Quindecile Aspect: Obsession and Determination

quindecile aspect

Quindecile Aspect: Definition

Quindecile is a 165 degree aspect that suggests unrelenting motivation, obsession, determination, upheaval, disruption, even separation.  The planets connected through this aspect are under high developmental tension, almost as much as conjunction, square or opposition.

Noel Tyl popularized this aspect after extensive research – you can read his introduction to quindecile aspect here.

Quindecile: Motivation and Determination

Ricki Reeves’ book Quindecile goes into depth about the interpretation of each planetary combination in this aspect. From what I’ve read, she seems to suggest that there is a compulsive feeling of “whatever it takes” to fulfill one’s motivation.

Here are some interpretive thoughts for the Quindecile aspect:

Quindecile (QD) to Midheaven: suggests obsessive and determined focus on career achievement in terms of the planet aspecting it.

Quindecile to Ascendant: suggests obsessive and even disruptive focus on relationship and self image in terms of the planet aspecting it.

Quindecile to the Sun suggests tremendous tension directing the life energy into the aspected planet. Tiger Woods has his Sun in Capricorn QD MC, which is an unrelenting focus of disciplined energy into career achievement.

Quindecile to the Moon suggests the emotional drive being channeled into the aspected planet. Also, the aspect works the other way, directing the other planet’s energy into the emotional system, potentially creating a great upheaval within.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has his 6th house Moon in Capricorn QD ASC, suggesting the ambitious, workaholic drive entering into the identity, potentially upsetting relationships.

Quindecile to Mercury: the determined, obsessive or disruptive quality enters the mind in terms of the planet being aspected, potentially creating great anxiety. This extreme tension might become a fuel for intellectual output, and/or a cause for neurosis.

Quindecile to Venus: we can expect similar tension to enter within the emotional system and relationships, and sometimes into the aesthetic sensitivity (which may lead to productive artistic work.)

Quindecile to Mars: this may suggest unrelenting drive to exert energy, in terms of the aspected planet, or Mars’ sign and house placement. Albert Einstein has Mars in Capricorn QD
his ASC, suggesting the quality of unrelenting determination and achievement fused with the identity.

Quindecile to Jupiter: may suggest obsessive focus on education, philosophy or spirituality. This aspect may intensify the need for rewards in terms of Jupiter’s sign and house placement.

Quindecile from Saturn: may suggest obsessive focus on ambition, control and achievement. There may be an intense suppression and disruption of the aspect planet.

Quindecile from Uranus: unrelenting drive toward individual freedom, innovation, and even rebelliousness is possible.

Quindecile from Neptune: Potentially disruptive intensification of creative, visionary, or escapist drive can be expected. Poet William Wordsworth has his Neptune QD Mercury, which seems to corroborate his obsession with romantic ideas and aesthetic communication.

Quindecile from Pluto: obsessive, unrelenting motivation toward empowerment or destruction. Warren Buffett has his Pluto QD Saturn, which suggests monumental empowerment and absolute fixation on practical achievement.


Personal example: I have three quindeciles, all from Jupiter in the 3rd house ruling the 10th house of career: Jupiter QD Moon, Mars and Neptune. In my horoscope it all leads to the need to teach and write about spiritual, inspirational or healing matters (8th and 9th emphasis over and over again).


Do you have a quindecile aspect in your horoscope?  Do you relate to the sense of focus, motivation or even obsession suggested by the aspect?  Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki@hniizato.com or schedule a consultation.


  1. Hi Hiroki! Thank you for your great articles. I’m fascinated by quindeciles, though I only seem to have one in my birth chart, Pluto QD Chiron, which you commented on in one reply. Your description is spot on, feels like a relentless drive to heal, myself, others, nature… But, what about QDs in synastry? I have QD with a friend from my Neptune to his NN and am baffled what it could mean. He’s an artist but still, it doesn’t strike to me as very positive 🤔 But anyway, thanks again for your articles ☺

    • Hi Tlina, thank you for sharing your experience with Pluto quindecile Chiron. In synastry, usually there is a more obvious signal that defines the tone of the relationship. Your Neptune to his Node might be an artistic/spiritual connection but of course you might need to reflect on how Neptune is working in your own chart.

  2. Hello :-)
    So recently I discovered according the Edwin Wall Vocation software that I have :
    Jupiter quindecile Neptune
    Neptune quindecile Asc

    Your article will probably be helpful in interpreting the meaning of these.

    Thank you!

