Quindecile and Obsession – Case Examples

As a follow up to the previous post about quindecile, I’ll share two case examples emailed to me by a skilled astrologer friend (who wished for anonymity). They illustrate the obsessive quality of the quindecile aspects focused on the Ascendant, i.e. the self image:

“A) Female client, had 3 stand out Quindeciles from 6th house to the Asc. In consideration of other factors in my client’s horoscope, I had a “6th sense” that she had issues about her physical body…after a brief introduction, I asked “XXX, tell me, how do you feel about your physical body?”. My client sat there quite stunned …..she said nothing…….then rolled up the sleeve of her jumper to reveal several serious scars.

It transpired that she hated her body and had been “self harming” for some time. This revelation then led into discussion about factors that contributed to this sad behaviour. I felt such compassion and sadness that she had so much internal emotional pain, the only way of releasing it was to express by cutting herself. We went on to discuss other ways of channelling and processing this inner pain in a way that was oriented toward self-care.

B) Another client – (female again) and someone, I thought I knew well. Had 2 Quindecile to Asc, one from Pluto 6th and the other from Saturn Rx 7th.
Her outer demeanor caused me to doubt that these Qd’s to the Asc could be another case of self harm – I did not wish to stereotype the Quindecile or the client.

She was outwardly successful, educated, and attractive……yet I had a sense of deep inner loneliness. I approached this client in a different way…….and it transpired that she had ongoing issues about her weight, she wanted to be the perfect size 8 or 10 and was not far from that…..yet clearly felt she was overweight.

I asked her how she channelled the inner frustrations about her weight…….and she revealed that at times she exercised obsessively to the point of exhaustion. My antennae was alerted. The discussion led into how to care and treat one’s body……..then she revealed the inner conflict….on the one hand she ate salads and cared for herself, then she got frustrated and expressed her desire to hurt herself. In this instance the self harm had been only mildly expressed……again cuts to the arm….this time, without leaving scars.”

Much appreciation goes to my friend, who demonstrates how intuition and sensitivity guided with astrological knowledge can lead to wonderful therapeutic discussions.

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