Saturn Venus Aspects: Suppression of Love Feelings

Saturn conjunct opposition square Venus

Saturn Venus Conjunction Square Opposition: Tightness in Emotional Matters

When Saturn conjuncts, squares or opposes Venus, the classic thought was that relationships will be somehow frustrating.  The question to ask is, why is this so?  And how can we work through this pattern and improve the quality of our relationships?

Noel Tyl said Saturn-Venus tension (‘suppression of love feelings’) suggests a “tightness” in handling emotional matters. If you have this aspect in your natal chart, you may find it challenging to share your emotions and affection with others.  What causes this pattern?

Saturn conjunct, square or opposition Venus suggests a delay or an interruption of emotional maturation process.  Perhaps your parents’ relationship was extremely strained, leaving no room for you (the child), or too much responsibility was thrust upon you while you were still young, and you didn’t have enough experience of having your emotional needs met by someone.

Saturn Venus Conjunction, Square, Opposition – Examples

Here are some examples of Saturn-Venus hard aspect:

  • Julie Andrews (Natal Chart) has Saturn Rx (retrograde) opposition Venus in 12th – Saturn Rx often suggests that the father was out of the picture: Her parents divorced when she was four, and she remained with her mother. She started working professionally as a singer/actress when she was 12, and by 13 she was the main breadwinner of the family. We could see the extreme manifestation of Work responsibility (Saturn) imposed on the artistic talent (Venus). She couldn’t have regular teenage years, and had to mature way too early. Would that somehow skew the emotional development toward being more mature and serious?  When you become an “adult” so quickly to develop professional responsibility, you inevitably leave some (less responsible) parts of you less developed.
  • I’ve had clients with similar experience – one man with Saturn conjunct Venus lost his father while still young, and had to become a surrogate father for the family, in order to take care of his numerous younger siblings. Who met his emotional needs? No one – and he learned to suppress his emotions as a coping mechanism. This obviously created some difficulty in relationships where he appeared cold or uncaring, and he had to work hard to pay attention to his feelings to improve the situation.

These are inevitable circumstances of the real world (Saturn) intruding and imposing upon the personal development, forcing maturity and responsibility (Saturn) upon the emotional structure (Venus). Saturn-Venus aspect does not imply that a person is cold or uncaring; such behavior may just be a protective mechanism developed early, out of practical necessity.

If you’re able to release the defensive patterns that make you feel less, then you will find that you can be mature and be fully in touch with your emotions.

Saturn-Venus Conjunction Square Opposition: Ways to Release Emotional Suppression

You can’t give to others what you don’t have – or in this case, what you didn’t receive.  If your circumstance didn’t give you the chance to receive emotional nurturing as a child, you may still be living the life of emotional self-denial, unconsciously believing this is what you deserve.

If this is the case, then the first remedy toward resolution might be to learn to meet your own emotional needs – to pay attention to it, try to nurture it by understanding it; and then try to do the same with others’ emotions.

A second remedy is to study how your mind works to suppress emotions.  A good indicator is some sort of judgment toward others’ emotions – if you feel someone is being childish, immature or unproductive by being emotional, check to see if these aren’t the very same emotions you criticize within yourself.

In your family, childlike emotions might have been deemed inconvenient rather than something important to pay attention to.  The problem is, those childlike emotions are also the source of your joy.  Learning to accept all emotions within yourself can help you loosen the tight hold you have over your emotions.

Do you have a hard Saturn-Venus aspect in your natal chart?  How do you experience it, and how have you learned to work with it?  Feel free to share in the comments section!

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I have Saturn conj Venus in 7th house
    Married a very serious and controlling person , but helped me to mature.

  2. I have a 12th Aries Saturn RX squaring a 9th Sagittarius Venus.

    I’m still trying to figure this placement and how it affects me..but it is the tightest aspect in my chart and I really wish I was kidding. My mother has been disabled for a major part of my life. My parents were definitely tough on us, but on me less so than my siblings, in terms of the delegation of responsibilities. That’s why now as a 23 yr old, I always feel like I have no right to complain, even though they are transphobic towards me. And also, don’t worry, says Saturn, because indeed when my siblings were old enough to marry, I am left with many responsibilities to handle on my own.

  3. Saturn in Libra squares Moon Venus Conjunction in Cancer in my chart. Grew up with a stern mother who didn’t nurture me enough, relationships have been with older women (but not satisfying). Father has been manipulative and detests love. Money hard to come by and always feel that there’s something preventing love from happening or I’m in the wrong place in the wrong time when it comes to love. Been single now for the past 10 years and don’t feel the urge to connect with anyone, don’t look for solitude but have accepted it. Saturn and older people are definitely the bane in my life.

  4. Hi, Hiroki, here’s a fun one: Saturn retrograde in the 11th house opposite Venus retrograde in the 5th house (also opposite Jupiter in the 5th, but Jupiter’s direct).

    Parents divorced when I was young, first Mom got custody, then Dad got custody, and there were periods of not talking to this or that parent at different times. I was also a Gen-X latchkey kid in both households, so I was on my own a lot.

    I have not dated a lot at all and don’t want to say that I don’t care, but right now (in my late 40s) the idea of dating is just… do I have time? Or energy? So there’s part of Venus Rx’s effect.

    Saturn Rx in my 11th house would explain why wishes and goals seem to slip away — things like studying to join a certain career field only to see that field essentially contract right as I get ready to look for jobs (this has happened more than once!!).

    I’m pretty sure the combination also has an effect on my finances (Saturn Rx definitely did; it was transiting my 8th house when I first took out student loans, ack).

    My chart isn’t evil by any means, but I’ve seen easier charts. Add in a Sag sun and Cancer ascendant and years later my chart still makes me roll my eyes.

  5. I have saturn conjunct venus (1′ orb) in the 4th house in leo. I grew up in a very emotionally cold household. My emotional needs were entirely unmet. In fact, I was criticized for expressing any kind of emotional need at all. I had an enormous amount of responsibility from a very early age. I grew up in a violent household. Yet, I was expected to suppress every fearful/sad/anxious emotion that I had regarding my home environment. Even my aunts and female cousins can be emotionally cold and rejecting (my moon in scorpio may have contributed to all this as well). So, it’s been hard. Interestingly, my brother also has saturn squaring his venus (0′ orb).

