Saturn Synastry in Relationships: Gifts and Challenges

saturn synastry aspects

Saturn in Synastry: Let’s Get Rid of Misconceptions

After hearing so many astrologers talk negatively about Saturn, you may feel discouraged upon seeing Saturn in a synastry contact with your partner.  The fact is you don’t see many long lasting relationships without a significant Saturn synastry aspect.

Saturn’s role is to create stability in your relationships through commitment.  This applies to your relationships as well.  Without Saturn’s involvement, you will most likely switch partners as soon as you encounter even a tiny bit of discomfort.

Saturn Synastry Aspect: Understanding Its Challenges and Gifts

Now that you’re becoming aware of Saturn’s importance in creating lasting relationships, let’s talk about the challenges and opportunities it represents in synastry aspects (here we’re mostly concerned with “hard” aspects such as conjunction, square or opposition, but it’s OK to include other aspects as well.)

saturn sun synastry

Saturn Sun synastry aspect: “An Important Bond”

A synastry aspect between Saturn and Sun is a vital contact for both parties.  The Saturn person’s commitment may add a much needed structure and safety to the Sun person’s life, while the Sun person may provide warmth and energy to the Saturn person’s stern exterior.  The danger exists if the Saturn person’s gloom and negativity proves too strong for the Sun person to break through.

saturn square sun synastry

A celebrity example of Sun Saturn Synastry include the British royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  His Saturn squares her Sun.

saturn moon synastry

Saturn Moon synastry aspect: “Weighty Emotions”

In contrast to the previous synastry combination, Moon can be more vulnerable to Saturn’s restrictive pressure – but it greatly depends on the Moon’s sign.  A Capricorn Moon will be able to shrug the pressure off, whereas a Moon in Sagittarius may have more of a difficulty giving up the freedom.  All the same, this combination could be as significant as that of the Saturn-Sun contact, especially if the Saturn person is mature enough to be able to protect the sensitivity of the Moon person.

saturn square moon synastry

Prince William and Kate Middleton have Saturn Moon synastry contact. His Saturn squares her Moon and her Sun.

For both royal couples, having Saturn synastry aspect makes sense. Their marriages come with acceptance of their roles and responsibilities.

saturn mercury synastry

Saturn Mercury synastry contact: “Leading to Wisdom”

Synastry between Saturn and Mercury can be excellent for a business or a mentor-student relationship.  Saturn person’s wisdom or maturity can shape the Mercury person’s thought process.  Or the process could reverse itself and the Mercury person’s knowledge could add to the Saturn person’s maturity – a role reversal like that tends to depend on which one is the older of the two.

A famous Saturn Mercury synastry example: Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.  Jung’s Saturn squares Freud’s Mercury.  Freud mentored Jung until the younger psychologist developed his own theories.

saturn venus synastry

Saturn Venus synastry contact: “Maturity Adds Grace”

Like the Saturn Moon aspect, Saturn Venus synastry may depend on the Venus’ sign placement.  Venus in an Earth sign deals better with the responsibility and commitment demanded by Saturn.  If both parties are mature enough, the Venus person could add the necessary social grace to the Saturn person’s life.

A celebrity Saturn Venus Synastry example: Prince Harry’s Saturn trines Meghan Markle’s Venus.

saturn mars synastry

Saturn Mars synastry contact: “Controlled Energy”

Saturn Mars synastry contact can breed a lot of resentment if the Mars person isn’t able to tolerate restrictions well.  In a close relationship, it helps if you can work together at doing something productive.  Noel Tyl said the key to handling Saturn Mars aspect is in realizing that energy (Mars) needs control (Saturn) in order to be channeled effectively – this seems to apply just as well in relationships. As you may imagine, this contact is easier to handle in a business relationship.

saturn jupiter synastry

Saturn Jupiter synastry contact: “Purpose and Progress”

Saturn Jupiter synastry can suggest a highly productive relationship, as Saturn and Jupiter “get” one another and respect each other’s necessary functions (stability and expansion.)  As long as your long term goals are aligned, you will most likely experience great teamwork in the areas affected by this contact.

saturn saturn synastry

Saturn Saturn synastry contact: “Testing Your Own Complex”

You will have this synastry contact if you were born within a few months of each other (or, of course, if your ages are about 7 years apart, 14 years apart, etc.)  The key point is that you will strengthen each other’s natal Saturn complex – perhaps you might even represent the Saturn figure in the other person’s life (father, mentor, boss, etc.)  This then becomes a test or a learning experience to see how well you’re handling the lessons implied in your natal chart.

