Quintile Aspect: Creativity and Innovation

Someone asked me to write about the quintile (72 degrees) aspect. It is an aspect that has been associated with creativity – but what does that mean in terms of interpretation?

Noel Tyl’s working thesis is that if a horoscope contains many quintiles (let’s say 3, 4, 5 or more), the person very much needs a creative outlet – either as a profession or a hobby. Following this thesis, I’ve made it a point to ask clients “what is your creative outlet?” whenever I see more than a few quintiles on their horoscopes*.

Sometimes the people say they have no such outlet – but they aren’t very happy about it. Maybe they had a passionate love of writing, art or music that was suppressed in the course of development (parental pressure, saying it’s “not practical” etc.) The question then becomes, what can they do to start exploring their creativity again?

Morning pages (from Julia Cameron’s Artists Way) might be a good start – to pay attention to the small inner voices that tells us what we want.

Other times, the creativity is channeled into their current work (creating one’s own business, for instance.) Educating a child also takes creativity – so it doesn’t really have to manifest as a career in art, music, etc. Usually you can tell if a person has a creative outlet or not, because it tends to manifest as the feeling of being alive.

A tricky question: What if you don’t have any Quintiles?
Creativity is something that is within every one of us, so this obviously does not mean you are not creative. I have looked at several dozen horoscopes of people in so called “creative” professions, and am here to report that the number of quintiles varies quite a bit – zero through many – and it doesn’t have to do with how good of a musician, artist, or a writer you are.

So do not despair if you don’t have many quintiles in your horoscopes – the number of quintiles can never be an indicator of whether you can succeed at a creative profession. Most artistic horoscopes have emphasis on Neptune or Venus, and quintiles may never be involved.

Question #2: Does having many quintiles suggest that you are an innovator?
If a number of quintiles aren’t necessarily indicative of a creative profession, can it suggest how innovative (a variation of creativity) a person is? Here I’m getting mixed data:

  • Fashion innovator Georgio Armani has 4 Quintiles
  • Music innovator John Cage has 4 quintiles; Jazz innovator Miles Davis has 4 quintiles, and innovative composer Igor Stravinsky has 2 quintiles
  • In a scientific realm, Albert Einstein has 4 quintiles; mathematician John Nash (featured in the film Beautiful Mind) has 5 quintiles
  • Auto business innovator Henry Ford (mass production concept) has 5 quintiles
  • Software entrepreneur Bill Gates has 4 quintiles, whereas Steve Jobs has only 1.
  • Writers commonly seem to have more quintiles: Jane Austin has 6 quintiles, Mark Twain has 4 to 6 quintiles (depending on birth time); George Bernard Shaw has 6; E.E. cummings has 4. William Butler Yates has 3 quintiles.
  • Walt Disney has 2 quintiles, and so does Pablo Picasso.

2 quintiles seem pretty average to me, but other factors in their horoscopes (Neptune etc) are certainly more pronounced in the cases of the giants mentioned above. As far as interpretations are concerned, my approach is that multiple occurance of quintiles can be used to confirm the creative emphasis suggested in the rest of the horoscope, but cannot stand alone as a sole indicator of creative potential.

Question #3: How do we interpret the individual quintile aspect?
Quintiles are interesting in that they aren’t treated like a hard (challenging) aspect, but neither are they static (dare I say boring?) like the soft aspects. They seem to call for a creative resolution much as in hard aspects, but possibly without the ordeals of square or opposition.

Example: In the case of Sun quintile Neptune, the expression of core life energy takes on a very creative tone (both because it’s Neptune and it’s quintile) – but possibly without as much vulnerability associated with Sun square Neptune etc.

This is just a feeling that I’ve been getting by looking at the way quintiles are being discussed by other astrologers, as well as how they work in the vocational profiling. If you have any other thoughts or anecdotes I’d be glad to hear it.

UPDATE: Someone suggested that the other side of creativity could be things like problems with authority (i.e. not conforming to the traditional way of doing things), as well as not being able to think like others (which can lead to problems at work, etc). I also want to add susceptibility to chaos (see John Nash above) – one may see too many possibilities, and the mind may lose touch with the grounding provided by the traditional method of doing things (atonal Free Jazz, anyone? )

UPDATE#2:Yet another element of creativity is independent, original thinking: I had a client with 6 quintiles tell me “I do best when someone gives me an objective, and lets me make things happen on my own. If I had to follow a prescribed path, I do not enjoy it at all.” The innovators seem to have this in common, and we can see how this ability to “think outside of the box” would be very useful in the world of business, design, software engineering, music, etc.