  3. I have quindeciles galore in my chart… even with a tighter orb of just 1 degree or so.
    – Jupiter (Aries, 7th) QD Pluto (Scorpio, 2nd) as well as Ascendant and South Node (conjunct in Libra).
    – Uranus (Sagittarius, 3rd) QD Midheaven and Mars (conjunct in Cancer), as well as Vesta (Gemini, 9th, conjunct my Sun).
    – Venus (Taurus, 8th) QD Pluto (Scorpio, 2nd).
    – Neptune (Capricorn, 3rd, conjunct IC) QD Chiron (Gemini, 9th).

    I have obsessive tendencies overall really. Nothing that feels harmful to myself or others, but lasting obsessions with certain areas of research or certain interests. I’ll go down rabbit holes far more and far deeper than most people I’d say. I definitely have Venus, Uranus and Neptune related obsessions, motivations and eccentricities (aesthetics, decadence, rebellion against societal norms, astrology, escapism, music…) I also resonate strongly with 3rd/9th (Gem/Sag) and 2nd/8th (Tau/Sco) axis themes in general. Communication is an especially poignant obsessive motivation in my life.

    The individual QD that I can relate to the most strongly is Venus/Pluto, which makes an impact mostly on my aesthetic sensibilities I’d say (since I’m aromantic and asexual). I harbor a deep and lasting obsession with the beauty of decay and the juxtaposition of fecundity and death. I’d say that’s the basis of my whole aesthetic outlook, from how I dress, and the perfumes I wear, to the creative works I produce.

    I have a hard time understanding the Jupiter QDs though… I just generally don’t vibe with my Jupiter. I am highly educated, but education itself has never been an obsession. Neither am I at all spiritually obsessed, and I’m way too practically oriented to care much about philosophy. The only Jupiter theme I really vibe with is the inherent optimism. I’m a relentless optimist, Panglossian almost…

    • Hi Nadja, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with your 4 quindeciles – very insightful and well written! Jupiter obsessions may suggest the strength of your conviction and opinions.

  4. What are your thoughts on Quindecile in Synastry Hiroki?

    I have Venus QD Pluto with someone (Double Whammy – both ways) and I cant discern if the obsession is due to this aspect or my natal make-up.

    I’m Pluto and my Pluto is conjunct my Scorpio descendant. His chart ruler is Venus. So this aspect seems pretty significant.

    I’ve read Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton has this aspect and their obsession for one another was till death

    • Good question! A double whammy synastry aspect is typically important, almost like a theme within the relationship. The dynamic of obsession is definitely worth paying attention to, especially because it involves Venus and your Angular Pluto.

      It might be especially significant if one or more of the planets also form a natal quindecile aspect – kind of triple confirmation about the intensity of this energy.

      • Wow, sorry for the late response. Did you mean ANY natal or Venus/Pluto involved?

        I have natal Mercury QD south node. He has Neptune QD Juno (don’t know if that counts). These are the only natal QD aspects we have.

        It also makes sense why our composite & Davison show Venus opposite Pluto and Venus conjunct Pluto respectively

  5. Thanks for great article.It is very helpful.

    I have Venus(2nd house in Capricorn) quindecile(165°33′) Mars(8 house in Leo),
    Venus quindecile(165°o1′) palas(8 house in cancer),Mars semi-sextile(30°32′)Palas.
    It’s very tight orb and thin triangle in Natal Chart.
    I’m with high functioning autism.I have strong focus on thing of interest.
    This thin triangle meaning maybe “strong focusing”?
    but autism can’t only interest Human relations but also about myself.
    So Become a very hard human relationship.

    And I have 3 quindecile triangle in 8 harmonics Chart.
    Venus quindecile(165°24′) Saturn.Venus quindecile(164°41′) Mercury .Mercury conjunction(0°04′) Moon.Venus quindecile(164°45′) Moon.
    Saturn quidecile(164°22′) Pluto.
    Sun quindecile(165°20′) Neptune.Chiron quindecile(164°46′)Neptune.
    I am doing oil painting work now,but I can hardly make human relations in society.
    May I ask What is The name of quidecile triangle?

    My English is not good, so I might say something rude. I’m sorry for that.

  6. Debra Hardy says

    Hi Hiroki, my name is Debra and I am a new student of Noel Tyl. I am submitting my 9 year old grandson’s chart in my next lesson because my daughter, his mother has some concerns. She wants me to talk with him about his feelings etc. based on his excessive, emotional, perfection driven behaviors. He is bright, well behaved, and talented!!!! But unfortunately he believes in perfection which leads to disappointments. He is a talented golfer as well.
    I just did his chart and realized he has 6 QD!!!
    Pluto is peregrine QD Mercury. Of course Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, jupiter are rx in 4,5,6,7
    And Saturn, Mars sit on his Asc. In Virgo.
    If I saw these QD in an adult It might be easier but this is a bit overwhelming, I would think for a young person. His sun is in cancer and Moon in Aquarius. Hopefully, I can assist him in his growth through astrology and give him some psychological tools,
    Any help would be appreciated. I do enjoy reading your articles.
    Thanks, Debra

    • Hello Debra! Quindeciles suggest deep, intensely focused emotions. When directed positively, this will turn into hyper-motivation. Watch him to see where the psychological stress is coming from…Use the psychological keys you’re learning from Noel.

