Relocation Astrology: What You Can Learn from Where You Live

relocation astrology

Basics of Relocation Astrology 

Your natal chart is a map of the sky at the time of your birth, at the location of your birth. Relocation chart is your horoscope created for the time of your birth, but at a different location.

Relocated charts reflect experiences and lessons you tend to attract in a given location. Rather than your natal chart being activated through passage of time, relocation astrology studies how it’s activated through movement in space (i.e. location).


How to Create a Relocation Chart

You can create a relocated horoscope by setting the “birth location” to a city of your choice, but keeping the birth time accurate (i.e. input your actual birth time adjusted for the local time zone of the new location).


Interpreting a Relocation Chart

Angles are Important

The most important factors in relocated charts are the new Angles (ASC, MC). If your relocation chart has planets (or midpoints) conjunct an Angle, the energy of those planets (or midpoints) will be expressed strongly in that location.

For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger (both a Hollywood star and a former governor of California) has an extremely powerful relocation chart for Los Angeles (view relocated chart).

You’ll see that Schwarzenegger’s Jupiter conjoins the relocated MC (i.e. career success). His Venus conjoins the relocated Descendant (i.e. popularity with the public), and his Saturn and Pluto both square the relocated MC (i.e. acquiring political power).

The relocated chart clearly seems to suggest that Schwarzenegger was meant to succeed in California.


Planets on a Relocated Angle

Conjunction with a relocated Angle (Ascendant-Descendant or Midheaven-IC) is the most powerful pattern you can observe in a relocation chart.

Here are some guidelines for interpretation. These guidelines will apply if you have a planet making other aspects to relocated Angles (squares are especially powerful), although the effects of other aspects may be a bit weaker than conjunctions.


Sun conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Being Recognized”

Sun represents the energy of self-expression, and Angular placement brings it forward. In this location, you have the potential for being in the spotlight. A stay in this area may help you gain more confidence with your creative self-expression.

In addition, if the Sun is conjunct relocated IC, a bulk of your energy may be expressed within your home and family.


Moon conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Emotional Fulfillment”

In this location, you’re likely to give priority to fulfilling your Moon sign’s needs (i.e. Moon in fire signs seeks ego recognition, whereas an Air sign Moon may seek social interaction and intellectual stimulation, etc.)

Moon represents your emotional needs. Here, you may also find it easier to establish emotional connection with others and, perhaps most importantly, yourself. Family might be an important factor in this location as well.


Mercury conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Accelerated Thoughts”

This is an important location, as Mercury represents both learning and communication – two key skills in most careers. Here, you may find that your perception and communication skills “connect” with others you work with.

You may find learning of all kinds to be emphasized while in this area. You might also discover your talent for speaking, writing or any other forms of communication. Granted, if your Mercury is under high tension, such learning may not come easily – but learn you will!


Venus conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Relationship Lessons”

In this area, you tend to find connection with others more important. Being with others and learning about yourself through your relationships become the primary focus.

The relationship lessons suggested by your natal Venus will most likely find expression in this location, if you choose to move here. Another interesting phenomenon is that sometimes you get into relationships with people who are from this location.


Mars conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Driven to Succeed”

Mars is the energy of motivation and drive, and you’ll find plenty of both in this location. There is another facet of the Mars archetype, which is “survival,” that might become an issue here.

In this area, you tend to feel a sense of hunger for what you seek – success, knowledge, skills, or anything else. Hunger leads to action, so you have the potential to make a lot of progress in this location.


Jupiter conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Abundance of Opportunities “

You see possibilities for growth everywhere in this area, on multiple levels (financially, socially, or spiritually.)

There may be a sense of “seeing a bigger picture” through career promotion or higher learning. You tend toward optimism in this area, most likely to your benefit.


Saturn conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Accepting Responsibility”

As we move on to slower planets, things get more serious. Outer planet conjoining a relocated Angle suggests that you’ll experience lasting personal change in that area.

If Saturn conjoins a relocated Angle, it means you’ll have serious “growing up” to do in that area. This usually means taking on a new responsibility, perhaps even a position of authority in this location.

Here you may be forced to confront and overcome your personal weaknesses, which will considerably strengthen your character. As you develop your maturity and wisdom, you’ll be trusted with greater responsibility here.


Uranus conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Rediscovering Yourself”

Uranus represents the process of innovation and change. Uranus on a relocated Angle suggests that you will find a new way to express yourself, personally and professionally, as you stay in this area.