As always, some people make the best use of their innate potentials more so than others. Pay attention to the entire horoscope to see what your best outlet for your creativity may be. If you happen to have a number of quintiles, great – enjoy using your creativity. If you don’t know what your creative outlet is, try a morning page – pay attention to the small voice inside of you that wants to try something new, or pick up something that’s old. The point of all this is for you to feel the joy of expressing your talent, so that you feel more alive.

*A (very) technical note for astrologers: When counting the number of quintiles, I do not use the asteroid aspects – as the number of quintiles will naturally increase the more number of asteroids you use. For the same reason I’d rather not use biquintiles – since by including them the number of the aspect quickly increases to make most horoscope appear “very creative” (hey, if that’s what you want to see, that’s okay too. For my part, I prefer simplicity.)

On the other hand, I count the quintiles to Descendant and IC, as well as South Node – since they are each part of an axis (ASC axis, MC axis, Nodal axis). In your software, include the 108 degree (tridecile) aspect if you want to count these aspects – but only count them in if they show up in the ASC, MC, or Nodal axis column in your aspect grid.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki@hniizato.com or schedule a consultation.


  1. I thought I would have a lot of quintiles, but not so much hahaha… But they do fit my major creative work in language. I have been doing pioneering work in language families, psycholinguistics, saving endangered languages through more native resources. I have a mission of doing 9 dictionaries of world languages. Have done 2 but the 2nd had problems with lies and personal attacks against me.

    I have Saturn 5H quintile Pluto 12H, Moon 11H biquintile Pallas 6H (people relate telepathic clairaudience in relation to Pallas), Mercury 7H quintile MC, Mars 10H quintile ASC … as regards Mars I am always taking action to invest in myself… regards Mercury my father was my mentor and helped me to create a new astrology based on astronomy. Also Mercury relating to my language work. Moon and Pallas underpins insight into psycholinguistics and how astrology works, and future work in chemistry. Saturn-Pluto in relation to mediating power through astrology, and healing work.

    As quintiles relate to problem solving and awareness of conflicts, my Moon bq plays into a Fixed Grand Cross Moon opposite Jupiter and Neptune opposite Sun. Pluto is my healer as it forms positive (and a quincunx) angles to all the legs of the Grand Cross. Saturn is party to three T-Squares, so Pluto also brings positive quintile energy to those.

    Any further insights welcome. Really appreciate your positive contribution.
    (Note: I think Bernie Sanders has a Grand Quintile??? Venus bq Saturn, Saturn q Chiron, Chiron q Venus)

  2. Well, I have eight quintiles…

    – Aries Sun Quintile Neptune in Aquarius
    – Cancer Moon Quintile Mercury in Aries
    – Moon Quintile Mars in Aries
    – Moon Quintile Saturn in Aries
    – Moon Quintile Ascendant in Virgo
    – Mars Quintile Uranus in Aquarius
    – Saturn Quintile Uranus
    – Neptune Quintile Chiron in Scorpio

    As well as a couple bi-quintiles.

    Not sure what they all mean exactly, but I have been trying to find out.

    Your article has been helpful.

    Thank you!

  3. Greetings Hiroki,
    Thanks for your article, I’ve only just learned about the existence of quintiles and can’t quite find anything regarding my north node Q midheaven. Would you mind please sharing your interpretation?
    Many thanks,

  4. Hello!
    Thank you so much for the article! How would you interpret sun Q Uranus?

  5. Hi Hiroki,

    I have Mercury quintile Neptune as well as Venus quintile Jupiter and the MC, Saturn biquintile Chiron and Sun quintile Ceres.

    I have one hell of an imagination but unfortunately I can’t interpret the others. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Hi Noah, interpreting quintiles with asteroids or minor bodies would be tricky because we understand them less. My view is they are less important compared to the aspects involving the main bodies (Sun-Pluto). The influence of individual asteroids might be more pronounced when they’re strongly placed (on an Angle, Sun or the Moon).

