Saturn Neptune Aspect: In Between Two Worlds

Saturn conjunct square opposite NeptuneA reader asked me to write about Saturn Neptune aspect.  Let’s begin by reviewing the keywords for both planets.

Key concepts for Saturn and Neptune

Saturn: Practicality, goals, ambition, real world accomplishment, maturity, necessary control, discipline.

Neptune: Dreams, vision, inspiration, transcendent experience, creativity, surrender, spirituality.

Natal Saturn conjunct square opposite Neptune – In Between Two Worlds

Someone whose horoscope highlights a Saturn Neptune aspect (especially conjunction, square or opposition) may initially feel ungrounded, like she doesn’t quite belong fully in this world.  She may be too dreamy to be 100% realistic, yet too practical to remain a dreamer all of her life.

The integration of key concepts above produces combinations such as: Practical dreamer; goals with vision; real world accomplishment using one’s creativity; spiritual discipline; dreams and visions are grounded in realistic terms.  At best, Saturn’s contact with Neptune suggests a potential to bring into real world our transcendent vision.

Challenges with Saturn Neptune Aspect

In general, people in creative professions such as art, music, TV or films seem to fare much better under Neptune influence, most likely because they’ve learned to open themselves to the Neptunian realm of creative vision.  In addition, people who serve an idealistic cause, or those who pursue spiritual studies, may also learn to integrate the Neptunian archetype within themselves in satisfying ways.

For people without such creative or spiritual outlet, this aspect may become quite frustrating, since it tends to create dissatisfaction in the everyday work life.  “I’m not happy with my job, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing” might be a common feeling expressed by such individuals.

The key challenge in this aspect is that there needs to be a practical focus to exercise our idealistic/creative/spiritual energy.  Escaping to entertainment does not satisfy the Saturn-half of this combination.  Even a creative hobby needs to be somewhat challenging, and approached in a disciplined way.  The sense of accomplishment is essential in satisfying the Saturn part of us (so that we don’t feel like we’re wasting our time.)


When Neptune is strongly aspected to Saturn (e.g. conjunction, square, quindecile or opposition), the ego is forced to surrender and open itself to the powerful emotions within our psyche.  As Saturn (representing our ego) tends to build strong walls, this process of surrender (as expressed by the phrase “let go and let God”) can be quite difficult.  Knowing both archetypes and consciously working to honor both of them, however, may go a long way in satisfying expression of this challenging aspect.

Do you have a Saturn-Neptune aspect in your natal or transit chart?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experience through emails or comments.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Vivien Beere says

    Hi Hiroki
    I have Neptune and Saturn within 3 degrees in the 12th in Libra. Neptune exactly sextiles Pluto on the MC in Leo (1953) and together they form an exact yod to Venus Mars in Pisces in the 5th. As you say the need to find a practical form for spiritual intuitions has been important. I have had a career as a pioneering arts therapist for over 40 years and am now involved with teaching new graduates. Right now transiting Pluto is sitting on my natal Mercury in Capricorn 3rd and exactly squaring natal Saturn 12th. I’m feeling some pressure to write which I know would be a good use of the transit, though it isn’t exactly comfortable!

    • Hi Vivian, thank you for sharing your experience with Neptune conjunct Saturn in the 12th. Arts therapist sounds like a wonderful expression of this conjunction! If you do write, I’m sure it’ll be a gift for many people.

  2. I always get something from your astrological insight & guidance. I have 4th house Aqu Saturn (conjunct Venus & IC) square 12th house Scorp Neptune. Spiritual, artistic & healing themes jar up against practical security & responsibility themes for me. Positive use for me came about via a flair for home decorating/renovating, volunteering roles helping the vulnerable, gaining qualifications in & facilitating metaphysical & counselling modalities. I’m now in my 2nd Saturn return. I have discovered a talent & passion for handcrafting & photography, with a vision & the practical mindedness to start a little sideline hustle. The most constant outcome for me from this aspect is my absolute need for music & dance, alone, for mind, body & soul. From the moment I could walk till the moment I can no longer…it’s my healing, grounding & vibration heightening channel.

  3. Rachel farina says

    Yes! I have this aspect, and also Neptune squaring NN/SN, mercury, but trining my MC and a 0º semi-sextile with moon, Uranus, and Venus. I also have SN in Pisces.

    I have struggled my whole life to bring into fruition creative visions. I have an education and professional experience in theatre arts, singing, music, creative writing, visual arts, culinary arts, and dance! So much, and yet I don’t feel I’ve yet to really bring anything to proper finished fruition. I am 43 and finally learning how to show up daily and discipline myself in music production. I am learning how to embrace tedium and learn new skills, step by step. I am showing up to do the work daily, even when I don’t feel like it.

    Mercury trines my MC at 0º, squaring Saturn, and I’ve been a writer/editor professionally all my life. But it just isn’t fulfilling me, and I lack passion for it and feel I’m falling short of my true purpose in life and my artistic ability.

    I want to make dance music to bring others into a heightened trance/spiritual state, to connect with others, to transcend joyfully. It’s late in my life, and Saturn conjuncts my NN in the 11th (in Virgo) house of hopes and dreams and community and technology and humanity.

    I finally feel I am onto my purpose and am finally ready to step out of my shell. (Scorpio rising with MC in Leo and also a Capricorn sun and Mars, so lots of Saturn)

  4. Loved your article.. so insightful.. I have the square between Saturn and Neptune, both at 21 degrees, so 0 deg orb, its an exact square. And it is difficult. But I agree with you, at its highest expression this will mean you bring your visions your ideas your fantasies down to this 3D reality.. you ground them and make them real. Have seen this aspect by the way with a few amazing musicians.

  5. I have MC, Saturn Uranus(9th house) Neptune all in the 10th house— In Capricorn. I also have my part of fortune(9th), my Vesta in Capricorn in the 10th house as well. I do every day feel down and discouraged because of the jobs that I’m working. But then I always dream of doing something greater. Been great. I really want to be a successful actor and it’s not for fame or fortune it’s just an outlet that I can really express my passion in this world. But I get discouraged sometimes I want confidence and sometimes I might indulge in alcohol or drugs. I’m lost at times but I am now deciding that I am going to take the risk and go after my dreams. Only live once right?