saturn uranus synastry

Saturn Uranus synastry contact: “Old vs New”

In Saturn Uranus synastry, the Uranus person might present the Saturn person with a shocking new idea or direction.  Such new idea may be hard to accept, or it could be ultimately liberating.  Generalization is difficult, as both planets move slowly enough to become a generational interaspect.

saturn neptune synastry

Saturn Neptune synastry contact: “Special Influence”

Synastry between Neptune and Saturn could represent a spiritual or an aesthetic influence from the Neptune person, as long as the Saturn person is receptive to it.  In an extreme scenario, Neptune may represent something more sinister like deception or influence of alcohol, drugs, etc, but again it’s not possible to generalize these slow moving interaspects.  The Saturn person’s role may be to represent the sober but necessary truth, while the Neptune person’s role may be to open the Saturn person’s eyes to a more joyful world.

saturn pluto synastry

Saturn Pluto synastry contact: “Powerful Duo”

Saturn Pluto synastry aspect can be heavy and serious, and carries with it an awareness of status or power.  What is the underlying motivation behind this relationship?  Is the overall tone of relationship productive or destructive?  The right combination of people could accomplish so much here.

A Famous Saturn Pluto Synastry Example: Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Jobs’ Saturn square Wozniak’s Pluto).

saturn ascendant synastry

Saturn Ascendant synastry contact: “The Mentor”

Since Ascendant is a point and not a planet, possibly the Saturn person could wield more influence over the formation of the Ascendant person’s identity.  This may be a classic teacher-student combination.  At the same time, if the age gap is reversed (i.e. Saturn person being younger than the Ascendant person), the Ascendant person’s persona could influence the maturation of the Saturn person.

saturn mc synastry

Saturn Midheaven synastry contact: “Career Impact”

Saturn MC synastry can be a highly influential relationship.  The Saturn person can affect the Midheaven (MC) person as an authority figure, and could shape the future professional direction of the MC person.  Here again if the Midheaven person is much older than the Saturn person, the role could be reversed and the MC person’s social status can aid the Saturn person’s professional development.

Summary: Saturn Synastry Aspect Builds Long Term Relationships

We need the pressure of responsibility Saturn represents to grow and accomplish things, and this includes the pressure of committed relationships (here we include a broad range of important relationships: marriage, teacher-student, even a relationship to a group or a cause. )

The existence of a challenging Saturn synastry aspect does not doom your relationship – it simply makes it more real and meaningful, the longer you keep learning from it.

Do you and your partner have Saturn synastry aspect? How do you experience its strengths and challenges?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section below.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. How about saturn inconjunct pluto in synastry? If inconjunct is about the two planets/persons not getting each other, how would that be “stability in your relationships through commitment” ?

    • Hi Apo, the inconjunct aspect suggests the need for adjustment, because the orientations of the two planets would be foreign to each other. As Saturn and Pluto are not personal planets, the effect here might not be as obvious as the ones involving the faster planets. My guess is there are more important interaspects at play that deserve more attention.

      • Thank you for the reply! I agree with your observation about other interaspects.

        I loved your using the word “foreign” for the inconjunct aspect. It is quite broad! If oppositions lead to open conflict and squares in clashes, would the inconjunct aspect be about differences that stunt us and we find hard to understand? Maybe like “How can the French eat frogs, what is wrong with those people”.

        Or is it about less noticeable differences … perhaps something to work on, even if it does not manifests itself as an issue?

  2. Synastry Saturn conjunct South Node, who is the one who has to learn from the other or the one who is in debt to the other… I´m confused about this ´cause in some places says is the SN the one who mistreated the Saturn, but in other pages say is the Saturn who ows the SN…

    • Hello Lou, no one really knows the full complexity of karmic give and take – the “debt” can be mutual, and not just one-sided. South Node interaspects suggest past life associations. Saturn indicates the issues around responsibility and control. Just as in natal analysis, the manifestation of Saturn can vary a great deal with each person and relationship.