  7. Great, informative article!

    I have a Sun quincunx Moon quindecile exact to the minute. I have a huge amount of inner conflict, depression, anxiety, self destruction, etc — it’s been constant throughout my life.

    What’s confusing to me is, I also have Moon square Pluto exact (part of a tight fixed grand cross involving Venus & Mars, too), so it’s not easy for me to delineate what the QD is contributing to the equation. The destructive forces I associate with the Pluto-Moon. How would you describe a Sun QD Moon?

    • Hi Elise, quincunx (150) and quindecile (165) are different, with quindecile suggesting more intense interaction. Sun QD Moon typically suggests parental conflict, which might then be mirrored within your own psyche as conflicting drives, even obsessive patterns.

      • Wow sorry to respond to this so late… Yes, it is a Sun QD Moon. What you write about parental conflict is right on, as my father was abusive to my mother. I definitely relate to having obsessive patterns as a recurring theme in my life & personality, & conflicting drives is accurate as well.

        Thanks for all the wonderfully informative articles here!

  8. Thanks for the information on this aspect. What sort of maximum orb do you use? I have Neptune QD chart ruler Venus 2 deg 35 mins, and Mars QD North Node 2 deg 25 mins. Would these orbs be acceptable?
    Thank you!

  9. hello

    thanks for the article, precious informations!
    I’m studying astrology and find out a quindecile chiron (house 11, Taurus)/uranus (house 6, scorpio). So far, I have a massive nevrotic trouble with putting order in my house that I can relate to it. Also, I don’t enter in any boxes, reluctant to any rules, as a researcher and an artist. My mind can be really obcessive and hard-working when I give myself a goal, especially in studying or art.

    I’m wondering on another hand about a secund quindecile, north node ( house 2, Leo) and sun (house 9, aquarius). Sun is also tridecile Juno and Varuna (almost exact) . Any indications to understand this meaning?

    thank you!

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Regarding Node quindecile Sun, there are 2 dimensions – one is a strong maternal influence within your ego development (somehow this is very important.) Another expression is a connection to groups or the public somehow.

      Cannot comment on tredecile (108), as I don’t use it in my practice.

  10. I have Mercury quindecile Neptune [and] Mars quindecile Pluto…

    Mercury, Ruler of 12th and 9th, in my Ninth House.
    Neptune, Ruler of 6th, in my Fourth House.

    I’m reeeeeeeeally super-obsessed with natal astrology. I write poetry. I also can’t really seem to concentrate long enough to be consistently productive. I also daydream about travelling the world. But I’m sadly aware, that it takes tons of money, effort, and even foreknowledge to actually do it…

    Mars, Ruler of 7th, in my Eighth House
    Pluto, Ruler of 2nd, in my Second House

    Financial security is very, very important to me. But with my Mercury quindecile Neptune, I can only dream about the best way I could attain that level of self-reliance. Luckily I have Jupiter as the tail, in my kite pattern (with Mars as the apex).

    I’d say a quindecile at its worst, is when the individual *KNOWS* they are capable. Yet they may feel their practice or interest(s) or endeavors, are pointless. It all depends on their early circumstances in life, just how enabled they are to succeed with such incredible energy, in the long-term.

    • Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience – some good insights there. Your last sentence is truer than the preceding one – whether or not you can productively utilize this intense energy depends on your emotional foundation and behavior patterns.

  11. Hello Hirako Niizato,

    Keeping my question as specific as I can I was wondering if you knew about the value quindeciles between asteroids hold in a chart. That book written by Tyl doesn’t seem to clearly approach this particular question and I have seen charts with numerous interesting looking quindeciles between asteroids.

    So I wish to ask you if you believe this aspect between asteroids is relevant or not?

