into career. Why is my life so confusing? Haha.
    I am guessing my Neptune conjunct Sun aspect plays a lot with me in the fact that an astrologer literally told me directly that I am supposed to have an arranged marriage but since I love someone from the East (astrologer said my partner will be from west) I went full on synastry mode and a single Eros/Psyche conjunction made me study almost every important aspect regarding Nodes, Vertex and Asteroids and now I am too convinced that him and I are soulmates and are meant to be.
    Will it be dangerous when my delusions will break? I kind of detect my fantasy being played from the reality but I can’t control letting it play for the sake that it is motivating me right now but I am guessing it will be too difficult to handle later. What can I do to be more cautious?

  8. Very informative article about neptune. I have Neptune in 6th House . Can you suggest some remedies for good results .Thanks for valuable article

  9. Hi, Hiroki. I have a T-square between Sun, Neptune and Uranus all conjunct in Capricorn in the 12th house, Mars retrogarde in Cancer in the 6th house and Jupiter in Libra in the 9th house. My doubt is: these shocking energies conciliate when focusing on the center of the T-square, Jupiter?

    • Hi Talassa, I think the real key is the retrograde Mars and how you express that in your work. The potential for inspired action, even charisma is suggested by this powerful placement – but it depends on whether you’ve been able to find a suitable outlet. You may want to poke around the archive and look at other aspect combinations within this T square.

  10. This rings true, I fluctuate so much between accepting the daily mundane life and the yearning I have for a more creative less humdrum existance. I have my Sun in Cancer in 10th house opposite Neptune Capricorn and opposite Uranus in Saggitaraus in 4th house.

  11. Jennifer says

    Hello Hiroki

    Does Sun trine Neptune by 4 degrees count as strongly too? I have 11 Cancer Sun in 11th house trine a 15 Scorpio Neptune in 4th house.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise and insight.

    All the best Jennifer

  12. Hello,
    Thank you for this article. I have Sun (in the 9th house) square Neptune (in the 1st house). This is the first time I feel better being ‘too sensitive’. It’s also true that I have very vague idea of my true self, concreate goals and, more often than not, avoid daily responsibilities. Thank you fot the suggestions.

  13. I just discovered your terrific website….and have been trolling through the articles on aspects. This one really struck me as I’m currently experiencing transit Neptune square natal sun in Gemini. I feel like I’m dissolving!! I don’t seem to have a center anymore…nothing seems relevant or important. I have no idea what’s meaningful anymore. I’m expecting some kind of breakdown. And, it’s not like I’m not used to Neptunian enery; I have Neptune on the ascendent in Scorpio so I’m aware of what it feels like. But this transit to my sun is different. The comment from another reader (above) re: A Course in Miracles was refreshing and interesting. Just recently I started reading ACIM ( after years of being aware of its existence I finally picked it up). The way through this mess, for me, may very well be to become completely vulnerable and drop my walls and defenses, so carefully crafted all these years. Anyway, thanks for the good astrology.

    • Hi Joan, thank you for commenting and sharing! Neptunian times teach us a different way to dance with the flow, so to speak…dropping ego’s defenses and excess striving is sometimes an essential process in recovering your true self.

  14. Wakil HakimzaadA says

    I have Neptune 2nd house conjunct sun saturn mercury and the most
    Painful one square my aries mars in the 5th

    Other people with mars in aries in full of fire and can take care of thier business
    Me i am full of fear and atract conflict into my life and dont feel the aggression to do much about that and cant take care of my family and my self
    For me i have big ego and i can never accept what is being asked of me to be a follower and not try to lead i have lofepath nr 2 i also have moon leo square pluto wich also give me some big head and some power.
    Neptune is horrible there is no scape

    • Hello there, consider the pressure on the Mercury from Saturn and Neptune – this is the potential for depressive tendencies. It doesn’t mean this will be your lot in life, but it does take an effort of will to come out of the hopelessness you expressed. Sometimes getting professional help (coaching, therapy etc) is the quickest way to get positive support.

  15. Glenda Watson-Coly says

    Hi Hiroki,

    You’ve read my chart already so you probably remember me. With a Neptune in strong conjunction with the sun (within 3 degrees) in my 11th house on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, it is definitely difficult to keep grounded at times and I have noticed that I am more focused and grounded when I am in the process of helping other people. This likely explains my double tour in the Peace Corps and my current career as a Nurse Practitioner.