Here, you may find new life direction, as well as rediscover parts of your personality that have been long forgotten. In this location, you give yourself permission to depart from long established patterns of thoughts/behaviors, and explore new ways of being “you.”


Neptune conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Trusting Your Intuition”

If you’re a creative or intuitive person, your refined sensitivity will find productive expression here. Whether you choose to work in fine arts, science or mathematics, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this area.

Even if you’re not feeling particularly creative, you may have opportunities to refine your sensitivity in this location, perhaps through romance or spirituality. The alternative is to ignore your sensitive inner voice, and as a result feel confused and disconnected.


Pluto conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Being Empowered”

This location has powerful implications. As Pluto symbolizes both power and its extreme uses, a stay in this location will offer you lessons in personal power.

Here, you may have to face questions such as: How do you give your power away to others? How much passion are you hiding beneath your psychic basement? Or: How do you use (or abuse) power?

On a professional front, you may find yourself entrusted with a lot of power and resources. People may trust you with important things, whether it is money, health or information. How you handle such trust will have a powerful impact on the community you’re in.


More Complex Interpretations of a Relocation Chart

To fully appreciate the potential of a relocation chart, you’ll need to connect it with your natal horoscope. While a complete analysis of a relocation chart is a subject too large for this article, here is one guiding thought:


Relocated chart can emphasize a particular configuration in your natal chart (through contact with relocated Angles), bringing it forward into the eyes of the public.


Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger’s power packed Saturn-Pluto conjunction (extreme discipline, extreme power), coming into focus in the LA relocation chart through its square with relocated MC.

This means your natal chart already shows your potential, but the relocated chart may suggest a location where such potential could be fully realized.



Relocation astrology shows us another way in which the potential within your natal chart can be fulfilled. If transit activates your natal potential through passage of time, relocation activates the natal potential through movement within space.


Do you live far from your place of birth?   How does your relocation chart look? Do you have interesting (relocation astrology) stories to share about the places you’ve lived in the past? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: or schedule a consultation.


  1. Hello there.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on the 30th of July, 1947 (age 74) in Thal, Styria, Allied-occupied Austria. How do you adjust the time zones in a relocation chart? How did you achieve 6:10 pm on the 29th of July in Los Angeles in Schwarzenegger’s relocated chart? Is there something important I’m missing here? I hope you can help me with this?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Yours sincerely.

    • Hi Ani, to relocate a chart, you need to keep the birth time the same while changing the birth location. To do that, most softwares use Universal Time as a reference. As long as the universal time remains unchanged, you can change the birth location to get the patterns of the sky at the time of your birth, in that particular location.

      One way to confirm whether you’ve accurately relocate a chart is to check the Moon’s degree and minutes. The Moon’s position needs to be exactly the same as the birth chart (to the minute) – if it isn’t, then you know there is a mistake.

  2. Hi there,
    I’m currently thinking about moving to the UK (from the US) and my moon is exactly conjunct the midheaven (10th house) in the relocated chart, but mars is exactly conjunct my descendant. My sun is conjunct the IC in the 4th house. I LOVE the UK so much. I’ve read some things online saying you shouldn’t move where mars is on the descendant. That I would attract violent people. But is it really that bad? What are the positives of mars in that spot? So many astrology pages are “gloom and doom”.
    The last time I was in London I did get A LOT of attention from males. But would it be dangerous to live where my mars is conjunct the descendant?

    • Hi Marie, Mars has many positive manifestations, so violence isn’t necessarily the outcome. I live on a Mars line and have learned different types of martial arts in the 20+ years I’ve been here. Your experience of attracting male attention makes sense (with Mars on the relocated Descendant), and “passionate & physically active social life” is a positive way to express this placement.

    • I have Mars/ Moon node on my DSC Line in my current relocation chart and it has not attracted anyone violent- but it did create a LOT of sexual attention and fast attractions. My now partner is an ex footballer and I have a magnet for professional sports people here. Could be fun for you.

  3. Neptune is conjunct Sun Moon midpoint in my natal chart by less than one degree. Many years ago I moved to my Uranus ascendant line, which squares that midpoint. I am now considering a possible move to a place where the new ascendant is exactly conjunct the Sun Moon midpoint (and Neptune). Oddly, the progressed Mars is also conjunct this point. My feeling is that it should be interesting. What sort of experiences do you think I would anticipate?