      • Joshua Toms says

        The use of Chiron is well established at this point. We know its characteristics at this point and it is felt quite potently. And while I would not count the lesser known minor asteroids, Chiron should not be excluded. Especially if it shows prominence in the person’s chart.

  6. This is a great informative article! I’m going to have to investigate more on Noel Tyl’s article’s on quintiles after reading the comments. Are there any other seminal articles/books that you recommend to help gain an understanding/foundation of quintiles?

    I’ve been searching for information on quintile aspects to the ascendant and I’m wondering what their significance is.

    I have 4 quintiles in my chart, 3 of which are to my pisces ascendant (Mercury quintile AC, Saturn quintile AC, and Neptune quintile AC) and Pluto quintile South Node. I can definitely relate to drive and desire to express myself through physical presentation (how I dress, etc), perhaps this comes from the aspects to the ascendant. I’ve definitely had and still have problems with authority and struggle to conform to doing things in a traditional way, however there are other indicators in my chart that make this especially true. I’ve dabbled in various arts throughout my years, some were encouraged most were discouraged, graphic design, fine arts, music, but mainly vocals.

  7. I had a professional reading a few years ago and the astrologer told me I had 5 quintile aspects. I do remember him telling me that 2 is pretty normal but 5 or more is rare and usually points to a potent talent/gift.

    Forgot all about it until today when I downloaded the TimePassages app and saw my aspects. One that stood out to me was Moon quintile Pluto. How would you describe this aspect?

  8. scorpgemini says

    Biquintiles matter and people should observe them. I have sun in Gemini quintile moon in Aries, Venus in Taurus bi-quintile both Jupiter in Virgo and Mars in Sagittarius, Mars quintile Jupiter. I didn’t know where my creativity comes from until I researched my bi/quintiles, I thank the heavens for these aspects. In my own way and in my life I’m a creative genius in finding solutions to the challenges I face.
    I’m self employed, my creative bi/quintiles come in handy in finding creative ways to manage projects efficiently (Virgo) and grow (Jupiter) profits (Venus in Taurus). Plus, I show creativity when taking action (Mars) to achieve my desires (Venus).

    John Nash had mental illness which he recovered from later in life. That, and not the quintiles, was the root cause of his chaotic behaviour. I watched a movie on his life, to me the scene where he visited the US embassy to denounce his American citizenship it’s clear that mental illness had gotten worse.
    This has been reported about Einstein’s brain: “Scientists who studied these photographs noted that compared to other brains, Einstein’s brain had a larger prefrontal cortex and expanded primary somatosensory and motor cortices especially in the face and tongue areas on the left hemisphere”. Einstein’s genius falls under genetics or the like, Nash’s chaos falls under mental health.

    Astrology is part of a bigger picture, other parts are socio-economic issues, genetics, psychology and mental health. Even politics. Politics (subjugation, government policies, laws, corporate culture, etc) do shape behaviours, how we look at things, and belief systems.

    Astrology does not provide answers to the behaviours of some serial killers and rapists. To explain these serial crimes, some astrologers are quick to point to Scorpio, 8th house of sex (as if that’s all that the 8th house is about), Pluto aspects to Mars, Mars in a fire sign. They get stuck when birth details of the perpetrator are revealed and find no placement in Scorpio, no Mars aspect to Pluto and the 8th house is occupied by Ceres for e.g.
    Astrology is a wonderful tool for self analysis, awareness and improvement but it should not be forced to provide answers it cannot provide.

  9. Hi Hiroki,
    I have a Grand Quintile, but I can’t find much information on it? Except “significant connection between intellect and creativity” but since it’s not in one “house” or “sign” how do I focus it in one area?

    • Hi Abigail, an emphasis on quintiles suggest potentials – as well as the need for – a creative outlet. Even though many houses might be involved in your chart, it comes down to how you want to express yourself, and what potentials within you that you choose to explore.

  10. I have five quintiles, eight if you include Chiron and Lilith. All are within the 0-2 degree range.

    (Mars, Venus and Ascendent quintle Jupiter. Lilith quintile Venus, Mars, and Chiron. Mercury quintile Uranus. Saturn quintile Uranus.)

    I read that a quintile is like having both a trine and sextile. What are your thoughts, on any of this?

