Relationship Astrology: The 6th House and How You Work With Others

 6th house6th House is a Relationship House

Even though 6th house is known classically as the house of work and service, its experience covers more than just your job or volunteer activity.  As the house hugging the Descendant along with the 7th house, 6th house has much to do with our personal relationships.

Specifically, 6th House represents your dynamic of working together with others.  Regardless of what you do for a living or who you live with, the quality of your natal 6th house will show through in the manner in which you tend to work with others.

6th House in a Marriage or a Partnership

Successfully living together in a home, perhaps raising children, is an undertaking that may come close to running a small business: the couple needs to get organized, divide responsibilities, define goals and keep following up on small details to ensure that everything is in order.  Since it’s often too much for one person to handle all of the tasks, cooperation is essential.

Often, it is an imbalance in this area that builds frustration in a relationship: one partner may feel that the other person is not doing his/her share, and has to be constantly reminded to do what’s necessary.  The level of responsibility may not be divided equally, resulting in one person being exhausted all of the time to keep up with everything.  It could be worse – if both partners cease to take responsibility in doing what’s necessary, then things could spiral down quickly.

Advanced students of astrology know that 6th house is the derivative 12th house of the 7th. So the 12th house dynamic of “self-undoing” could happen in a relationship when the partners fail to cooperate with each other in meeting various responsibilities.

Planets in Natal 6th house: How You Need to Work With Others

Planetary placement in your natal 6th house could represent your unique needs and style in working together with others.

Sun in the 6th house: With sixth house Sun, working together might invigorate you.  Although this will depend on the Sun sign, this position could suggest that you need to assume a leadership position when working with others, or be given enough autonomy and independence so that you can do your own thing.

Moon in the 6th house: This has been called the “workaholic Moon” for a good reason.  However, it’s also useful to think about the importance of cooperative dynamic for someone with Moon in sixth house: She does not want to just work – she wants you to work with her and celebrate the accomplishment together when you’re done.

It’s probably correct that such a person cannot be happy with irresponsible partners that won’t show up to tackle projects with her.

Mercury in the 6th house: If your Mercury is in the sixth house, others you work with may perceive you to be a born communicator.  There is a need to express yourself fully, with skill and knowledge, while working together.

Venus in the 6th house: Venus in sixth house suggests the need to work harmoniously with others.  This position seems to indicate a natural grace in cooperative relationship.  Depending on the rest of the horoscope, it may also suggest the need to work with others regarding artistic or beautiful things.

Mars in the 6th house: If Mars in sixth house is under tension, this position could suggest a tendency to express anger or outrage while working with others.  It could be an outrage against injustice, or a drive to protect someone or something that’s weaker than you.  Another expression is that of working together with others in a physically demanding task.

Jupiter in the 6th house: Jupiter in sixth house suggests a need to work with others in an inspiring or uplifting way.  A need to achieve and succeed through cooperation.  Feeling of being capable, an optimism about teamwork.

Saturn in the 6th house: Saturn in sixth house may suggest someone that likes to work alone, or at least with the capacity to work well alone.  There may be a need to work with others in an organized, structured, or experienced manner.

Uranus in the 6th house: With Uranus in sixth house, you may need to work with others doing what you perceive to be significant.  A need to work with unusual, unconventional people or issues.

Neptune in the 6th house: Neptune placed in the sixth house may suggest cooperating with others in order to help others.  There may be a strong idealism or aesthetic appreciation connected to the cooperative relationship.

Pluto in the 6th house: When Pluto is in your sixth house, you may need to work with others in a deeply insightful way, to bring about meaningful transformation.


Closing Thoughts: 6th House’s Impact to the 7th House

One or more planets being in the 6th house creates a powerful need to be doing something with others, both at work and in close relationships.  Usually, the energy of 6th house cannot be contained by just your personal relationship, and has to be explored as concrete work projects or home improvement plans that you can accomplish.

Failure to fully express the energy in the 6th house could create major frustration in your intimate relationship, since your partner cannot give you the experience of work accomplishment that you should be looking for with others.  So if you feel that there is a call on your life to be doing something significant with others, chances are that you may need to look outside of your primary relationship – and that’s a good thing.

What does your 6th house say about your experience and style in working with others?  How does that impact your primary relationship?  Please feel free to share through email or comment!

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Aditya Upadhyay says

    I read your views on the 6H and it’s relation with working with others, it was a great article.
    I want to tell you that, I have Sun, mercury,Mars and Saturn conjoined in 6H of pieces of Libra Ascendent.
    How I should work or deal with others and with my spouse to form a good relationship.
    Moreover I feel like I have too many enemies out there, how to work with colleagues and overcome these situations?

    • Hi Aditya, the 6th house stellium suggests that work and service are areas of major growth for you in this life. Pisces’ tendency is to hide in your private world, but this placement necessitates you to develop empathy for how others feel, so you can develop a more effective style of working together in any relationship.

