Relationship Astrology: Leo Archetype and Personal Recognition

As a sign ruled by the Sun, Leo tends to be a dominant voice in our psyche when we have a planet or two in it.

Any planet occupying the Lion’s sign has an energy that burns for personal recognition. This part of us needs to be appreciated by others. When the desired recognition is not forthcoming, feelings get hurt and tempers can flare up.

If you know someone with a planet or a stellium in Leo, you can assume that this thrust for personal recognition is there no matter how quiet and unassuming a person looks. So how do we meet this need?

5 Simple Ways to Love the Leo in Everyone

  • Let them know they’re important to you – this can mean remembering birthdays, giving them a call to show that you care, or doing something special for them.
  • Show respect to their opinions and feelings – if you act as if their views do not matter, you will invite trouble.
  • Always thank them for what they do for you, and let them know how much you appreciate them – Leos especially do not like being taken for granted.
  • Point out their special talent, ability and strong points – Leos respond beautifully to genuine compliments, and will respond in kind.
  • If possible, recognize their good quality or contribution in front of others.

People with a healthy Leo complex tend to automatically behave in the ways describe above, because they want and expect similar behavior in turn from you.

A Stifled Leo Energy
Some parents might teach their children that it’s not good to think so highly of themselves. Others are outright abusive and tell their young that they’re stupid, will never amount to anything, etc, etc. Children of these families may learn to suppress their innate Leonine urge to stand out and freely express themselves. As a result, they may adopt a critical attitude toward their own (or other people’s) creative and emotional expression.

The antidote for such “plumbing issues” might be to express praise and appreciation for yourself and others. If you have a few planets in Leo, then chances are that you recognize your ability to make other people feel special and appreciated. By giving others what you want (i.e. appreciation & recognition) you’re more likely to receive the same gift from others.

When Leo Is Mixed With Other Elements
If there is a strong Virgo or other Earth component as well as Leo, then the person will likely perform a lot of work and services in the silent hope of winning personal recognition. Even when this person looks very professional and self possessed so as to not need any outside approval, a word of appreciation and acknowledgment for her competence and hard work goes a long way.

If there is a strong Cancer or other Water components in addition to Leo, then the person would want to be recognized for his/her caring heart. Acknowledge her emotions, and praise her for having a big heart.

If there is a strong Libra or other Air components beside Leo, the need for personal recognition will be fulfilled through entertaining and communicating with others. No matter how smooth and confident he seems, he’d still appreciate praise for his humor, wit and thoughtfulness.

A healthy Leo archetype within our psyche is a special, precious and vulnerable part of us that can give and receive generously. We can make others – and ourselves – happy by simply learning to recognize, praise and appreciate the good qualities in each other – a worthy challenge.

Do you or your loved ones have planets in Leo? What else besides the above makes your inner Lion roar with happiness? Please feel free to share with emails or comments…

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I love this post because I’m still learning about astrology and myself, and as an earth sun (Virgo), with a water ascendant and moon (Pisces and Cancer respectively), who has a Leo stellia in my Mercury, Venus and Jupiter… it just made so much sense to me. Thank you.

  2. This article is definitely spot on.

    Point nr 1 goes straight to my heart. I interpret it as “love”. I will not demand it or expect if anyone, but those who behave this way towards me are the ones I hold close to me :)

    Point nr 2 gets me fired up (and then I’m the one being called arrogant or pompous, when I’m merely being confident, honest, straightforward in what I say and how I say it, I can be rather blunt even though there’s no disrespect intended – I have Mercury in Leo, so I speak with authority – some are okay with it, others are very threatened by it)

    Point nr 3 is a total dealbreaker for me – I hate being taken for granted, and the moment I notice someone treats me this way, I cut things off and stop investing time or energy in them as I don’t deem them deserving of it

    Point nr 4 I appreciate this to some extent, but it’s not an absolute must for me. What I do like (and deem important) is when people notice how hard I try to do my best and I really love it when others are appreciative of it.

    Point nr 5 – I tend to get all shy and embarrassed when people do that (I do appreciate it though, and I admit it feels good to be recognized and praised, though for me it doesn’t necessarily have to be done publicly – I am much more comfortable with a 1-on-1 approach).

    People have tried to reign in that grand Leonine energy that resides within me and radiates from me, and too many times I’ve given in to that and censored myself (just to make those people with insecure Egos around me more comfortable).

    And that includes my family. And I have found that it’s just not healthy. For such a long time I thought something was wrong with me, when really people were the ones being too critical of me & intolerant towards me.

    I have accommodated people so many times to help them feel better about themselves, but the older I get the more I realize that’s just not my responsibility and it’s okay for me to be confident, act that way and express it any way that feels pleasant and natural to me (through a hobby, or by speaking truthfully).

    I have some “hidden” Virgoan energy in my chart (name asteroid + asteroid Psyche & Eros – all three are significant in my chart) and I’m greatly influenced by them it seems, I think it’s because they’re in close proximity to my Stellium in Leo.