  3. Dear Hiroki,
    Yours was a rare and mature article on Saturn’s role. A beloved teacher has both his Mars and Saturn in my 9th house. I experience this as a helpful combination, since the two together maintain a balance between innovation and sensibility. Are there any other patterns you’ve come across with this placement that I should be aware of?
    Granted, these aren’t the only beneficial aspects here, e. g. his Jupiter is in my 1st house, his moon in my 10th.
    Thank you again,

  4. Karen Harris says

    My Sun is conjunct my kid’s Saturn (in Virgo in his 12th) and my relationship with him feels like a huge weight that exhausts me. He dampens my sunshine and I find I must spend a lot of time outside my house to replenish my shine (I have a Leo MC…lol). I will continue to try to see the positives in this contact…I know for sure that here and I have a super transcendental soul contract… he has been a teacher to me in one sense (well maybe that’s the positive, since Saturn is a teacher). I have had to learn self-love because of his ability to hear my negative self-talk which broke his heart all the time.

    If you have any advice on how to not feel like I have a boulder trapping me in life, I’d appreciate it. New perspectives (jupiter) or ways of imaging (neptune) energies is usually enough to transmute my being (they trine and square my Sun respectively).

    I do enjoy your writing :)

  5. Thank you, Hiroki for an insightful article. If the only Saturn aspect in synastry is a square to north node, would this aspect be enough of an indicator of a stable/solid relationship. There are plenty of Venus/mars/sun/moon/mercury Aspects but only this one involving Saturn. Many thanks.

  6. Hey Hiroki, interesting article. I was just wondering how too many saturn aspects in synastry would play out. The feeling of being so connected and at home with each other is so strong when we are physically together but we go days without talking to each other. We started of as friends for almost a year but now we are dating. There’s a lot of attraction from the beginning but it took a long time to get together. We spend hours just talking about various subjects and we constantly have these physical display of effection even in public, which really surprises me because i am an extremely private person and so is he but we just can’t seem to help it. We have so many things in common, it’s crazy. He has sun conj saturn natally.
    My His
    Moon opp Saturn
    Saturn conj moon (wide orb)
    Moon opp sun
    Saturn conj venus (wide orb)
    Venus trine saturn
    Mercury square saturn
    Saturn square neptune
    Pluto square saturn
    Saturn trine mars
    Is this too much saturn to handle?

    • Hi there, Saturn can reflect the stability and trust you feel. Enjoy the gift of the relationship!

      • Thanks for the reply. We have moon square Uranus and moon trine uranus. I have heard some awful stuff about this aspect of on off relationship.. will all the saturn contacts in our help in cementing the bond and counteract Uranus effect of inconsistency?

  7. If the only Saturn contact in synastry is a Sun/Saturn inconjunct/quincunx and a Mercury/Saturn Square would this be considered a binding influence, or do you need more harmonious Saturn links for it to be considered binding/long lasting?

  8. Nice article on Saturn synastry. My daughter has Venus, as her chartruler, in pisces in 11th and it is conjunct natal Saturn in pisces 11th house in my chart. She has her moon( born at new moon), sun and neptune conjunct in Aquarius, almost exactly opposite my natal leo-sun in 4th. My natal saturn is opposite uranus/ pluto (conjunct in virgo 5th hs). My natal venus is in virgo 1st degreet(5th hs) and her north node is in cancer in 3rd ( mine in gemini in 2nd). Our relationship has changed over the years, for the better. It was ‘t easy for me, for both of us. I noticed that it works much better for our relationship when I approach her as an equal, like a friend. She is learning about agiculture now. Yesterday she told me that she is feeding the new born calves and how the calves where seperated from their mother immediately after birth.. Her natal saturn is in 12th house.

    some calves where bornthe birth of the calves, feeding them

  9. Hello! Your article was quite comforting and helpful. I have a new patner and his Saturn in Taurus squares my Venus in Scorpio and opposes my Moon in Leo. At the same time his Saturn makes a triangle with my Pluto in Virgo.
    There are some very good aspects in our chart, easier than these but I feel very strongly that he is strict towards me although he also looks quite fond of me. Do you think it is worth to stay and try to figure this out…
    Thank you so much!

  10. I think whether Saturn is positive in synastry depends on the nature of the Saturn signs involved and whether there are aspects to Pluto? My experience at least..

    Ive noticed all my close friends have strongly placed Saturns in Libra or Capricorn on Asc, IC or in 10th. Mine is in Sagittarius in 11th and my friends are always more practical and unemotional than me but it used to be ok.. Until the Saturn in Aquarius, Plutonian bf… I think it’s an interesting example of Saturn & Pluto prominent in natals and synastry.