  2. I have moon mercury and venus in 6th house and sun and mercury in 7th house ,according to my horoscope i will be moving towards 6th house from January 15th .. how good it is for me in regards with education,job and relationships because i recently had a break up thank you

    • Hi Rahul, it really depends on the planetary cycles involved, and your current status. In general if your 6th house planets are being activated in the coming year, it’s time for change in the work environment, potentially moving up one level in what you do, or working with different people. However, if there is heavy tension that cannot be resolved, it could suggest some interpersonal difficulties in the work environment.

  3. Anonymous says

    Good day Hiroki Niizato
    What a great article on the 6th house! I have a question. My partner and I have a composite sun in 6th house cancer. Always read bad things about it especially the imbalance and inequality. Since both our natal suns are in 6th house aswell ,would that make an improvement or difference in our relationship??

    • Hi there, I don’t particularly believe in composite chart, but if I were to interpret it, I’d see it as potential for mutual service (or being together in service).

  4. I have Sun/Moon midpoint and Mars(ruler of the Asc) widely conjunct this Midpoint in the 6th.

    Work life is important to me and since Mars is in Libra, I socialize a lot at work and want to get along with people(Venus rules Mars).

    I think the fact that Mars is in the 6th and the ruler of Mars in Libra(Venus) is in the 7th, may suggest that I might find a marriage partner at work?

    Add to this that ruler of the 7th(Venus) is in Scorpio and is co-ruled by Mars in 6th,I think that this is most likely. I express myself a lot at work and make lasting contacts.

    North Node in Gemini in the 2nd house flunctuates my financial situation. I get restless and can never amass much materialistically when I hop around jobs as often as I do and am fearful of being poor(Chiron in Taurus also in 2nd).

    What’s worse with me is that I have a “greener pastures” mentality as Sun-Jup-Neptune conjunct in Sag which i have come to understand has me not wanting to make ties..hmmm

    I went off tangent a little. Sorry. Very good article

  5. I have sun, mars and mercury in 6th house (taurus ascendant). How will it impact my professional life? Job or business? Which one will be more fruitful?
    Thank you.

  6. I have Venus in Taurus (6th house) square Saturn in Aquarius (3rd house). It’s a tight square, like 0.5 degrees. Any insight? Thanks!

  7. Retrograde Jupiter in 6th house of virgo and mer in conjunction with sun and Moon in 11th house of aqua…so how do I evaluate it???

  8. Gabriela caia says

    Hi Hiroki! I have in my sixth house Jupiter conjunct Saturn, Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury and, almost on the cusp of the seventh house, my Sun( in Scorpio) tightly conjunct to Uranus. Any insights?

    • You might want to consider the “service” aspect of the 6th house, as you have many planets in the house.

      • Hi Hiroki,

        I have sixth house Saggitarius and Saturn in the placement. Saturn being my 7th house lord too, I’m disappointed in every relationship.
        Please advise me.

        • Hi Esther, sorry to hear that. Saturn in 6th requires more maturity, independence and responsibility in working with and being of service to other people. So the spirit of service, development of wisdom and the discipline to do what is right instead of what is comfortable (all of these are positive Saturnian qualities within the 6th house), might be what improves your relationships.

  9. Hello Hiroki, I’ve sun, mars, mercury and saturn in libra in 6th house. I would like to know the significance of it. I’m going to be a physician.

    • Hello soumi, thank you for commenting. Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn in 6th house most of all confirm that your life is about service. Saturn in 6th house is the important key here, and it suggests being the authority figure in your work environment, willing to take on more responsibility and hard work than others.

  10. Dear Hiroki, thank you for your article.
    I wonder, maybe you could help me!
    I am trying to find out my ascendant, wich is either Gemini or Taurus. If it is Taurus, the moon is conjunct the ascendant.
    Jupiter is Cancer in the 3rd.
    There is a Sun and Mars in Virgo conjunction in the 6th, followed by a retrograde Mercury in Libra (still in the 6th).
    Venus and pluto in Scorpio conjunction in the 7th.
    Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn in conjunction in the 9th house, with Saturn and Neptune conjunct MC.
    But if Gemini rising : Jupiter in 2nd house.
    Sun and mars in the 5th.
    Mercury, Venus and Pluto in the 6th.
    Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in th 8th, with Neptune almost in the 9th.
    The Taurus Moon is in 12th house (no conjunction with the ascendant).
    I’ve been wondering on this for years, and still can’t figure it out! Maybe that’s very Gemini like. On my appearance, people usually think I am elegant and a bit cold, some see me as very sharp and cynical, others as soft and compassionate. But surely, I do not act like the typical Gemini type, I’m neither bubbly or an entertainer, I can’t stand talking about nothing and joke around. But I am very curious about what others think on various subjects (arts, politics, news, spirituality, cinema). I feel much more confortable at a party when I can talk with maximum 4 people… If there is more, I’ll usually have nothing to say (because you can’t talk seriously with a larger number of people).
    Others also perceive me as a leader and someone very confident, even when that is not how I feel and not what I think people see of me. I’ve been told numerous times that I have charisma (or that I “shine”)… that might be very “5th house Sun” ? Or is it the 1st house Moon conjunct ascendant ?
    I have great ambitions (that I am not sure I will be able to achieve… saturn and neptun conjunct MC ?), and working for someone else is something I have no interest for (and that completely get on my nerves when I have to do so… that is where I wonder : is this a behaviour more of a sun mars conjonction in the 6th or of a pluto in the 6th?). I want to run my own business, that is for sure. Make a lot of money, and be free and independent of what others could say, think or do. The desire to become rich is not motivated by luxury (even if I do like beautiful things and love high quality clothes, furnitures,…), but really to be FREE of other’s will. Then, my highest purpose is to be able to help my hometown with the money I’ll have earned. Create infrastructures to improve the education’s quality, that would not be elitist but mandatory and free so everyone will benefit from it and the city will become a better place, full of talented people with promising future and opportunities (Ok, I’m not going into the unrealistic details here). I feel very Scorpio. Love has obsessed me since very early in childhood, just as sexuality, and the opposite sex has always be very important in my mind.
    I am very creative and studied photography, but decided I would not focus my will on becoming successful as an artist because I am not doing art to please anyone, I am doing it because I have an urge to concretely express what I see and feel of the world.
    Oups, I am sorry, I wrote such a long comment!
    So, I am not asking you a deep interpretation because I know that’s a lot of work. I’m sincerely asking for one or two tips to find out which one is my ascendant. It would feel so good to know, for some reason!
    Thank you so much, and my apologies for having writing so much.