    However, I would say that what has helped me is nurturing myself, being gentle with myself, and purposefully doing things that bring me joy. I am 42 years old now and it has taken me roughly 40 years to arrive at this conclusion. It took getting very ill with fatigue, causing me to quit my very demanding government social work job, and returning to school to earn my masters degree in school counseling, to finally help me. I had a lot of money saved up and was able to just go to school and relax and not worry about working all the time, to help me realize what I was missing–joy and fun! I think it is true that we become little adults so quickly with this aspect. It’s almost as if we never learned how to be a child and simply play and enjoy life. Also, my counseling program requires that we go through actual counseling and that has really helped me as well. Mr. Niizato is right–(God) did not put us here to suffer, even though saturn in aspect to venus can make it feel that way.
    Hang in there. Be gentle with yourself and it will result in you being gentler to others! Being kind to yourself will make you stop appearing so stoic to others. Give yourself a break from working all the time.

    Postscript: Also, my romantic relationships, although generally with good people who have good hearts (Sag 7th house), I have ended up caring for all of them. I became the sole financial provider as generally the men I have been involved with have been mentally unstable, substance abusers, and chronically unemployed. So, I am working on figuring out why it is difficult for me to cultivate relationships with men who can actually take care of me the way I take care of them. I have begun to realize that I simply have not felt worthy enough of being taken care of. So, I am working on that now.

    Peace and blessings to all with this aspect. Life gets better though, starting at about late-30’s. 40’s have been amazing so far. Good luck and remember, be kind and gentle with yourself, and do things that bring you joy. Your luck will surely begin to change…

    • Hi Nina, thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom with Saturn conjunct Venus. Beautifully said and much appreciated!

      • Hi Hiroki! I have the square Saturn rx 8th and Venus in 11th. I know what it means. The question is: how do we turn this into something positive? Cause life harsh becomes unbearable sometimes

        • Hi Suzana, the aspect is a reflection of real life circumstance that may have been present in your life, and what effect it had on your relationships so far. Understanding the real life challenges will often lead to the resolution, so that there is wisdom (Saturn) you bring into your relationships (Venus).

    • Hi Nina, my name is also Nina, I too have Sag/7th house, Venus sq Saturn, AND considering going back to school for Social Work, school social work. Lots of parallels. Had an emotionally cold upbringing, trying to navigate why I constantly call in substance abusers, unemployed, unavailable, noncommittal men into my life at 30. Thank you for your post. I learned a lot and am grateful to read your words.

    • Fern Olsen says

      Thank you for your words.. this has given me more hope, I also have Venus conjunct Saturn in the 4th house, in Pisces. I really felt what you were saying, I am 24 with two children, 5 and 1.. so I try and stay strong for them. I have suffered many difficult experiences, abandonment, homelessness, abuse, addictions, bereavement, manipulation, violence, etc. at an early age and feel now my life is starting to get on track and become more stable, Im having to constantly work on my mental health, doing different therapies, I also have been looking deep into astrology and trying meditations, I am doing CAT therapy at the moment and it has really helped. But life is still a struggle and it is so reassuring to hear someone else with the same placement has found so much peace with it and it’s really inspirational,
      thank you x

  6. I have Venus in Cancer in the 12th strong opposition with Saturn Uranus Neptune. My father was sick through out my life & had to care of him at a young age. Our relationship was very dry I never felt comfortable to express my emotional loving side because I felt criticized by him he eventually did pass away. My parents were never married. I have been really insecure with women all my life. I’m always single I can count how many relationships I’ve On one hand. Sometimes I get severely depressed with suicidal thoughts because I sometimes cant take the loneliness. I want to have a relationship & be married but I get scared that it will never happen. I’m getting older now & it scares me how this single life is flying by me.

    • Wow- Thank you for sharing Nick.. Please find anything to anchor onto to keep pushing. I am here and I heard you. ((Sending Hugs)) -Joy
      Me=Venus in Capricorn 7th Square Mars/Saturn/& Pluto in my Libra 4th* *Cancer rising.. I know those lows can be so very very low..

      • Wow Joy my chart so similar I have Venus in cap in 7th house square Saturn Pluto and mars in my 5th house in libra also a cancer ascendant and yes Nick I absolutely know how you feel

    • I’m so sorry you have felt this way. These aspects can be a challenge to deal with. Uranus is now going through Taurus, so in the next few years (or now) it could be sextiling your Venus. This is a great transit for meeting someone! I always check progressions first too – If you have anything involving Venus or the ruler of your Descendant of 5th house (I use whole sign), then that will re-enforce the prediction.

    • Hi, very nice article and comments. I can relate because I have Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in my fifth house. Venus is biquintil Saturn and square Uranus. I’ve never married and actually never lived with anybody and had to take care of my mother in a way, because she had some mental health problems. What is interesting is that I encountered Venus square Saturn aspect in my relationship. I met a man when I was around 22 years old who had his Venus square my Saturn and his Venus square my Neptun in synastry. He had some religious obligations and it seemed that it was not ment to be for us. He also studied far away from me at the time. But later he exited that religious group and married and now he lives in the same city as I. Interestingly enough I met another guy this year that has the same synastry, we work on some projects together but he is married and also he works a lot and most of the time lives in a town away from me. Now, I am wondering, what is the lesson here? Is this just a karmic situation that one has to exept? In both cases we both felt the connection. Also I was thinking just now that in a way I feel that me being alone and the other person being married is just two sides of the same coin. It looks like a different lesson but it’s actually the same for both people. Or at least there is a connection here.

      • Hi Kety, thank you for sharing your experience. It is interesting that you saw Venus square Saturn in synastry with these two men, and the reality of both situations made romance untenable despite the connection you felt (Saturn reflecting the reality in this case).