    He: Mars closely conjunct Saturn (less than 2degrees orb) with Venus in an around 5 degree orb- all in Aquarius
    Kinda loosely squaring his Pluto in Scorpio (10 degrees from Mars but definitely counts for him)
    Me: My Aquarius Asc on his Mars (conjunct Saturn). My own Pluto exactly Squaring my Asc, his conjunction and opposite my Venus in Leo
    As a note: He has an early degrees Capricorn North Node exactly conjunct my Capricorn Neptune opposite Cancer Chiron square Aries Mars (probably difficult but sport and art “tied” us)

    If you’ve watched the Great Gatsby imagine a girl (me) as a much less rich version of Gatsby and him as Daisy asking I earn more if we’re to marry. He had also grown too obsessed with me and I became detached mostly due to health issues so at some point he snapped as expected and “ditched” me. I didn’t try to fix things like before and it went really cruel, cold and heartless. Infuriatingly so with threats involved all while I was in hospital..
    I felt that my self control, patience and still loving feelings had created a..”monster” in him so, I felt responsible to put an end to his power trip of hurting others. I knew he wouldnt stop since to him goodness=weakness.. Got the urge to publicly air his dirty laundry even if it goes against my privacy values and would make ppl distrust me.. I recall praying since I didnt know whats right or wrong anymore and whether retribution is the answer.
    At the end, before I could do anything exactly on his Jupiter return (also my Sun sign) he was publicly humiliated by someone else lol He tried turning it to a social justice narrative but no-one reasonable bought it. A month later he let me know hes cutting all contact with me and disappeared.. I still care for him and hope he once again becomes the kind and self controlled young man I met but I doubt it.. I thought ppl grow better with age (and strong Saturns lol) but maybe not everyone..

  11. Thanks Hiroki. I meant to say his ascendant is in Virgo which is conjunct my south node

  12. i met a guy where i work. He took me out today. Based on comparison of our charts with acurate birth times we have alot of aspects that would indicate a relationship. His saturn is exactly conjunct my descendant and south node in virgo. My south node is also conjunct his descendant in Virgo. His moon in cancer is opposite my sun in capricorn . his mars in libra is trine my venus in aquarius. His venus is a conjunct my ic. I had a good time with him today. But, I dont feel physically attracted to him at all. like , i dont feel any sparks. is that possible given all of these strong aspects. He is nothing like the type of men that I am attracted to – dont know if it helps you to know that my mars is in scorp.

    • Hi Sam, those are all strong connections – you may find the relationship worth pursuing if you give it time.

    • How do you feel as descendant person? Do you feel Saturn person provide you sense of emotional security to the point you want to commit to him? Does Saturn person is responsible towards you? Descendant is 7th house, and it is house of marriage, so..I’d like to know

      • Hi Elwen, your partner’s Saturn on your Descendant can suggest stability and trustworthiness (the best manifestation of Saturn), or severely restricting attitudes or circumstances (the other manifestation of Saturn). Let us know what feels true for you, if this is actually happening in your relationship.

  13. Hi there!
    Great article!
    My partner’s Saturn squares my Mars, my Jupiter and my Ascendant but in 8 and 9 degrees.. Are these aspects important??
    We are in a relationship for 3 years .
    My Saturn also conjunct his Moon in 5 degrees and my Uranus conjunct his Moon in 10 degrees.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hello Yianna, aspects 8-9 degrees apart would be a bit too wide to consider, so I wouldn’t prioritize those. The only important contact from what you mentioned would be your Saturn conjunct his Moon.

      • Thank you for your answer !
        This is a little bit confusing for me since i have a friend who has his Saturn in difficult aspect with my Moon in 8-9 degrees and this is the only aspect in our synastry with Saturn and I can feel it very strongly in our friendship since I often feel a pressure and stability by his side..
        With my partner I can feel sometimes a controlling and possessive behavior by his side ..
        That’s why I’m wondering if those aspects in our synastry might be playing a role..

        Thank you once again and best wishes!

        • different orbs for different astrologers. the strength of the inner planet in aspect influences the extent of orb allowed, for many interpreters

  14. Hello, just learning about this aspect in astrology and its absolutely amazing and bit sicking at the same time.

    I’ve been seeing a guy that there is constant problems with and I’ve pretty much just told him I’ve had enough.