    • Hi Donna, moving to that location will activate your natal Neptune=Sun/Moon configuration. So consider the spectrum of Neptunian themes running through your life, such as the importance of creative/aesthetic/spiritual expression. If these are significant for you, then you’ll most likely find a meaningful outlet in this location. Feel free to give us an update!

  4. Hi Hiroki!
    Question that I’m hoping you can answer… I’m relocating and my new city is the same as the one that I’m currently living in ; Crossing Mars/Pluto / 7498 km. I feel like I haven’t had much success with where I am and now I’m worried I’m moving to a place with the same energy. Is this always the case?

    • Hi Haley, if I understood correctly, the place you’re moving to have the Mars/Pluto influence, and the place you’re living now also have Mars/Pluto influence (probably over a different Angle since the two locations are far apart).

      If this is the case, and it happened without your planning to do so, then probably you do have a theme to work out in these places, and Mars/Pluto energy needs to be mastered. This is especially the case if Mars and Pluto are prominent in your natal chart. For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  5. the place I want to relocate after my psychology studies, shows that my 9th h. stellium moves to the 5th, in my natal chart I have pluto in 4th h. and Jupiter in 7th. my chart changes a lot but which one should be considered? In the relocated; pluto moves into the 1st h. (in sagittarius) conjuncts the AC line , (pluto trine mercury stays the same), pluto squares mc and Jupiter is gets on the IC and is in opposition with MC (Venus conjunct Jupiter stays the same). In my birth chart pluto is square my AC, but my AC has trines with personal planets from my stellium moon Saturn mars sun (which changes into the 5th in the relocated). thank You

    • Hello there, your natal chart is what you always consider. Moving to a new location does not change who you are, but it can bring out different aspects of you (you take yourself with you wherever you are).

  6. Hi Hiroki, I have a doubt: Do you use a relocated birth chart for calculating Solar Returns in case the person has moved and currently lives abroad? Or you just stick to the original birth chart? Would there be substantial changes?

  7. Hi, I am a strong believer in finding meaning in that has anything to do with astrology. Also I have noticed many trends between current transits/secondary progressions that coincide with my relocation chart as I have recently moved just a month ago. Natally, I have Capricorn stellium with mars, Neptune, Uranus, sun and Venus all within 5°of each other and falling on top of my MC as well. creating a nice sextile exactly to my Pisces moon. . Uranus exactly conjunct my MC where I lived the first 26 years of my life on the east coast… excitement and instability for sure. Now I have moved to Oregon and I have Saturn EXactly conjunct my ascendant at 28° Aquarius. Very different from my previous Taurus rising. I find this change appropriate tho because soon I’ll be experiencing my first Saturn return of this lifetime and Saturn (along with Jupiter and Pluto) are currently transiting my stellium. I’ve only been here a month but can already feel the difference. I’m much more on top of my daily chores and motivated to keep everything clean and organized. Learning astrology, I can say my Capricorn stellium is much more at ease with Saturn on the ascendant than Uranus on the MC. I know I have a lot of maturing to do. The only things I like to be more aware of are natal Pluto square Saturn by 1°, my Sun/Venus/mercury move into the 12th house, rather than the 10th, and my 7th house which used to contain Jupiter, Pluto and NN, now contains Chiron.

    • Hi Alicia, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct relocated Ascendant. If Pluto is also contacting the relocated Ascendant, this is a doubly powerful location for you.

  8. Hi there, 13 years ago I moved the furthest east I could go in the world from my birthplace (from Seattle to Nz). In my relocated chart I now have Saturn in 1st conjunct my ascendant and Venus tightly conjunct my MC. I’m also now Scorpio rising instead of Sagittarius but still have a Sagittarius moon. I was born natally with moon and Uranus on my ascendant and moon is still in my first house but Uranus is in 2nd.

    I’m more worried about Saturn (and my south node! It’s now exact on my asc. ugh) being on my relocated ascendant as I’ve had a *lot* of epic personal “self” struggles in this Saturnian/SN manner while living here (and it’s quite a change from the moon/Uranus combo I’m so used to having front and centre) and have dealt with horrible severe depression and agoraphobia nearly the entire time, but am living here permanently and wasn’t given much choice in the matter with moving, thus feel that I just have to live with and try to grow from those aspects, despite their unpopularity. Though Venus now on my MC and Jupiter now in my 4th house might be a nice consolation for that lol (always have beautiful surroundings and great luck with houses).

