Relationship Astrology (2) Connecting from the 12th House

The last post mainly discussed transits into the 12th house, but what about the natal planets in the 12th?

We covered already that the “props” we lose in 12th house has to do with worldly ties that anchor us in life – family, friends, relationships, work, wealth, status, etc. It boils down to connection with the world.

Since 12th house often has to do with confinement, isolation, secret, and ‘behind-the-scenes’ involvement, we can see that planets in here would experience some challenges in finding a way to connect with the world directly.

Noel Tyl suggested that Pluto in the 12th house, when stressed, often carries the feeling “the world doesn’t understand me” – which is the manifestation of difficulty in connecting with others.

Venus in 12th house is also associated with challenges in relationship – “a private sense of beauty” is Noel Tyl’s wording – which suggests the existence of ideals and emotions that are not easily shared with others.

Mars in 12th house is said to suggest “hidden anger” – or anger that is not easily shared with others.

Rather than becoming fatalistic about these challenges, we could ask “why?”: Why is it so difficult to share your perspective, ideals or emotions with others? Is the aim “not to be hurt ever again?” How will that work in building a relationship?

Connecting from the 12th House
Several thoughts, with examples:

1) How could we use the energy of the 12th house to connect with others? One way may be to pursue a 12th house activity. The reason that connecting with the outer world is hard may be because there is a need to connect with the inner, or even paranormal, world.

Coleman Barks, a renowned Rumi translator who gives very cool poetry readings of the ecstatic poet, has Pluto in the 12th house.

2) Another poet Charles Bukowski, who has Moon in the 12th house, wrote poetry and writings that appealed to those that were marginalized, the poor, insane or incarcerated – his own 12th house experience has touched others that feel the same pain of not being able to connect or “fit in.”

This suggests that we could connect with others through sharing or empathizing with their pain. Work of art, literature, or screenplay often touches people when it is able to speak to the parts of us that feel the same pain that the writer (or the character) feels.

3) Other way might be to “Connect from Behind the Scenes” – It’s interesting Alexander Graham Bell has three planets in the 12th house, and he invented the telephone (talking with people without seeing them.) I checked about a dozen radio broadcaster’s charts and found similar emphasis of the 12th house.

This leads me to think about the people that like to connect via internet discussion board, Facebook etc, who have a challenging time with in-person relating…I think it’s a double edged sword – it’s a start to connect with others online, but we don’t want to stay stuck in virtual relationships.


My feel is that 12th house planets work best if you can somehow use its energy toward productive or meaningful activity – whether it’s writing, painting, meditating, or programming, etc. It’s not an accident that many creative horoscopes have 12th house emphasis.

By channeling the 12th house energy this way, the need for introversion or isolation may be fulfilled enough, that it doesn’t have to spill over into the relationship arena.

If you have 12th house planets and have some input in how best to handle it, please feel free to write or comment…

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Hiroki – I’m glad to have discovered your site! You take big concepts and distill them to their essence making them understandable for everyone. Thank you! The 12th house has been a fascination of mine because of my stellium in that house with Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct several planets in Sagittarius (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus – still in the 12th). The stellium is opposite Chiron in Taurus in the 6th. Since so many plants are involved, I struggle with a clear meaning. Any thoughts?

  2. Paula batista says

    I have Pluto, jupiter, mercury, moon and sun conjunct in the 12 house, while mars and saturn (opposing each other) square all of it. How does that work? because the conjunct planets are really strong but I really don’t feel that “gandhi” quality that you talked in the jupiter-pluto post. Is it because its in the 12 house?

    • Hi Paula, that’s a lot of aspects rolled into one complex formation. 12th house in this case can suggest suppression, as well as interest in things spiritual or artistic. To visualize, some outlet is needed to release all of those energies hidden within the 12th house.

