Type of Relationships by House (4th through 9th)

Relationships are Essential for Fulfillment

In our natal chart, at least one half of our horoscope (the Western hemisphere) has to do with relationships with other people.

This suggests that the key ingredient for growth and fulfillment is through our relationship with others. Without meaningful relationships, it is difficult to get our needs met, and we live without the vital nutrients for personal development.

Type of Relationships by 4th thru 9th Houses

Let’s look at each of the houses in the Western hemisphere to see what needs are being fulfilled through each kind of relationship:

  • 4th house (home, family): In this life area, your need is to experience and provide nourishment, protection, and unconditional support to the closest circle in your life, which you may call a family.
  • 5th house (children, love affair): Through loving your children, romantic partner, or your audience, you get to express your passion, enthusiasm, humor and creativity to others – showing you at your best. You may also be in the receiving end of other people’s passionate interest and creativity.
  • 6th house (work, cooperation): You get to experience self confidence and show/increase your competence through working with others for the common goal, most often in your work. The experience of being taught first-hand by a skillful mentor is also a part of this house.
  • 7th house (partnership): Here you gain self knowledge through the mirror of relationships. There is support and encouragement from others to help you be the best “you” possible. In other words, these are people that “get” you, and vice versa.
  • 8th house (healing): There is a potential to experience deep healing and well being through alternative healing methods or counseling. It’s often about releasing emotional wounds. In turn you may help heal others emotionally or physically.
  • 9th house (higher education, religion, publishing): You get to expand your mind, find life direction, or gain a new worldview through the relationship symbolized here. You may meet a deeply influential spiritual teacher, or a favorite author/professor/scholar that profoundly impact your mindset. In turn you may provide such mind expanding opportunities for others through sharing your knowledge.

Planets in Your Relationship Houses

Venus in one of the relationship houses imply an important connection (or connections) to be found in that area. A musician may have Venus in 6th house (working together with others to create art), whereas an aspiring yoga student may find her Venus in the 9th house of philosophy, spirituality and internationalism.

Saturn in a relationship house can suggest several things: 1) You tend to be quite self reliant in that area, and experience relative isolation as a result. 2) You tend to attract older or serious (i.e. Saturnian) people in that life area. 3) You’re somehow going to play the role of Saturn, i.e. the wise teacher, in that area for others.

Pluto in a relationship house can suggest profound emotional experience in that life area. A lot of repressed emotions may be brought up as a result of the relationship suggested by the house. Another possibility is that the relationship represented by that house is very intense, emotionally.

As a personal example, I have Mercury and Pluto in the 7th house, and naturally I have a life coach (both Plutonian and Mercurial) that I see regularly, which is having a profound impact on my growth (Both planets are in Libra in my chart, which learns better through relationships.) This investment in turn helps me to help others through astrological consultation, in which case I’m using the Mercury-Pluto energy for the sake of others’ benefit.

Other Indicators

If most of the planets fall in the Western (right) side of the horoscope, chances are that too much energy is being given to others, and not enough for your own well being.

If most of the planets are in the Eastern (left) side of the chart, there could be a tendency to defend and withdraw into the self (i.e. too much energy goes to protect the Ascendant), which is another way to be out of balance. You could still link to the relationship houses through the planets’ rulership connections (i.e. which planet rules the 7th house, etc.) and arrive at similar interpretations.


A difficulty in one or more of the relationship houses will profoundly impact your level of happiness and personal growth. At the same time, these very difficulties may provide the opportunity for you to heal the wounds that you may have been carrying for a long time.

If you feel that some of these houses are not at all activated in your life, but you see planets in it, then that may be a cue to start looking for new connections in that area, or to find ways to be more deeply involved with others. Usually the planet within a house also represents the kind of person you’ll attract.

If you relate strongly to your natal planetary placements in the relationship houses, please feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Thank you Hiroki. This really does explains a lot. I will get back to your offer, cheers gabby

  2. Hi Hiroki, can you help me with my planets in house 4? There is jupiter, uranus and pluto all retrograde. jupiter and uranus form a conjunction. nothing going on in this house? left home early, but kept contact with parents, tried to have my own family but did not succeed. very problematic right now, feel totally detached from home or family issues. what do you think?

    • Hi Gabby, the 4th house tells a story of your early home life, and how it was like for you. The measurements you listed suggest tension and upheaval, and that formed the foundation of your emotional pattern. Now some work might be needed to understand and heal the patterns from the past… Please consider scheduling a personal consultation if you want to discuss this in more depth, along with other important themes in your natal chart.

  3. Hiroki Niizato says


    If a planet is found within 2 degrees of the cusp of the next house, you can interpret it as being in the next house. So in this case your Venus is suggesting important bonds to be formed around 8th house matters, i.e. healing, well being, occult etc.

    Best regards,

  4. I have venus in taurus at the very end of the 7th interpreted in the 8th…

    how would you see that…

  5. You're very welcome!

  6. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thank you LB,

    These are excellent examples of various relationship potentials suggested in your natal chart. Well said!

    Much appreciated,

  7. Hi Hiroki – Here are a few examples of how I think the planets have played out in my chart:

    Saturn in the 4th — Both parents were hard-working and responsible, although as a child I felt isolated through a lack of affection and warmth. Later in life, I was solely responsible for managing the care of both elderly parents until their deaths, as well as for all matters pertaining to my childhood home. My relationship with both parents improved significantly as I got older. I tend to have good relationships with “authority figures”.

    Moon in the 5th – I can become very emotionally attached to those I love, and when I was younger attracted a lot of attention, which sometimes led to very dramatic (and public) love affairs. My creative abilities also tend to attract attention and have always provided me with much inner satisfaction – fortunately, I’ve been encouraged (and nurtured) through my relationships with other artistic people. I have a strong tendency to mother/nurture the people and things I love (or to want to be nurtured), and I seem to have a natural ability to connect with children and young people.

    Chiron in the 6th — Lots of involvement with others through care-giving and/or service oriented positions, frequently having to do with the health and healing professions – my efforts tend to be focused on the practical aspects of day to day living.

    Mars (retrograde) in the 9th — This represents the handle of my “bucket” and has caused me to relentlessly pursue the “truth” and to seek out the teachings of wiser, more genuinely spiritually minded individuals (usually through their writings). I’m also compelled to share any insights I may have, while respecting the spiritual/ religious beliefs of others. I grew up in a multi-cultural environment and have always enjoyed relationships with people from different backgrounds and cultures. On the negative side, I’ve had more than my fair share of run-ins with unethical people – because of this, I’ve been put forced to do legal research in order to protect and defend.

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