  6. I too, can relate. My Neptune in Scorpio conjunct ASC (4deg) squares my 3rd house Saturn with my Sun/Moon conjunct, in the less than ideal order of ascention, housed in the 10th. But hey, this is my 7th and last. Starting the time I entered the work force in my teens until my retirement, I fell into the category of “Jack of all trades, Master of none”, laughing to myself as I type this. I figured I was in a category of my own, unique. Granted, I did occasionally fall into areas that I excelled at because I found it a challenge and the work engulfed my mind, plus the environment was copasetic, which allowed me to be most efficient, detailed, while structuring my work in a way suitable to me, so I put a creative spin on it. My attempts to establish myself in a gratifying field where I could utilize my creative talents, always seemed to force me to jump through hoops to attain it, and that was alright by me, the chase was fun. I was driven with a passion to find my nitch in this world where I was free to express my creatvity and personality. Even though my dream pursuits were backed with education and certification, Saturn would spark an event or a collapse of sorts, making me realize that these goals were ultimately unrealistic, and lacked the stability and longevity that one needs to survive. Take your lessons learned, release, and move on. The lessons learned from one hundred different positions held, will reach culmination. Nowadays, I love spending time letting my imagination guide me to create various pieces of art, either with a hammer and nails, paint or graphics software. During this crazy year, I was forced to put some huge creative pursuits on hold, half completed, uggh. Hence, the need to begin learning something new while social distancing, astrological studies, where I am still green and have yet to experience my 2nd Saturn return!

  7. This is so on point. I have a conjunction w/ Saturn and Neptune (7 degrees apart in Capricorn next to a stellium in the 1st house.
    My whole life has been about finding my “role” in society. Having many jobs but never feeling satisfied. Plus I have the sun in the late degrees of Aquarius- definetly amplifies the feeling of not belonging in the world. :(

  8. 1989er here with Neptune/Saturn conjunct (and Uranus too, but more loosely). These three conjunct (and in hard aspect to personal planets), creates a difficult mix of energies to balance — at least thus far in life. From an early age I think many of us saw how flawed the structures/institutions in place in society were, and dreamed of different realities and solutions (Neptune/Uranus). But unlike the 92-95ers who have only Uranus/Neptune conjunct, the 89-90ers’ dreams and idealism are more weighed down by Saturnian obligations. But I do have a feeling that we’ll be useful in “bridging the gap” between the Saturn-dominant culture of old (in the US) and the rebellious younger generations (late-Millenials and Gen Z)…because we have both the idealism and the responsibility in us (though they’re hard to balance). But it makes sense why so many of us are disillusioned with our careers currently.

    • I am also a 1989er with Neptune/Saturn conjunct and a Saturn/Uranus conjunct. Have you found anything that helps you balance these energies, or a career that actually matters?

  9. Great article. I have the two planets in opposition, Neptune conjuncting my Ascendant and Jupiter and in trine with Venus. As you might guess that makes an artist. ;)

    My life has been a struggle between the two worlds. Luxury life with high status, boring routines, money, materia and achievement or living as a poor but happy nomad-hippie circling the world with my backpack.

    I’m living the latter right now but have realized I’ve gone too far and need to find a balance. It’s not easy but I hope that being counscious helps.

  10. As someone near 70 years of age, with Saturn conjunct Neptune in the first house, I think your guidance is very good, Hiroki. I found much satisfaction in a career in the arts, but my primary focus has always been my spiritual evolution. The arts can be a great aid in this, for creative expression releases energies that align one’s smaller ego-self with the larger soul-nature. I would advise anyone to stay away from elements of a ‘psychic nature’ for these can be a distraction and lead to trouble. I would suggest using the creative powers of art (in many forms) to discover who you really are deep inside. Keep your feet on the ground with gardening, for example, rather than living with your head forever in the clouds.

  11. What a great description. So helpful, thank you! I have Neptune (retrograde) conjunct my AC in the 12th house and opposing Saturn right on my DC in the 7th. I can so resonate with wanting to be a healer, float around in the clouds, dream, be an artist, and yet it has to be practical. There has to be a purpose. I want to do it in a way that helps people practically. I love Saturn being opposite my Neptune. When Saturn opposed my natal Saturn he was like we are taking care of business NOW. Ouch so much work I had to do the past few years but it was so healing and beautiful and mysterious and deep. I will have to study what having Neptune retrograde means. At any rate, I love both planets. If I didn’t have Saturn in my life I would be in lots of trouble, that’s for sure. :). Saturn keeps me focused and grounded while Neptune lets me dream, dream, dream. So happy I have found your website! Thank you again.

  12. Just wondering if you have any thoughts on transiting Jupiter currently squaring a Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra?

  13. Thank you for your interpretation of Saturn and Neptune. I have Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra on the cusp of the 12th house and now In my older years have found Reiki founded by Mikao Usui and am getting certified. It works for me and brings much joy to me and others.

  14. I am so grateful you put this perspective as I am an artist and am about to go through this transit, which I personally feel is at a beautiful creative time when my career has the potential to really take off. I have Natal Neptune in Sag in the 9th house, Squaring the 12th house Neptune in Pisces and then also the transit opposing my Natal Saturn in the 6th house in Virgo. I think of hope this gives me a lot of dreamy focus. I currently feel I’m making the best work of my career right now. So I’m hoping it just keeps expanding? When I read all the aspects as negative in other astrologers posts, I was so confused. I am use to bring other-worldly and not of this planet, that’s just who I am as an artist. And I’m finally owning it and being confident in it. So that’s where I am at now. Not sure how this transit will feel in April/March when it starts!

    • Hi Christina, thank you for sharing your experience. “Dreamy focus” and “Bringing the otherworldly into this planet” are good thoughts, especially with your powerful Neptune in Pisces in 12th house.

  15. Thanks- I was looking for something positive in this aspect. In my natal chart, Neptune squares Saturn (along with moon and ascendant). Neptune transit is currently opposing natal Saturn now, and squaring himself. It’s a constant tug of war played out more visibly as bipolar disorder. But, I notice the two sides aren’t fighting as often. I’ve never been able to meet Saturnian expectations in discipline with creativity, or Neptune’s expectations in ingenuity. But, I’m hoping this opposition will ultimately reconcile them both. Thanks again very much.

  16. Hi Hiroki and readers,

    Thank you, l appreciate your simple and elegant description of this challenging and transformative aspect. I have Neptune in Scorpio in my first house OPPOSING a Retrograde Saturn in Taurus in my 7th house. So true about having to have a disciplined approach to even fun, artistic hobbies. I believe my Saturn helped turn me into an accomplished musician by the sheer force of all the time I spent diligently practicing. Was wondering how the fact that Saturn was retrograde at the time of my birth impacts this aspect? Thanks again!

    • Hi Marc, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn opposite Neptune. Being an accomplished musician is a great expression of the disciplined creativity suggested by this aspect!

      Saturn retrograde usually suggests that the father wasn’t able to function well, for one reason or another…Too much to get into here, but you might resonate with that.