  3. Thank you for your website! I am so very grateful for all that i am learning from you. I have been studying astrology and using what i am learning to further my personal growth and help solidify the many breakthroughs i have been experiencing recently, after a particularly destructive relationship ended.
    I still don’t fully grasp the 12th house and have no planets there myself. However, my ex-partner had 5 : Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Sun and Mercury. This man was a true Jekyll and Hyde, being the “man of my dreams” for the most part and a violent, controlling misogynist who would deliberately try to “break” me with emotional abuse, psychological torture, trickery and sleep deprivation. Getting him out of my life wasn’t without consequences either. The lies and destruction he spread afterwards cost me my family, my reputation, my job and almost my house, and then he sent me audio recordings of him torturing my dog that nearly cost me my sanity… But the gains have been incredible also. What an awful way to learn, but i have such a stronger sense of who i am and what i am capable of. I now have really strong intuition and i have learned to trust it and my level of perceptiveness has increased. I feel tuned in and fully aware with everything heightened. I have always been sensitive to other people’s energies, but now i know how to protect myself from the dark ones and transform the difficult ones and celebrate the positive ones.
    Although, i don’t fully understand the sociopathic psyche of my ex, i am certainly grateful for all the spiritual growth and understanding i have gained… Is that the 12th house? Is that the way of the 12th when i see it described by astrologers as “transformative”? Or was that just a plain old sociopath that transformed things for me? Is there any correlation between personality disorders and lots of 12th house activity? I have been searching for birth charts of serial killers, cult leaders and famous psychopaths to see if i can find 12th house similarities to my ex. I am still yet to find anyone else with 5 planets here. With the 12th regularly described as “dark” and “secretive”, and given my recent personal experience into what dark and secretive really looks like; i am deliberately avoiding anyone with anything in this house. At least until i understand it better and until this residual fragility strengthens into courage!
    Do you know of a book or something that focuses on this house that you could recommend for me? And have you come across houses or planets that can indicate mental illness or personality disorders?
    So Grateful for all your work and helping me along my spiritual journey as you teach me about astrology. Thanking you.

    • Hi Alex,

      12th house planets don’t necessarily suggest the kind of extreme expressions you’ve described – in general, you will not be able to distinguish the chart of a mass murderer from that of a successful leader, because of the varying levels of manifestations according to each individual’s conscious free will.

      Same goes for mental illnesses and personal disorders – you may be able to see extreme tensions placed upon the mental system, but that does not equate to disorders (a brilliant scientist or engineer could have a highly dynamic mental profile.) So if you come across some blanket description condemning some chart placements to any kind of personality disorder, I would recommend extreme caution before you start sharing such views with other people (such scandalous description can be at best briefly entertaining, but at worst highly damaging for those unfortunate enough to listen).

      Artists and meditators frequently need connection to the unconscious realm of the 12th house, and so do some politicians that wield powers from behind the scenes. There are many, many manifestations of 12th house that do not involve a negative expression – but books might not be able to tell you as much as studying actual horoscopes can.

      • Thank you. And i hear what you are saying. After i wrote that i was reading some of the comments after different 12th house articles you have written and many of them spoke of their connection to the house that was positive or transformative and complex with many differing manifestations. This is all helpful as i try to understand the depth of this house. And i will certainly take you advice and read about individual chart interpretations. Thank you again.

  4. Belle Braunig says

    Would the Nodes be interpreted like planets in the 12th? They aren’t physical bodies so I wonder if what you wrote above would apply or not apply to the Nodes? I have only the South Node there.

  5. Hi Hiroki,

    I have sun in the 12 house in Aquarius( aquarius rising7 degrees between them) and saturn in the 6th opposing! I feel this for most of my life has been a seesaw effect between freedom and responsibility. There is a very serious side to me ( health finatic at one stage) and the freedom seeker. I would like to go deeper in the understanding of this opposition :) Thankyou

    • Hello Tashi,

      With 12th house Sun in Aquarius opposing Saturn, I think the emphasis on the Humanitarian side of Aquarius as you shared elsewhere is the key here – it activates compassion for others who suffer helplessly.

  6. Hello there Hiroki. Im really glad to have stumbled across your site. Im a novice self taught lover of astrology, and often feel that sites are either too mainstream or to hard for me to understand their interpretations. I really resonate with your work, so thank you. As for your article on the 12th house, I have read all you have written and im wondering what my Jupiter in the 12th house in Taurus means. Considering that Jupiter is about expansion and the 12th house is about confinement, isolation, secret, and ‘behind-the-scenes’ involvement, would this mean that im my own undoing as far as expansion goes?

    • Hello Marcelle,

      Thank you for commenting. 12th house Jupiter can expand your mind into unseen realms, typically that of spirituality. Traditionally Jupiter in 12th house has been called the Guardian Angel, which is a great image!

  7. I think 12th house issues stem from early life conditioning. “Freedom” comes from recognizing (1) the source of these behavior patterns, and (2) demanding balance in the external world.
    I have Venus in the 12th and my childhood was relatively loveless. My parents never expressed much affection and never instilled in me any faith in myself as being beautiful or loveable. Thus, my 20s was wasted trying to glean affection/attraction from older men, married men – essentially, repeating the cycle of repressed affection that my parents showed me.
    Now that I’m older, I’m finding the last obstacle I must overcome is expressing my romantic feelings without shyness. I also find myself unable to hold jobs that do not allow me to express my sexuality/attractiveness – I feel the need to “prove” myself to the world that way, again because early parental conditioning did not instill enough faith in that in my psyche.
    I bet you’ll find a lot of 12th house Venuses in exotic dancing, cocktail waitressing, burlesque theatre, etc. Just as you’ll find those 12th house Mercuries in radio.