  7. Great article. I have Saturn in Scorpio in my 7th house tightly quincunx my Venus in Gemini in my 2nd house. I have been married and divorced twice. This aspect has played out by me putting my needs after my husband’s and children to the detriment of my health. My 2nd husband was narcissistic and I suspect my first one may have been. Also, my husbands’ work responsibilities as well as my own interfered with time spent together. I felt trapped in my 2nd marriage. He was very parental towards me and I felt no joy or fun with him. He did not enjoy social interactions, so we had no mutual friends to associate with. His Saturn is in Sagittarius exactly opposite my Venus, which made my own Saturn-Venus contact stronger, feeling Saturn’s weight on my fun-loving Venus. For a while, I allowed myself to be a doormat, and he enjoyed wiping his boots on me. I woke up and challenged this dynamic which only made things worse. It took a long time to extricate myself from the marriage. Now, I am freer, happier and more at peace, but I don’t know if I will ever fing happiness in love and marriage.

    • Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn quincunx Venus. It sounds like you’ve learned how to value yourself properly in overcoming the challenges of last two relationships.

  8. Hi, thank you for this blog post you wrote. Was really helpful for letting me be more aware of what I’ve been depriving myself of. I feel inhibited in the realm of showing emotions and being vulnerable with someone. I’m too strict with myself, and have been conditioned to think my emotional needs don’t deserve to be met. Thank you for shedding light on such matters.

  9. I have a Cancer Venus in the 11th house opposite Capricorn Saturn in the 5th, close to the 6th house cusp. When you mentioned that the Venus Saturn aspect can indicate a strained relationship between the parents and cause the native to grow up too soon, it really rang true with me. My parents had a very diffficult marriage throughout most of my childhood, and the word ‘divorce’ was thrown around a few times. For better or worse, they stuck it out, maybe because I was the mediator most of the time, which was really unhealthy, but made me a pretty good counselor for my patients now.

    My Venus is loosely conjunct Cancer Jupiter in the 12th house, and I’ve never had a problem with attracting short or long term friendships, and have actually been really lucky in that way, but when it comes to relationships, I really feel the effect of Saturn in my fifth. All realtionships, even the ones I told myself were casual, feel weighted with responsibilities on my part. I feel responsible for the other person, like since I accepted the relationship, I have to take care of them. Which I know is ridiculous, and the other person is not expecting that at all, but I give more than is necessary. I feel like I have to make up some lack on my part, even bough I know rationally that its just my insecurities acting up.

    Eventually it all feels like too much and I look for a method of escape. (Saturn is also conjunct Neptune.) I haven’t figured out how to handle this aspect yet, but hopefully I’ll find a partner that I can communicate with enough to work though all the misconceptions and false expectations on myself.

    Thank you for the article!

    • Hi there, thank you for sharing your experience. You mention that you had to be the mediator for your parents as a child, thus feeling responsible for them. The feeling of responsibility you feel toward your partner could be an echo of what you had to go through then.

  10. Marcella Toughie says

    My Moon, Saturn and Venus are all conjunct in Leo in the 12th house. This triple conjunction is also trine Neptune and Sextile Pluto and NN. The emotional pain is real, and can feel as though there is an invisible wall separating my vivid emotional life from the rest of the world. I am successful in business and very creative but yearn for emotional sweetness and support, which seems to always evade me in my relationships. Good humor and a light touch helps, and perhaps for those of us struggling in this way, an understanding that our thirst may not be quenched by our loved ones. We may ask too much of them due to the lack of love we recieved as children or push them away or both. Acceptance of some level of struggle here may be a way towards healing and self acceptance.

  11. hello,
    i have 28° venus in libra in 3rd house squaring my 19° saturn in capricorn in fifth house.
    in few weeks transiting saturn will squaring my natal venus for several months.
    i’m feeling worthless as usual, and even angry with myself because rationally i can see how unique, special and amazing i am, but don’t feel it in my heart and i don’t know why… i don’t think one day i’ll wake up “healed” because saturn doesn’t work like this, i’m doing a lot of work on myself but it’s very hard!
    i’m constantly behaving like i’m worthless and i’m sick of this but surprise! keep doing everything in the same way everyday.
    why am i like this

    • Hi Nora,

      The orb you shared for Venus Saturn square is quite wide at 9 degrees – I wouldn’t normally consider that. For the concerns you mentioned, most likely there are patterns in your horoscope that reflect the challenges you’ve gone through.

      As planets do not limit how you will feel for the rest of your life, you can certainly change how you feel. However, it may take some work with a coach or a therapist to change deep-seated patterns like the one you describe. As you say, Saturn here may indicate emotional work to rediscover self-acceptance.

  12. Thank you for this article. I have a taurus venus intercepted in the 12th exactly opposite retrograde scorpio saturn intercepted in the 6th. My mother was in an awful car accident before I was born, leaving her with the mind of a teenager and helplessly addicted to alcohol and quite abusive. I’m the oldest of 4 and I was always the one to care for my younger siblings. I left to go live with my father at 11 but he also struggled with addiction until he committed suicide when I was 16. This left me completely alone with absolutely no emotional support. I bounced between anywhere I could find for years until finding a tiny piece of stability in my early 30’s, when my natal Saturn returned. I can tell you that this aspect, along with my exact conjunction of moon/Pluto at 0° scorpio in the 6th as well, has made me tougher than anyone else I’ve ever met. But it’s only tough on the outside. It’s taken years and a hell of a lot of mistakes to realize how truly deep and sensitive I am and how much I have to give to someone one day. It’s imperative to know yourself and know how to love yourself. I’m still learning how to do that and I know I still have a long way to go but, I’m looking forward to it now.

    • Hi Jacq, thank you for sharing your experience with 12th house Venus opposite Saturn. You’ve had a difficult life – hope the strength you’ve acquired is serving you well now.

  13. Thank you so much for this article. My mother passed away the day before my 9th bday (Intercepted Pisces moon in 1st). My father remarried our housekeeper when I was 11. She was physically and mentally abusive. I suspect NPD. My father became completely neglectful to my brother and me. I think this is shown by my natal Saturn retrograde in the 6th house. I also have Venus squaring Saturn at 0 degrees.

    • Hello Shay, thank you for sharing your experience with retrograde Saturn square Venus – that is difficult to be sure. Experiences like this forces a child to mature too quickly, without experiencing much of the childhood. Saturn symbolism suggests that you might get a chance at giving yourself a second childhood as you grow older.