    Now I’ve read this and I’m feeling like I need to forgive and let go so we don’t keep going through this in future lives.

    Do you have any tips or advice?

    Saturn: Libra
    Moon: Capricorn

    Saturn: Capricorn
    Moon: Libra

    Thank you :)

    • Hi Alesha, if your Saturn and Moon are in aspect with his Saturn and Moon, it increases the significance of the Saturn Moon synastry, since it’s happening twice for emphasis. There is a sense of learning something about yourself, in ways that help you mature emotionally.

  15. Hi hiroki
    I have a sun, moon, SaturnMars square Saturn to the love of my life but then their are also aspects like Juno conjunct Saturn sun trine sun ,moon..ascendant conjuncts north node sometimes it’s too irritating and I think am the Saturn here..

  16. Hi dear

    I have some 10-12 Saturn aspects with my love I actually donno what it means can you please help out .

  17. Neptune-Rising says

    Hi Hiroki, Very interesting article about Saturn. I would like your opinion about something please. If a couple has OK Saturn aspects in synastry with sextiles and one minor semi-square for example, but the composite chart is heavily squared to Saturn; can this prevent a relationship from even forming? There is a tight stellium conjunction of Sun, Venus, Neptune and Mercury, all trining Pluto but squaring Mars and Saturn. He has many Capricorn planets and I have Saturn in the 7th. Thanks much.

    • Hi there, I don’t use composite charts to analyze relationships (I’ve tried it for a long time, but it made much more sense to honor individual charts), so cannot answer your question. I consider individual horoscopes and their interaction through synastry (and of course, real-life circumstance must always be considered.)

  18. Great article! My caregiver’s bossy Saturn/moon 9th house Sagittarius is square my autonomous 7th house Pluto/uranus Virgo. She cannot hear any trite request of mine without automatically countering with anything better. Scrambled eggs? Why not over easy? It was frustrating, then comical, & finally unacceptable. I ‘need’ a good carer. Her venus cancer sextiles my bizarre uranus virgo & trines my 1st house jupiter chiron in pisces. My pluto is absolutely not having this! It’s already lost so much choice & control with neptune conjuct moon & venus in 8th house scorpio. I can only guess that my soul came here to rely on self supernaturally…

  19. Great article! I agree that Saturn isn’t ask bad and constantly blocking energy, I think it can be very dependable and helpful in the longevity of relationships. Any thoughts on Saturn conjunct Juno in a synastry chart, where each Saturn is conjunct the partner’s Juno? Thanks!

  20. Hi Hiroki,

    His Saturn opposes my Moon and my Saturn trines his moon. we are dating for three years now or rather we are in a situation for three years now and it is the most difficult thing ever. I have read everywhere that Saturn square or opposite moon relationships never consummate and it appears that it is so with us. Is there no way that can help this relationship? I must mention, he is the most emotionally immature person that ever existed and he is controlling the relationship by deliberately keeping a distance between us. we see each other 4 times a year despite living 7 minutes away from each other.

    our whole synastry is heavy laden with Saturn and it is really a sticky glue. I want to walk away but I guess the sun conjunct venus double whammy in our synastry plus all other many Saturn contacts somehow makes us believe we love each other.

    I feel stuck.

    • Hi Sylvia, it sounds like you’re wanting something that the other person is not capable of giving. Sometimes the wisest and healthiest thing to do is to do what you know to be the right thing deep inside, even when your emotions do not agree (what a Saturnian thought.) If you’re truly confused about what that right thing to do is, please consider scheduling a private consultation to discuss it in more depth.

  21. My dad’s Saturn conjuncts my ASC and my Saturn conjunct his ASC. Weird hum? I’m actually the most mature. At 50 he’s still a big child, but he’s a lot of fun also.

    • Hello Kassandra,

      Thank you for sharing your example with the Saturn interaspect with your father. This kind of repeated contacts between two people’s charts suggest a major theme for the relationship. In your case it’s appropriately around fathering and maturing.

  22. Thanks for the excellent and very insightful article article, Hiroki.
    One is always happy to hear an astrologer say that Saturn cannot be all bad.

    Recently, I was going through a website that called itself ‘Magi Astrology’. According to their beliefs, a square between Saturn and Chiron in synastry is called the ‘Heartbreak Clash’ and indicates that the relationship will definitely end acrimoniously, causing heartbreak and humiliation for one of the parties involved (especially the Chiron person, i.e. me!). I was a bit depressed to read this interpretation because my significant other and I have this configuration. We also have many helpful configurations, of course.