    • Hi Fingal, As there are many, many asteroids that you could choose to study, deciding what to include in your analysis is mostly a matter of preference. The answer to your question is yes, if you have an asteroid that “works” for you then it makes sense to consider the quidecile aspect it makes with the same approach as outlined here…Feel free to share your examples and thoughts…

      • There’s one particular one that recently has caught my attention and has me rather worried. It involves the asteroid Persephone at 20 sag in my first house (which is the midpoint between my saturn and uranus, a point I’ve read has to do with a lack of independence and even abduction) and my uranian hades which is at about 4.5 gemini which makes it quindecile the persephone asteroid.
        I’ve had at least one traumatic experience I think was triggered by my uranus/saturn midpoint with persephone so I know it’s a very sensitive place for me. It was only recently I also learnt about Uranian objects as well.
        The reason I’m bringing this up is because I recently became involved with a woman whose Nessus makes a sharp quintile to her sun and is almost exactly conjunct my Hades, and I’m worried if this means she’s somehow a danger.

        • Well, you seem to be making some connections that make sense to you – though to be honest, there are many asteroids with sinister enough meanings that you are pretty much guaranteed to find something to worry about if you look hard enough…

  12. I have neptune in my 4th house capricorn QD Mc in cancer. Also i read that in my chart neptune is an oriental planet. Maybe thats why i cant choose a career, and often feel confused and disconnected.

  13. I have a stellium of planets in my third house that are all quindecile my 8th house Chiron. In the third, I have Pluto 2Vir40, Pallas 3Vir08, Mercury 4Vir10, Venus 5Vir47. Chiron is at 18Aqu37. Pallas has the tightest orb, but Mercury and Pluto also have an orb of less than 1 degree. Although I have worked at understanding how to heal myself for a very very long time, it was only at age 54 for I realized I had been sexually abused by my father as a small child. The following year, I realized that it was more complicated than that, but also, in an odd way, more simple. It may sound like a “conspiracy theory” but I now believe my father was a part of the CIA’s MKUltra mind control project and sexually asaulted me under the influence of his CIA co-workers (He did government funded biochemical research). And as far-out as it my sound, I believe the CIA was working in conjunction with Zeta extraterrestrials. It was my intuition that first clued me in but I found it impossible to believe until my intuition (spiritual guidance) also gave me exact dates for when childhood sexual trauma took place. Once I looked up the charts for both myself and my father, I could not brush aside what my intuition was trying to tell me. The astrological data is glaring. I still have no conscious memories of the abuse. The realizations have all come through my intuition and my body memory. It’s difficult to explain, but it’s astrology, more than anything else, that’s helped me get an “objective” handle on what really happened. It is always helpful to have someone else’s perspective if you have comments or questions.

  14. Hello Hiroki and everyone! Thank you for this great post! I have got this aspect between the south node and jupiter, and you are right!! it really causes a great inner tension and struggle. Especially because my jupiter is not very aspected and the rest of the planets are quite heavily.
    I think I can understand a little the south node and pluto connection that Sparrow has in the comments above. Thank you for your insight!

  15. This was an interesting article Hiroki ~ My 4th house (Aqua) SUN is Quindecile my 2nd house (Scorpio) MOON/NEPTUNE conjunction. Any insight would be appreciated as this is my only Q in my chart. Thanks for sharing this :)

  16. This was an interesting article Hiroki ~ My 4th house (Aqua) SUN is Quindecile my 2nd house (Scorpio) MOON/NEPTUNE conjunction. Any insight would be appreciated as this is my only Q in my chart. Thanks for sharing this :)

  17. What a great article, thanks so much! I didn’t know about this aspect before. As it turns out, Pluto in Scorpio in my 2nd House exactly Quindeciles Venus (my chart ruler) in Gemini in my 8th House, and Neptune in Capricorn on the IC in the 4th does as well, not exactly but within orb. I totally get the feeling of needing to do “whatever it takes” to pursue art. I have been struggling for a while to figure out exactly how that will be for me, and I’m trying to take my whole chart into consideration. I think that this feeling, which is very strong in me, is amplified by many other things that I have going on that point to being an artist… The thing is, though, that I’m having a really hard time figuring out what my medium is (though maybe it’s not just one? I do have three planets in gemini, after all). Do you have any ideas for me on this issue, particularly regarding the 8th house?

    • Thanks Angela. Your question has to do with vocational direction, which takes a lot of experience to determine (as you mention you do need to take the whole chart into account.) If you think it’s going to be art, most likely the medium will not be so important as long as you are giving your creativity due expression…Many artists switch mediums in the course of their journey.