    • Hi! With Saturn and Venus prominent in the relocated horoscope, a new quality of “popularity” might emerge as you develop your identity to assume positions of authority and responsibility.

  9. Martin Henderson says

    Hello Hiroki,
    I have been looking at my relocated chart for a while, but the following question arises:
    – Should I use the relocated chart as my new “natal chart” as long as I live in the relocated place? How does the original natal chart continues to play a part (or no long does)?

    • Hi Martin, you take your natal chart wherever you go. It’s not that your horoscope changes as you move, but the relocated chart suggests what parts of your natal chart is activated in that location.

  10. Concerning relocated charts, I was wondering wouldn’t it be more accurate if you took the progressed relocated chart as a point of reference instead of the natally relocated one ?
    For instance, if I relocate my natal chart to a certain place it doesn’t seem good at first, but then if I look at the progressed relocation chart, it seems better at that location than my progressed chart in my natal location. ( was just tinkering with; I put a different birth place and then went to progressed chart, saw a big difference, seemed I would be happier there than here at this age).

  11. Really interesting read, thank you! I started by looking at my relocation chart and found that my Jupiter/IC line fell right on Sydney, AU, along with my mars/venus line. The mars/venus seemed to worry me but then the moon node/IC line didn’t look to be far off. I have a ton of family there and am considering a move there and I found it interesting that my aries sun, which is usually in the 12th house was now in the 4th and that the chart seemed to speak of focusing on family and even retiring. However, what I am unsure about in my relo chart was, my aries sun in the 4th house squares my ascendant in cap by 1 orb – you wrote that squares were important but I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing for me?
    Also, my pisces mercury is now in the 3rd house (it was in the 12th) is now exactly sextile my ascendant (i didn’t have that at all in my natal chart) – i am a recruiter and it is interesting that mercury looks to be heightened here, so I hope it would be a good move for me and my career. I am not sure if in my relo chart, that jupiter in aries in the 4th opposing my MC in libra by 1 orb, neptune in cap squaring my cap MC and my NN opposing MC by 3 is also good for my career and future or not?
    The only other aspects that changed was my PoF in Virgo in the 9th now seems to oppose my Venus by 1 and gemini Vertex conjuncts mars by 1. Are asteroids something to look at in relo charts or do the above aspects hold more water? I am interested to hear your insights!

    • Hi Natalie, Jupiter/IC line makes sense according to what you wrote about your family there! Sun in relocated 4th house, too…I would not worry about the square to Ascendant – it just means emphasis on the solar energy. For a full analysis of a relocation chart, please consider scheduling a private session.

  12. Sue Corrigan Yo says

    My natal Pluto is conjunct my Ascendant in Leo just inside the 12th house. By relocation it falls on my IC. Since I have lived in Annapolis MD my character has become deeper and my personality has been transformed. I have transformed my painting/teaching career and been really sucessful here due to the deep and emotionally supportive relationship with my new husband. My Sun/Jupiter conjunction in the 10th natally has moved to my Ascendant by relocation and that has really brought out my creativity , popularity and opportunities for advancment in painting and teaching. (Taurus MC natally) I have also gained weight and struggle to get it off here. Jupiter close to ascendant just inside the 12th has broadened my spiritual knowledge, I have had wonderful deep insights through meditation and study groups behind the scenes. Writing this has helped me to bring these realizations into consciousness.

    • Hi Sue, thank you very much for sharing your relocation experience! These are great illustrations of a relocation chart reflecting your experience in the new location.

  13. Hi,
    what about the changed house placement of the planets in the relocated chart? how important are their potentials compared to their original houses?

  14. Hi,
    I relocated since 12 years in a place where uranus conjuncts Asc, Saturn (with the NN) conjunct MC opposing mars conjunct IC. Saturn opposes also the sun. I am confused now should I look at the transits to the relocated chart, or to the natal chart? which transits can show life events? the natal or the relocated. should I forget about the natal chart, since i live now in total another space- astrological potential in my chart?
    Thank you very much

    • Hi Jasmin, thanks for sharing about relocating to your Saturn-Uranus line. What is it like to live there in your experience?

      Regarding your question, I always look at the natal chart to consider the transits (I feel that you take yourself with you wherever you move to). There are other astrologers that look at relocated charts to consider transits, so you’ll need to test it for yourself and see what resonates better.