    Have you, in your studies, found this to be true?

    • Hello MB, Saturn synastry with Chiron could suggest the relationship will force you to look at your existing emotional wounds. Chiron symbolizes wounds and healing, so the other side of the symbolism is that Saturn might allow you to focus on achieving healing through the relationship. Usually words like “always” are suspect when it comes to understanding planetary archetypes.

  23. Fascinating, as I have come to anticipate from this site! Thanks so much.

    I wonder, how does it work out in Synastry for Saturn and the Nodes? I am asking particularly in respect to Saturn in hard aspect to the North Node…

    The man I have (very suddenly) fallen for recently has my Saturn in Aquarius squaring his North Node in Taurus, with this being our strongest aspect. My reading indicates that this would create a student-teacher relationship (with myself as the ‘teacher’), perhaps lasting only as long as the ‘lesson’. This is hard to envisage, as I am many years his junior, while he is a seasoned professional in his field and far more experienced in the hardships of love and life than I!
    Some warn against marriage or other partnership (i.e. business) with this Synastry, as it will not be a partnership of equals. I have to agree–I care for him and admire some of his talents and characteristics, but I do find him a little hard to predict and trust, at times, and I think that is reciprocated (his Moon conjuncts my Uranus)…

    Moreover, my research suggests that this relationship will be slow to start, suffer poor timing, and is unlikely to succeed (but, if it does, will very quickly become serious and committed, only to fall short once the usefulness of the bond is outgrown). It would imply to me that we need to meet and bring each other’s energies into our life…but is it worth the seemingly inevitable suffering and eventual separation, as well as the ego/identity frustration?

    I have an almost hypnotic, soul-deep attraction to him, and I see my own qualities reflected in his being, perfect and imperfect, but I do not want to enter his life only to limit and inhibit him, bring hardship and depression, or to be his replacement Mom or Dad, as Saturn threatens….I’d work for and with him, maybe even wait a while for him, but I wouldn’t want him to give up or sacrifice anything important for me, and vice versa. As a Cap/Aqua type, I will not be tamed, thwarted, or dictated to, even by someone I could love! :) I also worry about losing my love for humanity, my social ambition, and my healthy scepticism (Aquarius) on account of his stubbornness and need to settle and accept comforts/stasis in life (Taurus Node), or for him losing his natural sensuality and bullheaded drive to fulfil his joys because of my cerebrality…

    Or could this be a real, deep thing, where we grow up/old together? I would love to get your thoughts on this intriguing but troubling Saturn/Node issue.

    • Hello Lightfly,

      What the interaspect between Saturn and Node suggests is a sense of “knowing one another from before.” There is a sense of lessons to be learned from your meeting. This, however, isn’t enough to tell you how your particular relationship will turn out. Please schedule an appointment if you’d like me to take a closer look at the synastry between you.

  24. My husband and I have a square between his Saturn and my Sun and Moon in Capricorn. It gives us a very strong commitment to each other and he is very much the leader! As you say the Capricorn Moon is able to shrug off the Saturnian pressure… and yes in our case the Saturn person is mature and protects the sensitivity of the Moon person! I think the key with squares in synastry is for one person, or both, to relinquish the struggle for control. After that things become a lot easier…

  25. Hey Hiroki
    Actually it is very difficult for me to understand these things.But after reading your article i find it somehow very interesting. So,thanks for this and keep it up.

  26. That was an interesting article on Saturn synastry. I don’t know if I agree totally. I have observed some experiences regarding my parents. My mother’s Saturn was conjunct my Sun. She repressed me quite a bit, but I presume that I stimulated her negative side. Conversely, my father’s Sun was conjunct my Saturn. I suspect that my birth scared him when he realized what would happen with his responsibilities. I should mention that age was a factor, as my mother was 31 years old that I, and my father was 41. And I was the oldest of 3 children.

    • Hi Don,

      Parent-child relationship adds another layor to the interpretation, for sure! Your father’s Sun conjunct your Saturn suggests that he became a living embodiment of your natal Saturn (for better or worse). That’s a complex picture that doesn’t lend itself well to an one paragraph description. Your mother’s relationship to you is also similarly complex, as you might find in your own natal Moon and Nodal placement.


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