    In terms of vision, I find that frequently see possibilities in people and objects with such clarity that I am sometimes blind to their current reality (wonderful for artistic projects – disastrous for personal relationships). I have on occasion conveyed spiritual messages to patients having no idea where they came from. I used to try not to but I just let it flow now and the patients are always gratefull that I did. Often, weeks later, I realize that the message was also for me.

    I am more succeptable to the moods and feelings of others than I would like to be and make a strong effort (often fruitless) to intellectualize what I am feeling, especially when interacting with the source of those feelings is not practical. When I do put up walls it’s because I need a break from all the emotional input but sometimes people see me as being aloof. It is true though that leaving the walls up for too long makes it difficult to stay balanced. I do see the need to have established routines because when I am able to do so my life definitely runs more smoothly (still working on that). My drug of choice? – binging on foreign drama series especially ones with subtitles.

    With my moon and Mercury also in the same conjunction (everything within 3 degrees of Neptune) does it mean that the traits described in your article are more intensified or just expressed differently?

    • Hi Glenda,

      I remember you and your beautiful artwork! Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Yes, Moon and Mercury involved in the same conjunction intensifies the Neptunian theme in your life even more. Good thing you have strong outlets for this energy in the form of art and helping others.

  16. Hello Hiroki, you may not remember me, but we sat next to each other at the annual NT conference in 2014 (or maybe it was 2013?). Anyway, just wanted to thank you for 2 very significant points you made in this article:

    1. That a Neptune experience is better off accepted rather than feared or escaped from.

    2. That the Saturn influence in our lives is essential and not to be avoided but embraced.

    Both of your points I consider to be spot-on even though many folks tend not to say such things. Usually people just want it to “be over” rather than have to engage with whatever process they find themselves in.

    I have been actively practicing both of the above over the last several years and can attest to their validity, hopefully as an encouragement to anyone unsure of how to proceed during a challenging time.

    I hope you are well.

  17. Hi Hiroki, I have Neptune (Sagittarius 2th) square Sun, Jupiter and Saturn (Virgo 11th) and trine Midheaven (Leo). Is it placed really bad? I work as a translator and live abroad but I feel I need to find another field to express my creativity, maybe photography. Any advise?

    • Hi Bea, I don’t think of any placement in a natal chart as being good or bad, as it’s just a set of needs you have that have to be expressed (usually through work). I can’t give you a valid answer about your career just from what you told me, however – please schedule a private consultation if you’d like me to look at your horoscope in more detail.

  18. Hi
    Sun in Libra @ 29 degrees in the 12th conjunct Neptune 23 degrees with Saturn 0 degrees Scorpio, Asc. 4 degrees Scorpio. Sun also sextiles Pluto ( 10th), trines Jupiter (8th) and squares Uranus ((9th). A 1953 child. So the Sun connects to all the outer planets which have all played their part – not always an easy journey, and found the comment about pain being amplified interesting. I have made some rash decisions in my youth, am an arch procrastinator, been lost in the dreamtime, suffered from anxiety for almost a decade in my twenties, but wisdom gained along the way. I have studied Herbalism, Astrology, loved going to the movies since I was a child, enjoy creating art occasionally. Father worked as a photographer. I about to embark on a course to train as a Transpersonal Counsellor. As I’ve gotten older, I feel the need to spend more time alone to replenish my spirit. I should probably spend more time in nature. I did a painting once to express Sun Neptune in the 12th and wrote: The Sun buried in the world of the ocean illuminates the deepest part of the sea so that lost travellers can feel safe and find their way home to dry land.

  19. This reminds me of a “Course in Miracles” statement, “In my vulnerability my safety lies.” This has been an extremely effective affirmation for me as I have a Taurus Sun Opposing my Neptune on my ascendant in Scorpio squaring Saturn on the IC. When I found this affirmation my world changed and I feel in love with my husband of 20 years now. It was affirming to find that here in this wonderful post. Thank you!!