  17. Hello , i read on some websites that having a mutual reception between saturn(pisces) and neptune(capricorn) feels like a conjunction.

    Do you think that is true ?

    Also i have leo mars and scorpio sun is that mutual reception too ? or because pluto rules scorpio now it is not?

    • Hi Emma, mutual reception does create a connection between the two planets. This might make it easier for you to integrate the two energies.

      Regarding your second question, traditionalists will consider it a mutual reception for sure… I would recognize it as some kind of affinity between Sun and Mars.

      • So that’s why i hate losing so much. Like i hate it more than anything. the sun mars is square 9 degrees but i think because of the signs its more prominent

        thank you hiroki

  18. Hi Hiroki, so happy to have discovered your website, it’s full of positivity. I have a very prominent Neptune in 9th house Saggitarius (chart ruler, closely conjunct MC, opposite sun) sextile my Saturn and Pluto (both in 7th house in Libra). Yet I’m struggling to find an outlet to my creativity and my profession has nothing to do with acting/inspiration/water. I’m a data scientist (perhaps related to Jupiter conjunct Uranus in 8 house opposite mercury in second house in Taurus). I’m good at it, but I’m not happy. Does the Sextile between Neptune and Saturn/Pluto mean I need to put more effort into my creative talents? My Neptune is also inconjunct Mercury and Chiron (both conjunct in second house Taurus) and I suffer from stuttering – could that be the reason of creative block? And 9th Neptune sextile Saturn/Pluto in 7th mean I just need to put in work and open up to people more to release it?

    • Hi Agnes, Neptune placement in the 9th and Sagittarius could suggest a spiritual studies dimension. Creativity is still an important outlet, being that Neptune rules your Ascendant, although it does not mean you need to take up an artistic profession. The Saturn-Pluto probably means something else – for a full analysis, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  19. armel liebs says

    Thank you Hiroki for your help…
    I want to live the present transit of Neptune opposite Saturn together with transit Saturn square Neptune the best possible. Some help?
    I´ll manage!
    Sun 5 Pisces, Asc 15 Aquarius

    • Hi Armel, so you have transit Neptune opposing Saturn, in addition to transit Saturn square Neptune – that really emphasizes the theme of this article. These two planets form the polar opposites of creativity and practicality, and often it’s best expressed by giving form to your creativity.

  20. Hello, thank you Hiroki for the article and thank you to all for the questions and comments. I often think how strange life in the real world is and how what others call otherworldliness feels more real or comfortable to me. These stories and experiences make me see I am not alone. I was wondering, in what way would planets in conjunction with the Neptune/Saturn aspects impact this dynamic? For example, my neptune (Sag 19) is in the first house with my mercury Sag 4) and venus (Sag 11) and squares my MC (Virgo 19), Saturn (Virgo 24), moon and lilith (Virgo 11), Jupiter (Virgo 7), north node (3 Virgo). Is the neptune saturn square still the strongest aspect or do the other squares and conjunctions change the impacts? Also does the closest squares always make the most difference or are there more powerful squares because of the planetary energies? Thank you to everyone seeking and guiding.

    • Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience. The planets you mentioned are all far enough from the Saturn Neptune square, so technically they’re not involved with the pair (the recommended orb is about 5-6 degrees).

  21. I have a long period when Neptune will transit square natal Saturn at 19 degrees Sagittarius in the 5th house. Neptune transiting 8th house Pisces. I am wondering what to expect with this transit. What is the orb of influence as Neptune doesn’t reach 19 degrees for quite some time. Due to difficulties in my business, some financial, some not, I am already thinking of making changes to the way I make money to live but I am concerned my old income stream will be dissolved before I have had chance to establish a new source of income.
    I am aware this transit may have other impact on my life but this is how I am experiencing it at the moment.
    So my questions are what can I expect from this transit, how long will I experience its effect for and how can I work with the transit to get the best outcome? Thank you.

    • Hi Michael, I personally wouldn’t consider the transit to be active until it’s within 1 degree orb. There is always an element of struggling to make your vision a reality with Saturn Neptune aspect. As you mention, it may feel like a reality check to see if you can make the business work.

  22. I have Rx saturn in my 10th house (in Capricorn) within two degrees of my Mc, with Rx Neptune, and Rx Uranus on the other side of my mc within 1 degree (9th house) my saturn return is going to be a lot I think….it will oppose my Chiron in the 4th in cancer.
    I guess I will be spending all my time working, and learning to discipline myself to achieve my career goals. Hopefully no weird family secrets coming back to publically haunt me during my return as others have hinted at.

  23. Wow! From all things i’ve ever read about my natal chart placements, this one right here really sums up my entire life! I have Saturn conjunct Neptune by 1 degree, in Capricorn (6th house). And i am always struggling between the two worlds, it looks like i can’t satisfy both, if i’m playing my neptunian side which is also quite significant in my chart (i have a full 12th house), saturn’s kicking me in the head to wake me up to reality lol, if i stay grounded and realistic it seems that my life is just too sad and colorless and i retreat back in my neptunian bubble and so on. Thank you for opening my eyes a little bit more!

    • Hi Dea, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct Neptune. This does seem to be a difficult blend of energies until you become committed to work for your ideals or creativity.

  24. Kit Kat says

    If it’s of any interest, all 3 of the Kennedy brothers emphasised this archetype.

    JFK had a Saturn Neptune Conjunction in his 10th house, conjuncting the MC, with Neptune as his fire singleton. Saturn ruled his IC and North Node (and quindeciled it as well).

    RFK had his Sun widely conjunct Saturn, with both being squared by Neptune, creating a tight Neptune = Sun/Saturn midpoint picture, with Saturn ruling his 10th stellium and South Node and being angular with his Sun. Saturn also tightly aspected his MC.

    Ted Kennedy had Saturn at a 135 degree angle with his Neptune, with Neptune conjuncting his Moon and opposing (as well as ruling) his Sun. His Saturn was angular in the 1st house (as well as ruling his AC), and both Saturn and Neptune aspected his MC. Neptune also ruled his North Node.

    I personally have a T Square between these planets and my Sun Venus conjunction. I found studying the three horoscopes above of great help in dealing with my own. Hope this is of some help.

  25. Living in the material world with a foot in the invisible worlds. Yes, I have Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra and in my early 20’s became involved with automatic writings received from discarnate sources. This communication was recorded and has been published as a book this year with another one pending. I wear around my neck a pendant copied from a drawing received from these spiritual sources – one of a kind, I believe. Along with the communications I also received songs and knowledge of astrology. This influence is strange but a God send because it lifts you away from this world and reminds you constantly to be detached. Heaven is closer than you think!