  15. Hi Mr. Niizato, So perfect that I saw this article. I am considering a big move. Would you give me some insight please. I put in the new location and am having a little trouble with how I should think about a few aspects. Namely Pisces at 29 degrees MC. Also ACconj. Jupiter and MC bq pluto,saturn, and sun, Thank you for any insight. Catherine

  16. Hello Hiroki,

    Thank you for the interesting article. I moved to another country for my studies and my relocation chart has my Mars-Pluto opposition conjunct MC-IC. They form a tight T-square with my sun, so the sun now squares Mars-MC and Pluto-IC. Mars also conjuncts Moon and they’re both now in the 10th house where mars is the 10th ruler.
    Mercury (conjunct Venus) on the relocation chart conjuncts ASC.
    Do you think these placements are promising for a career as well as studies?

    One more about Pluto: I’m not sure about what pluto-IC is doing. It does affect the MC and trines the ASC but how does it affect the IC?

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Gabi, Mars-Pluto opposition aligning with the relocated MC axis does suggest activation of your career. Pluto-IC might also suggest deepening psychological or spiritual investigation.

      • Thank you for your reply :)
        May I ask about my Mercury-Asc tight conjunction? (I am in the creative arts, so I imagine it has something to do with that). Is there a difference between Mercury-Asc and Mercury-MC in the relocation chart? Do they have different impact?
        Thank you :)

  17. Hello, Hiroki !
    I am thinking about going to study abroad and maybe settle myself in South Korea. I did the relocation chart and my asc is cancer (moon in the 6th house) – MC in aries (mars in the 2nd); Sun and Mercury in the 10th house; Venus and Saturn in the 9th house; Jupiter and pluto in the 5th house ; North Node in the 4th house. The only placements that are worrisome to me are Uranus and Neptune in my 7th house. I’ve been there for a month and found incredibly easy to adapt to my surroundings and maybe thought it would be a good place to live.
    What do you think ? would love to hear from you ! Thanks for your work !

    • Hi Sana, rather than the house positions within the relocated chart, I would pay more attention to the aspects to the relocated Angles – that reflects what energy in your birth chart will be activated in South Korea. Your natal chart will go with you wherever you go.

  18. Mar Fernández says

    I was relocated by my family 40 years ago although I always longed to come back to my birthplace. Main changes : ASC from Sagittarius,9 to Scorpio 29 (Anaretic).Sun, 5 sag, from 12 house to 1st. Uranus/Pluto from 9th to 10th, cj MC , Chiron from 3rd to 4th and NNode from 6th to 7th. I’m still considering of going back for my retirement. I wonder what to do

  19. Hi! I have moon in Gemini 1st house natal- in relocation, it moved to 9th conjunct MC. Relocation Pluto in 1st not conjoined, Uranus in 2nd conjunct 3rd.
    Jupiter in 10th not conjoined. Venus in 4th squares AC. Neptune in 3rd empty Pisces DC.

    Saturn and north node in 12th.

    I made powerful enemies here – masons.

    However I do not feel powerless at all.

    question, do enemies you made in relocation follows you? Because they have.

  20. hi
    I had noticed patterns in sun signs, most strikingly in the people I tend to meet – friends and romantic partners – before I’d ever heard about relocated charts. I’d lived in different cities and countries for a sufficiently long time
    to spot these differences, but initially assumed it was cultural. Then I realized that, in Paris, where I was born with an Aquarius ASC, these meaningful persons were either Leos (Descendant) or all three air signs. On the East Coast, with a Sag ASC, they were all three fire signs, or Geminis.
    On the West Coast, with a Scorpio ASC, they were all three water signs, or Taurus. (note that I am a Virgo – I had some Earth signs friends at each location, but none remained significant)
    So, in my experience, it appears that having a relocated Ascendant affected my interactions, or attracted different people. Hard not to believe in astrology and in relocated charts after this!

    • Hi Terry, thank you for sharing your experience. Yeah, isn’t it interesting that the people you attract seem to change based on the location! Much appreciated..

      • Your Asc, relocated, or solar return Asc is how you present to others. First house personality so you infact appeared those signs and therefore attracted or found affinity with those other signs.

        • It’s definitely worth exploring this line of thought. I don’t feel you stop expressing your natal chart regardless of where you are, but relocated chart seems to indicate a subtle change in its expression.