  14. Hi,

    I have a Venus-Saturn conjunct in my 4th house just 4 degrees apart. I do understand that you become mature at a young age, My parents didn’t have good marriage, they are together but very far apart in every possible way physically, emotionally. But, I’m very close to my mother and love her more than I love my father. I do have trouble in having relationships, I think I gravitate towards older men because I think they have it all figured out. But the other reason I don’t jump into relationship is because I probably love myself a lot and feel I should be with the right person whom I would love immensely and not waste my time with others.

  15. I am a 20 degrees cancer ♋️ rising, Sagittarius sun and Leo moon. I have Saturn- Venus conjunct in my 8th house. I have being have working and having my business since 10 grade and now I’m 25 and have 3 business so far! Selling food, own dance team, and hair stylist. That’s how I channeled those energies until I started dating and Pluto transit in my 7th house opposition my Ascendant I had to learn not to fight with others but channel my emotions by writing and learning to set better boundaries up with people thru all types of relationships. Writing really for me was the best thing for me with learning and understanding my emotions better. I’m able to express how I feel to my parents easily now. And now since Pluto took dance and school away 🙃😒 I had to learn more 8th house things and developed skills in tarot reading, astrology, healing, chakras, and meditating. 12th(sun)/5th(rising) house Scorpio/natal Pluto there so I have a lot past life talent in the Pluto area things.

    • Hi Cece, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct Venus! That is an impressive achievement to have 3 businesses at such a young age!! Congratulations. Saturn Venus can suggest this kind of business savvy.

  16. Hello Hiroki,
    I have a relationship with a woman 2 years now. Our last 10 months (the last 7 we live together) are full of fights for no reason most of the times. I have my natal Saturn at 5 degrees Libra and my natal Venus at 8 degrees Libra both in the 8th house. Transit Saturn (11th) square them both and with retrogation will square them again.. I can see that i don’t have much patience now and i react bad witch i didn’t before. I’m thinking very much to break up but i love her..

  17. Hi ! I have an opposition Venus Saturn . My Venus is in Capricorn 1st house and my Saturn is in Cancer 7th house . My friends always say that they can never read my expressions because I don’t show my feelings on the outside . I guess the Cancer which is mainly about emotions is influencing my Venus 1st house . I am young and I haven’t experienced relationships yet , but can my position affect my love life as I have Saturn in 7th house with a Venus opposition ? Can somebody give me an answer ?

    • Hi Alina, thank you for sharing your experience. The dual emphasis of Saturn and Capricorn related to your relationships (Venus, 7th house) suggests the importance of maturity and integrity within your relationship values.

  18. Thank you for this article, it’s really insightful. I have Venus/mars/Jupiter conjunction in the 5th house Scorpio that is opposed to Saturn in the 11th. I have lost my father as soon as I was born and I always felt like a burden to my mum and later on, in her subsequent relationship. I couldn’t wait to move away and start work. I’ve always been accused of being cold and reserved, it’s almost that I want to express my feelings but not sure how to and I’m scared of rejection enough so I don’t bother. Plus I have moon in cancer in the 1st. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with this energy, sometimes I think Saturn is keeping the excessive conjunction I have in check, but sometimes I think it’s holding me back.

    • Hi Natasha, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn Venus opposition. With the Cancer Moon in the 1st house, warm emotional sharing becomes essential for interpersonal success.

  19. hello,

    I have this conjunction almost 0 degree apart, and I have to say it is horrible. I always tried to be optimistic, but I have to admit the conjunction drained me, I had like 5 relationships that ended in huge pain, and now I don’t even want to date anymore. Too much pain in my love affairs, that now I don’t even want to hear about love anymore. Planets don’t help us find meaning in life and learn and get wiser..they just fuck up our mind and leave us in pain. There is nothing noble in that. :D

    • Hi Mara, part of the reason for the pain is you see the planetary placement as some kind of terrible fate imposed upon you. This causes unnecessary pain (on top of the real pain you have from the relationships).

      Your horoscope is a reflection of your experience, but it’s not the cause of your problem (there are plenty of people with long term committed relationships with Saturn Venus aspect). Once you’re able to face the real life issues surrounding the painful relationship patterns, there will be real life solutions that you can choose to explore.

  20. Thank you for the article. I recognize much of what you said and I also resonate with the last contributor to the comments. I have Saturn in 4th house at 1 degree libra squaring Venus very near 7th hse cusp. Saturn also squares first hse Uranus. I remember as a child, believing that it was best to stay ‘out of the way’ as much as possible. I was the 5th child in a family of 11 children. I was suddenly ( with only a couple of weeks warning) sent off to boarding school at age 12 and so from then on never felt I had a ‘normal’ relationship with my parents or siblings. I have experienced the heartache that lasted years after a disappointment in love and can totally relate to the feelings of not being worthy of romantic love. Though this sounds very negative I want to add that what I have learned over the years and with a lot of help through meditation is that the only relationship that really matters is the one you have with yourself. Once I learned to truly love and find self worth I could accept and appreciate life as it presents itself to me. Thank you again for the article.

    • Hi Mary, thank you for sharing your experience and insights – well said! Another way to view this aspect is “The love and trust that you build slowly over time will endure.”

  21. Solarlunarmaven says

    I have Venus in Gemini square Saturn in Virgo. Venus also opposes Neptune, forming a Tsquare with Saturn as the apex. Venus square Saturn ppl take much longer to recover from heartache and take longer to forgive themselves for compromising values surrounding love and finances. We just can’t compromise or engage in shady behaviors in the love/money realm. Saturn ensures a consequence. We get no breaks or free lunches when it comes to this. So no compromising essentially means one must maintain patience for the long haul. Things materialize but at a much different pace and ONLY after diligent adherence to one’s own personal values. Any wavering from that creates a Saturnian response that takes years to recover from. That’s the biggest challenge of he Venus/Saturn square in my opinion. One is left to find self-worth and patience while being forced to deal with long periods of not having what they want.
    I hope this helps somebody. It’s not an easy aspect but the award does eventually come…after A LOT of work. Sigh.
    I didn’t comment on the effects of having that aspect in a tsquare with Neptune. There’s not enough space to delineate such a concoction. Lol.
    Light and Love!

    • Hi there, thank you for sharing your experience!