  26. Neptune in Virgo cusp of second house inconjunct Saturn in Aires cusp of ninth house: much ambition spotty fruition. Also Jupiter at end of eighth house at 29 Pisces in opposition to Neptune. (orb4) This opposition being transited by Chiron and soon the sun. Daily meditation and practicing my scales and making my bed on arising seem to help a little; but, overall, I’d say it’s been a bumpy mixture of joy and angst; Sisyphusian even. Your suggestion that focused discipline will help is good; feeling less ill fated. I have got a couple finished pieces after all.

  27. Saturn in 4th (virgo) square Neptune on the Descendant (sag). Saturn is squaring Venus rising and Neptune is opposite. The only way I get to the positive side of this aspect (making my visions and dream come true in a practical way) I need a healthy sense of self worth.

    Last year, 2017, transiting Saturn conjuncted natal Neptune on the descendant and squared natal Saturn; I started working as an administrative assistant at an environmental facility of the government. ( nature; neptune in sage)

    I Aaways had lucide dreams and learning to be pragmatic about it. It’s my way of meditating.

  28. wow this is interesting. Does this transits intensity lessen once saturn passes over neptune right away or does it remain intense?

  29. I have Saturn at 29 degrees of Sagittarius conjunct Neptune at 8 degrees of Capricorn both in first house. My Neptune also conjunct Uranus at 28 degrees of Sagittarius. Also Neptune sextile Mercury in 11 th house. The only creative thing I am good at occasional drawing. And I don’t know any other creative outlet. And I feel lost in both the world. I dreamed a lot as a kid in terms of profession but never received any proper guidance related to it and there are lots of imposed limitations. Now I am seriously lost without any identity or career.

    • Hi Step88, the 1st house position definitely connects the issue to that of identity development…There are no easy answers to your challenge, but getting help and support from others is usually a productive way.

  30. i have saturn in my fifth house in gemini opposite neptune in sagitarius in my eleventh house. This aspect has been very challenging since i have dreams to make it as a rich rock star but my dreams were not fulfilled yet but i worked very hard through discipline by making demos, singing in clubs, and practicing on my vocals but i have not used my hands much -maybe this is why i have not made it since gemini rules the hands but it does rule the vocal cords . so i am using my vocal chords, and i do write alot of lyrics which is ruled by gemini . in the romance department ,total abyss as i have been in relationships that were not based on reality and i was heartbroken , i had a very tough life because there was no love ,and very litttle recognition. i had to be careful about some of my friends as they used me ,but i have some very good unselfish friends

    • Hello dove night, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn opposing Neptune. Creative productivity is the essence of this aspect, but it requires a solid foundation – a formal training as deep as your imagination…

  31. Hello Hiroki I have Saturn Square Neptune in my natal chart, Saturn in the first house and Neptune in the 10th, I feel a sense of inhibition one way or another in my life, guilt and anxiety for achieving all the beautiful things in my life, feeling, that I’m not worthy to experiencing them because I don’t have a real “personality” that others would enjoy having around. I feel a strong sense of limitation and I’m looking for your idea on how to best use this energy to make the most of my life. Both creatively and personally, I hope you understand my question.

    • Hi Daevion, thank you for sharing your experience. The key might be in accepting and developing the strength within your character, rather than thinking about what you perceive as “lacking”. As you solidify your self-image, the inhibition will turn into natural self-assertion.

  32. I have this aspect in my chart Saturn – Neptune conjunction in the 2nd house (Capricorn) Opposite Jupiter (8th) I’m not entirely sure but maybe this aspect makes it hard to make careers structured and orderly because Neptune dissolves boundaries. I have started many careers *fashion, art, hypnotherapy, ballet. But some how i never completed any, although i still enjoy these subjects.
    I Understand that with this aspect after Saturn return and as i progress in life i will become more grounded.

    • Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct Neptune! The careers you described are all Neptunian, so that is most likely your strength. Saturn part of it typically depends on having good mentors and getting a solid, structured training in your craft.

  33. Wow! I totally relate to this! I have 8th house Saturn in Taurus opp Neptune in Scorpio in the 2nd house and have found myself in the middle of other people’s life and death situations many times. so much so in fact that I quit my chemistry job and became an RN bc at least then I get paid for being a first responder! I tend to give all my resources away to friends and family who I perceive as “worse off” than me and then receive no help when times are tough for me. I now have the dragon image as my mantra, get a nest egg and protect it. Gender issues play out among my friends and I watch from my ivory tower (well, second floor studio in a friend’s house since I can’t afford my own yet). Here’s to us both empowering ourselves and I hope to soon be a dragon who owns her own tower, or cave or whatever dragons live in.😀

  34. Maya marz says

    I have a hard aspect of Saturn (7th house) square Neptune (4th house). Does this mean I’ll have a tough time deciding between family vs love & relationships?

  35. Let go the Control of Mercury and Saturn..White Cloud SUN entity Mercury..ART.

  36. Hi Hiroki! It is wonderful that you can read the star’s language so closely to reality and to help people due to it. I wonder whether it’s your own experience, or gotten from some books? I know that it can be a secret, but I would be very glad if you recommend some source of astrology data like your site.Anyway I would appreciate any of your advice. As for me, I think, I have the worst situation. Sun conj Mars in 4 house square Saturn conj Neptune in 6 house. All my life is a struggle with myself. It is no surprise that I lose often. Because I rather surrender to my dreams than escape a real hard job. In addition mind desease causes body pain. Recent situation on the sky connecting with cardinal signs touched my planets and brought some relief to my life. Thanks to my eternal problems, they made me stronger.
    P.S. I beg pardon for my English. It is not my mother tongue.

    • Hi Katya, most insights shared here are based on (or at least tempered by) 15 years of consultation experience, which can be very different from books. Noel Tyl’s books would be good to read if you want to learn astrology applied to real life.

      • Great! Many astrologers have divided into two worlds: those, who like Placidus and those who like Koch. In your opinion, do Placidus’s or Koch’s houses in natal chart give the best information? What do you use and why?

        • Hi Katya, it’s an unrelated question, but I’ll answer: All house systems share the Ascendant and Midheaven, which are the key information. Internal house cusps vary via systems, but pros don’t get into big debates about them, because they know Angles are the key.

          I use Placidus 98% of the time, except I use Koch for birth charts with extremely high latitude (it’s well known that Placidus system does not do well for very high latitude charts.)