  21. Hi Hiroki, I hadn’t heard of relocation astrology until now. I have five planets (mercury, pluto, uranus, sun, asc) in the 12th house, and I’m having a hard time making life feel worthwhile. Some astrological sites say that people with stelliums in a cadent house need to move to change their life. Do you agree? I have no idea where I’d even go. I’m single and have no family connections. It seems like quite a leap. Other sites say to “get out of the house” (12th house) and go to the opposite house. For me, that’s house 6, which represents work, and I already do too much of that.
    Your thoughts?

    • Hi Robyn,

      Good question…My view is that natal chart goes with you wherever you go. Relocation chart highlights which part of the natal chart is strongly activated in the new location – but it’s not that your life issues disappear just by moving.

      With that said, I’m open to the possibility that moving to a location that “shifts” your stellium to a different house might create a different focus in life. You may want to experiment with traveling to a location that shifts the focus of the stellium to a 3rd house (for activating communication and learning), 5th house (for fun and creativity), 7th house (for activating social connections) or 9th house (for broadening your mind), etc.

  22. Hello!
    I just recently discovered relocation astrology. But what could it mean if my north node will have a conjuction with my IC?
    Thank you!

  23. Hi, I just wanted to ask what would happen if the relocated chart’s ascendant tightly conjuncted the natal MC?

  24. Hi Hiroki, I am an astrologer and have only just begun looking at relocation. Thank you for this informative article! Here is something not discussed so far – what about natal Asc. conjunct relocated MC? This is what occurs when I relocate my chart to Liverpool, where I have often considered visiting as I am also a semi-professional musician who has always been enamored with the Beatles- go figure!

  25. I was told I am located by my moon node and am courious as to what that means? Also, how can I tell if it’s my north or south node?

    • Hi Autumn, Nodal axis emphasis highlights connection with groups or the public. North/South Node distinction does not matter here, as they’re one axis always opposing each other (hence it’s called a Nodal axis).

  26. Hi there, I’m into show business & acting… considering relocating to New York city and this is the relocation chart I got

    My natal is this
    For some reason (maybe the T-Square with saturn in my 6th) I feel so awkward in my everyday life. :/

  27. Hi and thank you for this article!
    I am an actor looking into relocating from Europe to the US. So of course I made a chart for LA, and one for NY.

    In LA, my NN is conjunct the AC in Aquarius. Mars and Venus being in the same house. Pluto, 10 degrees from the MC is squaring the AC and Mars. LA seems intimidating, although I would love the sunlight.
    In NY, my Sun in Aries is conjunct the AC… Uranus is on the cusp of the MC, which scares me but seems liberating.
    My natal Sun is on the cusp of the MC, in opposition with moon in the IC, forming a T-Square with Saturn in the 6th house. So in the NY chart, this T-Square moves to the houses 1, 7 and 10.

    What looks like the better choice?

  28. i moved from cancer ascendant and moon in 10th but opposing pluto and saturn, to place where my jupiter-uranus is on on my MC and sextiling sun in 8th, where sun is my 7th house ruler, so far im not having good luck, worse than that a disaster

    • Hi Meghan, thank you for sharing your experience. Natal aspects like Moon opposing Pluto-Saturn will still be active regardless of where you go, so you take these issues with you wherever you go.

  29. Donny Lim says

    I toggled with a few locations and coincidentally Seattle, WA seem to be it. My relocated Venus-exalted Jupiter conjunction now is conjunct relocated Descendent, with a trine to my Uranus in Scorpio conjunct relocated MC. DOes that mean increased popularity and potentially have multiple offers for long-term partnership (marriage and/or business) there?
    Unfortunately, Venus-exalted Jupiter conjunction both square Pluto – an uphill battle perhaps while in search for that?

    Also, relocated Moon now in 4th with relocated Sun and Mercury both in 5th – seems like I’ll feel at home (relocated Moon in 4th) and get my creative juices flowing (Sun and Mercury in 5th).

    • Angular Venus-Jupiter conjunction sounds pretty positive to me. Just need to make sure the relationships will be supportive to your authentic self and life purpose (Pluto stuff).

