Relationship Astrology (1) 11th House and Social Issues

In terms of relationships, 5th house signifies the love you give to others – emotionally, sexually, creatively, or in whatever way that suits your Ascendant (5th house is trine from the Ascendant.)

Opposite from the 5th is the 11th house, and this house signifies the love received from others (trine from the 7th house – your partner.) 11th is also the house of “friends”, meaning social groups.

A heavily stressed 11th house suggests that there is an issue with not feeling lovable. This happens when a ruler of the 11th house receives a hard aspect from the heavier planets (Saturn through Pluto), challenging or interrupting the flow of love received from others in relationship.

The presence of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, or a stellium (3 or more planets together) within the 11th house suggests a great need for love.

The above tension experienced within 11th house can be expected to affect social interaction, especially within groups:

  • Saturn’s involvement to 11th house (involvement through tenancy, rulership or aspect) may suggest a delay in learning to relate comfortably in groups. The other side of the symbolism suggests maturity and wisdom in relating to others – perhaps as a leader or a teacher, or from a position of authority.
  • Uranus may suggest intensification of love needs – which may lead to highly unique self expression that calls attention to itself.
  • Neptune may suggest idealization and possible disillusionment within groups – healing, aesthetics, or spirituality may be shared with others.
  • Pluto again suggests powerful need for love – this may lead to controlling behaviors, but in the best cases the desire to make a difference through one’s resources and depth of perspective.

If you have a problem with group interaction, the best thing to do might be to practice, through seeking a group atmosphere in local hubs (I’m not recommending bars, though – try a bookstore), classes and gatherings. Even if you don’t have anybody going with you, you can take the social atmosphere into your emotional body every time you step out there, and eventually you’re likely to find what you’re interested in that can be shared in a group setting.

Know that you’re lovable.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Thank you again, Mr. Niizato for another great blog post. I have been a fan for a while but this one absolutely hit home. I have no trouble making wonderful, fulfilling friendships, but they always seem to be with people who are visiting from other areas of the states or even other countries, or folks who are utterly different than what my family or social ilk would expect! I have Sag on the 11th house cusp housing Uranus and Neptune, and Jupiter in the third opposing my 9th house Pluto.
    I stumbled into this post while I am preparing to embark on a trip abroad to be with a friend I dearly miss. Thank you for the guidance and healing words – I am considering a move internationally and hope to book an appointment with you soon!

  2. cláudia LUZ TEIXEIRA says

    I have Sun (Capricorn), Uranus (Capricorn), Neptune (Capricorn) and Saturn (Aquarius) in my 11th house. Also Mercury is in conjuction with Sun, Neptune and Uranus.

  3. I just came across this article. Very informative. Thank you.
    I have Uranus and Pluto both retrograde in my 11th house (born Feb 1968). How does retrograde affect this?


  4. Blown away… I just found your blog and each entry I’ve read thus far has been incredibly on point and incredibly enlightening, but this one actually brought me to tears (tears of relief – that is).
    I have an 11th house stellium between Sagittarius and Scorpio that includes Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Venus and sits opposite Saturn (R) on the cusp of my 4th & 5th house.
    I knew my stellium held great significance for me and I tried earnestly to find out what it meant, but nothing I read shed any light on the profound and hidden (until recently) belief I held that I was somehow unlovable.
    After reading your blog I feel like I have spotted the lighthouse on the not so distance shore and am going to make it to port after all.
    Much love and gratitude to you, Hiroki, for sharing your light with the world.

  5. Hi, Hiroki,
    I have Saturn conjunct Moon in my 11th house, friendship issues are always challenging and a source of sorrow thru out my life. Your article is very enlightening & helpful…thank you for sharing your knowledge with us readers.

  6. Hiroki Niizato says

    You’re welcome! Thanks for visiting…Just left a comment on your blog :)

  7. this post is very meaningful to me. Thanks for writing. : )

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