  37. I have Saturn closely conjunct Neptune in the 9th but not close to the MC, and Saturn rules my Capricorn ascendant. Pluto sextiles the Saturn/Mercury conjunction. Mercury and Venus are in the 3rd, but not conjunct. They are both in opposition to the Saturn/Mercury conjunction but the orb for each aspect is over 7 degrees. This is the closest aspect Mercury has, so I don’t know if it would be considered peregrine/unaspected), although Mercury semisextiles Jupiter closely.

    I have always loved books/reading/literature (worked in a library for 17 years) and have had a pipe dream of owning my own used bookstore; selling online doesn’t appeal to me very much and although I have enough books to start a store, I’m 63 years old and couldn’t do this all by myself. I also love many types of music. I’m a good writer, tend to write long emails and have always wanted to do some creative writing but have never pursued it. I noticed that the midpoint of Venus/Mercury is in opposition to the midpoint of Saturn/Neptune with a orb of about 1/2 degree, but I don’t know exactly how to interpret this, other than than a connection is formed between the two sets of planets. My Moon is in Pisces and this adds to the Neptunian influences in my chart. I might add that my father passed away a few months before I was born and I know that the close Neptune/Saturn conjunction can be an indicator of confusion about or absence (physically or emotionally) of the father figure.

    • Hi David, thank you for sharing your experience. Couldn’t quite follow the measurements you listed, but sounds like you’re leaning toward the Neptunian side of the conjunction. It may be a challenging but meaningful experience to pursue creative writing, to put your imagination into tangible form.

  38. I have a difficult aspects of Neptune/Saturn/Mars (Saturn 12th square Mars 10th, square Neptune 4th, Mars opposition Neptune). Voila – passive/agressive behavior, impatient, drown away with day dreaming, shy, keeping anger inside, not able to protect myself (aggressive bosses, partners), me being pushy with my ideas/views, not grounded and down to earth, fatalistic thoughts/feelings, etc. How can I deal with all these energies? does Saturn suggests it comes along with maturity? or the way out are other easy aspects for these planets? or both?

  39. hi, thanks for sharing this valious information :) I have neptune and saturn conjunct in capricorn in the MC, (yet I have neptune conjunct to the MC in 0°, and uranus in 9th conjunct neptune) so.. this days I’am trying to understand how this energy flows in my life and how I could handle it..
    I’ve studied fashion design and also visual arts.. but sometimes I found myself a little bit lost.. :/

    thanks for share your knowledge :)

  40. Nobody important says

    “Even a creative hobby needs to be somewhat challenging, and approached in a disciplined way. The sense of accomplishment is essential in satisfying the Saturn part of us (so that we don’t feel like we’re wasting our time.)”

    Explained it perfectly for me. I have Neptune in 1st square Saturn in 4th with an orb of +1°49′. I’m a cap ascendant so Saturn has always felt dominant but it’s constantly fighting with my Neptune that is in the 1st in 0°59′ with 4 other tight orbs. Basically a battlefield!

    The quote there summed it up perfectly though. That’s why I love practical hobbies (crochet, knitting, cooking, etc.) because I can relax but be productive at the same time. Thanks for your insight on Saturn/Neptune aspects!

  41. I love your blog. Thanks so much. I have Neptune conjunct Saturn in 10th in Libra. Neptune is also conjunct MC. Venus and Mars conjunct in Pisces, 3rd. Sun in house 1 in Cap. opposite Uranus in 7th, within 1 degree. I am an artist, work in clay. I’ve always loved the arts and have done various forms throughout my life. I’ve never liked 9-5 except for short periods of time. I love working in my studio till very late, ie, 1 or 2am. I love getting up late, too. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. Asc. in Sag, 26, Merc. nearby. Sometimes burn my bridges and put my foot in my mouth. I don’t want to ever work for someone else, nor do I ever want to stop doing what I love.

  42. Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra – I am a musician who has “pulled songs in” from “who knows where” almost in a trance, receiving complete songs with lyrics spontaneously and then sitting back and wondering about where it came from and what it means.

  43. Hello, Hiroki, thanks a lot for shedding some light. I have the natal aspect of Saturn square Neptune. For me it has been going on like this for many years: I know I have a great need to express myself in art, it is the Neptune side which is calling me, but once I am given all the space, the time and freedom to “make art”, the feel of guilt is crawling on me because “I am not making money, not doing a 9-5 job as my parents expect me to be”. Then I’d go back to my Saturn side, which leads to my situation now: I choose a compromise with art working as a graphic designer. So far, I get really bored being a graphic designer, people might say it is kind of art, but it is still not a creative outlet for me. It’s been years I can’t synthesis this two aspects in me and I sense a huge delay in my career. So far I am almost 40 and I become hating my job and regret not having the gut to be an artist. I hope with time these two guys will be in peace with each other…

    • *Saturn in the 10th house Virgo. Neptune 1st house.

    • Hi TOC, thank you for commenting! Appreciated hearing your story as a graphic designer. With Saturn square Neptune involving both 10th house and the 1st house, there is a need for fulfilling responsibility to be productive, along with a desire and talent for working with images and impressions to express your individuality. Most of the time, it’s your Saturn side that has to be strengthened to identify direction and worthy goals in your life.

      • Hello Hiroki,
        Thanks a lot for your reply. :-) Does astrology can help me to find out my direction, or rather to say, reset? I feel it is the last puzzle I need to resolve in life, this part has always been a big frustration for me, it is also very fundamental, concerning my sense of worth and existence. I feel almost like all the rest depends on it…

        • I mean can the chart be so precise to indicate which metier, which practice, profession, medium to go ? Or rather it’s psychological block?

          • Your natal chart can suggest the type of profession that is most likely to allow full expression of your potential. However it suggests in terms of vocational “channels” rather than a specific practice/medium. This is because you can stay in the same channel throughout your life, but may change your medium several times. Please consider scheduling a personal consultation if you’re interested in this type of discussion.

  44. Tess Star says

    Wow, this has been so helpful. I have a grand earth trine with Saturn, Mars and Pluto. My Saturn is 2nd house Taurus which opposes a Neptune/Jupiter Conjunction in the 8th house. Forming a kite formation but it goes deeper because my Saturn squares my Moon in the 6th house with Pluto. This would be the “Dragon?”