  30. I relocated from Pittsburgh, PA which is about 250 miles from my Mars Nadir line. I felt like I was sinking there. There was always something calling me back to Colorado from a vacation 30 years earlier. I have finally relocated here. First of all — I have Jupiter opposite Saturn. However, both planets are near cusps and my Jupiter is 29* Libra and my Saturn is 2* Taurus, so they aren’t six signs away. (Most of my planets are near cusps). But looking at the Astro Map, my Jupiter ascending line is about 50-100 miles from my Saturn descending line — they both migrate diagonally in the Plains, with the Saturn descending cutting through Omaha, NE and then Minneapolis. I was told at a workshop (David Cochrane) that I really did not want to be anywhere near my Saturn descending line. Well, I’m about five hundred miles from it. More to the point, my relocated Ascendant is 23* Libra, so about five degrees from Jupiter, a weak conjunction. I am not too concerned about that b/c I wanted my Jupiter to be in the 1st house rather than the 12th house. Saturn also moved from 6th to 7th, Venus and Neptune moved from 1st to 2nd.

    I am an astrologer (studied for 20 years) and want to know your thoughts. I can give you my data if you want. I’m into Vibrational Astrology (i.e. harmonics) also.,

    • Hi David, I personally do not believe in calling somewhere a “bad” location simply because Saturn is on the relocated Angle.
      As developmental tension must be assessed in relation to the individual, changes like the ones you describe won’t mean much without understanding the natal chart and the choices you made in life. For a full discussion of your horoscope, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  31. I just recently discovered astrocartography. My natal Sun is at 1’03 Gemini, conjunct my MC (2’53 Gemini), both sextile Jupiter (3’45 Leo). My Ascendant is 7’09 Virgo with Saturn exactly (7’14 Virgo) conjunct, and my North Node at 14’28 Virgo. I’ve got Mars (4’55 Taurus) conjunct Venus (5’43 Taurus). Pluto is in my 2nd (16’45 Libra). I’ve been interested in going to Goa, India. My Jupiter/Descendant line runs through there. Also Buenos Aires Argentina has my Sun/Asc line going through it.

  32. Hi Hiroki. Can you look into relocated vertex? I moved to a place where relocated vertex moved up three degrees natally to conjunct my natal Chiron. I have a perfect Uranus conjunct Chiron natal aspect. I also have Mercury square Uranus natal aspect. For the good part of 2016 an this year I have been experiencing the Uranus opposition transit.

    For the first time in my life, I got into finding and developing cure for some diaeases…wihout really thinking too hard about it. Btw I don’t have the slightest medical background.

    It’s as if I joined the medical research community “blindly’ when I moved to this place during my Uranus opposition transit. Roughly, relocated vertex, Chiron and transiting Uranus are now in the same spot – and I find myself healing people.

    • Hi KK, I’m not an expert with Vertex, so cannot comment. Your relocated chart may have other emphasis that would make sense to me. Either way, it sounds like a significant development for you!

  33. In the relocation chart in Tokyo Japan my jupiter and moon are both conjunct to MC and my uranus and neptune are both conjuct in ASC… and my planets are all in first house and tenth house..a stellium of 7 planets in first house and a stellium of 3 planets in tenth house.. is this a good location for me?

    • Hi ELe, Jupiter Moon conjunct relocated MC sounds pretty darn good to me. Emphasis on 1st and 10th house also suggest significant personal/professional development in this location. You may want to consider it!

  34. Hi Hiroki,

    What’s the orb you use here? same as in natal chart?


  35. I love your way of writing! And, this again is a great, short but to the point post!
    I was born with Venus on MC exact and Jupiter in 10th a bit further from MC. I moved from my birthplace to a country where my more playful ASC in Gemini changed into Taurus and MC changed from sign Aquarius to Capricorn with Saturn in 2th house. I am in this area almost 24 years now and only thing that i do a lot is “work”.
    I would like to have more luck in relationships, home life and social life because life is too short spending only at work.
    I was thinking to go to Portugal because i love Spain and Portugal but then i will have Uranus on DC in exact opposition to ASC and Mars from 12th house move into 1st house, Neptune move from 7th house to 8th house.
    is that good or bad? Do you give astro consults for relocation? thanks!!

    • Hi Lina, thanks for your comment.

      Having Uranus on the relocated ASC-DSC axis will emphasize the planet’s energy in your life. You may be able to develop greater independence and self-expression. At the same time, this could be an unsettling location with rapid changes in your social life. Other points you listed aren’t as critical as this one.

      I do provide relocation consultation, generally as an added service. Please look at the consultation page for more details, thanks.

  36. Excellent post, Hiroki. For anyone who’s into astrology, moving to one’s Jupiter/MC line should be top on one’s list. It worked for me in a big way.

    • Thank you Kat! It makes sense that Jupiter-MC line presents more opportunities for success. If you feel to, please share how it worked for you in a big way.