    P.S: I like that you update…

    • Hi there, the emphasis on the 5th harmonic (quintiles) is definitely there, so the best case is that you have some way of expressing yourself creatively.

      My use of quintile in analysis is very simple, it’s creative potential.

  11. Hi there,
    Through SF software and toggling with the minor aspects, I realize I have a total of 8 quintiles/bi-quintiles!
    Main ones are Sun in Gemini 9th Quintile Mars-Saturn conj. in Leo 12th, and all 3 planets quintile/bi-quintile to my South Node in Aries in 7th. Chiron in Taurus in 8th also bi-quintiles North Node in Libra 1st.

    The rest are involving a planet plus ASC and a planet plus IC.

    I have researched all over the net but nothing is mentioned about quintile/bi-quintiles involving South Node. Wonder if you can help input my aspects of Sun. Mars-Saturn in this unusual minor aspect to my South Node? I see a lot of potential of unlocking something really special and creative here if I open myself up to use it.



  12. A respectful hello, Mr. Hiroki!
    I’m writing an Astrology book which includes a chapter on promoting the quintile to major aspect status– based on its place in the major harmonic series (i.e. 1-6), & much research. It’s stronger than a sextile, maybe stronger than a square, but before the computer era it was hard to spot– do you think that’s why it doesn’t get much respect? What are your findings/feelings on it?

  13. Hi i would like to ask what does Sun quintile neptune means?

    • Hi Brian,

      Neptune quintile Sun may suggest the potential for creative self-expression. The application of such creative energy can be broad, so we can’t get that specific from this aspect alone.

  14. Hi Hiroki,

    You wrote this article some time ago & years later, it’s still the only comprehensive information I have been able to find, thank you!

    Are you able to suggest where I can gain information on Quintiles to the Nodes? I have Pluto Quintile my South Node, exact, & I have been unable to track *anything* down. I have searched for books, as well as the internet. I would very much like to understand this!

    Thanks again for all your insights, I hope you are well =)

  15. I really enjoy your take on such an aspect! I am wondering if you would mind elaborating on Venus Quintile Pluto? I am curious about the creative aspects of this, Venus is placed in Aquarius in 8th and Pluto in Sagittarius in 5th.

    I’m hoping to learn something new!

  16. Hi,
    Please let me know your thoughts on the following aspects. I cannot find information on Moon Quintile Uranus Orb 1°01′ and
    Jupiter Quintile MC Orb 0°00′. If it is useful, the moon is in the twelth in Cap and Uranus in Libra (Libra sign, but sun positioned in eighth).
    Jupiter is in the first in Aquarius and MC is Scorpio. Jupiter is conjunct the Cap. Ascendant, by (Orb 7°28′).
    Thank you!

  17. Hi i have venus quintile midheaven and a grand air trine with my sun jupiter and mc but i am having a bit of a quarter life crisis lol i have no idea what im meant to do with my life and nothing ever really works out i was wondering if you know anything about these aspects?? My mc is in gemini Thanks

  18. Allison Dubios has a 5 point quintile. She’s a famous medium with supposedly pshysic abilities and helped law enforcements

  19. Hi Hiroki, do you consider Chiron involved in quintiles? My other question is I have Moon Conj Neptune 9th Quintile NN 11th house and Sun 12th Quintile MC (but 3dg orb). Do these count and how can I interprete them. Thanks in advance :)

    • Hi Lyn, Chiron quintile could be significant, especially if you’re in a healing line of work. I personally do not include Chiron for this, as it inevitably increases the number of quintiles and skews the result.

      Your other quintiles do count, but how to interpret them will depend on your career (for MC) and group activities (Nodal axis).