    Anyway, so let me explain how life has been, lol. It’s been confusing! Seriously! I’m gifted in the occult, gifted in intuitive life coaching and metaphysical healing but I’m also gifted in corporate business and organizational skills. Basically, I never know which one to pursue. I also am very easy for other people too open up to and they tell me all kinds of things and I have to be very careful because even if I don’t do anything but be extremely truthful, I am the one people get upset with. I don’t have many female attachments for this particular reason. The Saturn square moon depicts my relationship with my mother perfectly and I understand all too well the self-defense and going it alone theme. I look at the sextiles along side the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction to get some bearing on what to do sometimes. The energy is strong, sometimes too strong. But I have some good help with Jupiter trining my ascendant and Venus. Whew! I don’t even wanna get into the fact that I just had my saturn opposition! Mentally and emotionally I have no clue how I survived it, lol. Just kept my head down and everyday just let God sort it all out. hope this helps someone! Your not alone, ha ha.

    • Hi Tess, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience! Glad you enjoyed the article.

    • I too have a grand earth trine with Pluto, Mars, and Saturn. With Saturn opposing a Neptune/Jupiter conjunction. Neptune/Jupiter sextiles Pluto/Uranus on one side and Mars on the other. I too have difficulty determine which road to take – business or healing. My house placements differ from yours and at the present I am feeling stuck. I’ve dug this hole for myself that is overwhelmingly deep. Your post is uplifting.

  45. Hi Hiroki, thanks for this article.
    I have Jupiter-Sun-Saturn in conjunction squaring Neptune! The third house cusp falls exactly in between Sun and Saturn (Sun 27, 3rd cusp at 28, Saturn at 29 Virgo), and Neptune is in the 5th. I have great discipline and love of the arts, but huge difficulty in finding the exact right outlet for me, I can just fall into dissipation. I would like to hear what you might suggest as advice given my three squares.

    • Hi Lomo, typically the Saturn Neptune dynamic (which is the main factor in this configuration you have) needs a practical outlet for your creative energy, so it’s important to create situations where you have to work at your art, usually through a job or a responsibility you take on. Productivity fuels creativity in this combo (not the other way around!)

  46. Dandelion says

    I’m just about to have a saturn transit conjunct natal neptune mid April. I already can feel the energy, it’s much needed energy, I think I’m going to go through a separation from other people, I have neptune and venus exactly opposing eachother, I remember when I was young, about 7, I had a strong attachment to my surroundings, I didn’t feel like a separate body, I was everything everywhere, then I’d suddenly feel this separateness, I was my own body, I controlled my body, I was confused, I didn’t know why or what to do with myself, I’d go to the fridge and eat food to get this feeling to go away (very cancer like, my venus being in cancer), the opposition of venus and neptune makes my attachment to others on a soulful level strong, which is hard as I believe the other person understands this too but I come to see that its not shared but before I come to see it the shattering of it is almost too much to bare, it’s like being stable in a dream one moment that I think is completely natural to despair and up and down moodswings, insecurity, confusion etc as I realise the attachment and my behaviour isn’t normal or healthy , so I think this transit of saturn is going to help me separate myself from others, learn how to be more reserved and less open in a meaningful way, putting a barrier up so I can distinguish myself from others and learn how to appreciate the reality of other people, the reality that they are showing me and the reality I’m showing them, and be able to lessen my expectations of myself and others, the expectation to be in total understanding and compassion as I cannot live up to that, and saturn is coming to teach me this, give others a chance to be themselves as, idealising others in a way which I believe them to be and a way that I reflect back at them isn’t the truth, so I think saturn is definitely coming straight to me in this situation.

  47. Anand Khepri says

    What and illuminating topic for me.! Having Neptune and Saturn conjunct in the 12th house, also conjunct my ascendant(yes, Neptune and Saturn Rising!!) in Libra, square Venus and Uranus, trine Jupiter has definitely made me aware of being “between 2 worlds” and aware of the need to discipline myself to creating art, meditation, poetry which are the loves of my life. I am now teaching Art and am approaching the realization of the need to respect the Saturn energy of actualizing the creative dreams unfolding. Very much appreciate your article and the insight it gives. Any comments on the astrological configuration in my chart that will help understanding of this great opportunity of this life would be very welcome and appreciated. Does teaching Art count towards integrating the Saturn, Neptune energies?

    • Hi Anand, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience! Yes, teaching art is a productive and authoritative (Saturn words) use of your artistic interest, so definitely a good expression for Saturn-Neptune on the Ascendant. You can continue developing along the lines of authority and productivity through producing more works of art, creating a school of art, expanding your channels of teaching, etc.

  48. Hi Hiroki
    I have been exploring the relationship between my natal Saturn in 12th house square natal Neptune in 3rd house and have read countless books and blogs yet I your post above has been the most straightforward interpretation of these two energies. I am off work due to a chronic confusing health issue (Neptune transiting my 6th house) that was triggered by taking a job that was so dissatisfying and stressful. Neptune has affected me through escapism and confusion. I also appreciate your comments about me being in the driver’s seat….it hasn’t felt that I have been for a very long time.

  49. Capricorn is the 12 th house ruler, which contains my North Node (2degrees). Neptune is in my tenth house. Pisces is in my second house. Saturn is in my sixth house, the South Node of my chart. The natal moon is also in the twelfth. Neptune and Saturn houses and planets have reciprical action, the above article feels like it applies in my case.

  50. Hi Hiroki, thanks for this explanation, i have saturn in virgo in the 5ht house squaring neptune in sagittarius 7th. Not sure in which way it would manifest, but one thing that i do associate with is that feeling of being here but not being from here. Would you give a little insight on this? Thank you.

  51. I am approaching my Uranus opposition on May 2016. Ive just had saturn in scorpio in my tenth house for that long awful transit we all endured. I have neptune in my 2nd house so im very anxious I will have more struggle with jobs, finances. I changed career in 2012, went to uni again, unable to find work in this new avenue and have been doing casual work for the past three years.
    No new opportunities in a long long while. Never any career problems or struggles till I turned 39. I also have my north node square chiron, both my parents have their chiron conjunct my MC. And my neptune 11th opposite Saturn 5th. When I look at all this astrology it makes me so depressed. Is it better to know or better to not know? Some of these struggles are not just transits, they are natal challenging aspects. Any ideas on how to navigate all this? It seems like wishing for a career change has been a disastrous move. Yet to evolve, grow, and to continue to expand and learn I just cannot do what Ive done for the last 20 years. Why does it seem like now in my life my career moves are being totally thwarted? Many thanks for an insightful article xx

    • Hello Jo, unfortunately it looks like you’ve been reading some bad astrology books or articles which feed into your anxiety about careers. The main message is you’re in the driver’s seat at all times…Planets don’t do anything, people do.

      Please feel free to schedule an appointment if you’d like me to take a closer look at your horoscope.