  8. Hiroki Niizato says


    Pluto transiting 12th house will bring out primitive fears from the unconscious – exactly as you describe.

    Pluto transiting Capricorn represents a larger issue for everyone – I'll be writing a post on this soon, so please check back in a few days.


  9. Dhyananda says

    I currently have Pluto transiting my 12th house, and i can barely keep grounded. Unconcious memories feel ancient, like lifetimes ago… it is scary in a way, but i also know i am clearing out lifetimes of mistaken identities based in fear. Can you say something about this house being in Capricorn?

  10. Hiroki Niizato says

    Welcome Eme,

    Thank you for your comments – glad you’re enjoying the posts! :)

  11. Extremely interesting and helpful post. Thank you! I just found your blog this morning and have steadily been reading the archives. I’m enjoying your insights greatly.

    As someone with a 12H Venus square a 9HMoon and a 3H Pluto, I found this post very enlightening. Thank you!

  12. Antony Ku boity says

    Hi Hiroki,
    Its very enlightening to read your thoughts on 12th house. I’ve moon and mars in 12th house and Saturn in 1st house.And I feel the same.Kindly tell me to channelize their strength in the right direction.

  13. teresawymore says

    Hi Hiroki, thanks for your advice on my husband’s transits. The doctors say his heart is fine. A therapist said he has an anxiety disorder. My husband doesn’t want therapy and seems to believe he doesn’t need to change inside, but has to wait out external circumstances. What I think that means is his next few years will be a heavy-handed psychospiritual evolution courtesy of Pluto. ;-)


  14. says

    Great posting! I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to your future postings.

    If you ever have the time, please take a moment to look at my blog:

    Perhaps we can even exchange links.


  15. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Teresa,

    Thank you for sharing about your husband – I’m glad he is getting his heart checked, because that would have been my first recommendation.

    If he has an inkling that the physical problems are related to the emotional issues, he could also seek the help of a good alternative healer, such as a certified EFT practitioner (I have someone that I recommend to my clients that can work over the phone; if you want her phone number – let me know).

    Either way, his body is urging him to start taking his well being seriously. The transit is an intense one that serves as a warning for the health of his system.

    He could experience a breakthrough if he chooses to seek help and start taking better care of himself, so that would be my advice.


  16. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you for mentioning Rilke – the “letters” are lovely to read for anyone artistic…

    Much appreciated!


  17. teresawymore says

    Hi Hiroki, My husband is the one with Pluto 4 degree Libra in H12 squaring his Cancer Sun at 0 degrees in H9. (ASC is 12 Libra, so it’s a wide conjunction.) As you know, transiting Pluto is opposing that degree now and for the next year. So that’s a t-square from transiting Pluto to natal Sun with H12 Pluto squaring both.

    He’s 34 and has psoriatic arthritis. He’s always sore, especially in the chest, with pressure and muscle pain. He injects medication once/week. He’s been frequenting the doctors lately to be sure it’s not his heart making things worse. I, of course, think it’s Pluto ;-)

    With this Pluto transit things have gotten worse. Insomnia, diarrhea, morbid thoughts. He reminds me frequently where the financial papers are and what to do if he dies! He worries about mistakes he made a decade ago, as if they’ll catch up to him and destroy his life. His faith has floundered and he feels abandoned by God because he has no sense of him/her.

    I think it would be better if he found a way to express his fear and anger in a creative way, but he really has none. He’s a systems analyst who’s a great manager and finds his creative outlet in fixing problems at work, but that doesn’t satisfy the way it used to. He doesn’t feel appreciated by his boss, although his subordinates adore him.

    I’m at a loss. I won’t ever experience Pluto opposing my sun, and the square didn’t include my Sun. It was a tremendous evolution but not a hard one, as that’s when I met and married him :-) I know it’s a shot in the dark, but do you have any advice on how to deal with this powerful transit?

  18. Laura F. Walton says

    Very good points, especially about the creative links to 12th-house emphasis! I also think that Rilke’s beloved solitude (which is not the same as loneliness) is part of it– 12th house people learn to appreciate, cultivate, and utilize solitude like no others. “Letters To A Young Poet” should probably be required reading for anyone with this emphasis….

  19. interesting about Bukowski’s moon thank you

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