      • Thanks Hiroki. I also just found out I have Venus 1st Quintile NN
        I liked what you wrote here, ‘They seem to call for a creative resolution much as in hard aspects, but possibly without the ordeals of square or opposition”.
        Adolf Hitler is a prime example of the negative spectrum of having quintiles. This is why I asked about your opinion regarding Chiron. From Bobmarks site regarding Hitler:
        ”Mercury, planet of communications, is opposite the Moon, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter. This gives a talent for communicating and power to his words. Chiron makes a conjunction to Mercury, as well as oppositions to the Moon, Neptune, and Saturn. Remember that Chiron is a “bridge” between the inner planets (which rule “normal,” everyday functions) and the outer planets, which rule forces that are out of the ordinary. Chiron also has to do with a feeling of being wounded. Hitler was able to deal with his psychological problems (Mercury rules the 12th house in his birth chart) by communications. Now everyone born that day had similar configurations in their charts. Why was Hitler different? Well for one thing, the Moon was part of the configuration, and the Moon was in place for only a few hours. But his Mid-Heaven closely aspects his Moon, Neptune, and Chiron, and also his Sun providing a link between that powerful communication configuration and his personality. The Mid-Heaven is, of course, the career and the public image, showing that Hitler’s whole personality was involved when he communicated in public. The fact that the German public also felt “wounded” after the defeat in World War I tied right in with Hitler’s Mercury/Chiron quintile. Unfortunately, he dealt with these wounds by making more wounds.

        A more positive example of a strong 5th harmonic chart (Quintiles) is Mozart. In his birth chart, Venus (art) is powerful because it is his only planet in a Cadent House. This means that it is a singleton by house, and can draw all of the horoscope’s energy to the 6th house (work). But the only apparent aspect seems to be a trine to Mars, and while this does add activity, it seems to leave poor Venus without connection to the rest of his life. Let’s take a look at his 5th Harmonic Chart. Venus now has conjunctions with Pluto (extremes, obsession, intensity) and the Moon (which rules both one’s own emotions and the ability to appeal to the public). In fact, there are eight conjunctions in his 5th harmonic, and each one represents a quintile or a bi-quintile in his birth chart. Talent on top of talent. The Sun and Mercury in that 5th harmonic chart make trines to the Mid-Heaven, making it easier for that talent to come before the public. Most of Mozart’s first drafts were the same as his final drafts. He would hear the music in his head and write it down with few, if any revisions”.

  20. Hi Hiroki!

    Thank you for the informative post on quintiles!

    I have 1 exact quintile in my chart between saturn and jupiter.

    Through my personal experience I have noticed that I am extremely creative and want to do things (express myself,) in “my own way.” Although it maybe because of my Aquarius ascendant.

    People have told me from a young age that I am “gifted.” I would say Im talented in the arts, music and athletically. All of which were primarily self taught. I notice an when learning new techniques, they flow right through me. Like I’m on auto pilot. A channel maybe? This flow happens the easiest with the subjects above but not limited to them.

    Maybe that 1 quintile allows me to draw the two opposite energies together to achieve a creative balance between the greater benefic and the greater malefic?

    Mahalo Nui Loa, and thanks again!


    • Hi Niki, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn quintile Jupiter. It would seem likely that there are additional statements about creativity in your horoscope. For example, Aquarian Ascendant, being ruled by Uranus, makes Uranus (the planet of genius as one might say) that much more important. There may be additional emphasis of Uranus in the horoscope that suggests the “gifted” quality.

      By the way, the term malefic is severely outdated – modern astrologers recognize that Saturn is essential for progress and achievement in any horoscope….

  21. I love this article on Quintiles. I was just wondering when counting the number of quintiles in a chart do you count the Bi-quintiles and semi-quintiles as well? Thanks !

  22. Hi, I know you’re not that interested in biquintiles, but I really liked your interpretation of quintiles and hoped you could help me with a question about my chart. I have 2 biquintiles and one quintile, but when I looked at them closer I realized they’re forming a yod of sorts that point to my moon. It looks important lol. Is it possible that it is similar to a yod, but maybe with less of the ordeals? Thanks!

    • Hi Olivia, yod (or finger of god) is just a fancy name for a midpoint picture. Once you understand the energies of the 3 planets involved, the strengths and challenges it poses will become clear. No comment on biquintiles :)

      • Just realized a Grand Trine is also then just a fancy name for a midpoint picture. Same with a kite… They all kind of are, weird.

        • Yes, although Grand Trine deserves a special consideration because of the stability it brings to the psyche, for better or worse (it can mean resilience or inertia.) Nevertheless it’s true that understanding midpoints will help you understand most formations better.

        • Wow this is a great article! Was able to learn more about quintiles. I found out that I have 3 quintiles, but I’m most curious about mars quintile north node because I can’t find any interpretation about it. It’d be lovely if I’d be able to get your insight regarding this aspect.