  52. hELLO WORLD says

    Hi Hiroki! I have Saturn Septile Neptune. But I don’t know(can’t find) anything about the Septile and what that aspect mean, it’s a powerful one? or not? Can you help me a little bit here, please. Thanks in advance my friend :)

    • Hello HW, I don’t pay attention to septile in my practice so can’t comment on it from experience – it’s believed to suggest some kind of talent.

      • hello world says

        Oh! well… It doesn´t matter, thank you for replying anyways :)

        • Working on shyness says

          Hi Hiroki,
          I have Saturn opposition Neptune….and yes sometimes I feel caught between 2 worlds and thank you…you helped me with understanding one of the kites in my chart….you are also right with positive aspects to Saturn and manifestation. Does Saturn on a house cusp (6th) have any different meaning or importance rather than sitting inside the house…..also I don’t know if the ability to manifest many different dreams or situations or if it only applies to the houses and planets that Saturn makes positive aspects with….any thoughts or experiences with this? I ask because your knowledge seems accurate to me when I compare it to my chart.

          • The cusp of the house is thought to be the strongest zone for that house – especially for Angular houses (1,4,7,10). Not sure how true this would be for the 6th (cadent house), but it’s worth considering. For your other questions, consider both the placement of Neptune and Saturn…

  53. I’m wondering if Walt Disney had a Saturn/Neptune aspect. His life certainly plays this combo out beautifully…

    • Hello Laurel,

      Thank you for commenting. Good instinct! Walt Disney has an extremely prominent, peregrine Neptune on Aries Point, and it is quindecile Saturn, which is the final dispositor of his horoscope. This means both Saturn and Neptune are extremely accentuated in his horoscope, and connects in an obsessive way that HAS to make his own dream come true. Very good!

  54. Sorry, “a slip of the pen”. Until very recently (that is until my saturn return) i have lived in a sort of a cloud with huge rosey glasses. There has been a lot of truth coming out and very strong awakening to reality due to this combination of saturn square neptune and at the same time square venus. And only astrology gives me powerful and so much needed objective insights and tools to cope with these things!

  55. Thank you everybody for sharing! It was really enriching and useful to read about this aspect and the comments. I myself have saturn square neptune! Discipline and creativity are all definitively there but I am struggling to bring them together and find myself in the process right now. It is hard but now at least I learned – and all thanks to astrology – where my problems come from and that it is possible to make it work. The problem is that i have got a t-square between saturn-neptune-venus and some other challenging aspects to them so it feels like a tight knot. There’ve been some

  56. I have Saturn conjunct Neptune with mixed aspects and when Uranus transited this conjunction (1972) which was positively trine my Moon, I was swept off my feet with miracles and magic, psychic experiences, dreams, visions, synchronicity, amazing meetings with interesting people, music, creativity, inspiration, poetry, songs and I travelled widely in three different countries in a totally bohemian manner. What it felt like at the time was as if I was in an exciting movie that I’d gone to the theatre to view, but also, like a dream, not real and once the conjunction had passed over, it faded away, to never occur with the same intensity again.

  57. What a great post! I love your blog, because it really has so much depth and covers aspects of astrology which aren’t really that much discussed in other parts of the web. Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge!

    I have a situation here, and since I’m new to astrology, I don’t know what to make of it.
    Saturn conjuncts my Midheaven in the 10th house (Capricorn ), and both of them conjunct Neptune in my 9th (also in Capricorn). My North Node is in 10th as well… What does that even mean??

  58. I have Saturn square Neptune in my Natal Horoskope. Yes, I recognize the two worlds, with my MC in Capricorn, Saturn is the Ruler of my MC.

    On a practical level, I suspect that meeting dishonest people (illusion, Neptune) is another manifestation. So there seems to be some reality check to the visions, dreams and other creative “things” associated with Neptune.

  59. Thank you for all your posts. Spent great time reading them. I have a sextile Neptune(IV)/Saturn (VI)creating a boomerang yod, Mars(XI) apex opposite jupiter (V). Plus am really plutonian with pisces sun in VIII opposite Pluto (II) so all my world did crash and can’t really find my self back. Neptune just transit my sun and will soon to my my pisces mercury. Total dissolve. No desire, no focus, no exit. At least i accept my total isolation so easely it became scary…

  60. Hi., When using wholesigns I have Saturn in 11th square Neptune in 2nd. For a long time I’ve been neglecting artistic talent. Neptune is sextiling moon in 12th Trining mars in 10th

  61. Once again great post. I also have this aspect in my chart. I totally agree with you “She may be too dreamy to be 100% realistic, yet too practical to remain a dreamer all of her life.”
    I have Saturn & Neptune in the 2nd house ( The worst houses for saturn & neptune. My chaotic life would vouch for it.. lol) Although, I think it gives an creative edge.
    Yet, I have a question as always.. ( Hey, I have sun in Gemini in the 8th house. Everything to me is a quizzical conquest.. lol )
    Which aspects to Neptune makes someone creative.? and not in that typical way.. more like brilliant?
    Nailah D

    • Venus and Neptune contact could indicate musical talent, especially if they are tied with MC somehow – try it with some musician’s horoscopes. Neptune aspect by itself isn’t enough to indicate creativity – often it involves the 3rd house (communication), quintiles, etc. What often transforms innate creative talent into brilliance is just plain hard work involving Saturn.

      • Yet, you can also have a wonderful aspected saturn, and lack neptune creativeness?

        Whenever, I think of the 3rd house , usually I think of great writers, & poets etc.. like John Keats who’s natal chart is mostly connected to the 3rd house. However, whenever you look at Lord Byron’s natal chart it’s not at all connected to 3rd house. Although, we both share Gemini in Jupiter..

        These great writes also do not have quintiles,( since your not a fan of Biquintiles,) . They also have an overly afflicted mercury. Yet, these men became well known poets..
        Would it also come down too asteroids? & saturn?
        Nailah D

        • Look again….Lord Byron’s horoscope has MC ruler Uranus opposing Sun, the 3rd house ruler. Mercury is strongly aspected with Neptune. These are signatures of a creative communicator. You’ll need to read a book called “Vocations” by Noel Tyl before you can delve deeper into creative professionals.

          Quintiles are grace notes of the chart, and their presence or lack of them alone do not tip the scale one way or another in terms of creative expression. Same with asteroids or Saturn – you won’t find a simple measurement like this that explains all – you’ll see if you study about 20 musicians or poets’ horoscopes.