  18. Thank you for this very informative article. What orb do you use for the quindecile?

  19. Thank you very much for sharing this information. It explains so much.
    I have Pluto QD south node. Obsessivly getting rid of the old world making room for the new.
    The other QDs interacts with the most defining part of my chart; an exact opposition between Saturn in Cap and Sun/BML in Cancer in close conjunction with MC and Venus. Jupiter is exact QD MC and QD Sun/BML by 3 degrees and Venus by 6 degrees. Obsessive about my career and my “shine”, while at the same time fiercely resisting any kind of hieracy. It’s a very interesting combination. As I am not accepted within (and do not accept) normal roads to succes I have taken the alternative route to satisfaction and joy, which is to kindly, relentlessly and very convincingly expose fakeness and fraud in the hieracies that cling to outdated measurements of succes. And to do it in a semipublic way so that observers kindly are presented with both the problems and the exposure so as to educate them and inspire them to grasp for higher ideals. I do not expose real fraud in a dramatic way, it’s more the daily lying, the denialism, the fake ideologies and slobby arguments. I am seen as fascinating, passionate and a little scary.

    • And Jupiter is in 3 house, Sag.
      Sorry if the interpretation above is a mess. I am no astrologer, and I was carried away after reading your very interesting article. But this really puts a new layer to the challenges I face at any company with bonus and bottomline as primary values.

  20. Hi Hiroki ~

    I think I’ve already commented elsewhere on your blog about my natal 12th house Pluto Quindecile 6th house Chiron so I won’t elaborate again here – my comment will be long enough.:) What I wanted to share though, is my experience now that Solar Arc Saturn has progressed to form a conjunction with my natal Chiron, which means SA Saturn and natal Pluto are Quindecile as well.

    Aside from having to come to terms with certain changes and challenges related to the natural cycles of life (natal Saturn in the 4th, ruling the 5th) as well as eliminating certain foods and habits and incorporating new ones(6th house Chiron), I’ve also been very motivated to create new structures in my life (the way we eat, clean, shop) that support not only my own health, well-being and healing, but also the health and well-being of all those who so often remain behind the scenes and voiceless – and to *try* to some extent, to be one of their voices (Pluto rules my natal 3rd). It’s meant giving up on a lot former pleasures and spending more time alone, also spending more time at home doing chores.

    For a while, it was startling to realize for the first time how many of the choices I’d always made hold the potential to affect people and places well beyond my range of vision. Until recently, I never realized how many of the items most of us take for granted are produced -from the food we eat and clothes we wear to the electronics we use- nor did I consider how my habits and choices can either help to alleviate, or conversely, *perpetuate* suffering and injustice, even *slavery* (natal Chiron in the 6th).

    I’m still an alternative healer and I still volunteer, though like it or not, I’ve had to structure in more quiet time for myself, especially since my sleep-cycles have been affected (natal Pluto in the 12th). I’ve been using the time at home to study and have attended several online seminars related to health, healthcare, nutrition and the environment – and of course, I still find time to advocate for causes I support and to leave online comments. I can’t help myself.:)

    One last thing is this – in some ways, this new chapter in my life feels like something that was meant to unfold all along, only I wasn’t *ready* until now. It’s as if my blinders were suddenly removed, and as shocking and unsettling as it’s been, I’ve had to accept the fact that I can never go back to not knowing. Nor can I turn to my former illusions for comfort, which has been very isolating in and of itself, since the world keeps on as it always has, with or without my participation.

    Clearly, this new cycle relates to my natal Saturn (in Sag) in the 4th and Chiron (in Aquarius) in the 6th and the price we sometimes pay in choosing to live a life of integrity as we see it. It reminds me of Hexagram 47 of the IChing – I like the website yijing.nl (LiSe Heyboer’s) interpretation best in that it reminds us to enter the gate of our secret garden, where happiness dwells in small and limited places and no prisons exist.

    I’m wondering if my own natal 2nd house Sun at the Saturn/Pluto midpoint has something to do with all this as well? Other transits and progressions tie in too, so it’s like being hit with a triple-whammy.:)

    • Hi LB, Thank you for sharing! This sounds like a transformation that will have deep and lasting effect in your life as a healer. Much better to happen this way than through sickness etc!

  21. Any insights on a (7th h) mars in libra QD ascendant in aries? I’ve always considered my mars afflicted, unable to make its desires known right away. It’s also loosely conj pluto (scorp). But I’d love it if the QD aspect gave some insight into how to tap mars’ power. thanks in advance –c

    • Mars Quindecile Ascendant will add a powerful need for self assertion. Pluto conjunction and Aries ASC will only add to this drive – everything fits to create a need to exert energy and lead.

  22. Ingunn Håstø says

    I found this article too now, maby this explain something of my qestion? : Sitat: “He wrote that ‘It is in the affairs of the houses tenanted by the planets in this aspect that the native has this unending capability of carrying on, continuing, in total disregard of all practical reality. There is nothing like the nagging persistence of the 165 degree aspect, just never say die, never stop trying, never give up on negotiating the non-negotiable.’ He termed it the Johndro aspect, for want of a better name, and some people today still call it that.”

