Stuck in 12th House – A Reader Question

In response to the last post, someone asked what I would suggest if people are stuck too far in the 12th house. First let’s consider the possible reasons why you would get stuck there:

1) You don’t like your 1st house – which is to say, you don’t like the image you have of yourself. Otherwise why would you try to escape it?

2) You got hooked on the 12th house experience (it’s exhilarating to get out of yourself and your little problems, after all) so you decided to drop everything else and try to get more and more of it – perhaps becoming out of balance as a result.

3) You’re confined against your will in an oppressive circumstance where no individual expression is allowed. Your individuality is not appreciated; no, it’s actively discouraged.

4) Nobody is confining you like #3, but you have a memory of such confinement from the past, and you choose to stay in the same pattern through putting yourself down.

And here are some thoughts that may help to strengthen your 1st House (thus making it more habitable):

  • Restore the self image – because most likely it is distorted. Try the Louise Hay exercise: look in the mirror and say to your self, “I love you, (your name); I really, really love you.” You may have no idea how difficult this is for many people. Do it until you can feel the love in your eyes. Visit her site and download her DVD for $5. It’s worth it.
  • Think about your name (the focus of your identity) – see what images, emotions and descriptions come up when you say your name. Work to change it until you are proud of your name. How do your loved ones speak your name? When someone loves you, your name is safe in their mouths. Is your name safe in your mouth?
  • Love your body (another focus of your identity) – this means taking good care of it through good nutrition, exercise and rest. It helps you to rejoin the earth when you feel good in your own body. Don’t ever judge your body, comparing it to someone else’s.
  • Know what you’re good at. Everyone comes into this world with certain vocational gifts. If you’re utilizing it, you will not feel uncomfortable in the 1st House.
  • Know your unique needs and desires. Learn to take a stand for yourself, so that you can fulfill some or most of these needs.

These are all 1st House issues, and in a consultation I try to fortify the self image of the client as much as possible through making them aware of their personal resources. Even though 12th House is a necessary part of the holistic consciousness, you can’t live with passion until your 1st house self image is sufficiently healed. And if you don’t have passion – what’s the point?

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Get Prepared says

    The 12th house is very hard especially when expectations are placed on you based on leaving that confining space. You look like a mice caught dead in a mouse trap. Very difficult. God Bless us all. Pluto being in Capricorn as well as Saturn simultaneously… It continues to be a pruning process.

  2. How are you? . I’ve Scorpio in 12th and ascendent. And Pluto in Scorpio in 11th house south node. Stellium of 4 planets in Sagittarius house 1. With the north node it seems to make sense,, 5th house taurus

  3. “Everyone comes into this world with certain vocational gifts. If you’re utilizing it, you will not feel uncomfortable in the 1st House.” AWESOMENESS!!

    Im an out of balance Aries Ascendant with Chiron/Aries/1st. I struggle with my 12th House too… Moon and North Node… Found this article really simple and insightful. Thank you :)

    • @Nella: I also have my NN in the twelth along with the moon (in Capricorn, which is also my rising sign). Chiron is also in Aries, but in the second house. I found this article a bit therapeutic 😀.
      @ Hiroki My first house is intercepted (Aquarius), so I am thinking it helps explain why I find it hard to believe I am good at something.

  4. As my north node in 12th and I’ve found that I did some good working with those who are incarcerated, as well believe my life story and vocation have much to do with chapters related to addiction and subsequent recovery, can not the 1st house also be a celebration of what is seeded in the 12th?

  5. Stephane says

    Thanks for this great post Hiroki! As you see I am traveling back in time through the archives which are full of treasures!
    From a spiritual perspective, would you say that to find a middle way between self (I) and no-self (XII), does the cusp of the ASC show the point of this natural balance where both houses are neither repressed or indulged in, integrated? I explain myself: I have Venus perfectly conjunct the ASC in Cap but strong square Saturn and Pluto conjunct the MC in Lib. Now it seems that working on my self-image inner tensions paradoxically helps me to “dissolve” ties to my false self more powerfully (Neptune in XII Sag) than working on other aspects. Would that make sense to you? Would you say that every charts have aspects which are the key to the whole chart and does it has to do with depositors?

    Thank you and looking forward for more posts about the XIIth!

  6. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thanks Antonio!

    Appreciate the good words. By the way, you have an awesome-looking blog (Misora Hibari! What a great taste.) Wish I could read it :)


  7. António Rosa says

    I appreciated the spiritual context. It has many people to the search of more internal ways.

    Tudo de bom for you.


  8. Hiroki Niizato says

    I’m not sure who these “people” are that you are referring to, unless you’re referring to your own value system…If you visit the bookstore you’ll see that significant space is dedicated to this kind of self healing, and some of them are even NY Times bestsellers. Apparently “people” want this stuff.


  9. Anonymous says

    I have always felt that if one is looking for material gain, the first house doesn’t always help. For one, if you had a Jupiter in the first house, it basically colors the outward nature but does not attract the good fortunes and benefits if Jupiter was placed in the second on tenth house.

    95 percent of the time, people seeking astrologers will confine their questions on needs to two issues, sex and money. No one questions the spiritual advancement nor do they care to.

    All they ever want to ask is related to the two issues…money…which is linked to their careers and self worth, and sex…which is related to their personal relationships.

    I think it’s ok to ignore the spiritual transformation bit as people are less inclined to seek such things in a material world.

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