      • Apologies I wasn’t able to get back on this thread asap. I wasn’t into astrology study when I moved into my Jupiter-MC line. I was clueless about what was waiting for me out there. I got married in that place and gave birth to two beautiful girls. But then I wasn’t the marrying type and I previously had difficulty conceiving. I was successful career-wise and on the top of my game. It was like occupying the seat of power. Other parts of my relocated chart sits Mars on the IC and Pluto on the 4th house as well. My natal moon moved to the 7th house from the 5th. Venus/Uranus conjunction moved to second house from the 12th.

        From the outside looking in it somehow appeared to be a good move. However, I dealt with an inner turmoil on a daily basis.

        I’m back to my natal chart location. The turmoil is gone. The same goes for the stellar career and fancy cars.

        There’s relocation astrology for the clueless like I was at that time.

  37. Hello in my natal chart I have mars Asc and saturn Dc. I never had a serious relationship with a man and feel lonely. I am planning to move a city where I have moon Asc and venus,jupiter and pluto are in Dc.And also Mercury Mc I don’t know if its a good place for marriage. What should I expect when I am there. Thank you so much!:)

    • Hi Lisa, Venus line is typically great for relaxation and pleasant social interaction. Yes, probably such a location is suited for focusing on developing a serious relationship.

  38. Hello I live in Spain in the south but always thinking to move to Barcelona ,where there’s a little change in degrees but they turn partile ,so I would end up.having sun AC (Saturn mercury R conj)
    Pluto square AC and Virgo moon at 12 right in the IC line. And the transiting Neptune will hit the MC line this year and the other, I’ve read that is not a good idea to move to a city with this transit.Id like to know what you think.Thank you.

  39. What happens when planets conjunct the DC or IC? I noticed you just mentioned planets conjuncting the AC and MC angles. Will the effect be different and if yes, how?

    I have spent some time in a place where Neptune became conjunct my DC. That was where I met the father of my son. Our relationship was dreamy but true to Neptune’s fashion, we drifted apart and he is nowhere to be found in my son’s life or mine anymore.

    Tried a place where Mars was on my relocated DC. I have Mars conjunct AC natally. The said place is where my partner and I seemed to have had lots of fights.

    My bf will soon visit me here. And he has his Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on his relocated DC for my place, squaring his relocated MC/IC axis. What could this possibly mean?

    • Hi Vega, thank you for sharing your experience! You almost answer your own questions here, as Descendant naturally has relationship components, and your experience supports this (IC in turn has family/domestic components). Your boyfriend’s relocation chart does not seem to present anything dramatic, if what you listed is all you have.

  40. Hi Hiroki,
    This was a really interesting read. I had never heard of relocation astrology but it makes sense. I tried this with my current city. I didn’t have planets on any of the axes but my ascendant was moved to 29 degrees virgo, midheaven at 29 degrees gemini, dc at 29 degrees Sagittarius and descendant at 29 degrees pisces. It moved my stellium (Saturn, pluto, mars) from the second house into the end of the 1st house (still in libra) and Jupiter all lonesome in the 2nd house. Maybe this is a positive move? I havent been able to schedule an updated reading with you but I will!

    • Hi Rosie! This means your relocated Angles moved to Aries Point, which can suggest positive public expression in your work or social life. I look forward to hearing from you!

  41. Planetary crossings are important also. I found out when I ignored negative crossings to my detriment. I moved to my Jupiter MC line, where Neptune crossed Saturn and found a place that helped me get ahead no doubt but at great heartache. I then moved to my Venus Ascendant line without negative crossings and I have resided here 10 happy, wonderful years. Yes, I agree with your statement that Venus Ascendant brings relationships with those who are from this area. I am 53 and I never had a happy long term relationship until I moved here. This summer will mark 7 yrs. for us. I am so grateful for my Jupiter MC line despite the 6 yrs. of misery, it was a learning experience and a helping hand that got me to my much happier Venus Ascendant destination. Ironically, this Venus Asc. line happens to be my son’s Jupiter/Pluto MC line and he has benefited greatly in that aspect of his life as well. Not bad considering when I first learned about it all I was living in a negative Pluto area, raising a toddler by myself in poverty. Along came a couple of Uranus transits that removed barriers making it possible for me to follow those lines that intrigued me so much.

  42. i relocated my chart to BALI indonesia WHERE I AM ON HOLIDAY
    and have the n node conjunct the ASC AND VENUS CONJUNCT I.C what woeld that mean

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