      • Hi there…I met a guy with exactly the same natal configuration as yours. Our first few weeks of courtship were exceptionally magical just to get a big suprise from him saying he felt our relationship could not work out. It came as a super shock to me because everything was super great between us…Am a cancer sun, taurus moon and Leo Venus while he was Taurus Sun, Capri Moon, Gemin Venus and T-sq of Saturn to Venus and Nept…I totally feel he reppeled purposely shutting me off..its sad

  22. I’m curious how the emotions discussed may differ if it were Moon aspecting Saturn. The article makes me think there is a lot of crossover with how the Moon might respond..With Venus, would the aspect focus more strictly be on relationships and/or perhaps to art, money, or Venusian governance?

    • Hi Kelly, good thoughts! As Moon and Venus both have to do with our emotional life, there are certain similarities for sure if they are aspected by Saturn. Saturn-Venus do seem to excel in business arena, so that’s one of the distinctions.

  23. I have saturn conjunct venus in Libra in 12th house and north node in taurus in seventh house. Going through venus time period since 1997.
    The time period has been quite stressful, fear of rejection, isolation and some sort of fear patterns are there in dealing with other people or coming out in public. Venus in 12th house and that too with saturn have put a lot of karmic patterns. Still struggling and dont know when will it end and I be in peace with myself.

    • Hi there, Venus in 12th house can be difficult if you cannot accept your feelings to yourself. There may be deep emotions about yourself that affect you in relationships, and becoming aware of and accepting them might free up the energy.

  24. Nilesh Tamane says

    I have Venus Saturn in square where Saturn aspects Venus in 10 th sight …all above mentioned points in articles are very true and they match situation I underwent … Thanks

  25. I have saturn and venus 0 degrees of each other in Capricorn. I’m also a pluto/scorpio rising, so I feel like i’m constantly being watched and seen as ugly. Not necessarily unattractive (although sometimes), but seen often as a villain, someone with “dark energy” that puts some people off or something like that. I’m also a very small south asian woman. I feel very sensitive to what people see me as. I’m also resentful of it. I’m 29 now, so I’m in the middle of my saturn returns.

    I was the only child growing up. I have always been very small for my age, and my parents seemed to want to instill in me that my size meant that i was limited in what I could do and how I moved about in the world. I’ve rejected that assumption, but I’ve also put myself in some potentially dangerous/traumatizing situations in order to reject that assumption about myself (backpacking through india alone is one example). I don’t regret those things, it just seems like I have been drawn to certain lessons in order to overcome feelings of insufficiency throughout my life.

    My parents divorced when I was 10. Before that they were constantly fighting. My dad tried to smother me once. I try to forget about that now because he is the only supportive person in my family. I don’t get along with my mother because after she got divorced, she got deeper into fundamentalist christianity. She was convinced I was “possessed by the devil” which was why I was “stunted” in her opinion. This of course drove a wedge through any ability to relate to her. I struggle to talk to her now that I have been on my own since 19 or so. Socially, people were cruel to me all throughout school and the only friends who didn’t painfully betray me were my teachers.

    Socially though the trajectory you speak of seems to be true. I feel myself becoming more attractive, as darkness has a type of nuance that people seem to digest better when an older person shows it rather than a younger person. I am still often watched and socially looked down on, but I think that sort of experience has given me an ability to recognize and name oppression in general. I think I have a tendency to analyze my feelings through a socio-political lense, though I’m not sure if I can blame my scorpio moon/aqua sun for that or my repressed feelings about my own saturn/venus for that, though I’m sure it’s a combination of both. I recently dated someone I knew in high school and they were very shocked at not only how I’ve “come out of my shell” since then, but also the depth of character I have when they got to know me. I have gotten that a lot throughout my life– people telling me once they get to know me that they had a totally different opinion of me before we knew each other. In one sense it’s a relief but in another it hurts to know I’m still perceived in some way. I often feel trapped by my body and the limitations society imposes on me through their expectations.

    For all the ways I have made progress, I still have a ways to go. I’ve been feeling especially, actually upon moving out of my house, a regret for not allowing myself to express my feelings. All my friends have been artists and musicians, and I’m always at the sidelines admiring what they’ve created and also sometimes bitter about the fact that I have all this pain locked up inside me and I feel like there is no way to express myself. Growing up I would draw and paint but my parents and school experiences discouraged me. I was convinced I wasn’t good enough and would never be good enough and that everything i did was a waste of paint, so I stopped. Now knowing people though, it seems more apparent that everyone has moments of frustration and it’s important to work through those feelings in order to do better. I am bitter still that this has taken me so many years to learn– I feel like I am so behind on the ability to express myself. And when I’m in a bad place I start feeling really resentful that everyone around me, for all their mental illnesses and struggles, are still able to create things. I feel like I was discouraged from that at such an early age, that the impulse to be creative for me is tied to a lot of feelings of guilt and unworthiness. I’m really trying to work through it and I’m convinced that when I do I will create something beautiful.

    • Hi Amy, thank you for sharing your experience with Venus conjunct Saturn. Because of the close conjunction, this Saturn return gives you an opportunity to review and work through the things you mentioned here – and hopefully this period marks a beginning of a different, more empowering kind of expression for the same aspect.

  26. Hi! I loved this article very much.
    I have a stellium in my natal 4th (Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Leo) so they all oppose my natal Saturn Rx in my 10th… Hard.
    I was 5 years old when my father left me and my mother (actually she wanted him to leave). His last words were something like “Be strong and don’t cry.” That’s all I can remember.
    So my mother became my “father” and we lived together with my grandmother who’s got divorced twice in her life, so we were like the “masculine girls club” back then.
    Later on my mother found a new partner and I completely rejected him as a father figure – I hated him. As I grew older, I started to act like a boy – I did all the housework from the lightbulbs to hammering – and I still love to do this things more than cooking or cleaning. And I never accepted any man around the house anymore. It’s never seemed fair somehow.
    I started acting when I was 6, and later I was able to make a bigger amount of money from one of my projects, so this one checked too.
    These days I feel like I “successfully” overpowered my mother, I became far more dominant than her and I always suppress everything that could make me seen weak. I see myself as a warrior, who has to be strong in order to survive and conquer, but on the inside… We all know that. We all want and need a shoulder to cry on.
    On the top of it: all three planets mentioned in the stellium are square Pluto Rx in Scorpio. Ew.

