Relationship Astrology: Sun-Venus Aspect & Midpoint

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Sun – Venus ASPECT: Too Sweet?

In transit or solar arc, Sun-Venus contact suggests energized social and/or romantic activities.  Unless it occurs under a more serious long-term influence (e.g. Pluto, Saturn etc), we can expect this to be a pleasant period where you might spend more time enjoying other people’s company than usual.

Natal conjunction (or semisquare) of Sun-Venus often suggests a pleasant personality.  Venus function tends to help form bonds between people, so a healthy expression of this placement will be expressed as the genuine ability to attract and befriend others.

The only issue here might be that Venus’ focus tends to be a little shallow (for better or worse), so a lot of ego energy (the Sun) being focused on her sphere could starve other parts of your psyche (Mars, Uranus and Pluto, especially).  Young person with Sun-Venus aspect might refuse to see the darker side of her friends’ character, and may end up being hurt or disappointed upon finding out.

In synastry, contacts between Sun and Venus produce similar effects – very pleasant and warm connection between two people that focus more on appreciating the other person and less on criticizing him/her.  This is great, provided that there are also other connections to support mutual understanding & acceptance on a deeper level.


Sun/Venus MIDPOINT: The Point of Harmony

When this midpoint is activated via natal, transit or solar arc aspect, we tend to feel comfortable with others and form relationships more easily. However, Saturn and outer planets on this midpoint will significantly modify your experience of this midpoint:

Saturn = Sun/Venus would force you to take off rose-colored glasses and see more clearly how you and the others are behaving in the relationship.

Uranus = Sun/Venus may fuel excitement to your social life through unusual experience and impulsive drives.

Neptune = Sun/Venus might intensify the idealistic tendency even further!  What is being used in order to add magic to the relationship, or to fuel the fantasy?  Is that healthy?

Pluto = Sun/Venus may suggest an unpleasant realization leading to deep emotional turmoil, and later, growth.

In synastry, outer planet contacts to a partner’s Sun/Venus midpoint could have similar impact, although couples tend to find ways to work it out in time (consider that while transits and solar arcs are temporary, synastric interaspects never change – so partners have time to get used to, and work through, the issues.)


In Closing

Looking at natal Sun-Venus aspect or Sun/Venus midpoint can give you more insights into your social persona.  While pleasant, the pair’s tendency to stay in superficial realms need to be balanced with equal sense of commitment and depth (although Sun-Venus’ sign placements will modify this quiet a bit – for instance, Air signs feel more at home in Venus’ realm, so having this aspect is not a big deal for them.)

Do you have any insights or experiences regarding Sun-Venus aspect or midpoint in your own chart?  Feel free to share via email or comment section below.

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  1. I have Lilith=sun/Venus midpoint but I cannot find anything that talks about about it 😫 Help pleasee!

  2. An ex of mine has his Sun/Venus midpoint exactly conjunct my descendant and 3 degrees from my moon which is obviously conjunct my descendant. I still think of him fondly but unfortunately he doesn’t want to get back together. We were good together and he was always very romantic and sweet. Oh well, his loss.

  3. In a synastry chart overlay, how might an aspect from another persons venus or sun to the other sun-venus midpoint play out? Would simply be a doubling down of the theme of being hamonious on the midpoint owners behalf?

  4. Hi again,
    My Sun trine Pluto (3°orb), and my Venus quintile (72°) my Pluto exact.
    Sun semi-squares Venus. The midpoint Sun/Venus forms as apex point a T-square with my natal Mars/Pluto opposition. Is sooo true about reality in frienships and dark side of some people character,so true. Slap in the face. I wonder if 3 midpoints forms a grand trine (or 4 points /a kite) there is something (anything) special in this pattern?

  5. Is transiting Pluto trine natal SU/ VE midpoint important and can be felt somehow in reality, I am currently under it ? Thank you

  6. I have sun-venus conjunction in my Natal horoskop, I “recognize” many of the above issues, especially the heading “TOO SWEET” – this is how I am perceived by many.

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