  23. Ingunn Håstø says

    Hi I am studie CAC, synastry as a fallstudie. I have about 70 couples who have stayed together for more than 15 years and I find that the angle 168 – 172 degrees often exist between ones sun and the others moon etc. Some time also 165 degree. Some of this couple have been together for nearly 40 years, many over 30 years and even more over 20 years. This angle between 168 – 172 exist so often that i startet to look for information of this. The closest I have come is to this aspect quindecile, 165 degrees. Can anyone explain why this angle exist so often in a CAC horoskop, synastry between couples who have stayed together so long…???

  24. I love your site. Thanks for sharing your insight!

    Someone pointed out that I have an exact Moon-Mars quindecile involving the 6th, 7th and 12th houses. I’m passionate about healing and attract wounded people who are obsessed with me (or compulsive about getting me to focus on them).

    Besides the resources you referenced, there’s not much information on this aspect. Hard to see how it works in my life and in others’ lives.

  25. Thanks so much for this article , I just found out about Quindecile. I have about 4 in my chart
    Sun QD Saturn
    Venus QD Saturn
    Mars QD SNODE
    Pluto QD NNode.
    From what I’ve gather from your article Pluto QD North node could means I’m meant for somehow to have obsession and unrelenting motivation for my future seeing how the north node represent destiny. I can resonate with that I have always had a feeling or more like a sensation I’m meant to do something big in this world, I dont know if its something big or bad and what I’m going through now is like a a test to prepare me but I dont know what. I will like if you add some input to know if I’m on the right track or not.

  26. Jupiter 23′ Aries Quindecile Uranus 07′ Scorpio. Jupiter conjunct Chiron 24′ Aries and Uranus conjunct N.Node 16′ Scorpio. Help interprete. Appreciated, Thank You.

    • Jupiter QD Uranus would be strongly individualistic and opinionated. Probably intense thought energy that needs a constructive focus. Chiron adds a bit of hurt feeling that could be playing within your head over and over, until you decide to work on healing it.

      By the way your Uranus and Nodal axis are 9 degrees apart, which is much too wide for conjunction (suggest to tighten your orb to 6-7 degrees in general.)

  27. Hi,

    Thank you for your interesting article! The only quindecile i see in my chart is between
    My Venus in Pisces at 1 degree in 2nd house and Uranus and Pluto in Virgo at 16 degrees in the 8th house. I am an Energy Worker and do Astrological Readings. I have been “obsessed” with Spiritual Matters, digging deep to find “the answers” and with Healing since I was a teenager. I guess it could also mean Relationshop/Sexual power and money issues. (I also have the South Node conjunct Moon in Scorpio in 11th.) Any other input would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

  28. Looking at my chart I believe I have a nuber of quindeciles but do not have a program that calculates it so wanting to make sure.
    Pluto in Leo 29 degrees
    Mars in Pisces 14 degrees
    Sun in Libra 2 degrees
    Mercury in Libra 4 degrees
    Neptune in Libra 29 degrees
    Moon in Gemini 12 degrees
    North Node in Sagg 1 degrees
    Saturn in Scorpio 29 degrees
    Ascendant Aquariurs 14 degrees

    I have several yes?

  29. I just read Zane Stein’s article on quindiciles. I thought my committment to astrology was explained by Aquar MC trine ASC/Uranus conjunction. However; would sun in cancer and mars in leo both quindicile MC explain how I can become outright obsessive with it?

    • Those two quindecile aspects to the MC suggest a strong need for ego expression through career. If your career allows you to shine and push yourself forward, this is all good…Otherwise you’ll need to find a way to be recognized somehow, within the world you live in. They don’t confirm nor negate your interest in astrology.

    • Hi Hiroki!
      What are your thoughts on Mars quindecile Mars in synastry?

      • Hi Jessica, I would observe how each of you express and assert yourself within the relationship – how do disagreements occur, and how do they get resolved? And you might observe how intense the interaction is, which might give you a sense of the quindecile interaspect. Let us know!

  30. Correction: Scratch that comment. Uranus/Mercury is a Quincux. I do have a quindecile. It’s Neptune/Asc (O’ 2″orb) quindicile Sun. I don’t have any particular insights on that one. I’ve mistakenly believed I had Uranus/Mercury for so long…..LOL.

  31. I have Mercury in Aires quindecile Uranus in Virgo. I have been driven since I can remember to use alternative methods to clear away my perceptual blocks, emotional stress and belief systems that are not working for me. I’m so much more driven to work on myself than any other human I have ever met. I think that’s the upside of Uranus/Mercury.

  32. Not sure if my own interpretation is correct. I dont know how to interpret the houses (QD from 12 to 6 and from 1 to 7), but I’d actually very much like to know how to interpret these aspects properly.