    • Hi Tina, thank you for sharing your experience. Your story is richly layered with multiple expressions of Saturn Venus aspect, and it seems even stronger for involving the parental (4-10) axis. Much appreciated!

  27. Hello everyone. Thank you for insightfull article. I have saturn standing between my mars and venus in aquarius in 3rd house. I remember my childhood by the constant arguing of my parents,mainly because of money,and stories like “We are going to starve” even if my parents, when I see that now, had pretty high incomes. But my father is extremely selfish person, he just didn’t wanted to spend money on us and he always used to say to my mother: “Take care of YOUR children, I don’t care.” That filled me with deep fears which left me doing things in life which I don’t want but they didn’t costed my family a penny. Doing things from fear of not having money killed my mainly artistic inclination (Sun and mercury in pisces) but it reached a climax point now. I said to myself, I would like to die from starvation but die doing things that I want to do,because doing the opposite is being dead alive. Ruler of mars,saturn and venus, and moon which is only with venus in conjunction is in 2nd house because of that starvation is the topic. Having Saturn around is hard because you unnececary fuel yourself with thought that everything is extremely hard and that world will not treat you good,and then you see people whi don’t have that kind of aspect,enjoying La dolce vita and thinking that life is beautiful and world is the best place to be. Perception makes your life by choosing the harder way because you don’t even believe that there is easier.

    • Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct Venus in the 3rd house. With the 3rd house symbolism, your comment about perception and choosing the harder way because you don’t believe there is an either way makes a lot of sense.

  28. *just turned 4 years

  29. Hi there,
    I read this after researching my daughter’s birth chart who’s just turned & has this aspect. I’m alittle worried as a parent that I’m doomed to fail (!!), or if there’s anything I can do to help my daughter with this aspect for her emotional wellbeing in the future? I’m thinking this may relate to the fact her father & I are not together & I have battled with him to do the ‘right thing’ as a father, he is inconsistant in her life & a person who doesn’t easily express emotion. Any ideas? Thank you :)

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for commenting. I think you partly answer your own question – your daughter’s Saturn Venus aspect reflects the situation with her father and not you (Saturn aspect often reflects the father relationship.) A good way to support her would be to nurture positive Saturnian qualities like integrity and responsibility within her, by modeling them through your own behavior and actions. In adult life this aspect can turn into work and business competence.

  30. Good article. I have Venus conjunct Saturn in aquarius in the eighth house square Neptune which is conjunct my moon in 5 th house is scorpio. My mother had twins when I was 11 which she gave me one to take care of I feel like my sister is my daughter. My mom married my step dad when I was 9 and he implemented a strict militant skill of house cleaning and corporal punishment….My childhood was very serious. I have worked as an art teacher and have struggled with my own creativity I think it has something to do with the square in my 5 the house. My relationships seem to be with men that are emotionally unavailable and controlling which I also recognize in myself.

  31. Hi,

    I have both Venus Saturn and Moon Saturn ( Moon loosely conjunct Saturn in Cappy and Saturn opposite Venus in Cancer) the only easy aspect to my venus being a trine to pluto.

    I followed the advice on both posts and it really helped a lot. In fact I d go as far as saying that it works! Thank you !

    Having a Cancer Venus is an advantage in my case but I d encourage anyone struggling with these aspects to try.

    Love and luck to you all.

  32. Thank you for your kind answer.

  33. I have VE 0º58′ Gemini and midpoint SA/PL 18º18′ Cancer. It is 2º20′ apl orb should I consider this valid midpoint configuration ? Thank you

  34. I have Venus conjunct Saturn (same degree) 3rd house in Scorpio, squaring moon (end of 5th house) in Aquarius. Speaking of not being able to tolerate emotional displays are a definite in my world. My motto is fear is your worst enemy. I am just not good with people displaying all their emotional fears or thinking their life is in ruins because they can only feel and see a limited view of reality. My parents were terrible between each other, but my father spent much time with me and I have very fond memories of him. Where I stand is that I have been married 3 times and single most of my life. I like men, I just can’t love the ones I can get along with. I also don’t feel good about myself without money and unfortunately have Neptune in my 2nd house of Libra squaring 11th house Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Cancer, with Jupiter/Uranus opposite 6th house Mars in Aquarius so money slips through my fingers no matter how much I make. The Venus conjunct Saturn is a hard aspect to overcome. So is the Neptune in the 2nd house Libra. Your article hit it accurately. Thank you.

    • I made a mistake in stating that my 11th house Jupiter/Uranus was opposite my 6th house Mars in Aquarius. They are inconjunct.

  35. i have saturn in gemini in 11th house. squaring my venus in virgo 2nd house.
    i am not a “madly falling in love person” im very practical and love my children and granchildren very very much. my husband loves me and chased my until i gave in and got married. i have never regretted it. I do love him in my practical way, im not a cold person quite emotional. i had a very happy childhood and my dad was my hero.

    • Hi Maria, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience with Saturn square Venus. Glad to hear some positive example of this challenging aspect to balance our perspective.

  36. A very interesting read and I also enjoyed the comments. I have Venus rising in Gemini squaring off with Saturn in the fourth house in Virgo. My mother is the woman who held our entire household together when my father had an accident and couldn’t work for a year. Without complaining she took care of two kids, a dog, the household, my dad and going from part-time working to fulltime working, That way she tought me about responsibility and steadfastness.

    On the other hand, I experienced that she was tough on me. Whilst my brother got to Ferris Bueller his way through life, I wasn’t. She discouraged me to rely on looks and wit. Funny repartee was not appreciated as a girl. Any form of the feminine (Venus), like make-up or long hair was critisised and shut down. Also anything that resembled freely expressing warm emotions was brushed away into tough behaviour. With Venus squaring Saturn in 4th and opposite Neptune in 7th I don’t put much value in the exterior of others which helps me spot liars and charlatans immediatly. It also makes me able to sit through rough times.

    Now, at 35, I find that I have isolated and blocked myself the way my mother did with me. With Jupiter passing through Virgo in 4th I’m trying to express and clap for parts of myself that I have always denied.

