Saturn Return: One of the Most Powerful Cycles in Astrology

Saturn Return in Astrology: Introduction


Saturn return occurs when transiting Saturn conjuncts your natal Saturn.  As Saturn’s orbit is about 29 1/2 years, Saturn return occurs when you are around age 29 (and age 59 for the second return).  There is a slight individual variation due to retrograde motions of Saturn – so the first Saturn return could happen at age 28, 29 or 30 (you’ll either need an astrological software or an ephemeris to get the accurate timing of your Saturn return.)


Saturn symbolizes structure – as in the structure of your life (e.g. work, family, community, etc) and identity (ego).  It is also the symbol of time – time to build, to advance, to accomplish something meaningful.  Saturn return is a time when you experience a shift of level or direction.  Frequently it represents the beginning of a new chapter in your life.


Your first Saturn return often symbolizes major shift in your career responsibility, and/or your family structure.  For many people, this period often serves as the true transition into full adulthood through the added responsibility they usually acquire at this time.


Your second Saturn return is another time of major shift in identity.  Often thoughts and plans for retirement is active at this time, and “what to do next” becomes a big theme.  As Saturn cycle affects your life structure and identity, it’s a great time to ask yourself “what is my purpose in life? How do I express it more?”

Here is a good collection of anecdotes for Saturn Return by Nancy

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  1. Hi there,
    Can you tell me more about Saturn’s aspects to the moon and Venus during its return. How will these plants be affected during my saturn return if my saturn natally aspects them.


  2. What can you say about the Sun overshadowing Venus if close together .In my case ,Taurus Venus ,Sun conjunct ,11th house. Any way to work with this energy to heal? Is this a negative thing?

    • Hi Nancy, Sun conjunct Venus is thought to increase the tendency for idealism (a need to see the world as beautiful, harmonious and good, if you will), which can sometimes get in the way. Aside from that point, it’s not considered a heavy tension.

  3. Hiroki Niizato says

    Yeah I don’t know the lady but she does a great job collecting the Saturn return anecdotes.

    I can’t recall of a time Saturn return wasn’t significant in some life area for my clients, so I agree with you about its reliability.

  4. Timothy Neilson says

    Great examples… Do you find the Saturn cycle most reliable of all the transits? Say as compared to taking measure of other “hits” in predictive analysis?


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