A Rotten Sign

Currently I’m working on a little piece for a local magazine on “ego and astrology” – not sure how it’ll come out, but we’ll see. I wanted to share some stray thoughts I had while brainstorming on this:

1) Some signs are simply more “ego-friendly” than others – i.e. its energy, needs and resources are readily utilized by the ego for self serving purposes. Think of Gemini’s communicative energy, mightily applicable to all spectrum of usage, both high and low. Or Leo’s theatricality that is bound to make you noticed by others.

2) Other signs are much harder for ego to handle; Scorpio’s need for penetrating knowledge and deep control is way too strong for strictly self serving ends – you end up appearing ruthless if you use all that power just for yourself. Virgo’s analytical capacity can turn to neurotic perfectionism if ego tries to use it just to feel better about itself.

This is pertinent for most inner planet placement (inner planets having more to do with ego.) Recall Stephen Arroyo’s comment about Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces appearing to be “karmic” signs that call for some degree of suffering (from Astrology, Karma and Transformation). I think what this means is that those energies are best utilized by non-ego part of us.

If we totally live from ego-point of view, these signs may seem rotten. But they may simply be calling for more conscious usage of their power: I don’t feel sorry about my Scorpio planets or Pisces Ascendant, but they did call for an alternate level of consciousness before I was able to fully tap into their resources.

Come to think of it, maybe this applies for many planetary aspects that are traditionally thought to be “rotten.” Saturn or Pluto aspect, for instance, may seem rotten on the “ground floor” level of ego-consciousness, but once you start going up on the ladder of consciousness (i.e. serving something outside of yourself, using your power for others), maybe there are sublime riches on the upper floors, so to speak (for more of this kind of thinking, you’re invited to read about the elevator analogy.)

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