  37. Thanks so much for your article. I can relate to all of the comments. I just really wish I knew how to settle this “karma” – in a sense. I hate feeling alone all of the time. I have venus in 8th house in virgo squaring saturn in sag in 11th. I just feel like if I knew how to fix this I would. There are so many definitions of what this aspect may mean that I am unsure where to start. I’m 29 years of age. Never been in a committed relationship…probably never will. I feel like I’m going to be that woman who is super successful and single. I feel so hopeless. I know all things are possible, and I do believe this but right now I’m feeling very discouraged. I hope these feelings resonating with another woman somewhere. Just know you’re not alone and we can make a change…there may be a delay in a romantic relationship but I guess anything is possible.

  38. I have saturn conjunct venus in 11th house. And I have got many rejections from opposite gender. I feel masculine and don’t feel girly and even if I try to look girly and attract guys there is something missing and they look at me and then turn away as if they are rejecting me. And so I keep on going deeper into the trap where I am forced to think I am unwanted not to forget I have capricorn ascendant, I was an unwanted child and mother went to doctor for abortion but since he told her that if she get first child removed it can create complications in future conceptiins. But I always felt broken, weird and out of tge crowed. Never had true friends till school. Love a guy since 13 years he also has saturn conjunct venus in 4th house. He is the love of my life but doesn’t reciprocate but I always felt that he did care but did nit show. He is my soulmare I feel. I have decided not to marry because the feelings that I have for him can never comr up for another and I am waiting for some other birthtime where he and I will reunitr for keeps.

    • And yes, even I never allowed Any male to touch me or come closer(p.s – even my own dad ) to hug me ) physical expression of love from anyone made me feel uncomfortable and melodramatic and I fear of losing my control over my emotions and that I may become emotional and start crying and letting other person know that I love and care so much because I always show that I am practical and not sentimental.
      I got guys interested in me esp Capricorns but the ones who liked me I never liked them and I am crazzzy about Scorpios, they respect me but don’t love me the way I want them to. I need deep passionate connection that only a scorpio can offer (p.s- the guy who I believe is my soulmate is Scorpio and I am also scorpio ). Our birthdays are 6 days apart so many plantery positions in signs are same. I am moon aries and he is moon gemini. He ascendanr leo and me capricorn.

  39. Lauralaurana says

    I don´t have saturn-venus, but moon opposite saturn. I could see a reflection of my feelings in this article anyway. I could even say it works similar, but maybe moon can feel it deeper than venus? I don´t know. Just know that since I was a little child, I was forced to supress my childish or inmature emotions and actitudes, my parents were very strict and was also forced to think and act like an adult in my teen years. Saturn always give us hard lessons to learn. Great article, thanks for posting it.

  40. I love what u wrote their…I have venus in Aquarius at 19 degrees square saturn rx in Scorpio at 16 degree…but I also have sun 15 degrees conjunct mercury 13 degrees in Pisces and trine my saturn rx along with the moon in Aries 23 degrees sextile venus….any suggestions how would other aspects…would help me…???

    • Hi aish,

      One way to think about it is to see supportive female figures coming to your assistance (the Moon sextile to Venus). Of course it doesn’t negate the tension of Venus square Saturn (most likely a father wound), but perhaps this suggests a friendly female influence that can serve to provide good information or at least friendly acceptance that can lift you up.

  41. hi Thanks for this post I have saturn square my natal venus , my mother struggled to show emotion and my father was a real authority figure. I was bought up with good values however empathy did not feature in my childhood and displays of childish emotion were frowned upon. I was not overely cuddly in my relationships and was mystified at other girls who cried alot tears are something I had is ok to show. My husband has helped me to break down alot of my walls and to role model showing my vulnerabilities. I am very sensitive and dont feel I have to hide this anymore. I like my square energy as I have had to work through my default settings in not feeling worthy or allowing myself to be silly, becoming a mother also helped I cuddled and loved when my children display ther affection towards me . Vulnerability is ok now it shows I am real I connected to animals as a child and still do music and dance also connected me to emotions their are always other outlets for any deficit in any ones chart the key is awareness and locking our own potential for growth.

    • Hello Julie,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience of Venus square Saturn. I appreciated reading how this aspect’s expressions have evolved for you over time in positive ways.

  42. Hi,
    I enjoyed your article. I have Venus conjunct Saturn (3deg orb) in Aqu. Conjunct IC & sq 12th house Neptune (2 deg orb).
    Your observations about early responsibility & harsh early environment are certainly true in my case. I am the eldest child (Saturn) & a daughter (Venus). I not only had early domestic & child care duties, but I was also looked on as the strength & rescuer (Neptune) of the family due to a violent, alcoholic (Neptune) father & victimised, mentally ill, (Neptune) rejecting mother. I also had to keep some shocking secrets. (I have Moon 12th hse conjunct Asc sq Uranus & Pluto. Pluto opp Merc 4th house also). I can definitely say I am one tough survivor! Although have always had a deep inner loneliness.
    But on the positive side (Sag Moon & Asc) I have aged better than my peers(Venus beauty- Saturn time), have made life moves to have a secure old age(Venus finances -Saturn maturity & old), I renovated my homes for profit (Venus decorating taste,money-Saturn buildings,work-IC home). I now live in the most beautiful, scenic location (Venus beauty-Saturn hard work reward,land-IC home soil, homeland) near the ocean (Neptune). I’m now caring part time for my aged parents whom I now receive love from that I missed out on when young (Venus love-Saturn patience, aged-Neptune charitable, sacrifice, healing).
    Relationships were unsuccessful for me although Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 5th hse gave me plenty of opportunities & wonderful children. Unfortunately my relationships all involved issues of addiction, violence, secrets, mental health issues, financial struggles & lots of work & sacrifice to maintain a loving & stable home life. I choose to live out the rest of my life as a single woman, living alone. Romance yes, sharing my home no. Venus conjunct Saturn gives ability to structure beauty, form a balance & build appealing patterns & rhythms. For me this translated into a knack for interior design, fashion, writing esp poetry, dance/music & photography. All of which I can now indulge (Venus) in my older age (Saturn) : )

  43. I have this too… my saturn is in scorpio and venus in leo. and all my life since i was a kid i noticed that boys like me but the thing is its usually not the ones i like too. so thats a bit frustrating. my family thinks im too picky and sometimes i feel like im unrealistic. but i hate that word-realism. its so limiting. there were only a couple of times i got something going with guys that i liked as well but with the first one i was so scared and insecure that i drowe it to the ground pretty quickly. the guy was really nice but i took it too seriously and was terrified the whole time. i even developed a tick during that time we were seeing each other lol and had trouble taking a deep breath…pretty weird. and the second one just fell apart. the guy ended it. he came back later but by that time i lost interest and realized we dont really make a good couple. still no one in sight but i guess im going throug my saturn return still so maybe something good will start happening after that.