  20. Sun in cancer 10th house, opposition Capricorn in neptune 4th house… Still trying to figure out how to navigate these waters…

    • Hi Ashton, Sun Neptune opposition within a parental axis (4-10th house) suggests bewildering circumstance at home early on (Neptune in the 4th house), most likely between your parents. What’s suggested is that this experience somehow impacted how you feel about your life and career goals.

    • I have got the same aspect except Capricorn is in the 10th and cancer in 4th

  21. I have an exact quintile between Neptune/Mercury. I’ve been working in the film industry for 25 years.

  22. Hi Niroki, thank you for sharing. My son and I have strong Neptune influences that we have struggle and play with for sometimes. This transit is a wake up call as I sleep on a lot of what this means for me and for him and for all that is. Natal Sun square Neptune – my son and natal Sun sextile Neptune – myself. I know you did not include the relationship with the “Sun & Neptune sextile” but when mine is combined with Saturn in Pisces in the 5th house, a Virgo Mars in the 12th -home of Neptune and Neptune in Scorpio in my 2nd house, I find that the main components of my whole carry the Neptune energies intact, it is my life lesson. I am feeling the emotions of everyone around me and even more overwhelmed and sensitive than usual, sending me to focus on the TREES and nature for groundedness and strength and to constantly question what is concrete or a figment of my imagination. My dreams are vivid and in living color, I am sleeping more than usual and my intuition is erect and standing by me and I am seeing beyond this world. I woke up two mornings ago feeling and expressing some usual FEAR that I couldn’t put my finger on. After moving meditation and deep breathing the answer came and the fog became easy to see through and navigate. With nothing to hold on to (literally & figuratively), with so much pink smoke pervading the earth at this time, with a natural drunkenness and feeling of being “high”, with the veil as thin as it is and my ancestors and the invisible world intermingly with my earth live.. lights came on just enough to get a quick glimpse rather than be blinded….. the answer came….and it was the HEART!

    I am now being in my HEART – and all its contents – shadow and light. I am working on clearing and raising my HEART’s vibration in multiple ways. Now the fear is magically lifting and the letting go is happening in contradicting ways.

  23. Hi, Hiroki,
    Thanks for the article. Sun Pisces quincunx Neptune Libra. You were the first astrologer to point out how important creativity is in my life. Thank you. It makes all the difference to be able to recognize it and balance this continuing dance.

  24. Thanks, Hiroki.

  25. Hi Hiroki, I have neptune in scorpio conjunct Asc opposite sun in 6th. As a child I practically lived in books, guess that was my “escape” from the harsh world, as I got older music was my refuge, falling asleep to the radio quite common as a teenager, books during downtime at school and on rainy days at home. in my twenties I became obsessed with astrology, self teaching through the years. music, astrology and the written word, along with action/ adventure movies are my favorite pasttime. I am now a PT assistant and because I love the hands on part I am attending massage school. (sun also conjunct mercury and saturn, mercury semisextile venus ( mutual reception too)) I enjoying working with hands and heart :)

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. For a prominent Neptune on the Ascendant tied to the 6th house Sun (service), alternative healing like massage therapy seems like a good expression!

  26. hi Hiroki, thanks for the great post. I have sun ( Aquarius 12th ) sextile Neptune ( 10th Sagittarius) I have studied healing all my life, acupuncturist up until 4 years ago. Im now in It can you believe it!
    I think with sextiles you have to make it happen rather than it naturally happening?

    • Hi Tashi, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience – good for you, for utilizing the prominent Neptune in your chart! Yes, sextiles need extra motivation to get going.

  27. alilaraib says

    Sun neptune effects detail very informative thanks

    • Thank you for enjoying the article!

      • Like the positive way with which you present neptunian sensibility. I have natal Sun-Neptune in septile aspect (102 degrees)…Is this a creative genius aspect? Sun in 7th and neptune conjunct south node and midheaven scorpio…I have developed over 30 years a new form of art therapy. I always feel ahead of time with all the pain of waiting for society to be able to see and recognize as valid, new possibilities.

        • Hi Nathalie, thank you for sharing your experience with the Sun Neptune septile! I haven’t researched septiles enough to comment, but if MC is involved with Neptune, this element of creativity and special sensitivity tie in to your vocation.

    • lorna barela says

      i have neptune and sun conjunction. I am more on illusion help me sir.

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