    Thank god for those, because they help ground all of that hot Leo energy (along with some Arian & Sagittarian influence in my chart).

    A strong Gemini (Moon) and Libra Ascendant make it connect with others as well, and they make me a lot more easy-going.

    So in some ways I’m a typical Leo, yet in other ways I’m a lot more flexible, easy-going and accommodating.

    Also Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st House makes me suspicious of others’ motives. So while I do appreciate a compliment every now and then, if people lay it on too thick I get uncomfortable.

    I don’t like disingenuity.

  3. Hello Hiroki:
    For some reason this article escaped my notice. I’m suscribed to your newsletter but I didn’t get it, and found it looking for something totally different. It was meant to be at this moment, I guess.
    Well, this is an excellent article! As someone with a cluster of planets in Leo, I relate pretty much with it. The stellium in my case has Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Ceres.; if I can throw the Ascendant in, well off it goes as well; the planets and asteroid are in the 12th house though (cusp in Cancer).
    I definitely have a need for personal recognition and be appreciated for others; the 5 Points are accurate: violate one of them and it’s over; I grew up with a Taurus mother, we lived in her family’s home, full with Earth and Water people, so all my childhood was spent suppressing the urge to shine and became overly critical of myself and others. Speaking of such, I have a strong Virgo influence by conduct of Mars in the Ascendant/1st house so the criticism became compulsive, and a desire to be perfect and exact in everything became the main drive of my life. So, as I grew up and matured, I learned that the energy that a stellium releases is very intense (word used a lot by many of my friends) and if I wasn’t careful enough I could burn the people around me with my ego (Sun), emotions (Moon), mind (Mercury), love (Venus), discipline (Saturn), care (Ceres) and even with my personality (Ascendant); people would get scared and get away since they can’t deal with so much power (if I add that it all beams off the 12th house, they feel they’re being uncovered/stripped down, which is an uncomfortable feeling, haha).
    Thanks for sharing this article, it’s very enlightening!

  4. I’m virgo with Leo RIsing, Leo Venus, Leo Mercury, Leo Jupiter and Leo Chiron, all of them in House 1 (except Chiron in House 5) Midheaven in Taurus and Dark Lilith in taurus, meaning please ? 😩 I like gold a lot and red

  5. I have Mars, Venus, Moon, Mercury, and Sun ALL in Leo. I have a ridiculous need for recognition. I relate to what Michele (with Uranus in Leo) said because I have Aquarius rising with Uranus in Aquarius. I express myself in Aquarian ways (astrology, intellectuality, challenging old norms, etc. ) and take Leonine pride in my individuality. Since most of my stellium (all of the planets except the Sun) is in the sixth house, I especially love being praised for my work.

  6. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Michele,

    Good for you! Thank you for corroborating…


  7. I have Uranus in Leo in the 3rd house of communications. Is it any wonder that I've been described as creative, unique and quirky! I take PRIDE (good Leo word, huh!?) in my individuality when it comes to my self-expression, whether (as in the past) through my dancing and choreography or in my writings, letters and home made cards. It's that one area where Uranus and Leo come together to say…"NO ONE'S GONNA' TELL ME HOW TO EXPRESS MYSELF!" I'll listen to critiques but then I'll still do it they way I want. I'd like to think that my Taurus Sun and Venus in Gemini in my 1st house help to keep me from coming across too uppity and obnoxious about how I choose to communicate and express myself.

    And nothing pleases my Uranus/Leo/3rd house more than when a friend says,…"Michele, you send the neatest cards!" or "Wow, I love your letters, they're so NEWSY and fun to read.

    Oh and yes, it's also gotten me in trouble as well! After all, I do have a couple of nasty squares to deal with LOL!

  8. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thanks Laurie :)

  9. Laurie Farrington says

    All 6 of my planets in Leo feel recognized! thanks.

  10. Hiroki Niizato says

    Kachina & Leslee:
    Thank you for sharing your experience with this!

  11. Excellent! I have a Leo Moon conjunct the Ascendant and Uranus, but quickly followed by a bunch of Virgo planets, including my Sun which is square my 5th house Saturn. Although that Saturn is trine my Leo Moon/Ascendant. A lot of energy in my life has gone into that conflict! But there's also creativity in it that can actually be put to work, as I've learned by midlife. Anyway, thanks – great post!

  12. Kachina Houska says

    Hi Hiroki,

    As a natal Leo Venus square to Saturn,I find your advice to apply self-praise to counter early messages that led to repressing Leonine energy to be excellent. :)

    Cancer rising with Virgo and Libra emphasis also led me to repress my "need" for attention for a very long time.

    The past few years I have learned to give my self equal praise, adoration and love that I give forth to others and I have set new standards as to what I expect to receive in return. While this has catalyzed changes in my relationships, with many coming to completion, it is possibly the best choice I ever made for all of my new relationships demonstrate the balance I prefer in exchange of appreciation.

    I hope your advice is applied by those that need it! Kachina

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