    • Hello Juliet,

      There are many things that go into deciding an Ascendant in case of unsure birth time (in your case, uncertainty of up to 4 hours). Between Taurus and Gemini usually there is a difference in body type (stocky vs lean) and temperament (calm vs communicative) so you may want to consider these things first. However, planets within these signs, as well as other placements can affect such expression, so it’s not an exact science.

      I perform rectification as an extra service if the range of uncertainty is limited (within a 90 minute consultation), so contact me if you’d like to narrow down the possibility.

  11. In my natal three planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are together in the 6th house. What does such position indicate ?

  12. Hello – I have no planets in the 6th house…what does that mean?

  13. 12th house virgo says

    This article has been so helpful to me! I have Jupiter, Juno, and Ceres in 6th house Aqua/Pisces with Neptune transiting that house now. I had dreams I was looking at my astro chart and someone said “Look at your 6th house!” I always thought it was just pets/habits/health. But your article makes so much more sense. “Failure to fully express the energy in the 6th house could create major frustration in your intimate relationship, since your partner cannot give you the experience of work accomplishment that you should be looking for with others. So if you feel that there is a call on your life to be doing something significant with others, chances are that you may need to look outside of your primary relationship – and that’s a good thing.” THAT’S IT!!!

    Now, how do I do that :-)

  14. skywriter says

    Thanks, Hiroki, I know my readers will like it. Will publish it soon.Please send me a short bio that you'd like to appear with it,including links.
    Donna Cunningham

  15. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Donna,

    Thank you for the kind words, and yes I'd be delighted to have my post appear in your blog!

    All the best,

  16. Donna Cunningham says

    Hello, Hiroki, This is very original and an excellent contribution to vocational astrology. Nicely done!

    I wonder if you'd allow me to reprint it on my blog, Skywriter, featuring you as a guest blogger.

    Donna Cunningham

  17. jewelinthelotus says

    AH, Mercury is conjunct my MC 10th house Scorpio.

  18. Hiroki Niizato says

    Even with an empty house, you could consider its ruler (Mercury in this case) to be connected to the 6th house.

    The placement of your natal Mercury will determine how strong its characteristic will show itself in the 6th house (e.g. if Mercury is conjunct the MC or the Ascendant, then it will be much more pronounced, etc.)

  19. jewelinthelotus says

    My 6th house is Gemini, but empty. How do I evaluate it if empty? I can definitely say I have had a lot of jobs and am easily bored! :-)Thanks!

  20. Have venus , uranus, pluto,sun& moon in 6th house,
    mercury,mars & neptune in 7th house,
    saturn & jupiter in 11th house & chiron in 12th
    Coming up for natel return chiron, work in caring profession , kids grown up , divorced ,last 8 yrs looked after parents,now passed, feeling lost, always felt dissatisfied never feel have reached my full potential, personal & work friendships!! under review, trust always an issue, lost my direction if i ever had it!!!

  21. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for corroborating. Making the reading part of your daily program sounds like a great idea!

    Yes, please try sharing the experience with your partner and see if it changes the dynamic. I think it'll be very positive.

  22. ashleyfugett says

    My 6th house moon definitely creates a need to work at home, when I arrive home from work I immediately start "working." start a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, sweep…. I've made it a goal this year to come home and sit on the couch and read for 20 minutes first thing upon getting home from the workday- it is a challenge so far but good for me I hope. This effects my relationship with my fiancé sometimes because I like the feeling oof accomplishing tasks and making our home clean and comfortable but like a volcano it erupts every few months where I feel like " I do everything around here," Im a Taurus sun hence the volcano buildup and not the impulsive explosion of other signs perhaps. This seems to be an interesting mix of wanting to work and accomplish at home but looking at your post of moon in 6th maybe I would like to share in the experience with my partner. Thank you for sharing this.

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