          • So the house cusp rulers play a big part with professional occupation? I’ve always thought the only important one’s where the Ascendant, and the Midheaven.
            Also, is it possible for the house cusps to come together with planets
            .. Example: 2nd house cusps conjunct Neptune?
            And, thanks for suggesting a book. I really want to learn more about astrology.
            -Nailah D’arcy

  62. My Saturn (8th house) is oppsite my Neptune (2nd house) and I find that my money problems tend to stem from things I have no control over. Large medical bills , older members of my family needing loans for there care eat up everything . I do not get money from a will or an inheritance unless it’s a busted up car or costs me some money to get what ever I got back into shape.
    I tend to get junk from dead people. All the cloths , arts and crafts left overs and anything to odd to be of value connected to sex or the occult finds a home with me . I also have people tell me things ( death bed confessions ) they never told anyone before. I am a story keeper and a writer so this is a good thing for me.
    My only beef with this aspect is I find myself in the middle of things when people are in very emotional times. They like to yell at me and blame me for how they feel. It’s not my doing that there on deaths door or they got evicted! I am sort of a signpost for people. Your shadow is my normal.
    I also have a lot of LGBT people in my life. Gender plays a big role in my world. It’s likely because my moon is also in my 2nd house with Neptune. Jupiter is also in opposition to my Saturn in my 2nd. My life is a drag club on the edge of the twilight zone. If you have not guessed I have Uranus sesqui-quadrate my Saturn in my 12th house in Libra.
    I need to be able to pay the bills so a lot of the cool stuff I want to do gets put off. I wish I could take a brake from the drama at times. Then again, I am to type A to let the ball drop. Saturn is also conjunct Pluto in the 11th house. Oh well!

  63. (It’s not “I can’t make”, it’s “I can make”!)

    Jesus, I corrected this nonsense five times before posting it. And still has so many mistakes!
    Well, having Mercury in Sagittarius was a universe’s really fun joke at me.

  64. I was born with Saturn/Neptune conjuncted (11th – 10th, Capricorn). Both trigoning the moon in Taurus in the 2nd, this one, however, opposes itself to Scorpio pluto in the 8th, this, making sextils with Saturn and Neptune. Neptune is conjuncted with Uranus (Capricorn) in the 10th.

    “Don’t you realize how much money it is worth!?” – this is something people are always yelling at me.

    I have lackings of self-values, self bounding to anything. I just can’t hold myself to anything that is connected to matter. I dream a lot, sometimes until the point of going vague and unrealistic, and I stay there – it’s easy to go and hard and painful to come back. My goals are to high, too elusive, too dreammy. I have few friends, true ones, few. I just can’t attach myself to anyone who can’t understand emotions, who can’t understand that to me they are as real as reality to anyone else.

    I live being criticized for not paying attention to whatever I want from my life (well, people see this in me, I can say that they’re wrong, but, they say they are right…). They come and say to me; “Don’t you think about your future?” – I would like so much to say: “Yes, I do. I want so much to do my stuff to live, I want so much to be, truly, alive!” But, my answers, as always, would sound more like a school of dolphins saying those sounds: “Ki-kiii-kiiii kiiii” at their ears. And then they would turn their backs at me or just try to convince me that their reality is better then mine so then I would have to find a normal work and live like them.

    It felt so strange when I came across myself at the first time. When I first wrote a poem, first painted a canvas, when I wrote my first song… I was like feeling alive, having survived a long darkened day… You know… I was raised by gounded parents, grounded brothers, in a grounded family; none here knows anything about art. They all have jobs which are a lot related to this world and its rules, so, being raised among this had made me think I was a part of it, as any pisces ascendant would feel, a part of the school of fishes. Then, “art”ing around, opened my eyes…

    Well, after I roamed around many different topic which have nothing to do with this. I think we all can come to a conclusion: “Where are my roots?”…
    This Saturn/Neptune conjunction struggles in me in a peaceful way, somehow, I guess… Many people with this have to stay grounded while dreaming, but, for me I feel that my saturn has the need to dream, while my neptune has the need to stay grounded on earth. Because I go on by creativity, inventing grounds which ones my roots can place their grasp, and hold themselves at… I don’t know why I do this, I just know that I have to. The reasons that we have here in the reality are to vague for me, the are not enough to hold myself, or maybe, they aren’t at my reach.


    I don’t know exactly how to say it, but, everytime I do anything that is not related to arts I feel like there’s everything in front of me and I am not able to catch it. Look what I’ve done here… Wrote… Wrote… Wrote… And no conclusion. And almost nothing said.
    But I feel somehow that I can’t make other’s dreams come true… Like I do to my cousin songs, to my friends relationships, to others needs. Strange but true… It’s like; Strange, but Me.
    I like so much when my challange is to make my imagination come true. To materialize it!

    “In between two worlds” This title has really cought my attention. Maybe because we identify ourselves to what is alike us.

    (Oh, my god!) I wrote a book up there!

  65. Hi Hiroki!

    My 4th house Saturn (conjunct Asteroid Spirit as well as the Part of Spirit) sits at the exact midpoint of my chart’s closest square, that of my Mercury/Moon. Since my Mercury is also closely conjunct my Neptune (and Jupiter – all three straddle the cusp of the 2nd/3rd and square my Moon in the 5th), this aspect is felt as a strong desire to communicate and share my spiritual ideals/love in practical ways. I want to *become* the change I want to create, and find myself frustrated by those who seem to view their spirituality as little more than some abstract intellectual exercise, or form of entertainment. For me, it has to serve a greater purpose and inspire not only mindfulness, but mindful right action in service of others. It helps with my artistic creations as well. :)

    Learning to surrender my will to the Divine Will has been tough, and I still struggle with occasional bouts of self-doubt, fear and/or willfulness, although as I’ve gotten older and hopefully, *wiser*, I’ve learned to listen less to the voices of the world and more to my own inner guidance.

  66. Saturn/Mercury/Chiron conjunction trine Neptune/South Node conjunction.

    I relate a lot to your post and to Angie’s reply as well. How I think I’ve used the Saturn/Neptune aspect is taking the vision of whatever it is I want to do in my mind and making it real. Kinda like the saying, doing what you’ve set your mind to.

  67. Hi there!
    I have saturn (conjunct ic) in opposition with neptune (conjunct mercury and mc).
    I have a very strong Saturn, forming many aspects, and as a pisces rising , Neptune is important to my chart.
    The key is as you’ve described it : dream , but stay grounded, dream, but stay on focus, dream, but follow rules .
    Satisfaction comes when you make your wildest dreams become your concrete reality. You don’t need to be torn by these opposite forces, you just need to intergrate them in a unity :)

    • Hi Angie,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn opposition Neptune!

    • That is exactly true Angie. The golden ticket is to manifest y/our dreams. I am so grateful for my Saturn-Neptune conjunction, we are the ones who keep dreams alive on Earth. We are the visionaries, philosophers, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. What fun!

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