          Thanks in advance :)

          • Hi there! For Mars quintile North Node, consider how you can creatively apply your leadership energy (Mars) in group settings (Node can symbolize groups).

  23. mary streets says

    Wow, great website! Sound glad I found you. Studied Astrology since I was twelve and am fifty-nine now. Can’t wait to explore your archives. Very excited for the intelligent perspective you provide. Mary

  24. I was looking for some insight on my Saturn BQT MNN within 17 seconds. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  25. The quintiles from personal planets to pluto are destructive in some way (even if creative)? For example, a Venus Jupiter conjunction quintile to Pluto in Scorpio (since Pluto was there in the 80/90s), would it benefit the conjunction or make it less fortunate, seemly that you consider the quintile the gift of creativity?

    Nice post!

    • We would still consider this in terms of creative potential. Pluto represents empowerment through knowledge, control, or emotional release (catharsis) – it’s not primarily a destructive symbol, although power can certainly be expressed in a destructive way.

  26. Alexandria says

    What would you say about Venus exactly quintile south node ? Can’t find anything online. Also Pluto trine moon/mercury exactly conjunct and exactly quintile Jupiter?

    • Pluto quintile Jupiter might suggest creative resourcefulness especially if they’re related to the Midheaven. Venus quintile Nodal axis might suggest doing well in a group setting, or being well received.

  27. arzu ozergul says

    sorry mercury biquintile pluto not neptune

  28. arzu ozergul says

    i have sun quintile neptune and sun quintile moon also mercury biquintile neptune … what do u think i am an aquarius

  29. Hello,
    love the post by the way! :)
    I would love to know the difference between Biquintile, & Quintile?.. See, I have many Biquintiles & only one Quintile.

    Mercury quintile Moon
    Pluto Biquintile Sun, & Jupiter
    Uranus Biquintile Moon, & Mercury
    ASC Biquintile Jupiter , & Sun

    Wouldn’t that mean you would at least have half of the creativity of Quintile? Not, trying to appear more Creative as you said…. lol. Albeit, Biquintile must hold some creativity? Right??

    • I’d rather not include biquintile in the interpretation of creativity….My feel is that it’s better to have less measurements than more, so that quintiles do stand out when they occur, and you can pay attention to it, trying to understand it within yourself. Add too many measurements and then you lose touch with the meaning, since most people will have some of these aspects. For the same reason I’d use very tight orb, not more than 2 degrees.

  30. I have 6 Q & 4 BQ !

  31. I have been pursuing so many other areas, but since I deal with so many artists, I am truly enjoying doing research on Quintiles. Your work is a wonderful guide and I can’t thank you enough!

  32. I have a number of quintiles and biquintiles – main ones are Neptune q MC, Jupiter q MC, NE qJU.
    Others are SU-MO Q, both BQ PL – oh, Pisces Sun!
    How I found the NE-MC q functioned, in harness with JU Q MC was as follows: when I was learning composition for music exams, when we were given words to set to music, by the time I had read through the words once, I “knew” what the tune was. It was as though the words suggested not only the rhythm, but the pitch of the notes and their relation to one another. I had no idea this was unusual.

  33. Thanks so much for this informative, professional piece I have several quintiles and biquintiles in my chart, as well as a novile from Mars to Mercury. I can relate to all the comments about creativity and thinking outside the box that finally are being given expression late in life. I'm also an astrologer, studied it for 30 years now, always learning new things…

  34. Thank you for your wonderful article:-) I have 8 Quintiles/biQuintiles.

    I'm not sure what all of them mean,but it's true I enjoy being creative/artistic and I've been told that I'm talented.

    If anyone has any ideas about what some of these mean please feel free to say so.:-)

    Pluto Descendant Crescent + 3 ° 56 ' Quintile 75 ° 56 '

    Venus Midheaven Crescent – 2 ° 40 ' Quintile 69 ° 20 '

    Venus Jupiter Full – 0 ° 25 ' Biquintile 215 ° 35 '

    North Node Saturn Last Quarter – 4 ° 38 ' Quintile 283 ° 22 '

    Sun Ascendant Full – 0 ° 48 ' Biquintile 215 ° 12 '

    Sun Moon Last Quarter – 3 ° 17 ' Quintile 284 ° 43 '

    Sun Nadir Last Quarter – 0 ° 32 ' Quintile 287 ° 28 '

    Moon Ascendant Last Quarter + 2 ° 29 ' Quintile 290 ° 29 '

    Mars Nadir Last Quarter – 3 ° 11 ' Quintile 284 ° 49 '

    Jupiter Midheaven Last Quarter – 3 ° 05 ' Quintile 284 ° 55 '

  35. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thank you,

    Not sure about other deciles, but quindecile has a distinctly different flavor from quintiles. As mentioned in the quindecile post, it refers to a 165 degree aspect popularized by Noel Tyl (it originally meant multiples of 15 degree aspect, which is 360 divided by 24.)