  44. Elizabeth says

    Hello, I have natal saturn in libra rx opposing my natal sun, mars, and venus. I had to grow up very quickly by assuming house work and taking care of my siblings at age 9. My mother began to ask me for emotional advice at age 4 and my father was never really around. Currently saturn made a transit of opposing these same planets along with mercury for a few years as a double whammy (saturn in 7th house opposing these key planets on the 1ST) During the transit I was reminded again of my choice to take care of mentally ill people, being around people who aren’t reliable, and make me the one to fend for the household. My need for equality in partnerships (moon and saturn in libra) led me to put a hold on “being an adult” which led to my financial downfall. I thought that if I did a boycott on these people they would awaken to take charge of their end of the bargain. Well it didn’t work and now I have to rebuild my structure on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. I am exhausted but from all of this I know now that people change on their time, some may never change, and we aren’t responsible for unreliable people (sometimes the ill belong in the care of professionals). In addition, the way I feel about my life and myself should not rely on how people treat me or what they want for me. How can someone who is ill want the best for you if they don’t even believe they can attain it themselves? Love is all but also one must use good judgment and adjust accordingly. Just my two cents. What do you think?

    • Hello Elizabeth,

      Thank you for your comment. Your experience of retrograde Saturn opposing Venus with Sun and Mars is a vivid corroboration of the Saturn-Venus theme. It seems you’ve gained helpful insights along the way about love that is mature and strong. Thank you for sharing.

  45. This was spot on for me. Scorpio is the ruler of my 4th house. I have Venus in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th house of home ( I also have Pluto in Scorpio in my 4th house) . My mother admitted to me the other day that she felt like her and my Dad had a very straining relationship and she was always trying so hard to keep him around. She said she felt like she didn’t have much left to give us kids. I have vivid memories of playing by myself and with my best friend next door, but I have no memories of my parents playing with me. It’s so sad. Yet, I have a good relationship with them ( Sun conjunct Moon in Virgo) and I am honest with my feelings. However, I almost cringe when Im touched. It’s not because I don’t like it, I do, but it feels unnatural – like I don’t deserve it. I’m also scared to show affection to others. That too feels unnatural. Anyways, my comment is so depressing but thank you for your article and insight.

    • Hello Kaleigh,

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you sharing your experience with 4th house Saturn square Venus, very much linked to the early home atmosphere.

    • lol its not depressing. its good to know others go through the same stuff. i never really realized it, but what u wrote how you cringe when ur touched, how it feels unnatural…it made me think of my experience with a guy i liked. i was stiff as nails the whole time. couldnt let go. and at one point he said something like that…that i dont like to be touched. which was not true offcourse but i just couldnt relax.

  46. great article, i have venus saturn conjunction in pisces, 8 degrees apart and I only can add that it put me on a path of graphic design and tattoo design and I have very strong opinions about what to put where and make it as simple as possible yet stylish… I couldn’t be an expressionist because I can’t really make illogical art, based on emotions… it has to look good and professional… my brother has venus saturn conjunction basically 1 degree apart, and he paints cars… so yes, I think this makes a person work in beauty industry or design and makes a person strict and sober about art… which works for us just fine

  47. Great article, once again. I also, have Saturn Opposite Venus. and Saturn Rx. However, I don’t think it’s as dreary as you painted it to be.
    Yeah, one parent wasn’t around in my life. No emotional connection. I had to take on other people’s baggage.
    But, to be quite frank. I like a little struggle in life, makes you a lot more stronger in this mundane world.
    If everything was too easy; you’ll have nothing to look forward too, nothing too work for. Your every whim would be granted.

    I think the oppositions & squares are blessings in disguise. Some of the most talented people in the world, has this aspect. I’ll admit, I’m pretty tough. And, that’s because I know this world is not about making friends, it’s about surviving. I’m a realist.
    What am trying to say is that. Why do most astrologist automatically say that opposition, square and in some cases conjunction, are negative aspects?

    You still didn’t ask my last question ;)
    Your Most Annoying Critic… lol jk
    Nailah D’arcy

  48. Thank you for writing this article and shining some light on these aspects with Saturn. This particular article struck a cord in me. I have Saturn RX in Aquarius in the 8th house (Koch) or in the 9th house (Placidus). I’m not sure as what the intepretation would be for either one of those houses since it’s difficult to find good intrepretations for retrograde planets. My Saturn RX squares my Venus in Taurus in the 11th house (and also my Mercury since they sit on top of each other) and trines my Sun in Gemini in the 12th house. Even though both of my parents were in the picture throughout my childhood and adulthood, they were both emotionally unavailable to me and I never felt bonded to either one of them. Oddly enough, I’m not very bonded to any of my siblings either.

    As in the case of others, I too, was thrust into having to grow up faster and mature before my time as I was given the responsibility of looking after a toddler niece by the age of nine. I left home as soon as I was able and I have found subsequently, my romantic relationships also put me in the position of having to be the “adult” in the relationship with partners who had little real consideration of my feelings and no thought of being nurturing towards me. Currently, I have decided to forego romantic relationships in lieu of working on myself and my needs and trying to develope my spirituality. Is there any advice you could give me that would tell me how I could use my Saturn RX trine my 12th house Sun to accomplish this? Somehow I feel there is some heavy duty karmic work to be done.

    • You seem to have good self awareness about these patterns. Working on yourself really is key in releasing entrenched thought patterns. Meditation might enter the picture as well. Nothing fast or easy, as I’m sure you understand, but slow transformation is possible and does happen as long as you keep working.

    • I have this aspect as well and just recently found that I am codependent. I have joined a step class (instead of having a sponsor) and attend 12 step meetings. The recovery addresses exactly these issues and interestingly, the research describes that this situation is one of the many ways a person becomes codependent. My recovery is only a year old, but the positive changes that have come so quickly in my life after such long hardship are not nothing short of a miracle.

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