Stellium and Counter Emphasis (2) Pisces case example

Here is another example of a stellium controlled by another, entirely different part of the horoscope. Take a look at the horoscope of “Warren” (04/08/1915 12:00PM Bay City, MI):

We notice the Pisces stellium across the 8th-9th house. That’s pretty sensitive stuff! But wait: what about that Aries Sun on the Midheaven ruling the 2nd house of money and business? Wouldn’t it control the stellium, order it around, so to speak?

Furthermore, we notice that Neptune the ruler of 9th house (travel) is the dispositor of the stellium (i.e. it’s the ruler of Pisces), and it squares midheaven (career). This suggests a career related to travel industry. Neptune takes all of the imaginative energy of the stellium and applies it toward a new vision of a “travel based business”, driven by the need of Aries Sun ruling the 2nd house to be the business leader.

This horoscope belongs to Warren Avis, the founder of Avis Rent-a-Car System, Inc.

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  1. Hi,

    i have a pretty tricky Pisces Stelium myself . . the Moon, and Venus cj Mars there all in 5 h. Now, while i have Neptune in Capricorn h 3 squaring only Mars there by a wide orb, Neptune’s dispositor Saturn lays on my South Node in h 2. I am wondering, does that imply i’m blocked in my 5th h creative drive untill i work through the Saturn’s SN issues ? Cose, that would be quite the case, no much i am exploding with creative juices and visions, i have a hard time materializing them for one reason or another. Troubled, hoping for an advice,

    much blessings

    • Sha,

      Most likely Saturn-Nodal Axis does contribute to some of the issues. The key question to ask yourself is “What am I believing about myself that have let me to create my life the way it is now?” You can meditate on Saturn’s symbolism for sure, but don’t make the mistake of blaming your frustration on it.


      • Thank you for your kind response mr. Niizato :)

        I am working this question you suggested relevant already and very intensively the last three of days, i did come to some of the conclusions. Finding this article of yours is a part of that question search too :) You see, i’m a Capricornian Mercury and my IC falls under this sign cusp too, so i’m well aquited with this energy and it’s metodology of work :) I dont jump, i dont rush, and with Neptune falling under the Cap influence, i am a part of that generational tide that want’s see their dreams implemented into reality, dreaming per se is not enough :)

        Now, what i am trying to figure and understand, do i have to put this Piscean pool in direct correlation with Saturn by means of the dispositor, would that be the correct way to start untangling this thread ? Am not trying to any psychological ‘scapegoat’, am trying to fint the key to unlock this ‘Door’.

        What i was able to understand meditating and contemplating on my Saturn this couple of days is, i have a ‘few’ survival issues, it’s up to my upbringing that thought me, if you arent making big bucks, you arent allowed eaven to breath, much less to live or create. Saturn’s is a though school to be in, but i appreciate it as i understand, when mastered, it can be applyed worldwide pretty much. Meantime, i am cracking psychologically, but that will change too obv :)

        Much love and blessings, thank you again

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