  36. Thank you for posting this really wonderful article!=-D
    I can't help but wonder though do deciles/semideciles/trideciles/quindeciles(24degree) count?

    I read that deciles are part of the quintile family and can be interpreted like a quintile. Is this true?

    Thank you again!

  37. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hey thanks! :)

  38. Ezequiel Coelho says

    Congratulations! Very interesting article!
    Got here trough António's Blog and will come back, for sure!

    All the best

  39. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Joanna,

    Good for you…Thank you for sharing your example!

    Best regards,

  40. Thank you so much for this. It is hard to be a horary practitioner when resources are limited and no formal school is available. I checked mine, i have 4 quintiles: Mars quintile Saturn
    Jupiter quintile Saturn
    Saturn quintile Asc
    Neptune quintile MC; i feel pressured to create and i am ultra bored when i am not productive. I am a teacher, and a horary practitioner. I ventured into painting, tarot reading and got serious when astrology when i turned 30.

  41. Thank you for this information. I was raised on astrology, but had never paid attention to these things.

  42. LOL..poor fiance, he felt kinda’ left out when I told him he only had 2 biquintiles and two quints in his birth chart and my oldest daughter had five…but now I understand maybe it’s not all about quantity?!

    My son has been learning disabled since diagnosed at 3…today I see in his chart he has two biquintiles…but was happy to see that they validated what I’ve always known about him…despite learning challenges, he DOES have an area of expertise…he IS creative with his hands and his unique (quirky) ingenuity (ceramics, SPORE, drawing anime style etc..) will he go to college or be a brain surgeon, no…but God has blessed all of us with different areas of “creativity”

    Am I on the right track in my thinking?

    Thanks again for your blog…

    (when the student is ready, the right blog/teacher will appear!)

  43. António Rosa says

    Dear Hiroki,

    The tile is correct just now. Thanks for your edition.

    Thanks for your great cooperation and fine astrological texts.

    I appreciate so much your work.

    Tudo de bom,


  44. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Antonio,

    This is very kind of you! Thank you for the nice presentation.

    One thing – on the title, does it say quindecile instead of quintile? You may want to check it to be sure.

    Much appreciated!

  45. cova-do-urso says

    Hi Hiroki,

    Your article was just published in my blog. Tomorrow morning will be publishe on site “Escola de Astrologia Nova-Lis”.

    Many thanks,

    Tudo de bom


  46. cova-do-urso says

    Hi Hiroki,

    Thank you. Soon, I’ll come back to inform you about the publication of your nice text.

    Tudo de bom.


  47. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Antonio,

    Thanks! Yes, you’re welcome to translate it into Portuguese etc. I appreciate the kind words…

    Best to you,

  48. cova-do-urso says

    Sorry for this wrong word: “translte” in my above comment.

    Of course, is “translate”.


  49. cova-do-urso says


    Can I translte into portuguese language your article to puti it on my blog and my site “Escola de Astrologia Nova-Lis” – http://www.nova-lis.com ?

    Of course, with all credits: your name, links to your site and blog?

    Tudo de bom


  50. cova-do-urso says


    Great text. Nice information. Thank you.

    Tudo de bom,


  51. Hiroki Niizato says

    You’re most welcome :) thanks for suggesting the topic!

    For sesquiquadrate and semisquare, they seem to be treated as the smaller cousins of square aspect. If there aren’t enough hard aspects, usually I pay more attention to these (the psyche needs tension in order to develop etc.)


  52. Great article! :D

    Thanks for following my sugestion!

    And now another one, lol, if you find it interesting, of course:

    – what about sesquiquadrates? Are they as challenging as squares or are they mild in affect?

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