    • These symbolisms tie together to reflect difficulties in relationships, because of bottled up emotional energies. Controlling the energy within yourself is one thing, and being able to share them with others in a healthy way is an entirely different challenge.

  33. I have two of these aspects, one from Venus (12/Pisces) to Pluto (6/Libra) and one from Chiron (1/Aries) to Uranus (7/Scorpio). I am absolutely obsessed with energy in general. Be it sexual or healing or erratic or warlike or musical or astrological or argumental – every single moment of the say I am focussed on harnessing energies. Thankfully no unhealthy fixations.

  34. I have mars quindecile pluto, ascendant and moon………….i think i am interested with martian things…….like being strong, aggressive, violence, power, domination etc.

  35. An exact Sun in 0 Leo Quindecile Neptune 15 Capricorn. I ll have to watch and pay attention to it!

  36. Asc is 5 deg Aries, Sun in sixth House 22 Deg Virgo as Fifth House Ruler unrelenting motivated, obsessed life energy with respect to projecting himself to others as a very service to others and caring (Sickness) giving love to others personality. How you will interpret it ?

    • I think you said it very well! Thank you for sharing your experience. Aries Ascendant in this case is about being/doing one’s best regardless of what anyone thinks.

      • Asc is 5 deg Aries, Sun in sixth House 22 Deg Virgo as Fifth House Ruler unrelently motivated, obsessed life energy with respect to projecting herself to others as a service to others and caring (Sickness) giving love to others personality.
        This is from the horoscope of a young girl who is a student of class 11th and want to become a Physician whose birth data is 14 Sept 1996 1900 Hrs at New Delhi India and I Think Developmental tensions in the chart will make her fulfill her dreams. This is for your reference

        • Thanks. Although vocational analysis is typically done through the Midheaven, on a psychological level we can see that she’s on the right track in regards to wanting to help people.

  37. Stephen Ambrosich says

    …I `found’ your site while googling about the Quindecile. I had actually `forgotten’ that I had a copy of the Ricki Reeves book silently sitting on a back shelf. I have immediately returned to my Solar Fire and added the Quindecile to the default calculations.You have very well constructed, well written and thoughtfully cross-referenced site. I appreciate the succintly relevant info you have provided in your archive section.

  38. rosemary says

    could you possibly delinate saturn quindecile pluto. Saturn is late 4th conj 5th and pluto is 2′ off MC
    Saturn rules 2nd and pluto rules 12th
    Saturn is afflicted by square to exalted mars in late first house
    pluto is conj Virgo MC then Uranus conj
    ruler of MC is mercury retro in 12th square leo moon

    thanks in advance

    • I recommend you keep it simple when trying to understand an aspect’s core meaning. Saturn quindecile Pluto puts an obsessive focus, a compulsive necessity, to hard work and deep change. Warren Buffett has it as mentioned in the article, and this was delineated as “monumental empowerment and absolute fixation on practical achievement.”

  39. Hello, would you have any insights on a quindecile to/from Chiron? Chiron seems to be elusive to quite a few number of people (myself included) and yet I see it mentionned and used more and more often. I have a hard time putting words down to describe what would be/how would feel a quindecile involving Chiron (in this case – two separate charts – one with Chiron QD Venus and one with Chiron QD Pluto). Your insights would be very much welcomed. Thank you.

    • Hi Emillie,

      With quindeciles involving Chiron, we may start with words like “unrelenting motivation to heal”, “obsessive focus on (healing the) old hurt, (righting) the wrong” in terms of the other planet and the house it’s associated with. Venus of course is about relationships and loving ourselves & others. Pluto tends to amplify the Chiron symbolism to the max.

  40. Suppose JUPITER is in SIXTH house and ruling NINTH house and this Jupiter is in tight quindecile how we will interpret it
    obsessive focus on Identity in terms of the Jupiter’s natural significations like rewards and its ruler ship of ninth Education and its placement in sixth Service, cooperation with others

    • I agree with you – your interpretation makes sense especially combined with your other comment on the Venus post, in that education becomes a saving grace for the tension in other areas of life.

  41. Hi Hiroki,

    What would the following aspects mean?

    Sun is quindecile Pluto
    Mercury is quindecile Uranus
    Venus is quindecile Neptune

    Many thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

  42. Hiroki Niizato says

    Yes, when the rage is directed against yourself. There are other ways to work off the anger…

  43. hi. I have a Moon-Mars-Jupiter stellium in the same degree quindecile Pluto..do you think this could explain depression and self-destructive tendencies?

  44. "Thank you! In general, quindecile aspect refers to the 165 degree aspect, and not 24.

    Sometimes it also refers to a 15 degree aspect, but that usage is not common."

    Really? I'm not arguing with on this,I've just always heard it was the 24 degree aspect and that the 165 degree aspect is new.
    Ok. So my sun is making a 15 degree aspect to my uranus so that wouldn't be a semi decile it would be a quindecile then. Hm.

    Thank you very much for letting me know.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.=-)

  45. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thank you! In general, quindecile aspect refers to the 165 degree aspect, and not 24.

    Sometimes it also refers to a 15 degree aspect, but that usage is not common.

  46. This is an excellent article Thank you!

    I have one question though. What about the 24 degree Quindecile?

    Thank you again=-)

  47. Hiroki Niizato says

    When I first asked Noel Tyl about Part of Fortune, he told me it was an outdated measurement that had to be devised when computers weren’t available – so I personally don’t use them, and therefore have no insights about it…


  48. Just wondering what PF QD Saturn might mean? I have that down to the second…(my only Yod is Saturn at the point with Neptune and Jupiter in sextile).

    Any thoughts what so ever are welcome!

  49. Hiroki Niizato says


    The train has to get back on its course -both vocationally, and relationship-wise. I doubt you’ll find a pat answer to your questions.

    If you want to go in depth about this, schedule a consultation with me: hiroki@HolisticAstrologer.com

    I’m sure we’ll have a productive discussion.


  50. P.S. Thank you for the article. I would have loved to have had it when I was trying to get a concrete answer out of either the well-known Pisces astrologer or the Pisces therapist I was seeing during my Saturn return, when I’d had some rather significant professional delays and failures and was wondering what to do with my life (still struggling – lesson: don’t go to a Pisces for vocational advice if you’re an earth sign).

    Actually, I could have used it before then — I started reading about astrology when I was 9 and begged to get a chart done when I was 14 (I think I had a sneaking suspicion it was going to take awhile to figure out what I was supposed to be doing on the planet). If I had had it then I could have at least taken it to an astrologer and said “Look at these configurations? What am I supposed to be doing about this? What can I do with these?”

  51. After much math over the following (natal) configurations:

    11 Venus 36 in Leo in the 2nd
    8 Mercury 28 in Virgo in the 3rd
    11 Uranus 28 in Virgo in the 3rd
    14 Pluto 26 in Virgo on the IC
    25 Moon 33 in Aquarius in the 9th
    29 Saturn 51 in Aquarius Rx in the 9th

    I’ve come up with the following

    Venus, Mercury, and Uranus all QD the Moon
    Pluto QD Saturn

    No wonder I’ve felt like Cassandra my whole life — 5-10 years ahead of my time with everyone I talk to hating what comes out of my mouth.

    Any insight into how to deal with that effectively, in an attempt to be a productive member of society — without getting stoned, maimed, otherwise disposed of, or being forced to declare bankruptcy — would always be very much appreciated.

  52. Hiroki Niizato says


    I think that’s an excellent observation! Thank you for corroborating.


    • Hello Hiroki. Excellent work, as always. I research people’s synastry, all the way back to the Middle Ages, using real people and real situations. I find the quindecile one of the most powerful connections in terms of relationship empowerment. Here is an example. I include the asteroids Eros, Psyche and Sappho in my synastry research. Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning had an exact (00s02) quindecile through Pallas/Pallas, the goddess of creative intelligence. (From The Neptune Cafe): “In 1993, Ariel Guttman wrote in her excellent book Mythic Astrology, ‘For the past twenty years or so, Pallas Athena has been one of the most dramatically visible archetypes emerging into Western consciousness.’ By this, she was referring to Pallas’ role in sharpening women’s intellectual skills and thrusting them into the patriarchal order with much success. The corresponding shift in men’s psyches can be seen in those who have tempered their rational minds and domineering behavior in favor of increased compassion, wisdom, and sensitivity. Obviously, what was true in 1993 is even more so today.” I don’t think I need say more, especially to anyone who knows about the life of these two people. Not only this, but Robert’s Psyche quindeciles Elzabeth’s Mercury. (0s34) Again, the mind is profoundly stimulated here between the two of them. And lastly, each Eros is quindecile the other’s Eros at (01a35). Such passion and erotic connection. I hope this is interesting. – Peter

  53. Anonymous says

    Thank you for this well-written article on the quindecile. Most helpful.

    I have a Sun/Jupiter one but not sure yet exactly how to interpret it. I’ve always been very involved with education, sprituality, etc, but not in an obsessive way. Just one of my many interests.

    However, I think that, at core, I’m very motivated by a drive towards such matters. A ‘motivating force underpinning my life’ I’d call it.

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